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  1. Hello, I am currently using the creator to make a ranger but I am attempting to make her ears round. I really wanted a human ranger. I searched around to see if there were any guides or templates. Unfortunately I couldn't find any. I ask because I have seen a thread that managed to successfully create round ears with a ranger. I can't seem to replicate this myself. Could anyone be kind enough to help me out?
    This is what I was looking for (ear wise): 

    All my attempts have been unsuccessful.  It's harder than it looks. 
  2. I had some spare time, so I decided to do a bunch of quick tests on Human Damage vs AP. Hopefully these data can be used in the future to determine an "accurate" formula for Damage.
    I won't go the length of writing thorough stuff as I did with my Accuracy thread, so I'll keep it brief.
    Me: lv53 Ranger. 
    Target: lv51 Wizard
    Testing methodology: use 5 attacks on the enemy and record how much damage each attack deals. Then proceed to increase my AP and Human damage and record how much damage I dealt.
    Sample size: 5 (it's low as it might not be enough to catch the exact range between MIN/MAX damage, but it's still enough to get a rough idea of how these two attributes work).
    Attacks used: Penetrating Wind IV (I only recorded attacks that landed all 3 hits and crit); regular Autoattack (with Bow Mastery X - I only recorded attacks that hit and did not crit)
    Stats & gear used: I did 3 groups of tests. The first was done with an Ultimate Styd Bow (with my "base" AP being 33) and enemy DP being 61. The second was done with a (green) Yuria +14 (base AP=69) and enemy DP being 61. The third was done with a (green) Yuria +14 (base AP=69) and enemy DP being 106. As for other items, I was running a 2Heve/2Zereth, Bronze Dagger +7 with a DUO:Kalis Amulet. The additional AP was provided by a PRI:Bares Belt and 2xPRI: Ring of Good Deeds (total of +9AP); the additional +Human Damage was provided by a PRI:Yuria Belt and 2xPRI Yuria Earring (total of +9 Human Damage). 
    Results in the spoiler below:
    Conclusion: Human Damage is not pure damage (you can see it from the results of the Autoattacks tests) and is hugely affected by the enemy DP. Aside from this, on equal amounts, +AP performed very slightly better in any test (in terms of Average Damage); however, the MIN and MAX damage recorded were very similar - so similar that, considering RNG, it is entirely possible that +Human Damage behaves the same as +AP (at least against Human targets). Also, it looks like that +Human Damage scales with Critical Hits (the values registered for the Penetrating Wind attacks are really close).
    Question: if what I wrote above is true, then I am not surprised that, in terms of hit damage, Ultimate Yuria dealt more damage than a Liverto (I can't find the link currently, but I remember someone stating that, by his tests, Yuria>Liverto in terms of hit damage) - at least in PvP. However, the additional socket on the Liverto alongside the (assumed) higher Accuracy value might make Liverto still better in terms of raw DPS. Further testing is required on this.
    (I have around 150Millions in my bank and around 150 Black Weapon Stones. If I manage to get a Liverto, I'll immediately move to upgrade it and conduct a lot of tests on this matter as well).
    TL;DR: Human Damage is not pure damage and is hugely affected by the enemy DP; you'll never be wrong with stacking AP. However, at least against Human Targets (PvP), it looks like Human Damage behaves the same.
    Any comment is appreciated. If you have any data on this, please do share (but remember to include the conditions, methodology and sample size) so that we can comment on it.

    EDIT: According to SukkIa, you can find some rough tests on Yuria (green) vs Liverto here: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/6514-liverto-vs-yuria-discussion/&page=7#comment-282101 
    ...his results kind of matched mine. Just for clarification:
    Green Yuria +15: 68-73 AP
    Blue Liverto +15: 78-82 AP
    This means that the Liverto has "innately" 10 more AP than the Yuria. However, against human targets, Yuria has a "base" of +5 Damage against Humans, along with an unspecified amount given by the +15 Enchantment. 
    Now, if what he says is correct - that is, you need a 5AP crystal on the Liverto to get the same base damage -, then it meant that a +15 Green Yuria has nearly +15 Damage Against Humans (+5 base, and +10 given from enchantments).
    EDIT2: Some tests performed by Skeling (he had a bigger sample size, so they are more reliable) showed similar results to the ones I had: more specifically, they showed that, even on Critical Hits, +Human Damage is very close to AP in terms of damage increase.
    These are the results:
  3. Post on MALE RANGER! in Ranger

    By Phirewulf, posted
    In a town south of Calpheon there are Male human NPC's with bows and arrows on their backs that would make GREAT Ranger class! lets get the ball rolling on breaking FREE of the Gender locked class system and give the player more choice!
  4. Post on [POLL] Races and classes in Off-Topic

    By Chi, posted
    What do you guy's think?
    Would you rather have the current races get more class options? I.E. elves have maybe a blader/plum and sorceress options, humans can be rangers and have a single axe predator, and giants maybe get a low mobility class like witch/wizard. 
    OR Would you rather we get those dwarves, halflings (hobbit) Deer-folk? (you know the NPCS) become playable? 
    OR Do you want the current races to have more class options but think they need to be specially made? Like a shaman class JUST for elves and like a kung-fu class JUST for giants? 
    *!* This is assuming that eventually all the classes get their equivalent out, and possible female giants get released, so please don't rant about how there needs to be a male sorcerer/warlock ECT. I 100% agree but there are plenty of other topics discussing the gender lock. *!*