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  1. Post on The amount of Pop in in Suggestions

    By Booty, posted
    So first off let me just say i think this is the coolest mmo i ever played. The amount and quality of the content in this game is astounding and the fact that its not a Subscription based game is unbelievable. Of course, the combat as well is absolutely amazing for an mmo. However there is one problem that i just cant ignore and i don't know why i don't see this topic in the forum. i Guess i'm in the very small minority when it comes to this issue but the graphics as good as they are have one problem. The amount of things that pop in from out of no where while your walking around the world is a problem. Now, I think this game is absolutely beautiful, but only while your standing still. As soon as you move forward, more of the world and its many npc's pop in, while the things behind you disappear. I do also understand that to make this game run smoothly that it probably has to be this way. But does it really? Is there no other way to solve this problem or at least decrease the amount of pop in. 
    Just to be clear, i really like this game and will continue to play even if this issue remains because this game is just to good
    But watching the world pop in and out around me after every step i take really bothers my eyes. and i'm just hoping that the devs will either address the issue and try to fix it in anyway or just come straight out and say sorry but theres nothing we can do about this. Either way ill be happy and continue to play. 
    Sorry for making this so long
  2. I would like to know why we just cant trade our Founder outfits in for Musa/Maehwa and Ninja/Kunoichi?
    Share your suggestions
  3. Dear community,
    Im having a verry disturbing issue...
    For some reason i logged in this morning and i wassent able to zoom in & out on my character. (when i press ctrl i am able to zoom in & out). for some reason i cant zoom in or out of my character anymore. only when i press ctrl. it works. when i go into the store or go f3 i am able to play arround with my character zooming in or out. but the problem is it will not work when im actually in fighting stance or such. and this worked before. i already tried resetting every setting i got. but wont work  
    The only Addon i tried in the past once was a Nude patch (just for fun). but to make sure i restored a backup but still no success. also a friend of mine tried logging in on his account from my computer and everything was just fine on his account. so for some reason something is wrong with my account and im not retarted i know how to reset all of my settings..  even tried every single reset button on the entire interface.. still no success.
    Anyone got any help? 
    P.s Sorry for my bad english im Dutch & still learning english
    Kind regards,
  4. The attendance reward's check in timer is far too long in my opinion. I get that you don't want people just logging into your game clicking a button and logging out again, but a 30 minute timer is a bit much. Now I'm someone who has to be on constant bed rest, and thus I have quite a bit of time on my hands, but even I don't have enough time to reliably play this game every day for 30 minutes between the daily reset times. That's not even taking into account technical difficulties, seeing as some people can't keep a game running 30 minutes. Now I know that if it's a technical restriction on their end you are not at fault, but I know several people where the problem isn't on their end. People could also be having internet issues for several days and so they get kicked out of the game. You can't then login and say "I was here before, promise." you need to start all over again. Honestly all I'm doing now is setting multiple alarms for when I should log in and when the latest point in the day is that I can login at to get rewards. Then I launch the game, set an auto-path, and make my character walk up and down the street for 30 minutes and then log out again. It's making me not want to play, it's making your game feel like a chore to me. I have always gotten all the login rewards while still playing regularly. But now? I haven't truly played since this current login rewards event began.

    I think a 10 minute timer would be much more reasonable and would still solve the instant login and out problems you were having. Your idea was fine, the execution was lacking though. I promise I'm not trying to complain, but to be helpful. I want you guys to succeed because I really like your game, but you're making things much harder on your fans than you need to be.
  5. I'm looking for a place to grind turn in items, like the naga feet or harpie feathers...
    I've searched around a bit but all the threads I've seen were probably outdated, I'm not sure if the game updated or not because I haven't been playing that long, but the values they showed for the turn in value on most of those threads were inaccurate.
    So far the only turn in items I've really found are naga feet and harpie feathers, are there any better to turn in that will make me more gold?
    Can I get a location where they drop and a recommended level? Also the rate they sell for would be nice (ie 150 for 100k etc)
  6. Post on Sky Boat in In-Game Bugs

    By Vulpes, posted

    Great View, If only the boat could keep moving to where i wanted to be that would be even greater. JOKES ASIDE my fishing boat just  did this while auto-pathing. I alt-tabbed back into game to find it in the sky motionless, stuck if you will. Had to use the escape option and recall the boat back to dock.
  7. Sorry if this question was answered before. I'm still fairly noobish to the game.
    Its just a shift right-click attack after some normal attacks, but I can't seem replicate it when its needed. Does anyone know how to make this attack consistently work? 
    Video: https://streamable.com/1zmm

  8. I logged in today expecting to get some sweet stuff while AFK fishing and I noticed I am missing the button for Black Spirit Adventures. I've searched google, the bdo twitter page, here in the forum and nothing. Am I the only one experiencing this or did I miss an announcement of some sort?
  9. hey you gud moorning ponyville ‌

    let allow us to sell that
    artisan memory in the

    @‌PM_Jouska ‌@CM_Aethon

    not native engrish, forgive me :v  Im from gensokyo
  10. BlackestLotus is recruiting new members, we are only 3 players so far but we are looking for more to eventually compete with our guilds in node wars etc. Its a work in progress but for anyone who has time it can be alot of fun. No special requirements atleast not yet. Message SanguineX ingame for invite. or type here name and ill contact you.

    Since its now gone some time we are 5 players total and are awaiting guild quests, then we will rise pretty quick we are still adding new members rather new players since we cannot support any high levels yet, so all in all its a leveling guild for now, if you enjoy leveling then do it with us and it will be 10x more fun , all of the players we have now are really cool, anyone is invited to join for now, special requirements will come later.
  11. Put me in coach for the forum pewpew. Who has the first shot? @rimo?????
    Disclaimer: This is purely RP thread only for individuals looking to gain forum pvp exp and level up. Mangos NOT allowed. 
  12. So I just started playing today and when I reached level five I received a quest from the little black spirit to kill a weasel, it had something to do with a weasel, and after when I completed the task I summoned the spirit and no matter how many times I clicked to complete the quest it would stay on that screen. I have to close the game every time it goes to that screen because there is no way to exit it in game. I have tried dropping and reacquiring the quest which did not solve my problem. I don't know what else to do as I can't progress my character beyond this point, and am not able to refund the game. Is there anyway to turn in this quest so I can actually play the game?
    I have also reported the bug already.
  13. It's been over 2 weeks since I was banned without any reason given. I was told that a lot of people were swept up with a group of people who bought money from 3rd party gold spammers or something. Over these last 2 weeks, I sent 3 tickets in about this, and I haven't gotten a single reply back except for the automated responses saying that they were received. Can a GM please answer me so I can get my account back. Thank you.
  14. Hello there, im just gonna keep this short since i have to go to work in a minute.

    I was autofishing this night, i wake up, UNequipp my 0durability Balenos Fishing Rod, i jump in the water, swim to shore, get disconnected, i log in again, and my Fishing rod is no longer in my bag nor in my character.
    I guess even tho it gets 0 Durability its not suppose to just Vanish into the void. 

    So what i would like to know is if there is a known bug when you Disconnect that items Can Disappear.

  15. As the title asks, does sleeping in a bed recover energy? I read in chat that it does.
  16. Hallo, schön dass du zu uns gefunden hast. Setz dich zu den Anderen, und höre, was ich zu berichten habe (Kekse und Popcorn stehen da drüben, aber bitte nicht mit der Verpackung rascheln):
    Zum ersten Mal von Black Desert hörte ich vor etwa einem Jahr. Ich stolperte eher zufällig über einen enthusiastischen Artikel, recherchierte daraufhin bei YouTube - und war hin und weg. Und seeehr skeptisch. Es war noch nicht lange her, da wurde ich von einem Spiel, das mich im Vorfeld ebenso begeistert hatte, bitter enttäuscht. Da hatte ich zum ersten Mal in meinem Leben die Vorbestellerversion geordert und bin gleich mal aufs Maul gefallen, zur Probe. Hatte BDO das gleiche Enttäuschungspotential? Aber gewiss doch.
    Ich habe das Spiel und seine Reise gen Westen immer aus dem Augenwinkel mit verfolgt, und als die Sache langsam konkret wurde, habe ich mich im Forum eingeklinkt und die teuerst mögliche Vorbestellvariante klar gemacht. Volles Risiko, wenn schon, denn schon.
    Über das Spiel wusste ich schon einiges, ich hatte diverse guides gelesen, viele Videos geschaut, drei themenbezogene channel abonniert. Ich war voll präpariert. Dachte ich.
    Im Forum (ich treibe mich auch im Internationalen herum, das sei noch erwähnt) wurde mir schnell klar, dass mein Wissensfundus betreffs BDO noch extrem schmal war. So oft "häh?" wie bei der schlichten Lektüre vieler Post-Titel alleine hatte ich schon lange nicht mehr gesagt. Bei manchen threads saß ich wie der Ochs vorm Tore und starrte gedankenverloren ins Leere - was belabern die da? Worum geht's überhaupt? I don't even...
    Mann war das geil.
    Je dümmer ich mir vorkam, desto besser fühlte ich mich. Das war mein Spiel. Über dem Horizont ging eine warme, silberglänzende Sonne auf.
    Ich meldete mich nun auf dem Forum an um selber mit unqualifizierten Beiträgen aufzufallen. Ist mir in weiten Teilen gut gelungen, denke ich.
    Ich fand eine Gilde, ich lud mir den RU Klienten herunter. Und von da an gings immer tiefer in den Kaninchenbau.
    Im Spiel wurde mir schnell klar, dass all mein theoretisches Wissen bestenfalls eine schmale Basis darstellte. Im Zusammenspiel mit erfahrenen Spielern, die teilweise seit Korea-Release bei BDO waren und auch im persönlichen Erfahren und Erforschen der Welt lernte ich alsbald den tieferen Sinn des Spruches "Alles was ich weiß ist, dass ich nichts weiß" verstehen. Immer wenn ich einen Teil der Spielmechanik kennengelernt und vermeintlich verstanden hatte, entdeckte ich in direkter Folge zwei weitere Teile, die es zu begreifen galt. Diese Tiefe, das unter der Oberfläche eines wunderschönen Settings brodelnde Zusammenspiel sovieler Aspekte des Spiels, ist bis heute eines der Dinge, die mich am meisten an BDO faszinieren und fesseln. Das ist ein Alleinstellungsmerkmal, das mich lange an BDO binden wird.
    Ich habe RU nicht besonders lange gespielt, alle chars die mich interessierten, einmal in die zwanziger hochgezoggt, um ein Gefühl für sie zu bekommen, und meine main-Wahl für den EU-Release zu treffen. Den Hauptspaß wollte ich mir aufheben - und abgesehen davon haben sich mir bei den angebotenen Übersetzungen des English-Patches  immer wieder die Fußnägel hochgerollt. Immersion war da doch nicht so einfach, ums mal freundlich zu formulieren.
    Dann kamen die closed betas und der release. Und immer tiefer gings hinein in den Kaninchenbau. Ich ging die Welt erforschen - so richtig. Ich krieche mit meinem char gerne in den fernsten und verstecktes Winkeln herum auf der Suche nach - nun, was immer da so hinter dem nächsten Hügel kommen mag, Mal finde ich dabei ein riesiges wildes Baumwollfeld, das ich mit meinen 92 Energie nicht am Stück abernten kann. Dann wieder extrem seltene und gefragte Pilze. Zwei hotspots fürs Angeln habe ich gefunden. Und immer mal wieder auch einfach nur einen wunderschönen, atemberaubenden Ausblick. Mein screenshot-Ordner quietscht verzweifelt, weil er aus allen Nähten platzt. Berufe, die ich in RU und CBT gar nicht auf dem Radar hatte, tun sich in all ihrer wunderbaren Komplexität vor mir auf. Die Mitgliedschaft in einer Gilde bringt noch weitere Aspekte hinzu - bald gehen die siege-fights los, ich wage gar nicht dran zu denken, mir läuft jetzt schon der Rotz unbeschwerten Glücks aus der Nase.
    Ich grabe und buddle mich immer tiefer hinab in den Kaninchenbau, und er will einfach kein Ende nehmen. Man könnte wohl sagen, ich liebe dieses Spiel.
    TL;DR: gibt's nicht. Hochscrollen, wall of text lesen, liken.
  17. Here we go, shitty quality, I know. Name was Shooba from the guild "Exodia" on the Jordine EU server. Took me like 20 mins to push him from the middle of city in Trent, lol.
    Daum, are you going to handle this, or is this tolerable?

    Btw, a little long video, skip to the end. Lol.
  18. There are no shadows in this Video, but when its even worse
    My build: i7 6700, r9 390 8vram, 16 gb ram, Windows 10
    Game: everything on max, even highendmode activated - getting 30-60 fps
    Drivers are updated!!
  19. Bilder sagen mehr also 1000 worte, eine Video noch mehr: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xpy2qh4Hl4
    Bei mir Ploppen und ändern sich dauernt die Texturen, umso schlimmer wenn bäume am rand stehen ...
    Mein System, Windows 10, i7 6700 4ghz, AMD R9 390 8vram, 16 GB ram - installiert auf 240gb ssd.
    Spiel ist eingestellt auf maximal mit highendmode - hab um die 30-60 fps, jenachdem wo ich stehe.
  20. As seen in this Image, when the start button is pressed, it comes up with a window saying Failed to connect, before this window it says Processing now, for about 5-7 seconds, please help this is really frustrating.....

  21. Post on The Big Topic: Itemshop in General

    By Rae, posted
    Good evening / day to everyone and especially to the publishers of the game.
    The new announcement for the CBT2 already featured a list of the itemshop items and I can already see that cash-costumes have stats bonuses. So basically the big question to you, publishers, is, if this will stay at the current amount or is this going to escalate. Like usually seen in free 2 play games. Because +gathering, +droprate, +whateverthehellyouwant will not only mess with the gameplay but with the economy in the long run as well. This usually ends in the game going down like the titanic. First it will split the player-base and then everyone jumps overboard.
    So here the questions it will come down to:
    If you can't answer "yes" to the two questions above, this will become abandonware 2016 and I don't want to see a beautiful game go down the drain.
    With best regards