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  1. Where can i get Red Coral at? i cant find it is there a good spot to find it? http://bddatabase.net/us/item/4476/
  2. Post on Serbianca Event in General

    By Kotaro, posted
    hi :v

    Im making this topic just for Info
    cus I cannot see any info about the
    serbianca card event :c

    how many cards do you need to
    exchange for Logs? and how many
    Logs do it give you?

    thank you!

    and as ever srry for my bad French :c(engrish xd)
  3. Hi Leute,
    Ich wurde von einem gewissen "[Deleted name]" im Internationalen Chat schon oft Beleidigt und nun auch Erpresst, nun zumindest ist der klägliche Versuch einer Erpressung. Er will mich so lange jagen und töten bis ich ihm ein T7 aus meiner Zucht Verkaufe. Jetzt drehe ich den Spieß um, wer kann mir etwas über diesen "[Deleted name]" sagen? Ich weis das er sich selbst "Den Besten Sorc EU" nennt andere Hinweise auf seine Person habe ich nicht. Hilfreich wären Infos wie, Gilde, Lvl, Heimat-channel ect.. Er Spielt auf Alustin und scheint Nachtaktiv soweit so nützlich..
    Für Informationen und Hinweise zu dieser Person wäre ich sehr Dankbar, jemanden auf dauer zu Pkn für ein Pferd spricht doch hoffentlich schon für sich  und.. solltete ihr ihn sehen... vielleicht tötet ihr ihn ja mal für mich ~.^
    Liebe Grüße an Alle <3 Unico 
    Anbei, es geht nicht um das Gerede dieser Person, ich kann ihn Blocken und Ignorieren. ABER! Ich bin Züchter und reite daher viel Afk "Ja, auch in Safezones" aber mal ehrlich ich soll mich von so einem Typen Verjagen lassen? Mich immer wieder auf andere Channel verziehen in der Hoffnung ruhe zu haben? Nö! Ich will wissen wer das ist, wo er spiel, welcher Gilde er Zugehörig ist und dann Ihn Jagen Lassen! Zudem weis jeder der mal Gezüchtet hat wie unsagbar ärgerlich es ist getötet zu werden.. immer und immer wieder...
    [Deleted content] Name & shame
  4. So waiting for the release of the new classes and still undecided which way to go i made a little research on the build calculator of bddatabase, and put the differences of each class skillset in a hopefully easy readable table.
    Sorry if it happens to be imprecise, i have no experience of BDO KR so iI have no way to check the information i've copypasted from bddatabase.net.
    - The number in the class column is the level at which the skill can be learned
    - Skills descriptions are from the max rank of each skill
    - Skills in order of the place in the skill builder top down.
    - When there is one skill only in a row it means the other class get no skill in that spot
    - If instead another skill appears on the same row for the other class it means it gets a different skill in the very same spot, thus effectively replacing what the other class gets.
    Skills ID can be found at
    http://bddatabase.net/us/skill/<SKILL ID>/I wish i could find a way so that hovering a skill name or a skill ID would show the skill animation video, I'm open to suggestions.
  5. Worlvius Suggestion Pack! <3
    So, i have been wanting to make such a list for the longest time. so here goes!
    This is just some minor ideas that "shouldn't" require much from the Devs, or i atleast hope not.
    1. Training Profession Change
    So, the current way to level up horse training is by "Levels" with some compensation that depends on the Tier the horse is in.
    And i think that's wrong, because the compensation you get for leveling a higher tier is not high enough, the best way to Level Training, is to get a bunch of Tier 1-2 and train them, if you are a horse breeder that aims for high tier horses, then it sucks to be you, because you will level training much slower than people who only trains low Tier horses, so i think the system should be changed to how much XP your horses gain, rather than how many levels they gain. With that kinda system, then it wont matter which tier horse you level up, you will still get the XP you deserve, rather than training a T1 for 2 minutes and get 1% or Train a T5 in 2 Hours, and get 2% XP
    This might have been a wierd way to explain it, hope you guys understand it anyways ^^

    2. Guild Mission Score Board
    Under a Guild mission, let's say: Kill 4000 Giants.
    Then i would love a counter for the Guild to see who killed the most Giants, so we get a competitive feeling about the Guild Missions.
    I don't know, i just think it would be a great idea and i would personaly love it <3

    3. Guild Silver Trades
    As Guild master, then i would like to have the option to give/recieve Silver from the Guild Bank to/from another Guild Master.
    Since it's silver that can't be taken out by the Guild Masters anyways, and since people can't deposit Silver in the Guild Bank (If the guild has a good economy) then i can't see the harm in making it possible for us to give and take silver from eachother, ways this could be used, is if <ExampleGuild1> ask <ExampleGuild2> for some help clearing with a war they have with <ExampleGuild3>, Then <ExampleGuild2> could say: Hey, sure, we can help you out, if you give us 6Mio from your guild bank, then we will assist you in your war with <ExampleGuild3>
    This might not be a very valueable idea, but it's something i could have used from time to time.

    4. Guild Interaction System
    I want to be able to mark Guilds as [War] / [Allies] / [Rivals]. I myself have some Allied Guilds, 2 Rival Guild with some War rules such as "Fishers/Horse Trainers is safe", and then we already have our War Option.
    So a special option tab under the Guild Info would be lovely.

    5. Adding a "Pending" option on the Market
    If you don't have the item you are aiming for on notice, then you have no way of knowing if the item you want is about to show up, so i would like a system, so just as the items get on the registration que, then it would be added on a "Pending Bar" when you are looking on the market for that item, then it would say something like Item(s) Pending: 2 so even if you don't have the item you were looking for on notice, then you would still know your item was about to pop-up.

    6. Personal Guild Mission Reward
    Right now, the rewards for attending to a Guild Mission is almost, non-existing. The time you loose for joining a Guild Mission is too great, considering what other things you could use your time on.
    I don't know what these rewards might be, but i would like a reason to motivate guild members to help with Guild Missions.

    7. A use for Branded Horses
    Right now, when you brand horses, your horse gets faster skills and such, but if you at one point get a better horse, then you have no use of the branded horse anymore, you are removing your options to exchange and sell it on the market if you brand it. I have no idea what they should be used for, maybe making it possible to grind it for Pet Food. I just don't like the idea of having a horse that have no use for me anymore, and i hate the idea of deleting the horse way more. 

    8. Making it possible to buy Pet Food on Illiya Island
    At the moment, then i haven't found a way to get Pet Food on Illiya Island, i know a lot of people fish there, and meanwhile they are fishing they are either draining the pets hunger to level it up, or using a pet with a Fishing Skill, but when the hunger bar reaches 0, then you can't buy Pet Food on the Island, you will have to sail to Velia, buy Pet Food and back to Illiya Island. On a side-note, then the Trade Manager sounds really proud of his "Illiya Specialities" so i find it odd that you can't buy food on an island that's so proud of their food.

    9. Visual "Hidden" AP
    The AP you get from both Grunil Armor, Guild Perks and such, isn't shown anywhere, either that, or then i'm just blind, but it's not added to your "Total AP" counter, every buff you see with "Increase all AP" is not added to your "Total AP", So i would like a way to see my "Hidden AP", or just add it to the "Total AP".

    10. Enable Silver Keys on the Market
    Lots of people are just throwing their keys out, because they wont bother going around with a map showing the Chests, meanwhile theirs lots of people who don't have enough keys, because they use their time to go around and look for the Chestes, so enabling Silver Keys on the Market would make both sides happy, in my opinion. Those with the keys can just sell them and make some money, meanwhile those without keys can buy them on the Market and open more chests.

    11. Make it possible to give more Pet Food at once
    At the moment, when you feed your pet with Cheap Pet Food, then you would have to spam the crap out of your mouse, because you only feed it with on at the time, an option to use the required Pet Food to fill your pets hunger bar at once would be great <3

    12. Make it possible to use the map while you fish
    This is pretty self explanatory, let us use the map while we fish please.

    13. "Saying of the Day" Eh.. say what of the day?
    So, in the Guild Tab, then there's something called "Saying of the day" i'm gonna asume that it's used for a private msg from Officer+ to Guild Members, kinda like the "Guild Notice" thing on the top, i might just be retarded, but i can't find any way to enable this, and i'm pretty sure Guilds NEED this, you can't use the "Guild Description" for private info, because every Guild in Top 400 is exposed to eachother with that msg, meanwhile the "Guild Notice" is way too short to write anything important.

    14. Show Guild Rank under the Guild Tab
    This is also pretty self explanatory, perhabs make a tab more on the front page so it says for example
    Scale: Extra Large
    Person: 69
    Protection: 3/10
    Rank: 53

    15. Make it possible to see "%" HP on bosses for those with Knowledge
    A way to see the exact % HP of bosses would be very lovely, not that it matters that much, but it could be a neat little detail.

    16. PK - Player info Tab
    When someone from your Guild dies, the name of the killer is shown, i would like to be able to hold the mouse on his name and get a little info tab, to see which Guild they were from.

    17. A Solo Group? What is this?
    So, when you are in a group taking scrolls and stuff, having a good time, what do i know, when you are done with Scrolls and the party disbands, then you get in a group with yourself, which is odd, if everyone from my group leaves, i would like the group to just disbands auto. Meanwhile you are in the group with yourself, then you are not able to recieve party invites, it's not like this is such big of a deal, but a little fix would be nice.

    18. Show Horse Gender before naming the horse
    I would like to know the gender of my Horses, before i name them. That's.. kinda it, i don't know why we aren't allowed to see the Gender before we name the horses.

    19. Make it possible for Conqueror's to buy their exclusive armor in the Cash Shop
    So, for me, then the Exclusive armor had a very big role in what Pack i should Purchase, and personaly, then i have waited for my Kunoichi since Beta. So i'll switch Class eventually, which makes me lose what made me Purchase the Conq-Pack, so to be able to Purchase the armor on other classes would be nice, This might just be a personal request, what do i know, but perhabs other people feel the same <3

    20. Fix the YOU ARE UNDER 20% HP in arena
    If you die in the arena, and use Instant Ress, you are gonne get spammed with YOU ARE UNDER 20% HP! for about 5-10 Min, even if you have max HP. which is pretty annoying.

    21. Face2Face trading
    This is also just a personal request, but which i think could be really nice. I want to be able to sell items face2face, if you have a Liverto Weapon, and get dropped a Liverto Bundle, while your friend/guild member gets trash, then i would like to NOT TRADE, but sell the item for the market price, you can even add the taxes with it, i just want a secure way to give my friends and guild members items, i don't see the harm in this, as it will work the same way as the Market, you as the seller just picks who gets to Buy your Item. I get the Problem in being able to sell it for Free, i also get the problem in being able to give silver for nothing, so a system where you kinda use the market system, but just picks the Buyer would be great.

    22. Allow us to Delete horses in all Stables
    I don't see the point in restricting us to Delete our Horses in some stables, if i have a horse in Glish and i want to delete it, then i'll have to ride to Glish, put my current horse in the stables take the horse i wanna delete out and ride it to Velia, and then walk back to Glish to get my horse after deleting the other horse in Velia, it could save us so much trouble if we could just delete the horse we wanted to delete in all stables.

    23. Reduce Silver Weight
    Aight, this one have been ongoing for a while, and i have never really cared that much, but now that exchange items have gotten such a huge increase, then people eventually gets more money, the market prices is gonne blow to the skies and people will eventually just have more money in general, with so much extra money being a standard, then i think i'll have to agree on the Silver weight being abit high. [Just an Opinion]

    This is just a bunch of ideas that i have had for quite some time, and i might aswell update it, if i feel like something is missing, i have been keeping the ideas to a mere "Detail" Level, not asking for "Increase Item Drop Rate" / "Give us a Dancing Animation" or something that might require more in-deth changing, this is just a list of minor things i think could be great. Please give some Feedback and thoughts, and leave a like if you like some of the ideas ^^

    Have a Good Time <3
  6. Post on Ninja info in General

    By eXz, posted
    So the plan was that we should get the Ninjas this or next week.
    Please Daum give us some info of timeframe, Just saying Ninja will be release later isnt good enough.
    I dont want to hear some people find some interviews on other crappy site of stuff release/delayed etc. Time to talk to the community 
  7. Hallo, I dont speak german so if someone could translate this post I can edit.  I want to make sure everyone can get access to all the information so we are translating into different languages.  

    My name is MaoMaoPrince as of writing this I am Master 3 Fishing.

    http://www.maomaoprince.com/ - Interactive Fishing Map
    Schritt 1: bringe alle deine Freunde dazu einen Guide zu erstellen und heimse dann den ganzen Ruhm ein. (TN: und  lasse sie das Ganze auch noch übersetzen :P)
    Mein Name ist MaoMaoPrince und während ich dies schreibe bin ich Fischer auf  Stufe Handwerk 4. Das Hauptziel dieses Guides ist es einen Dialog unter den Fischern von BDO anzufangen. Denn momentan gibt es viele falsche Informationen über Hotspots und Fischen im Allgemeinen.
    Das zweite Ziel ist es einen Leitfaden über das, was schon bekannt ist zu machen.
    Alles was ich hier schreibe beruht auf meiner persönlichen Erfahrung.
    Wenn ihr auf einen Hotspot eines anderen Fischers kommt, seid höflich zu ihm. Formt einen Kreis um die Angelschwimmer und wir können schöne Screenshots zusammen machen :).

    Was ist in Hotspot?
    Meines Erachtens ist ein Hotspot ein Bereich, in dem man keinen Müll fängt.
    Hotspots sind nicht schwarz und weiß, wie manche  sie hinstellen. Es gibt Hotspot Positionen, die jeder kennt, mit gleich bleibender Beute und vielen gelben und blauen Fischen. Allerdings habe ich bemerkt, dass es auf jeden Fall Spots gibt, die eine hohe Chance haben, gelbe  und blaue Fische zu erhalten, die aber andere  Fischbeute enthalten als die allgemein bekannten Hotspots.
    Dies ist nicht nur eine Einzelerfahrung, sondern wurde im Laufe mehrer Tage verifiziert.


    Epheria 1

    Epheria 2
    Wie findet man einen Hotspot?
    Mit den mometan gegebenen Informationen ist der effizienteste Weg einen Hotspot zu finden, indem man immer etwa um die Länge eines Fischerbootes weiter fährt und in alle 4 Richtungen angelt. (nach vorne, hinten, links, rechts)
    Fahrt nur weiter/ oder wechselt Angel Position, wenn ihr Müll angelt (Fischgräte oder Angelhaken).
    Es braucht einiges and Geduld und Zeit. (TN: STUNDEN , soooo viele STUNDEN)
    Wie groß ist ein Hotspot?
    Für den Moment stufen wir einen HotSpot auf die Größe eines Fischerbootes ein.
    Haltet Ausschau nach Orientierungspunkten, je leichter sie zu finden sind, desto besser. Verschwendet nicht lange Zeit mit suchen.
    Kann man die Karte öffnen?
    Ja kann man! Drückt M während dem Fischen M und tippt dann den Befehl /reloadui in den chat um die Karte während dem Fischen anzuzeigen.
    TN: funktioniert bei deutschem Client nicht , wer es doch versucht bekommt nur nen großen Lag
    Wirst du die Karte öffnen?
    Nein, ich mag es, dass die Zuschauer Informationen unter sich austauschen und die Leute selbst herausfinden wo denn genau die Hotspots sind. Nichtsdestoweniger sind wir immer offen euch Infomationen über Hotspots zu geben.
    Bester Titel
    Mao Mao Prince  / Maomao Prinz
    Wie teleportiert man?
    Drücke ESC > Verlassen. Das bringt euch ans Festland
    Wo sollte man sein Boot andocken?
    Ich docke nie mein Boot an, wenn ihr euer Boot auf offener See  lässt, könnt ihr zu jedem Fährenwart euer Schiff für 1000 Silber einziehen (entfernte Sammlung). Das spart Zeit und Haltbarkeit, indem ihr das Boot teleportiert

    WARNUNG : DIES WIRD EUER BOOT AND DEM IHM NÄCHSTGELEGENEN HAFEN BRINGEN (TN: ab ca Posten “Küstenfelsen” landet es in Epheria)
    Ist die Itemshop Kleidung sein Geld wert?
    Aus ästhetischer Sicht ja, wenn es um den Fischfang Buff geht nein, da du leicht auf Fischfang 5 kommst mit der Silberbestickten Fischerkleidung, Essen und dem Fischfang Gildenuff. (TN. es ist leicht auf 5 zu kommen solange man die  Stahlangel benutzt, ja , allerding geben die wirklich hohen Angeln keine Fischfang Punkte und wenn man die benutzen will, dann hilft das Itemshop Kostüm echt viel. Zudem schwimmt man super schnell, like a BOSS)
    Items um euer Fischfang level zu erhöhen (max auf 5)
    Thick Fishing Rod (+1), Steel Fishing Rod (+2), Gold Fishing Rod (+3), Fruit Wine (+1), Balenos Special (+2) Guild Perk: Art of Fishing (+1/+2/+3)
    Dicke Angelrute (+1), Stahlangel (+2), Goldene Angelrute (+3)
    Gildenbuff (+1/+2/+3)
    Silberbestickte Fischerkleidung (+1), Silberbestickte Fischerkleidung auf+2 (+2)
    Anglertrank                      5 min (+2) // 8 min (+3)
    Aloejogurt                      30 min (+1) // 45 min (+1)
    Exotischer Kräuterwein 30 min (+1) // 45 min (+1)
    Obstwein                       60 min (+1) // 75 min (+1)
    Honigwabenkeks          90 min (+1) // 110 min (+1) +50 Traglast
    Balenos Spezialität       90 min (+2) // 110 min (+2)  +2 Sammelgeschw. +2 Bewegungsgeschw
    TN :Essen stackt nicht untereinander aber Trank + Essen geht
    Jedes Essen hat 30 min Cooldown, Tränke 5 min
    Foodbuffs dont stack with each other, but potion + food works
    Every food has a 30 min cooldown , each potion 5 min
    Erhöhen der Fischfang Fähigkeit verringert die Wartezeit bis zum nächsten Fisch

    (press p) (drücke p)
    Was bewirkt Köderpaste?
    Köderpaste erhöht deine Fischfangfähigkeit, hält aber nur 5 min an. Es ist eine gute Hilfe um am Anfang deine Fischfang Fähigkeit zu erhöhen, wird aber immer nutzloser  da man ja auch seine Fischerausrüstung immer mehr verbessert.
    Wo verkauft man nun seine Fische
    Verkaufe Fische am Händler NPC. Schau dir einen Handels/Posten Guide and für Details.
    Warum hast du XXX weggeworfen?
    Fish it harder, Fish it Better. Fish is love, Fish is life
    Fische härter, fische besser, Fischen ist Liebe, Fischen ist Leben
    TN: Was zum Teufel übersetze ich hier???
    WTF am i translating???
    Was sind die verschiedenen Fischraritäten?
    White 1-1,5k.  Weiß 1-1,5k
    Green 2-4k      Grün 2-4k
    Blue 5-7k        Blau 5-7k
    Yellow 20-24k Gelb 20-24k
    Orange 125k   Orange 120k
    Wie groß ist dein Inventar?
    Momentan 61 Plätze, je mehr desto besser. Vergesst nicht auch noch die Gewichtsgrenze zu erhöhen.
    Was sollte man wegwerfen?
    Wirf alles unter blauer Rarität weg.
    Sollte man Schlüssel behalten?
    Keine Ahnung, Frage bitte jemanden der sich mit Schatzkisten auskennt.
    Trocknen vs Verkaufen
    Um in die Ranglisten zu kommen und aufzusteigen muss man einiges an Silber investieren. Ich habe etwa 10-20 Millionen investiert. Man kann eigentlich alles im Auktionshaus kaufen (TN: wenn es denn mal drin ist MARKT STALKEN) STALK the market !!!
    Ich kann etwa 2 Mllionen Silber pro Stunde verdienen.
    Glassia - Trocknen vs Verkaufen
    Wenn man nun die ganze Ökonomie, Handels und Verkaufsarten in betracht zieht, ist es es dann wirklich wert zum nächstbesten Handels NPC zu rennen und etwa 5 Fische weniger zu fangen um 190% mehr für frische Fische zu erhalten anstatt sie zu trocknen? Ich denke schon.
    10 Frische Petersfische = 89k   vs  Eine Kiste getrocknete Petersfisch (10 getrocknete) = 10k
    1 Frischer Grunzer = 20k          vs 1 getrockneter Grunzer = 2,6k
    Ich trockne Fische nur, um länger am Spot bleiben zu können und um mein Verarbeitungslevel zu erhöhen. Man verliert zwar ein bisschen Geld, aber Hochlvlige Verarbeiter verlieren nicht so viel , da man mehrere getrocknete Fische erhalten kann wenn man einen trocknet.
    Nach 4 Stunden verlieren die Fische an Wert, wohingegen getrocknete Fische nicht billiger werden, dafür aber allgemein weniger wert sind.
    (TN: Fische zu trocknen lohnen sich besonders für Köche, da sie auch getrocknete Fische benutzen können, 2 getrocknete Fische ersetzen einen Frischen in den Rezepten. Die Fischrarität ist für Gerichte irrelevant. Wenn ihr die Posten zu dem Fischgrund nicht verbunden habt, ihr sie sowieso trocknen müsst, da dann die frischen Fische nicht viel Geld geben )
    Was ist der BDO Fischerratgeber? (TN findet sich im ESC Menü)
    Der Fischerratgeber zählt jeden gefangenen Fisch und vermerkt die größten Fische von jeder Art, die gefangen wurden in einer eigenen Rangliste.
    WTB den größten Maomao
    Spielt die Größe eines Fisches denn eine Rolle?
    Es ist bisher unbewiesen ob es eine Rolle spielt, manche behaupten größere Fische geben mehr Exp, andere sind der Meinung dass es nur für die Größenranglisten von Belang ist.
    Die verschiedenen Angeln
    Alte Angel                    ---                              Haltbarkeit 30                                    immer
    Dicke Angel        Fischfang Fähigkeit +1       Haltbarkeit 40         Werkstatt I          ab Anfänger 10
    Stahlangel          Fischfang Fähigkeit +2       Haltbarkeit 65         Werkstatt II         ab Talent 5
    Goldene Angel   Fischfang Fähigkeit +3       Haltbarkeit 100       Werkstatt III       ab Handwerk 1
    Angel mit            Fängt 1-4 Fische                Haltbarkeit 30          Wöchtl. Quest    ab Talent 5
    3 Schwimmer

    Upgrade+ Reparable Angeln
    Baleanos Angel     Verschnellert afk Angeln     Haltbarkeit 50         Werkstatt III        immer
       per Upgrade           +schneller afk Angeln                             
    Epheria Angel         Erhöhte Haltbarkeit             Haltbarkeit 50         Werkstatt III       immer
       per Upgrade                                                                   +10
    Calpheon Angel     fängt größere Fische           Haltbarkeit 50         Werkstatt III        Kenner 1
       per Upgrade              +größere Fische                 
    Mediah Fishing Rod mehr seltene Fische        Haltbarkeit 50          Werkstatt III        Handwerk 1
       per Upgrade               +seltene Fische                    
    Bei jedem Fail sinkt die Haltbarkeit um 5
    With every fail the durability drops by 5
    Schwimmer nehmen den Nebenhand Slot ein und könne ab Kenner 1 benutzt werden.
    Ähnlich wie die Angeln geben sie verschiedene Buffs und sind auch upgradebar + reparabel-
    Ahornholzfloß         mehr seltene Fische         Haltbarkeit 50           Werkstatt II         Handwerk 1
    Eschenholzfloß       fängt größere Fische        Haltbarkeit 50           Werkstatt II         Kenner 1

    Ist ein Fischerboot notwending?
    Ein Fischerboot ist super, und man sollte drauf zu arbeiten, aber die Fähre ist eine gute Alternative
    (TN: Herzustellen in der Schiffswerft II in Illya  Nr.3; Epheria Hafen Nr.3-5 zweiter Stock, oder
    Tarif Nr 1-4
    TN :für näheres https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1wdyGvuEqlI5Cap2qi6CrpfmEVfvteCJmnVLNKhL-Gnw/edit#gid=0
    Ansonsten werden Fischerboote nur für die Benutzung von Harpunen und die Waljagd gebraucht.
    Was bedeutet “Derzeitige Fischereiressourcen”?

    Nicht genug
    Die Fischereiressource bezieht sich darauf, wiel lange die Angel ausgeworfen ist, bis ein Fisch anbeißt. Je ausgeschöpfter (Reichlich > Erschöpft) der Fischgrund ist desto länger dauert es.
    Immer nur bei Reichlich fischen ( TN die Geister streiten sich ob abgeangelte Goldene Hotspots besser sind als Reichlichte Blaue Hotspots)
    Bestimmt die Schwimmer oder die Charakter Position, ob man sich am Hotspot befindet?
    Die Position eures Schwimmers bestimmt eure Angelposition, also schaut, dass dieser sich im Hotspot befindet und nicht der Charakter.
    Sollte man Energie beim Auswerfen der Angel benutzen?
    Nein . Nur wenn ihr volle Energie habt.  Spart eure Energie besser um mit Handels Npc zu feilschen.
    Benutzt wenn dann nur 10 Energie pro Angelwurf. Bzw verwendet mindestens 10 Energie
    (TN: ich kenne jemanden, der hat mit 100 Energie einen Quastenflosser erhalten. Ob es nur Glück war muss man ausprobieren)

    Sollte man Energie in die Posten investiere für besseres Fischen?

    Laut einem Reddit guide erhöht sich dabei nur die Chance dass Silberne Schlüssel gefischt werden.

    Was ist ein Tornado?

    It has no bearing on the quality of fish.  We need more time with tornados! Sail deep.
    Es hat keine Auswirkungen auf die qualität der Fische. Man braucht mehr Zeit mit Tornados. Segelt tief rein.  (TN Es zerstört euer Boot , get rekt Mao, nur dich hat er erwischt ;D)  
    Anderes Minigame - Abhängig on Reflexen. Ich bin schlecht darin, also mach ich es nicht ):

    Seltenster gefangener Fisch
    Gefangen von BlueDesert
    Schnellleiste für Fischer
    Legt eure Fischsachen wie Buffood und Angeln auf eure Schnellleiste.
    Um flexibler zu sein legt euch eine Angel auf Platz 1 und eine Waffe auf 2. So kann man schnell die Waffe wechseln ohne im Inventar herumzukramen.
    Übersetzt von einem Schwarzgeflügelten Fisch
    Korrektur gelesen von
    Translated by a blackwinged Fish

  8. Hello Fishers!

    My name is MaoMaoPrince and I am an Master 3 fisher over on Jordine. I run the largest fishing community in EU/NA over on Facebook.  As many people know last weekend on EU there was an XP bug for Fishing that was giving almost 300% increase experience.   Since that event and the announcement of the NA XP weekend the fishing community has been theorycrafting some of the best spots to increase XP output.   
    There are many exciting, wonderful, brilliant and magical aspects to fishing, the following is just my opinion and not necessarily the best way to play!  I made this guide with the help of the community and I could not have written it without people gathering information.  
    If you are interested in watching me fish please check out www.twitch.tv/maomaoprince
    If you want to find the best spots for fishing please check www.maomaoprince.com
    I prefer to write short guides in a Q&A style so let's take the plunge.  
    What Equipment Should I Use?  
    You want to get your grubby little fishing mitts on the Triple-Float Fishing Rod.  The Triple fishing rod allows you to catch up to three fish at a time and very rarely can produce four fish!  I’ve been taking notes on my casts for the triple rods and they seem to average at around 2 fish (rounded up) per cast.  With our current knowledge of hotspots I’ve been able to crunch some quick numbers, they seem on the high side so I need to go over them but take a look…

    Results - On Blue Spot IN-IS1
    I caught 1260 with 3 Triple Fishing Rod in 7 hours. That is ~756 Blue Fish, 378 Gold Fish 126 White/Greens.

    Notes : The higher fishing level you are the less likely it is to lose durability when casting.
    You gain xp for each fish caught with the triple rod and so it far surpasses any other rod in terms of XP gain.
    Where can I get this wonderful rod?
    Currently the only way obtain this is by doing repeatable quests.   I’m not going to go into detail here but you need to be at least skilled 5 before you can get the quest.  The first quest is from the child fishing off the docks opposite the storage in veila.  
    What other equipment should I use?
    Steel Rod is the most efficient rod both in terms of cash value and usefulness.  The steel rod gives +2 fishing speed bonus.  
    Silver Embroidered Fishers Clothes  give fishing experience, movement speed and fishing rod and is enchantable.  I suggest getting at least +1.  

    Sute Tea gives you a buff which increases life xp  (which includes fish) by 8%.  
    Where Should I Fish?
    The basics of a good spot for experience is to find one that primarily catches blue fish, is abundant and remote enough that other people are discouraged to fish there!  Most importantly find a spot that you like, you’re going to be there a while.  My personal favourite spot is IN-IS1 not because it is the most efficient but because of the people who fish there and it has Porcupine Fish.
    Personal preference aside we’re here to talk about fat stacks of XP.  Gold Fish are actually worth more than blue fish in terms of raw XP but there are other factors involved.  The higher your fishing level the less letters there are in the mini game on average.  Over enough time blue fish are the most efficient because of player input.  

    There are other factors involved when calculating XP potential but at the moment its very early days on the research.  Some spots have less cast time than others, some fish have slightly different XP - its all up in the air!
    In order to maximise your xp/fishing time make sure you are drying fishing, deleting fish or selling close by!

    The three best spots, and the ones I suggest are;
    RA-IS1/IL-IS2 We searched tirelessly for a Smokey Chromis spot (mainly because its part of a fishing quest) because it has some of the better fish in terms of xp in its Fish Table.  This spot sits along the borders of two nodes and allows you to quickly check resources in both.  

    PI-IS1 Another sought after fish, the Octopus has been tricky to track down, but we now have a spot.  The reason octopus is so special (as of writing) is because there are cooking recipes that require Dried Octopus or other types of seafood.  There has been no farm spots for any of the seafood so dried octopus could potentially be quite lucrative.  Fresh Octopus is worth 5,700 at base price.  The price for Dried Octopus on the AH currently is anywhere between 7,000 - 12,000.  When you dry fish you have a chance to produce 1-3 fish.  The potential income from one cast could be 36,000, with the triple rod 108,000.  These numbers are top end and require you not to immediately destroy the market.  The node for PI-IS1 cannot be connected via trade, octopus is still sought after.  
    ME-SH1 is an exclusive spot to this guide and to MaoMaoPrince.com and is what im considering the single best spot for XP I’ve ever seen.  The reason this spot is so good is because it doesn’t have a single gold in the loot table, has good xp per fish and has a reasonably fast catch time compared to normal.  

    Thanks for reading my short guide on XP I will look to expand it in the future and happy fishing!

  9. So here is my question.  I have a level 52 berserker but i dont really understand the awaking skills too well. Which should i be trying to get and which version of the skills should i want to reawaken. My main question is for the Spin-To-Win skill.
  10. Post on Storage in New Adventurers

    By trixsterjl, posted
    Something that is kind of obvious just hit me. You can expand each towns storage for CP. Some of the chains of houses have level 1 to 5 storage houses:
    1  - 2 slots
    2  - 5 slots
    3 -  8 slots
    4  - 12 slots
    5 - Guessing 15 slots.
    There are multiple houses in the towns that have 2 slots for 1 CP. In the near future i'm going to look for the most slots for the fewest CP in every town. Also it is worth looking at production nodes as they have lodging and storage connected to the towns near them.
  11. Hi,
    I would like to know if there is any way to send an item or quest information through the chat (whisper to a friend for example).
    Do you know if it is possible ? If yes, how to do it ?
    Thank you !
  12. [Edit 28 Feb, 2016]:  Turns out I was wrong (again).  If you played CBT2 and used your CCM characters, Black Desert will remember them for the next time you make a gross error like I did.  Bottom line, I did not have to recreate two of my four characters for the 28 Feb pre-launch.  That's one "attaboy" for BDO ... :^)
    For @Nemro and @Feyran:  The Launcher version is as @Nemro reported it: for the pre-launch patch and after the 28 Feb, post launch patch.
    [Original]:  To the best of my knowledge, here's how the latest, pre-launch patch is supposed to work, folks.
    If you downloaded the CBT2 client and played Black Desert, the latest patch will only update the Black Desert Launcher to version ID "20160221_1005" to make it ready for tomorrow's Big Day. Any last minute changes to the BDO client to update it from CBT2 content will be downloaded at the time you are permitted to enter the game during the pre-launch. The CBT2 client files already contain 99% of what BDO will need at launch time.
    If you did not download the CBT2 client OR did not play the second Black Desert Closed Beta Test OR your BDO client files are not correct, for whatever reason, the latest patch will ask you if you want to Uninstall the game. Reply "Yes" to the Uninstall and when that finishes, run the latest patch a second time to download the latest and greatest BDO client files again. When you finish, you should see version ID "20160221_1005" in the BDO Launcher window.
    Lastly, the offline character creator no longer works as of the close of CBT2 but do not Uninstall it nor delete any of its folder content UNTIL AFTER you have transferred all your characters into the Live BDO release. I manually uninstalled my CCM files too soon so I will have to recreate my characters during Pre-launch ... rats!!!
    If you wish to manually force the latest patch to download all of the BDO client files again, but without the CCM sub-folder, just manually delete the Black Desert folder from wherever you installed it and run the latest patch to download the latest and greatest BDO client files.
    And that's it for patching ... I hope this answers all your questions ... and thanks for reading my post ... :^)
  13. As a new pre-order customer, at what point can we expect the client to be available for download, in order to be ready for launch.
    Thank you!
  14. Amber's Newbie Guide to Alchemy and Crafting - The Basics
    I wrote and posted this in my guild forum but thought someone on here might be interested. Most of you who have played both betas or spent time on other regions servers probably already know all of this stuff.
    Hey all, after spending the second beta doing a stupid amount of alchemy and struggling with the headaches it gave me I decided I'd do a quick guide outlining some important info. In this post I'll be addressing the basics of Alchemy and Crafting (including house Purposing), some particular nodes, and a few other minor observations I've made. Also, in light of the similarities between Alchemy and Cooking, the Alchemy portions of the guide may well be of interest to prospective Chefs. If you have any questions feel free to ask me.
    BDO Tome - This website has a wealth of information as well as an interactive map (which the link will take you to). NOTE: The map isn't quite as detailed as the one in-game and some of the names of places are not the same as they are within the NA release.
    BDFoundry - This one has Alchemy and Cooking recipes, as well as a bunch of guides. I found the guides to be useful but lacking as they seem to be directed towards more experienced players. NOTE: Just as with BDO Tome, many of the names of things (materials primarily) are not the same as in NA release. Be cautious.
    BD Database - This website is a straight database of everything you could ever want to know. IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE that what city you choose as a base will determine where you want most of your workers stationed. This guide is intended to make use of Calpheon as a home city, with workers stationed in various other cities depending on which nodes you personally need.
    Starting Off - So you want to be an Alchemist?
    While very basic Alchemy and Cooking recipes can be done using basic ingredients and your Processing menu(accessed by hitting L), the really useful stuff will nearly always require the use of both special tools and rare ingredients. In both cases, you will need to be using those contribution points and getting your workers active. With that in mind, here's a checklist to help you get on your way. Once everything on this list is done you should have everything you need.
    In no particular order:
    Hire workers - Visit the worker manager in your chosen city to hire up some workers. You can have one worker per city without needing to Purpose a room to Lodging (more on this later). At the cost of 5 energy the worker manager will show you a worker who you can hire (or not). Pay attention to the race-- Giants work the slowest, Humans at a medium speed, and Goblins the fastest. Stamina- how many times they can do tasks before getting tired- is the opposite with Giants having the most and Goblins the least.Identify and invest in the nodes that have the materials you need - Some materials you can mine or gather yourself (most metals and woods, for example) and some you cannot. You might have to research some of those materials to find out where to get them. Once you've found the node, make use of the world map to see how it connects to the closest city. Every node between it and the city needs to be activated, which is done by speaking to the Node Manager of each one, selecting Node Management, and then contributing the required amount of Contribution Points. Keep in mind that the actual gathering points you will be sending your workers to must be invested into as well- activating just the first node is not enough.Purposing a residence - You must have a residence to make use of an Alchemy or Cooking Tool (these can be purchased from Alchemists or Furniture Vendors OR crafted). I personally pick residences close to Marketplace Directors because I buy a good chunk of my materials, but other good places would be near main roads or someplace pretty. Once you have one, enter it and hit the button at the top left that says Place Furniture. Set down your tool and you'll be ready to rock.Putting a bed in said residence - Resting in a bed grants you more energy regeneration. Whereas you usually regen 1 energy per 3 minutes, resting in a bed gives either 2 per 3 minutes (for beds bought from Furniture Vendors or crafted yourself) or 3 per 3 minutes (if you buy the bed from the Pearl shop).Got all that? Then you're ready to move on!
    Down and Dirty - Concocting your first potion(!!) and more.
    ...Alright, I lied. Truth is there is no way to make HP/MP potions in Black Desert-- sorry! There are, however, many incredibly useful elixirs you CAN make, and many ingredients vital to high level crafting come from Alchemy. Before we get into those (I will get into them briefly later) though, let's cover a few basic Alchemy recipes. Simple Alchemy can be selected from the options in your Processing Menu and it can be used to create (as far as I am aware) three things: Herbal Medicine, Concentrated Herbal Medicine, and... ENRICHED Herbal Medicine (heh). These are simple drinks which restore Mana (I know I said MP potions didn't exist... it's a medicine ) and they are super easy to make. You need two ingredients: 3 Sunrise Herbs (from gathering herbs in the wild, they are all over) and 1 Mineral Water (can be bought from an Inn Manager, it's cheap). Once you've got them, bring up the Processing Menu, click Simple Alchemy, add the ingredients from your inventory via right-click, and hit Create. Viola! Herbal Medicine. Once you level up and have more Mana you'll want to make the stronger versions. Simply put 3 Herbal Medicine in the Simple Alchemy and it will give you 1 Concentrated Herbal Medicine in return. Same deal for Concentrated. Yeah. It's that easy.
    While these totally-not-Mana-potions are neat and all, there are better things to do with your energy in my opinion. "But Amber," you say, "I'm still beginner rank! I can't make all those fancy elixirs like you!" Don't worry, I've got you covered. I initially got into Alchemy to make Metal Solvent, one of the ingredients of one of the ingredients to a sword I had my eyes on, and it required at least Apprentice rank in Alchemy, so I've got this part figured out.
    With my eyes set on Apprentice I found a recipe that was cheap to make and it turned out to be a lucky pick. Pure Powder Reagent is a recipe that you can make using an Alchemy tool and the ingredients are ones you can get yourself or have your workers gather without much effort. It sells for a decent price (~2k-3k/ea during the beta) and is used in tons of recipes later on (sell or save, your call, no bad options).
    You will need one of each of these:
    Sugar - NOT RAW SUGAR. You can buy both Sugar and Raw Sugar from Inn Managers. Make sure you get the right one.Silver Azalea - This is a plant you can gather yourself or send your workers to get, either or. It was VERY cheap on the market during beta. If you want to have your workers gather it, best place I found was directly West of Heidel and named Lynch Farm Ruins (Another view).Weeds/Wild Grass - You can use whichever you want. Weeds were cheaper on the Market at the time, so I used those.Purified Water - This you will have to get yourself and was the bane of my existence. From a Materials Merchant you will need to buy Empty Bottles, mosey on down to a river, then right click them in your inventory. Your character will fill them with river water (sea water will not work) one at a time, which you will then sift (using the Sifting option in the Processing menu) to get Purified Water. The reason this is a pain is because it will cost you 2 energy for each bottle- one to get water from the river and one to sift it- and energy is scarce. As you level up you will randomly start getting two Purified Water for one, which is awesome.Got them? Head on over to your Residence and use your Alchemy tool. Right click each one (1 each) and hit Create. The option next to Create says Continuous Production- this simply will repeat the Alchemy until an ingredient (or your Energy) runs out. IF YOU HIT THIS read the popup. Only put in the number of ingredients it takes to make ONE of the result even if you're doing continuous, it will pull the next ingredients from your inventory automatically. If you put in more than you need to create it, the Alchemy Tool WILL EAT THEM ALL and you will still only get one of the result.
    Once your character is done playing with beakers and shit you'll be the proud owner of a baby Pure Powder Reagent and some Alchemy experience. Congrats! From there you can either sell that for some cash or keep it and take the Alchemy one step further. If you want to sell them, just keep doing the same thing over again until you hit Apprentice.
    OPTIONAL - Making an elixir.
    If you want to save some energy or hate rivers, this is the best route to go (if you love spending energy and rivers and still want to make some useful elixirs, skip down a bit). Now that you've got some Pure Powder Reagents there is a recipe you can make that doesn't require any Purified Water (thank God) and it is just as cheap. You'll be making the intimidating-sounding-yet-disappointingly-mediocre Elixir of Life, which raises your max HP by 100 for 5 minutes. At low levels that's actually not half bad but I digress.
    You will need:
    1 Pure Powder Reagent5 Silver Azalea5 Fox/Weasel Blood - This is something tons of new players gather early in the game thinking it is cool. It is cool-- for us, since supply makes it stupid cheap on the Market. 140/ea during beta. (If for some reason there isn't any on the market you will want to find a new recipe. Killing them and draining their blood yourself costs energy that you could better spend getting more Purified Water.)3 Small Health Potions - Cheap to buy from a General Merchant, sometimes even cheaper on the Market. Take these and put them in your Alchemy Tool-- make sure you put in the correct amounts of each. Hit the button and you'll get yourself some Elixir of Life. While these sold for about 800/1k each during beta I expect that these will be thoroughly worthless a week after launch. I won't be the only person who sees them as easy experience. 
    Other Elixirs - For people who like spending 2 energy for a bottle of water.
    While I didn't make any of these, looking at BD Foundry's recipe list made it clear to me that these may interest some of you. The elixirs that I see right away that use simple ingredients are Elixirs of Mental (max MP +100), Resuscitation (HP regen +10), Vitality (MP regen +10), Defense (damage reduction +5), and Power (monster damage -15%). These all require multiple bottles of Purified Water each, but once people start selling that on the Market they might be a more viable choice for leveling Alchemy. If you find an elixir you want to make (listed here or not) and are having trouble finding the ingredients let me know, I'll see if I can't out where to get them.
    Alchemy and Crafting - Metal Solvent how I hate thee (and my closing remarks on Alchemy).
    Beyond making colored waters and making you hang out in rivers, Alchemy is vital to crafting almost everything. The first instance of this I ran into was when I saw that the sword I wanted to make required a Pure Tin Crystal which you get from heating Tin Ingots and Metal Solvents together (NOTE: This requires Artisan level Processing, 3 ingots and 2 Metal Solvent). Metal Solvent is a product of Apprentice level Alchemy and is required for making any metal crystals, which are required for most every weapon. Already Apprentice level? Awesome, here's the recipe:
    3 Melted Iron Fragment - To get these just Heat Iron Ore using the Processing window (5 Iron Ore = 1 Melted Iron Fragment).1 Clear Liquid Reagent - This is a Alchemy product similar to Pure Powder Reagents. It uses almost the same recipe as them too.1 Salt - Purchase from Inn Manager1 Sunrise Herb - Gather or buy off Market, should be quite cheap.1 Weeds/Wild Grass 1 Purified Water4 Crude Stones - Get these from mining Feldspar, killing Grass Rock Crabs, or the Market.2 Trace of Savagery - To get these you'll be needing a worker. Earlier I mentioned farming Azalea from Lynch Farm Ruins and you'll be sending your worker there for these. Talk to the Node Manager again and, at the steep cost of 25 Energy, complete the conversation option. Doing so will unlock a mining node within Lynch Farm Ruins which says it yields Imp Horns. What it doesn't say is that it will also give you Trace of Savagery, but it will. Invest in it and send a worker over from Heidel to get them. 
    In a similar vein to Purified Crystals, Alchemy allows for the production of other materials needed for Crafting everything from armor to wagon parts. At BD Foundry the recipes fall under the Basic Ingredients tab. I assume most of these will require at least Apprentice in Alchemy to make and in all likely hood Artisan level Processing. This is a real pain, believe me I know... but that tells me that the people that do it first are gonna be making good money. Pure crystals of all kinds were selling for upwards of 120k each during the beta and there's no doubt in my mind that those were off lucky drops (there was only one of some and none of others) off monsters. Overall, it's gonna be a pain but profitable for sure. Also check out the Alchemy guide on BD Foundry as it talks a bit about Imperial Alchemy* which, from my understanding, deals with making packs of those elixirs you make and selling them to specific NPCs for a pretty huge profit margin. *It was pointed out on Reddit that Imperial Crafting doesn't seem to be on the NA servers yet. 
    Crafting - Choosing your homes.
    Aside from basic Processing, Alchemy, and Cooking, all crafting in Black Desert is done by your workers in buildings you purchase. While any worker can be used to craft anything, you must have the correctly Purposed building to craft something. There are tons of different Purposes (man, that word just does not roll off the tongue. Silly Daum) and you will have to have quite a few to get anything going. I'll go over some of the important ones and some good locations I've found in the next section. For now, the basics you need to know to get a building.
    When you're ready to choose a building you've got two options- either you run around the city looking for purple beams of light in front of doors (this means they are rentable) or you open up the map, click on the city, and browse them that way. You will choose the second option. You will choose the second option. The reason for this is because the map will have a wealth of information that you need to know. Take a look at this map here. This is the city map of Calpheon. It might be a bit big for some of you because it is a 4k image, but hopefully that will just make it easier to see the stuff I'll talk about. Looking at it you should see lots of little house icons, some grey and some blue. The blue houses are the ones which you can rent, grey you cannot... yet. Look closer-- see the lines from house to house? Just like Nodes, some houses you can only get once you've unlocked the previous one (NOTE: to buy the higher floors of a building you must first purchase the lower ones). In a small city like Heidel these are less important, but this isn't a big city, so you'll benefit greatly from paying attention to those. The reason for that is that not every building can be used for any Purpose. In addition to that, the Purposes that a building DOES have access to all have multiple levels. While two buildings might both have the same choices for Purposes, one might be able to be upgraded to level 3 while the other can only reach level 2. Here's an example of a house which has access to a level 3 Refinery.The triangle arrows next to a Purpose show how many levels it can be upgraded. That same building can become a level 5 Storage or a level 4 Weapon Workshop or a level 5 Armor Workshop or a level 1 Residence. Each level unlocks new crafting options with the highest levels often unlocking things that can be very difficult to get, so it is important to know which buildings have the best levels. Often these buildings will require you to purchase several homes to unlock them, as you can see here. If you reference the first picture of Calpheon you can see that this building with a level 5 Furniture Workshop is the third building in from the closest purchasable house. (I've taken enough screenshots of the building options in Calpheon that you could easily plan out entire purchasing paths for any feasible situation, some of which I will share here. If you want the whole shebang reply or send me a message and I'll message you the whole Imgur album. It's large.)
    Once you've picked the building(s) you want, it's time to purchase them and Purpose them. Click the blue house, click Purchase. This will cost a bit of money (a couple thousand, really nothing major) and a Contribution Point. Of course by now you probably realize this but allow me to reiterate- Contribution Points are pretty Daum important (heh... hehehe) and should be invested carefully. Luckily, you really are investing them-- if you need your points back or no longer need a house/node you can sell/withdraw contribution back from them. Once you've purchased a house you'll need to choose it's Purpose.
    Purposing - What do you want to craft?
    Purposes for houses all have very specific uses and you will not need one of all of them (probably... at least not right away). Let's go over some of the basic ones and your options in Calpheon regarding them
    Storage - Adds a few spaces of storage to your Warehouse at this city. This can be really important as you play, especially if you're using one city as a main hub. I was filling up my warehouses after only a few days in the betas.Residence - Residences are literally your homes. You decorate them, add useful Tools, invite people over, and get assaulted in your sleep at them. Residences are always level 1.Lodging - Lodging allows you to hire more workers in that particular city. You will need some of these, especially if you use workers for a lot of your gathering.Furniture Workshop - You craft furniture for your Residences here.Horse Ranch - This building allows you to house more horses in the stables of the city.Armor Workshop - Craft Propane and Propane Accessories here! Kidding. Armor.Weapon Workshop - Weapons! NOTE: Not all weapons can be made here. The Weapon Workshop only deals with some-- swords and daggers.Carpentry Workshop - Weapons! Sortof. This place is solely for bows and shields.Tool Workshop - You can make tools here. This is one of the most important buildings as the tools you craft are infinitely superior to those you get from NPCs. Level 3 has all the tools except for an Advanced Alchemy Tool.Refinery - You can make Blackstone Powder here (an important ingredient in Crafting) as well as other things needed to enhance weapons and armor. Level 3 ones are common enough to find.Mineral Workbench - This is the Purpose you need to refine melted ore fragments into ingots. Vital and common.Wood Workbench - Same deal but with logs and planks.NOTE: When I wrote this for my guild I included pictures of locations of the highest tier of each of these within Calpheon, but due to formatting differences (our site uses BBC while the BDO Forum uses a different variant) I decided to do without them.
    Other Purposes allow you to improve wagons and boats, make better use of various materials, as well stuff like crafting secondary weapons and accessories.
    At this point it helps to decide what you want to get from your city. If it is just a resource collecting hub, all you'll need is Storage and Lodging, while if it is your main town you'll probably be looking at getting a lot of places (likely everything on that list there) and multiples of some. I suggest starting with, while keeping your Contribution Points in mind, a Lodging, a Tool Workshop, a Mineral Workbench, and a Residence.
    Now, let's say you've decided that you want to do some interior decorating and have Purposed a Furniture Workshop with that in mind. Next you'll need to take a look at what it has to offer and, once you've picked out what you want, make sure that it is leveled enough to produce that. If you want something that is in the level 3 group while your Furniture workshop is only level 1, you're gonna need to hit that big ol' Level Up button you should see on the left side of the menu. It will cost some cash and take some time, but once it is done you'll be good to go... except you still need the mats. Take a look at what you wanted to craft again, make a list of the materials. Some of them you're likely to recognize, some you might not. If you don't recognize one or don't know how to make it, you'll need to make use of the very helpful... Crafting Notes! Hit F2 to pull it up. Alternatively, you can always use BDDatabase. In both of these you can find every material in the game along with how to get it and what it is used in. Until you've played for awhile and have a good knowledge of materials, it would be wise to research each thing required for a product before setting out to craft it. You may find that the seemingly benign third ingredient is actually a rabbit hole of production and you spend days and stupid amounts of energy leveling Alchemy to craft it only to find out you also need a really high Processing level and... You get the picture. Don't be me.
    Once you've got all the required materials toss them in the warehouse of the city you're working in and you're all done with your work. Click Crafting in the menu for your building, find the desired product, choose a worker to do the deed and start him up. After a period of time that you can spend relaxing the production will finish and you've successfully crafted something!
    Miscellaneous Tidbits
    While most resources were more or less easy to find, I did want to point out the best ways I found to get some particular mats (coal and tin). There are other ways to get these, but these seemed best to me. Coal could be mined manually from mines in Keplan but there were dangerous mobs within. Star said there were mining spots outside but also ran into monsters at some point. Fortunately, directly north of Keplan is Keplan Quarry, to which you can send workers to gather Coal. Total cost is 2 Contribution Points. Keplan Quarry. Tin was a bit trickier. I ended up using BDO Tome to find it- the node searching function on it works great- and it was a bit out of the way. It is Behr Riverhead, which is south and ever-so-West of Calpheon, three nodes away, and directly West of Keplan. You can send workers if you want (total cost would be 5 Contribution points, I believe) but it is an area free of monsters so mining it yourself might not be a bad idea. Then again, if you get workers out there quick enough you might be able to make bank come Launch. shrug. When you go there to activate the node or mine be aware it isn't noticeable at all-- you've gotta jump up some rocks and it is all along a pond/stream. The rocks to mine are named Brophyte or something... it starts with a B. In any case, Behr Riverhead is the bottom-leftmost node in this picture.
    Personally I think crafting things is very difficult in this game. I think that could change once you get enough workers automated and gathering all the time, but starting out it is going to be much easier to level and get gear that way. With the exception of Tools, it's just not feasible to craft stuff. That said, the certain Purpose buildings that allow you to enhance specific weapons and armors are definitely going to be important as I don't think you can just find enhanced gear. Seeing as enhancing weapons requires the weapon as a material, however, I think getting them as drops or whatever will be much easier than crafting them at first. It's going to be an interesting first month getting all of this stuff mastered.
    I don't think I can stress how important it is going to be to get a Tool Workshop fired up and rocking. I went through so many tools during the Guild Missions we ran. Having a single better one would have been such a big help. They really aren't even difficult to make either. Just do it.
    Let's see, what else... I learned a ton more during the second beta. There is so much to learn. Writing this out took a good while, but if people are interested I'd be more than willing to do other guides in the future as I learn more about the game.
    Finally, I wanted to say again that I am really looking forward to playing with all of you. I am loving this game and I've already had so many great experiences even though I've only played for two betas. Let's have lots of fun in a week when Launch happens.

    **By the way, having been playing for a bit now I've reached Skilled Alchemy... And I think it is an awesome point to get to. You can start making Oils at that point which are used for some sweet elixirs and, more importantly, BLACKSTONES. Oil of Regeneration for Armor Stones and Oil of Fortitude for Weapon Stones. The mats for them are very cheap, about 20k or so, and stones are suuuper expensive right now.
    Again, thanks to everyone who reads this and I hope it helps!
  15. Hi guys!
    We've written up a Starter/Launch Guide for new players who may be trying the CBT2 or are playing at launch. The guide introduces some of the basic features in Black Desert as well as giving you some tips and answering some of the common questions about the game. Unfortunately, I'm having some trouble uploading the whole guide here due to the size of it. It's over 10,000 words so we've released it on our website a few days before CBT2 so you can start reading  You might just be finished by the time it starts! 
    Starter/Launch Guide: http://blackdesertfoundry.com/2016/02/16/starterlaunch-guide/
    Check out our website for more guides and other tools for Black Desert Online.

  16. I think some one might find this interesting, as we might get similar version of Cash Shop.
    Pre-order pack content. Release date - first week of February 2016.   

    Permanent access to the premium server    
    7 days early access to the premium server
    Exclusive weapon skin for all available classes
    5 character slots
    In-game title
    Unknown dye boxes
    Expanded GameNet account (30 days)
    ability to play on two accounts at the same time - "multi-boxing"     4% bonus on the spent funds (calculated at the end of the month)monthly bonus on added funds to Game Net accountaccess to the different backgrounds in Game Net profilemessages on the website will be highlighted differentlyBlack cat
    Tier 5 horse
    Full skill reset

    Key features of P2P server:
    All Store items (from F2P version) will be obtainable in game.
    P2P version of the game will include all current updates of F2P version.
    Same playable classes will be available.
    The number of playable classes will match F2P server.
    Premium items received with trophies, achievements, bought with ingame currency from the NPC or acquired in the Game Store, can not be put up for auction.
    All players will receive bonuses of "Premium" and "Comfort" packs.
  17. Guten Abend zusammen.
    Gibt es mittlerweile neue Infos zu Charakter- und Familiennamen? Also wie viele Zeichen, ob und welche Sonderzeichen, Leerzeichen, Nummern etc?
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    Please don't discuss in this topic, just adhere to the frame(below) and write only 1 post per guild.
  19. Post on GUILD LIST in European Guild

    By pepsi, posted
    The sole purpose of the topic is to gather in once place list of guilds that will play on European (server/s) with a small amount of key informations:
    Please don't discuss in this topic, just adhere to the frame(below) and write only 1 post per guild.