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  1. Post on Potted Kamasilve in Suggestions

    By Casper, posted
    Potted Kamasilve
    Suggestion: Add Potted Kamasilve as a placeable housing item.
    I would love to see this added into the game, as this tree plays a fairly large role in this game, and would make an ideal center piece for housing designs.

    Suggested Interacted Buff:
    Energy Recovery +2, Item Obtain Chance +10%, Effective for 1 hour. Durability 10.
    (This would be a slightly nerfed version of the current Kamasilve Blessing consume item)
    The Kamasilve Tree model already exists in-game as the Pearl shop preview of the Kamasilve Consumable Buff, as you can see in this screenshot,
    but i think it would make a beautiful addition to any home, if it were made into a housing item.

  2. Post on Cheese. in PVE

    By Casper, posted
    So I've been trying to get this housing item called 'Cheese', which i found about a year ago, on the BD database website, but I've had no luck obtaining it.

    Does anyone know if this item 'Cheese' is even added to our game files yet? The database site claims that it's here, but I've dried far too many milk trying to get this, and haven't had any luck.
    I've also checked the marketboard, and this item has never been listed.

    Unsure if this is the correct place to ask, but it's close enough...

    Anyone know if 'Cheese' housing item actually exists?

    Here is a link to the item: http://bddatabase.net/us/item/24142/
  3. Hi Kakao and everyone with a similar problem.
    I've encountered a most annoying bug i BDO regarding housing. After investing time and money into a nice home, it turns out that friends can't visit it because of a weird bug.
    Party enters the correct house, every player can see the lime-coloured walls of my interior.  (first screenshot)Stepping onto the last flight of stairs suddenly unloads the interior. (second screenshot)Coming up the stairs, the house reloads for me (like first screenshot) but the empty house remains for everyone else (as in second screenshot)Trying to figure out what was happening I visited other homes in the same location.
    Enters the first flight of stairs, I can see the correct interior of the home I'm visiting. (3rd screenshot)Steps on to next flight of stairs, the interior unloads. (4th screenshot)Coming up the stairs, the house is reloaded with my own interior (5th screenshot)I repeated this many times, on a few occasions no reloading occurred and I could visit another home successfully, but the next attempt on the same home reloaded and gave me my own home/ (or empty home for those not living there).
    The house is Calpheon 2nd floor, No 1-4, Workshop D, (NA Calpheon 2)
    This is really annoying and breaks much of the game for me, of course I can move to another residence for the loss of 500 pearls and a lot of time, but would appreciate a solution or a workaround.
    -My character is bald, otherwise he would have torn his hair...

  4. Hello,
    I own the Olvia residence 2-4 and noticed there is an auto-path issue with it. See screenshots:
    I would love it if this could be fixed.
    Also, it might be more of a suggestion, but the house itself contains an area which cannot be customized. See screenshots:
    I would be ever so grateful if the housing area could be extended the area in red.
    Thanks for considering!
  5. Hello!
    Started last week, and the investment bank system has been taunting me the entire time.
    I'm having trouble googling this, beyond an old Blade Boques video that basically assumed I'd cram everything into a house.
    I'd like to go into investment banking, or convert my gold ingots into actual usable silver, but I am unable to figure out how house rank works. Any assistance or more recent guides for this would be most appreciated.
  6. Through my time playing BDO I've compiled a lot of screenshots of the locations I've seen. I've also taken screenshots of items found in travels that could expand upon existing workshops in the game, as well as enrich player housing. It is one of my favorite aspects of this game, being able to have a widely customizable in-game space to call home! All of the models already exist in the game and can be found at multiple locations, they would only need to be coded as player housing decorations!

    The vases and pots could expand the Ceramics Workshop in Glish.
    There are items that would match the zone-based workshops of Calpheon, Velia and Valencia.
    Other stuff, like produce crates, could be a reward for increasing farming level for example.The potions box would be a nice reward for hitting a higher grade alchemy!
    If anyone else has other suggestions or perhaps findings I may have missed, feel free to add yours
  7. Post on Housing Questions in General

    By Ajintse, posted
    Hi all,
    I'm sure somewhere on this site there is a guide or an article where I could find my answers. But I can't find it.
    From what I've understand is that you buy housing stuff from the Store. With real money. Is there an option to collect / earn / receive stuff for Housing in game? I mean, I love housings but I don't see that it's worth it to buy stuff with real money just for housing. If i can craft things for housing would be awesome.
  8. Where can I get this? It's gorgeous!

  9. Huhu,
    ich war eben in heidel in einer Bude... über 30.000 Punkte für Einrichtung und WAHNSINNIG viele pets viele noch nie gesehen... z.B. eine Katze mit nem messer:


    Oder dieses Plastik vieh:

    (JA das ist ein Haustier!).
    Alle Bilder:
    Ihr könnt ja mal versuchen zu zählen, auf der oberen Etage liefen noch 3-4 Pets rum, also gefühlt 20+ Haustiere... warum auch immer....

    Es war übrigens eine miese Wohnung, viel zu voll und unangenehm, da meint wohl jemand um jeden Preis den 1. Platz halten zu wollen... egal wie voll es wird.
    Suggestion: Create a separate inventory space for furniture, unlimited slots and no weight limit.
    I have 3 large houses that are only being used as ''storage'' for my furniture (i have a ridiculous amount of both cash shop and in game decor pieces) 
    You can probably imagine how difficult it is to move houses when there's a limited inventory space, a weight system that slows you down, and a rule that says you can only send 100 articles in the mail.
    I'm so tired of spending a full day on just moving furniture to another house or to a different city. I've gotten so annoyed with it that I ragequit everytime I enter my house.
    Most of you are probably thinking ''sell the furniture then'' but you know, the cash shop furniture are bound to my account. As for the in game furniture, they're not easy to come across. Selling them just isn't worth it.
    I get anxious just by looking at this picture.
    I'm not the only one struggling. I have come across several houses just PACKED with furniture like my own. It's not fair that these are the houses that make it to the ranked list. Because this is not a cheap way to get rank 1, this is literally just a solution for a dumb problem.

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take this into consideration. It would really make the game experience more managable and fun!
  11. After the recent update, I noticed that the window panes in houses with pearl shop wallpaper doesn't display. Could this be related to the update that removed mold from the wallpapers? The first image shows how windows are currently displaying in my house with wallpaper and the second is how the appear in a house without wallpaper.

  12. Hello!

    I hate to have to make a post like this over something so small, because it is just that - a small bug that could be fixed quite easily. In Calpheon's Merchant Street, the house number 3-6 2nd floor has a severe bug that has been around for many, many months. I had never bothered to report this since it did not effect me at the time, but now that it does I feel that it is very important.
    As we all know, upon entering a player's residence the furniture will load, and upon exiting the furniture will unload. However, the trigger for unloading is quite off in this residence. As a player is going up the stairs, at a certain point the game will register you as not being in the home any longer. The furniture will unload while standing on these stairs, and it is a simple task for the owner to continue walking up, reloading the furniture. But if the player is *not* the owner of the home, the furniture will not load back in if they were to continue up the stairs. This essentially makes it near impossible for a visitor to wander to the second floor of this particular residence.
    I have found a way around it, but it requires precisely timed jumps, and it does take multiple attempts to jump past the unload trigger. The point is, this really should not be necessary. As a role-player who is going to be hosting large scale RP events here, it is extremely frustrating to have to deal with this. I am hoping that this is an issue that can be fixed, since it has been present for many months now.
    I thank you for any assistance that you may provide, and I hope this is read by somebody who is able to fix the issue. All I ask is that I can walk up the stairs of this house without it being an issue.
    ((I have attached a .gif of the issue. You can see where the residence unloads when the lighting dims.))
    My apologies; I have put this in the wrong forum. I have reposted this in reports.
  13. I would like to suggest that specialty crates and gold investing require a minimum house score rather than being ranked 1st with 400 lights on your ceiling of your house and making a house honestly looks unappealing and rather ugly.
    Please remove the ranking requirement for specialty crates and everything else and leave the ranking attached for those who like score listings.
    Thanks for reading!
  14. Homes should be as private or as open as players want. As it is, even muted players can invade your home and cause mischief.  To that end, I suggest the following changes:
    1) Anyone on the blocked list should automatically be excluded from entering your house
    2) Both mutually exclusive Allowed Entry and Barred Entry lists with a maximum number of at least 250 names where the activation of one automatically deactivates the other.  Names should be retained in both lists regardless of which if either is activated to allow for easy changes.
    3) an option to allow Guild members entry even if they are not on the allowed entry.
    4) an option to allow entry to The friends list or any part of the friends list.
    5) an option to only allow entry to yourself
    6) should a marriage option ever be implemented an option to allow your partner access to the house (even if otherwise access is only restricted to yourself)
    7) should a marriage option ever be implemented an option to allow your partner to be able to change the privacy settings
    8) Should a marriage option ever be implemented an option to also bar entry to  anyone on your partner's block list.
  15. I checked up to about a month to see if this was posted before, so hopefully I didn't just missed it. Sorry if it has been posted before.
    A copy of my Bug Report Ticket followed by some pictures with of me testing out the bug:
     The border before phasing is lost:
     Phasing is lost upon stepping onto the intermediate landing:
    Border of when phasing returns:
    Phasing is restored on the fourth step (does not return you to the phasing instance if you were visiting): 
  16. Now that we have merged in the New World, the rank one housing system for specialty crafts needs to be adjusted. 
    There are now ~97,489,737 people on our servers.  The idea that only one person out of  ~97,489,737 should have access to craft goods produced in a certain housing spot is asinine. 
    Current Drawbacks
    New world, one serverOnly one person per house may use the craft at each locationHighly sought after specialties only have 1-2 houses to vie forThere are now 3 times the number of people for each specialtyThere are 36 channels which the crafted items may be exchanged for currencyThere is no guarantee that the person with Rank 1 housing is using it to craft the specialty, leaving the game feature to go to wasteRecent changes to the game revealed the specialty nodes, their function and value to all players, rather than just those who bothered to 'discover" into them normallyPlayers unfairly had passive income production removed from their game play due to a forced merge.  Housing points have been manipulated to no end in a less than forthcoming way (on Kakaos part), this should be at least semi acknowledged and corrected - given that people bought furniture under the premise that it would get them a rank 1 house along with its other items. 
    Proposed changes
    A - Adjust the system so that rank 1 status may only be obtained/used by someone (the first player in the ownership list)  with X value in trading skill (example: Master 1)
    B - Adjust the system so that rank 1 status may only be obtained by someone (the first player in the ownership list) that has the node fully connected to their node network
    C - Rework the system so that the top 3-5 players per specialty housing unit are able to craft the specialty
    D - Allow crafting of the specialty items outside of the ranking system
    My preference is C.  I am willing to update the request with good suggestions from below. 
    This does not affect Rank 1 investments - those have plenty of options to attempt to gain access to them, this is specifically for specialty crafts that require r1 housing.Whether or not KR complains about this is irrelevant.  I'm requesting for NA/EU, on behalf of housing owners and traders that found passive production useful who were booted from their homes by other server members during the merge with ridiculously inflated housing points.Salt may be detected here - if so, that's ok - its a salty situation.
  17. Housing decor dropping from Santa presents contains only 4 items out of 5 set items.
    Recalling same event on Russian server - 5th item is a Christmas Tree, which was available to everyone for 1 loyalty. As well as Rudolf horns were there for 1 loyalty as well.
    Add loyalty items to the game, please, it is a part of event you are holding now.
  18. Post on Larger Houses in Suggestions

    By Vorkrunne, posted
    I am begging for larger homes to decorate.
    I will settle for 3 story homes like Heidel 9-4. 
    What I would ideally want is a large villa or even a castle that we could permanently own (like the current system) for 20-50 contribution points. 
    I want to buy your furniture sets, but I have no place to put them. Doing so would open up more cash shop sales.
  19. Since Zerk awakening house lighting such as Serendian Chandelier (Fluorescent) are flickering rather than a solid light, It's a known issue to all players that house lighting is Dark and barely effective to begin with, but it's becoming irritating when the lighting just flickers from bright to dark whilst doing things. Please look into this. 
  20. I know it has been said before but it's worth repeating. I'd really like to see a placeable weapons rack for housing. Even something generic like this.

    I also would like to see some Asian style rice paper or silk screens still.

  21. Hello,
    Since last change in the way Interior Points are calculated, the Specialities Nodes available when you reach House Rank 1 is no more available or achievable without pearl shop items in few places, mainly the numerous few-houses places (Elda Farm, etc). This made this part of game locked behind a pay wall.
    Only one reason to this change:
    -Duplicate items are not accounted for anymore
    -Except for Pearl Shop Items... (!?wtf?!)
    So, before this change any non-pearl player could still "fight" somehow (jukeboxes), and not anymore.
    My questions are:
    -Is it considered some kind of anomaly or not?
    -Is there any "fix" to see in the near future about this?
    - Apply the rule of non-duplicate also to PS items, and let donate players exchange their PS Items for Pearls, if necessary only for a period of time (1month?)
    - AND/OR let Decoration Pearl Shop Items be available via marketplace like Costumes
  22. To the Developers:
    One of the major aspects that drew me to Black Desert Online was the player housing. Some of the screenshots that I have come across online show many objects that have yet to be made available to us and I am curious as to when these items are meant to be implemented into our version of the game? I have been waiting patiently since the game launched for North America and Europe with high hopes that these items would be added in as we caught up with Korea's version of the game. We are rapidly approaching awakenings now and there still hasn't been any sign of these items being made available -which is quite frustrating since many of the models are used to decorate taverns, guild houses, and other open-world interiors in the game.
    Many of these items do not appear to be exclusive to the Pearl Shop and some even look as if they go with existing furniture sets that are available from crafting, quests, and vendors. I believe that adding these items will only enhance the experience of decorating your residence in game and give players more freedom and creativity with their creations. These screenshots are what got me excited to come Black Desert in the first place and allowing us to use these types of items would only draw more people in as existing players share their creations through screenshots and videos.
    All of these items show up in the Black Desert Database as you can see here: http://bddatabase.net/us/items/interior/ 
    Please add these items soon -I'm itching to use them and with each new area you give us I find so many more objects that I'd like to have in my own residence (Which all show up on the database.) I'm sure many others feel exactly the same as I do. I've grown bored of the limited 'clutter' items we have currently and just by adding simple things like wall torches, bottles, shelves, and other items would only make the game a more enriched experience.

    To the Community:
    Please take time to comment upon this if its something that you would like to see in the game soon. Perhaps if we gather enough support we can get a response by a GM and perhaps even get these things added. I'm also curious to hear from players who play in the Korea version -are these items in your game already? If so, what point were they updated.
  23. We all love furniture right? And I surely can't be the only one who want more funriture objects for my house. Mainly I want miscellaneous things that can help fill up the room and make it looks more natural. Well, guess what, the game is filled with different furniture, all over the cities (valencia for example), which could easily be used as player furniture! The models are allready there! For example all the different kinds of pots, pillows, lanterns and ornaments found in valencia!
    Please like this post if you like the idea!
  24. How about a mannequin, that you can add to your house (like furniture) and activate to quickly move all your currently worn gear (not costume gear) to the mannequin to display and to allow your other characters to activate and swap gear (swap worn gear or to no gear, either direction)?
  25. Hello everyone! So as I was making profiles for my characters (for if I ever decide to rp with them) I was looking at aesthetic pictures to help me visualize them a little better. I came across a picture of these little potted cacti, and thought, wouldn't those look cute in a house in Valencia? Then after that more and more furniture ideas kept coming to me. It's not important, really, but something I (and a lot of others) enjoy about this game is that there's other things to do rather than just grind monsters endlessly. And in the midst of all this P2W drama I thought it would be nice to chill a bit and just talk about the small details of the game that make it so lovable. After two or so years of playing NeverWinter, BDO is a HUGE step up in quality and just things to do, so I personally really appreciate the thought that went into this game.
    And thus, this topic was born. I want to talk about furniture! What kinds of furniture do you guys want? Keep in mind the new updates coming to BDO (eventually, who knows when really) like the naval update, elf land, dwarf and giant land, and Valencia 2 and 3. 
    Here are my ideas!
    Potted cacti and similar desert plants.Cherry blossom trees! I just missed the event before I joined the game, and I wish I could have one!Alchemy knick-knacks! I have a cute little kitchen set up, but my alchemy station is looking pretty bare.Barstools and actual countersA Valencian tea set; a tray with a gold tea pot and tea cups on it.Chests that can actually store things (probably not much) that would look good at the end of a bed.Mounted weapons (and fish, like the animal heads)(Kind of shitty) Basic wallpaper and flooring, to help those of us who don'd have extra money to buy "daum cash"Just some colorful knick-knacks!Really pretty, carved wooden and green/white elven furniture.Leave your own ideas in the comments!
    And seriously, if you're going to be negative, then just don't. I just want to have a conversation about furniture, I didn't come to the forums to hear people complain endlessly about the game, they already do that enough in the actual game chat. Let's just enjoy the fact that we have little things like cooking and trading and housing, and have a nice conversation about things we hope we might see in the future. I doubt the developers will actually listen, but there's no harm just putting ideas out there! (Also, keep your BDSM equipment and perverted shit off my post? They have porn for that.)