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  1. Hello Devs and thank you for reading this!
    So to start, I think we can all agree that the karma system is a great way of keeping bloodthirsty players in check. The fact that they can start losing exp after going negative is brilliant in it's own right. However, the guild "declaration of war" system was also brilliant. It allows player to freely fight amongst each other without reaping any of the negative side effects. This particularly comes in handy when people are grinding at Sausan Garrison or Kuit Island (Pirate island).
    Example: A player decides that they want to take over your grinding spot, they start killing your rotation despite you telling them that it's taken, you have the opportunity (if the guild is ready for war) to initiate the declaration of war feature and force that individual out. - Brilliant !
    PROBLEM: While the declaration of war feature is brilliant, I feel that the PVP system has a hole in it. What do you when the same scenario happens, and that person has no guild? Answer: Try to grind faster? But in reality it's nothing. There is no permanent solution to this problem.
    SOLUTION: We create a Blacklist system for the individual player.  Identical to the declaration of war feature, the number of people you can blacklist will be limited. Furthermore, so players cannot use this as an exploit to attack anyone anywhere, you'll have a long cool down per person that you blacklist.
    Example: I have the ability to blacklist 5 people. Each slot that I fill has a 12 hour cool down. I use up slots 1,2 &3 protecting my grind spot. Slots 4 & 5 are still available to use whenever, while slots 1,2 &3 are counting down. This cool down feature allows the players to use the blacklist system but not abuse it.
    I hope this is something we can look forward to in the future, I know it would improve BDO in the best way possible!
  2. Hello,
    I am unsure if this topic has been suggested already, if it has, then I apologize. I've only recently gotten into life-skilling and I've been playing the game since release. 
    I feel as if life-skilling is an under-appreciated aspect of the game. Most of the players who join the game pay little-to-no attention to the life-skilling aspect of the game because grinding can arguably be considered more beneficial than life-skilling in a shorter amount of time.
    In my honest opinion, life-skilling in BDO has the potential to be a very fun part of the game, but currently grinding just seems to be more beneficial and yields more rewards in a shorter amount of time. 
    Here are some suggestions that can possibly make life-skilling on BDO better (once again, I apologize if the following suggestions have already been suggested) :
    Suggestion 1.) Providing an introduction for new players on CONTRIBUTION POINTS and on LIFE-SKILLING
         I have been playing BDO since release. Looking back, I now realize how much emphasize there is for players to focus on grinding. In fact, there is no formal introduction to life-skilling - an aspect of the game that a large community base within BDO considers vital to their entertainment. There is no mention of how contribution points are imperative to life-skilling or even how interrelated these concepts are within the game.
    Suggestion 2.) Making certain life-skills more interactive rather than just an AFK-able activity
         I'm not saying that life-skilling SHOULDN'T be an AFK-able activity. I'm suggesting that there should be an interaction such as a mini-game for players who do want to actively process. In the same way that you are able to auto-fish and also actively fish. By completing these mini-games, players will be able to get more XP and/or rewards from the minigame, such as extra produce if farming, etc.
    Processing: Producing more by successfully completing the mini-game without any fails
    Farming: Gather more by successfully completing the mini-game without any fails
    Cooking: The ability to craft a higher quality meal by successfully completing the mini-game (giving meals certain grades/quality depending on your cooking level such as A,B,C,D quality meals) 
    Make these activities worth doing rather than simply being an "over-night" activity
    (Mabinogi's blacksmithing system as an example) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ukCjNinCDZo
    Suggestions 3.) Making guilds more interrelated with life-skilling
       Guilds are a defining characteristic of Black Desert Online. By incorporation elements of life-skilling into guilds, it can expand the definition of 'endgame' for BDO. 
    Guild farms: Give guilds the ability to place their own farm plot so that their guild members can use them
    EDIT: Will add more suggestions once I come up with more
  3. So the current trade-limits are set to prevent RWT which is fine by me, however, I think we can improve upon it to create a more rewarding system for legit players.
    Auction / Horse house is not really the best shape at this moment due to the heavy taxes the sellers get, so I propose some changes to encourage player trading while still prevent RWT.
    Player-To-Player Trade: (see the red text in the screenshot, and the yellow "limit" which you can add or subtract from total worth)
    In runescape way back in the day they did something similar to prevent RWT, they added a "trade-limit" which ensures if you bring up for example 200k silver worth of stuff, the other player HAD to add 200k worth of silver give or take some silver I think 35000.
    I propose we get a similar system in Black Desert.  So now players would be able to trade each other as long as they provide the total worth of the items being exchanged.  I believe this system would be easily implemented as we can already see how much every item is worth by the storage system (For example, when it says you have 3 million worth in market place in items).
    Player Set Shop: (WTB / WTS)
    I really enjoyed the lineage 2 player set shops.  Players could set up their character as a shop that would either sell goods or buy goods from other players.  Now I know what you are thinking "Wow I don't want to see X city/town filled with AFK shops clogging up my screen" which is fine and I agree with, so we can improve upon this system by providing specific areas where players are allowed to set their WTB / WTS shops.
    Both of these systems would encourage players to be more connected with each other and actually seek out the best deal which would benefit the players that don't want to be heavily taxed in the auction house.
    This system would allow players to also sell their horses as well.
  4. The goldsellers were present, they are present and they will allways be present in any online game.
    The priority of Daum should be improving the game, and add a subscription fee (if needed).
    I have played WoW for 7 years, TERA for 3 years, and I have payed a subscription all this time, I have bought gold and items from third parties and there was never a problem for nobody.
    I hope Daum will consider this, otherwise will be a short journey for the MMORPG funs playing BDO.
    How much time do you think it will take to see out there, other games with the system of BDO (nodes, market, or any other things that makes it so special, AT THE MOMENT)?
    Daum can raise and keep a good reputation, or destroy the confidence of the custommer, and finish soon with empty servers, and low confidence to new games launches.
    The best example in the world is Blizzard: every game they launch, people knows you will get a good game and the best support and assistance possible.
    Best regards, MMORPG FAN.
  5. Post on Target incon bad in Suggestions

    By Drudge, posted
    Being color blind in pastels, your target icon is really hard for me to follow. When Rift started, they had an icon similar to yours, but many people complained and they added a white circle around the target icon that made it ALOT easier to use.
  6. So I guess even after buying a relatively good graphics card - the game still has some major fps lag when I'm on ultra graphics (playing on RU\KR\JP versions).
    What should be my top priority to improve in this setup to play ultra in the most smooth way possible?
    Intel Core i5 CPU | 750 @ 2.67Ghz 2.66 GHz
    16 GB RAM
    SAMSUNG HD754JJ ATA Device
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750Ti
    could it be lagging because my hard drive is not SSD? (i heard having an ssd could improve dramatically)
    also, some say it's the processor? how much of an impact does it have on speed\performance and overall on games?
  7. So, I love everything about this game, except two things. The lack of dungeons or any real thing pve wise to do that isn't just killing the same mobs somewhere else (fields, caves, etc.). And while the seamless non-instanced world is impressive it leaves much to be desired when my friends want something to do other than the thing they just did (killing mobs in a field). And by that I mean kill more stuff of course (I know of the other stuff you can do in BDO) but in a different and more rewarding manner than just the same grinding in a field.
    My biggest issue however, is the open world bosses
    This is just embarrassing. I can't spread the good word of BDO with such a bad display as this. There is no strategy, nothing to plan against, its all mindless. This is terrible. Did PA ever address open world bosses and mention anything about improving them in any way? I mean more than just giving the bosses better stats. How about better attacks? Attacks you have to plan on countering and/or avoid? Anything at all? I just really can't see this as part of PA's vision. Or anyone's vision really, on how good open world boss design looks.