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  1. Hello,
    I am unsure if this topic has been suggested already, if it has, then I apologize. I've only recently gotten into life-skilling and I've been playing the game since release. 
    I feel as if life-skilling is an under-appreciated aspect of the game. Most of the players who join the game pay little-to-no attention to the life-skilling aspect of the game because grinding can arguably be considered more beneficial than life-skilling in a shorter amount of time.
    In my honest opinion, life-skilling in BDO has the potential to be a very fun part of the game, but currently grinding just seems to be more beneficial and yields more rewards in a shorter amount of time. 
    Here are some suggestions that can possibly make life-skilling on BDO better (once again, I apologize if the following suggestions have already been suggested) :
    Suggestion 1.) Providing an introduction for new players on CONTRIBUTION POINTS and on LIFE-SKILLING
         I have been playing BDO since release. Looking back, I now realize how much emphasize there is for players to focus on grinding. In fact, there is no formal introduction to life-skilling - an aspect of the game that a large community base within BDO considers vital to their entertainment. There is no mention of how contribution points are imperative to life-skilling or even how interrelated these concepts are within the game.
    Suggestion 2.) Making certain life-skills more interactive rather than just an AFK-able activity
         I'm not saying that life-skilling SHOULDN'T be an AFK-able activity. I'm suggesting that there should be an interaction such as a mini-game for players who do want to actively process. In the same way that you are able to auto-fish and also actively fish. By completing these mini-games, players will be able to get more XP and/or rewards from the minigame, such as extra produce if farming, etc.
    Processing: Producing more by successfully completing the mini-game without any fails
    Farming: Gather more by successfully completing the mini-game without any fails
    Cooking: The ability to craft a higher quality meal by successfully completing the mini-game (giving meals certain grades/quality depending on your cooking level such as A,B,C,D quality meals) 
    Make these activities worth doing rather than simply being an "over-night" activity
    (Mabinogi's blacksmithing system as an example) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ukCjNinCDZo
    Suggestions 3.) Making guilds more interrelated with life-skilling
       Guilds are a defining characteristic of Black Desert Online. By incorporation elements of life-skilling into guilds, it can expand the definition of 'endgame' for BDO. 
    Guild farms: Give guilds the ability to place their own farm plot so that their guild members can use them
    EDIT: Will add more suggestions once I come up with more
  2. It's a pretty simple concept so I won't write an essay to explain.
    The penalty for leaving/being kicked from a guild should be 7 days not 1 day.
    The tier system is setup on nodes to create different levels of competition ie: Tier 1 for lower geared, Tier 3 for higher geared/castle siege hopefuls. 
    Currently it is all too common for castle holding guilds to shed their members during the week(avoiding wars and conflicts for holding the castles) who join small guilds and do tier 1 and 2 node wars throughout the week which destroys competition for those nodes among many other balance issues.
    If you want to be a castle guild or in one you should be in IT not hopping into low tier so you can face roll people with 160ap and 220dp during the week. Variances of levels of competition will help prolong the life of the game.
    note: I have well over 200ap and ~300dp so I'm not in the class of poor schmucks being face rolled I just see the problem as it is.
  3. Hi  all. I must say that I really love playing this game. Before launch I played on the KR and RU servers to get a sense of what i'm in for before i dropped the money for it, and even with all the latest changes, i'm still loving each day.
    Now for the time i'v been in game, we have received many quality of life changes that made our game play better, from the "recover all" button for our workers, to auto  use shovel in the desert. But like many, I get annoyed by somethings that many or may not be easily changed. So I made a list below in hopes that some of these may be made into the game.
    A “Recover All” button on our pet interface much like our workers would be a great help. It's a little annoying to hit the food button 125 times to feed them with 4 pets.Disconnect/ Change Character Screen:
    Energy displayable per character on the disconnect/change character screen as in new KR patch.Order of characters displayed by level instead of created. Highest to Lowest.Use Player Character picture instead of basic class picture.Tote Box/ Saddle Bag:
    A box that can be placed in all Boats and Wagons inventory that you can place silver into as in the new KR patch. A Saddle Bag can be a similar version that a Horse or Camel can use to hold silver.Lure Perfume:
    A new craftable buff that makes NPC mobs hostile and will attack you regardless of level. This can be used during guild missions so that higher level players can form mobs instead of killing one at a time. Also, this would be great for small guild that have a hard time with the missions that have a time limit.Daily/ Weekly Boss Scrolls:
    From Black Spirit, please allow auto select while completing (example Confronting Bheg) instead of clicking the reward since there is only one option available.Once you gained knowledge of all Special 1(Daily)  or Special 2(Weekly) boss missions so that they now auto complete, allow the Black Spirit to now give you one Special 1(Daily)  or Special 2(Weekly) auto complete quest that lets you choose your reward, so all Special 1 (Daily) bosses like Bheg or Red Nose will be the reward for the single quest instead of them listing in there own auto complete quest.A resize of the spawn zones radius for the Special 1(Daily)  or Special 2(Weekly) and all craftable scrolls to what we have for the Black Spirit Co-op Main missions so  this would be more enjoyable for most and not so clustered. All the groups spawning them don't have to be on each other and NPC Boss bodies all over the ground hiding loot.A “Continuous” check box (like we have recovering Max Durability at a Repair NPC) on the pop up that asks if you are the leader of the party would save time and allow for one mission Turn In from the Black Spirit containing all reward from your scrolls. This would apply if you have more than one of the same kind in your inventory. If in a group of 5 with 7 scrolls or more it can take some time to do with all the animations and claiming the rewards. World Map:
    Party Members icons on main world map would be more useful if they scaled with zoom out much like our Horse, Cart and Boat icons. Our current green running man party member icon is hard to find on a zoomed out map as it does not scale and blends in with the green on the map. A blue tear shaped icon like our horse icon i think will make it better or even change the green running man to a different color like blue and let it scale so you can find them on the world map.For Field and World Bosses, a boss icon to appear on the world map when a boss is active.A countdown timer for the Field or World Boss spawn window on the node that contains the Boss. I feel that as time goes on and people come and go and that player owned sites that have Boss times will change and or fad away. This would let all players new and old who wish to know, can click on the node to see when the window is open for a boss and for thous who don't care, it will be hidden and not clutter their world map. I believe that this should be implemented as at some point we will all want to try them. 
    It is my hope that the community and Dev team read and likes my suggested improvements so that they may make it in game to improve our quality of life. I don't think any of them are to OP or too superficial, and as for investment time to develop these changes, only the Devs will know if its attainable. If you like any of them, or some that i have missed, tell me down below, and if possible, like and share.
    See you in Game ,)
  4. Hi,
    Well yesterday I decided to quit, had a blast, spent a ton of money on pearl shop and did a lot of the things in the game that I wanted to do.  I still had a ton more stuff to do, but the game has frustrated me to the point where it is no longer fun.
    I thought I would post a few things that I feel are not fun for me.  I am speaking only for myself, I have no idea if others agree/disagree.
    PvP :- I enjoy some PvP now and again but its starting to just be annoying, tring to get something done, ending up in a war and next thing you know the time you had to play has been spent totally in PvP'ing.  I would like a chilled out server (just one) where people who want to relax and enjoy the PvE element can go have fun without being disturbed by PvP.
    Crafting:- I am a profession nut, I loved having to research and find out how to do things by myself.  Some of the professions are a bit extreme though and not user friendly, an example of this is alchemy stones.  Getting together the materials, working your ass off to grow it, then failing and reducing the level are all set too high, I spent a lot, and I do mean a lot of silver on this due to it failing and going back down a level.  It's incredibly frustrating.
    Level grinding:- This is set too high, too much XP is needed to jump up levels and needs tweaking maybe more like the KR version.  I lost 2 friends who gave up going from 53-54, the steep curve from 50-55+ can be intimidating and needs to be smoothed out.  The best farm spots were overused and heavily contested which meant the strong got stronger and the weak went slower.  I know that in the future more spots will be available so hope this works better for people.
    Pearl shop:- I have checked, I spent over £300 and my wife who plays spent around the same, some on outfits but mostly on utility on chars (mains and alts).  The prices for the pearl shop need to be reduced significantly, it got to a point where I felt I was being ripped off.  Of course it is entirely optional but players do like to support games.
    There are a few other minor quibbles but these are mostly bugs which need working on etc.
    Was a blast and will probably come back and see how it develops in 6 months or so.
    Kind regards
  5. Post on Loot improvements in Suggestions

    By Dodfrig, posted
    Hello Daum,
    just a suggestion:
    When we wan't to pick up our loot there are 2 options, to "loot all"[press button X] and to close the window, is it possible to add the "Exit" or any other shortcut key to this button because it is actually bugging to close the window quickly infight.
  6. Hello! @CM_Jouska, I think the friends list could use some improvements: - Add green/red/yellow buttons to let players know who's online, offline or playing in a different server/channel. Currently, I think it's hard to distinguish between who's online and offline. You have to go through the friends list, find the person you want and see if their online info (level, energy/contribution) actually shows up. This could be time consuming and hard to find if you have a big friends list like I have.- Allow us to search our friends' list by Character/Family name. This saves a lot of time for players with big lists.- Allow us to delete tabs, including standard ones. I've created some old friends tabs that I'm currently not using, but I can't delete them, so they are just standing there empty. It would also be nice to delete or rename the default tab "Others" to something else, if possible.- Make it possible to sort friends by online/offline status.- I think it's probably not necessary to show our friends' Energy/Contribution points. Instead, maybe it would be more helpful to show their current location? These are some suggestions I thought of since I use my friends list a lot! I hope these are useful
  7. Hello to everyone out there, I am just another BDO player who thinks he can do it better than the devs. Here are some of my suggestions.
    Keep in mind, this is written by a filthy Conqueror's pack owner (because I really like this game from a gameplay perspective - sue me :P) and proud level 50 Witch.
    1. Cash shop prices - Is this B2P or F2P?
    Not really much to be said about this, ~30 € for a character limited costume and weapon skin is too bloody much, plain and simple. Make it 10€ per set and you can still get a good profit out of it. The other items are less of an issue, but could still use some price reductions.
    Most people spent 50€ or more on this game and are still treated like they are F2P players. The Explorer's pack people might not be as rich - or stupid - as the rest of us; however, they too do not deserve a business model that is as shady as this (mh somehow the first part of this sentence seems a like a bit of a prick - sry about that).
    TL/DR: reduce the prices you bloody thiefs (sorry about the strong language)
    2. Dyes
    Considering the price, one would think that they would come with unlimited uses. Well, you would be wrong.
    I do not mind the RNG element too much; nevertheless, they should just adopt the Guild Wars model - or even better -  the Warframe model. I know I am spoiled.
    Dyes that you already have should then be sellable on the marketplace for silver.
    TL/DR: unlimited uses
    3. Witch armour / outfits / costumes
    Witch is the only class I have played so far, as I am a lazy person and like big aoe attacks. I really like the playstyle and the frankly ridiculous sustain.
    The is only one problem I have so far - the armour.
    All the regular armour I have seen so far makes you look like some 3rd tier acolyte of some backwater magic school. Compared to the other classes it just feels lacking.
    Now on to the cash shop "armour" :
    Currently, you have the option to look like a hooker from the waist down (I am looking at you Karlstein costume) or a fairy tale wizard. Only the silly tree costume seems ok.
    However I like the preorder costume, except for the brown linen/leather parts at the hip and the lack of actual pants.
    All the while pretty much every other class has some decent costumes (not counting the pedo tamer - I mean really?) that really fit the theme of the class.
    Why not something like this:

    Alright,  this is everything I have for now, thank you for reading.
  8. DAUM EU - Black Desert NA/EU Website Suggestions
    This post contains some suggestions about possible improvements and additional content for the NA/EU Black Desert website, based mostly on features of the Korean website of the game, surely older at this time, but including definitely more content that would be great to have also in our version of the web page.
    1) Game Information / Lore
    The Korean website at http://black.game.daum.net/black/guide/introduce/index.daum has lots more information regarding the game, its history and main regional aspects. It would be nice to have this knowledge included in the website of our version as well, and it would surely help promoting and introducing the game to potential new players, as well as providing a beautiful lore reference for the game for everyone.

    2) Interactive Map / Guild Occupation Status
    The Korean website at http://black.game.daum.net/black/guide/world/map.daum hosts a beautiful artistic map of the game, reporting many of the main in-game locations together with some beautiful screenshots, which surely give a wonderful idea of the beauty and variety of the different landscapes that one can expect to find in game. 

    Another version of this map also shows the current status of guild occupations on the server. It would be great to have that. Daum has shown great interest in guild sieges content in Korea, also periodically featuring short footage of in-game sieges on their official YouTube channel/website (see http://black.game.daum.net/black/pds/video/index.daum#1).
    I hope this will be possible for EU/NA as well, and that Daum EU will follow the occupation status of the main in-game regions with the same interest!

    3) The Wiki
    The Korean website at http://blackwiki.daum.net/ hosts a wonderful and comprehensive wiki of the game, containing a massive amount of information regarding the many many different aspects of this really big game.

    It would be awesome if we could get an English translation of this wiki, and have it included in our EU/NA website for the game.
    4) The Fankit
    Daum KR recently released a downloadable Fankit for Black Desert. This includes logos, images, icons, screenshots, and part of the Soundtrack for the game. It would be great to have that or an expanded version of that for the NA/EU community as well in the future. It can currently be found at http://black.game.daum.net/black/pds/fansitekit/index.daum on the KR website. So please keep this possibility in mind Daum!

    Really hope @CM_Jouska can have a look at this, and let us know if these extensions will be possible in the future. I'm sure they would be happily welcomed by the whole Black Desert community. Feel free to add your voice to this thread, especially if you want to support these changes or even propose possible additional improvements!
  9. Post on CBT2 Feedback in Suggestions

    By Yep, posted
    Daum and Pearl Abyss, The game is  absolutley stunning and fun to play. 
    There are some things that I belive would make the game better and would like to share my thoughts on it.
    The Text Limit. 

    Being able to write longer messages is necessary, For roleplayers for instance it is crusial to be able to write what you have to say in as few possible messages, preferably just one, The chat ends up getting flooded with everyone trying to finish they're sentences and its gets messy very fast and very hard to keep track of what people are saying. Im sure for people whom are chatting in general it would make it easier on the eye and smoother in the chat. 

    No Emote
    For players who roleplay the emote is very comfortable and almost necessary, I would love to see it in the game at Launch and if not than than hopefully it will be implemented later on. 

    The Rain 

    The rain looks incredible and is very beautiful to see in the game, However It does make the characters skin look very greasy and that does not look good.
    It would be amazing to see the hair get wet and the clothes of the character as well. 
    The Hoof Sound 

    The sound of the hooves when you are riding on your horse do sound good, However I would like to see new sounds added, when you are running in water Its the same sound as when you are on a road, and when you are in grass or gravel It would be amazing to have different sounds for what type of terrain you are on. 
    To be able to walk you have to hold caps, But it would much better to have toggle so you can write while you are walking. 

    In my opinion players should be able to trade, i understand preventing gold sellers but there are ways to get around it. For instance when people are in a group together they should be able to trade the items between up prehaps 5 minutes after looting, so if im playing a Valkyrie and am in a party with a Sorceress and i loot a sorceress exclusive item i should be able to trade it with my friend, atleast in my opinion. 
    Thank you for taking your time to read this. 

  10. Before I say anything, this is obviously my opinion. With that being said, I feel like there's a few things that could be tweaked to enhance the gameplay.
    I feel like the clothing/armor doesn't mean anything in the game.When I was starting off I thought, well I can't wait to get some new clothes/armor. Then I soon realized that I would never see new armor or clothes (unless I dyed them.) What is the point in giving me a new shirt if nothing looks different?
    I'm all for sexy women in games, but can we have a choice? It's not very realistic to be fighting goblins in high heels.I don't mind if people want to create women that are sexy, and whatnot. But that's not a lot of people's play style. Why can't I wear pants? I feel like a helpless girl wondering around, instead of a warrior. I like to role play as a normal person, and it's kind of hard when they are wearing stockings, heels, and short dresses in battle.
    Translation needs to be improved.Quests that are bugged/can't find the person to turn a quest in.I don't know about anyone else, but it was very hard to find where exactly I was suppose to go. And sometimes, I couldn't even find where to turn in my quest. I got a quest from a guy wondering the road. I completed it, but I couldn't find him to turn it in. The marker just takes you back to where you had to kill enemies. Maybe they need to show every quest giver on the map and track them; (although that might be a lot on the map.)
    Making the mini map smaller. (I tried and you can't make it smaller to a certain point.) I feel like it takes up too much of my screen. And there is seriously just a lot going on.When I'm trying to read the bottom part of conversations, but at the same time, they're talking; but it's not what's written down at the bottom. (It's distracting because I want to hear and read what's going on.)Separate classes for sex.I understand that they have 2 classes for different sex, but I want to play as a warrior as a female. I feel like that should be an option. I feel kind of limited. Can a play a male? Yes, do I want to? Not really. And I'm sure at some point or another, guys are going to get tired of playing the Ranger as a female. Give us the option to choose what sex we want.
    These are really the only problems I have with this game. It's a great game and I know on March 3rd, I will be selling my life away to this game. I just feel like these are the things kind of missing from the game, and would enhance the gameplay a lot. Again this is my opinion, and if you think I'm wrong tell me why, or add what you think could be improved.
  11. Post on Just be honest... in General

    By Udon, posted
    This dev team has zero influence on the outcome of these EU/NA releases and these forums are just going to be ignored.  You have no intentions on changing, improving, or adding content your paying customers deserve and we're just going to ride this out until the bitter end.  Tell me how wrong I am. Please. 
  12. Hello all~! 
    I just have a small suggestion to have an option added to the character creation system  to allow us to change the OVERALL size of the characters head. 
    I say this because when you make a character bigger in terms of height the limbs and core changes slightly but depending on how big the character is the head will appear too small for the rest of the body. This will help people in terms of proportion. 
    *also a simple way to move the eyes closer together without pulling them out of their sockets would be cool...*
  13. Hello,
    i really like chatting with my guildies in games, so a good chat is a must for me personally. After playing the beta for several hours I got two suggestions for improving the chat:
    More Characters! The limit of characters in a single message is very, very low and makes it hard to write full sentences. I suggest to extend the character limit per message by at least 50% to give users the option to write full sentences instead of multiple text fragments.Every textbox in the internet and in almost every application has the feature to allow users to press Control and use the arrow keys in order to quickly jump between words. I use this alot and would love to see it added to BDO.Another minor improvement:
    Allow users to press Control+A to select the whole text they wrote. This is useful for copying text for later reuse.Other great additions (credits go to Biggz!):
    The character limit is annoying, as others have noted for their various reasons. If I were an RPer I'd probably be extremely annoyed by this, but even just trying to chat with a friend via whisper last night was annoying due to the character limit.The wonky whispering mechanic. I just want to be able to type /w <character name> or <family name> and have it go through, not have to deal with this strange tabbing business.Whispering to a friend took my character out of combat stance, which is unacceptable.Whether this is due to the keywords-to-emote animations feature or not, I don't know, but holy hell is it ever annoying.The transparency of the chat window needs to be adjustable. Not just when you're mousing over it, but all the time. Players need to be able to glance at chat and read it as they're doing other things when they can't press CTRL in order to activate the mouse cursor.Chat font size needs to be customizable. It should go without saying that we should be able to comfortably read chat, whether because of monitor size or vision issues.Chat channel/function colors need to be customizable. We all come from a variety of other games and while we understand there are a lot of new things to simply get used to in BDO, for some of us, blue will always be party chat color! One feature I found extremely valuable from Guild Wars 2 was the /wiki function that opened up a browser window to whatever search term you entered in following the wiki command. Considering the depth and complexity of BDO, I think such a feature would be welcome.Chat logs need to be downloadable for the security and benefit of both players and the game's developers and publishers.Standard text-related keyboard operations such as CTRL plus arrow keys, HOME, END in combination with SHIFT to select should be a matter of course.Alert sounds when being whispered or for other notifications (customizable by the player) would be helpful.I don't know why there is some kind of secondary messaging window that is separate from the chat function, but it's clunky and doesn't seem to work well. It says there are alert sounds but not once did I hear them.