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  1. Hello,
    positives first, so: Overall the UI is quite well customizable and can be made to look quite slick.
    Except for one point, which has constantly annoyed me: I don't need to know nor to be shown the information of what any of my 66 workers has gathered at any point in time. In a similar sense, I also don't need to be constantly shown, what loot my pets gathered.
    To further reduce the information overload, which this game's user interface tends to bombard us with, I hereby politely ask for an option in the settings menu to disable the display of the aforementioned information.
    Best regards,
  2. The Baffling Black Spirit Podcast is an unofficial BDO podcast aimed towards members of the BDO community!
    We will be Live! Today 1/8/2017 @ 6:00PM EST
    Stream can be found here: http://www.twitch.tv/BafflingBlackSpirit
    Topics: Siege & Node War/ Special Guest's / Various Topics
  3. Hello,
    Currently trying to update guild information and saying of the day for the guild 'Labyrinth' on the NA Server but receiving errors. 
    Unable to load an image in guild info, and Unable to write in Saying of The Day.
    The Leader and Officers are all having the same issues.
    Would anyone be able to assist?  Thank You!~ <3

  4. Post on Knowledge Rank C - S in General

    By KyrandisX, posted
    So I've been having this incessant discussion with friends, randoms and guild members alike and no one seems to have a consistent answer. First it was S was increase drop rate now people are telling me it's A+ it's like no one can make up their mind.
    ANYONE have an official source or statement or evidence of what each knowledge rank does in great detail. Not only is this infuriating but this knowledge would greatly benefit EVERYONE without a detriment to ANYONE. Why it's hidden is unknown and just crazy much like the rest of BDO

    This is what I know from FEEL.
    C - Visibility to health bar decrease on target
    B - ~5-10% Dmg Reduction from target?
    A - +5AP Against Target
    A+ - +7AP Against Target
    S - Increased Drop Rate on ALL items? Or just +trash? +green items(yuria/grunil etc.)? +blue items(witch earring/blue coral/treespirit etc.)? +yellow items(ogre/tungrade/bossgear)? +orange items(ancient crystals)? & +Skill EXP?

    In terms of rank rarity, S is definitely the most rare. (Having had to reset some mob knowledge almost over 140 times just to get the S rank, it is the least frequent one I see)
    Having any rank closer to S grants all previous benefits.

    Anyone to add confirmations or experiences is greatly appreciated.
  5. The Baffling Black Spirit Podcast is an unofficial BDO podcast aimed towards members of the BDO community!
    We will be Live! Today 12/11/2016 @ 6:00PM EST
    Stream can be found here: http://www.twitch.tv/BafflingBlackSpirit
    Topics: Ninja & Kuno Awakening / Siege & Node War
    @everyone who joined and watched Baffling Black Spirits Podcast we would like to say... Thank You! See you next time!
  6. The Baffling Black Spirit Podcast is an unofficial BDO podcast aimed towards members of the BDO community!
    We will be Live! Tomorrow 12/07/2016 @ 7:00PM EST
    Stream can be found here: http://www.twitch.tv/BafflingBlackSpirit
    Topics: Siege War and Lavientia Discussion
  7. Post on Sea monster in General

    By Finny, posted
    Hey guys,
    I read in the patch notes there are sea monsters now.. and I think i ran into one on accident but i was alone with my rowboat so i kept my distance... there was like a little red devil icon on my map where it was.(now that i think about it i should have taken a screenshot!) 
    It looked like it was a tad bigger then my boat and from the general shape and what little info I can gather, i think it was that thing that looks like a mix between a rhino and a whale... anyone  got any kind of info on this? how much HP has it got? is it solo-able or do you need a lot of people? how do these work?

  8. Hello!
    Just wondering if anyone has any information on what Horse Shoe Branding does or how to do it?  Not Horse Branding, apparently this is different.  Anyone know?
  9. Give us regular game update information through 'state of the game' type newsletters.
    It's a pretty basic thing to expect game update news and information about what the developers plan to do with the game in the future. Most games do some sort of 'state of the game' content usually weekly. This content is essential to keeping a good relation between publisher/developer and player base and keeps up hype for the game. With the EU and NA servers being young and still being developed I think a lot of people myself included would like to have a state of the game newsletter posted on the website or at least the forums on a regular basis. It would also help in showing us that you listen to our suggestions and that you are working towards implementing them.
  10. Collection of useful links.
    Fishing hotspots, up-to-date. 
    http://bdohotspot.tumblr.com/ (With pictures for location)
    http://maomaoprince.com/ (Map)
    Community/forum for more fishing tips!
    Equipment calculator (Could be slightly off) Kudo's to Svenn!
    Crystal database
    Horse calculator (Breeding tier chances)
    Cooking guide
    Character templates
    List of titles 
    Amity mini-game help tool 
    Easy 28 Energy
    I have only collected these links, I haven't made any of these guides, just thought it would be easier for some to find these links if they were all in one topic. 
  11. Post on Surprises are awesome! in Off-Topic

    By Shiine, posted
    Isn't it good they Keep us in the dark with so many news`? It makes me all giddy when I hear about a new Update, one day before it Releases :3
    The Tension is just too good, its like Upgrading a Yuria from +14 to +15: you are already running a high stack and almost want to give it up. But then, suddenly your X'th Stone gets you the Upgrade and you are the happiest Person in the world again.
    ^, When Bladers release, the Forums will fill up with : "DAUM I LOVE YOU <3" Posts
  12. Post on Servers in General

    By Time Bandit, posted
    I was wondering, what's gonna happen if I buy the game but i'm in EU, my friends are in America, am I gonna be able to play with my friends? please I'm new and I wish to buy the game and have fun with my friends..
  13. Hi,
    I would like to know if there is any way to send an item or quest information through the chat (whisper to a friend for example).
    Do you know if it is possible ? If yes, how to do it ?
    Thank you !
  14. Post on How is the game? in General

    By Endimyon, posted
    Greetings to the Black Desert community!
    As a veteran mmo player, that is out there since ultima online and played trough eq1-2,wow, warhammer and many many other games i must admit i hardly seen any fun game since ragnaroc online and guild wars 1, but recently Blade and Soul came out, and i decided to give it my all, playing day and night, i came to the conclusion...its not fun, and i cant find my class anyway. 
    After a month or so i realized how extremely farmy the game is. Its like a second job... no really. After a hard day of work you log in and start the daily quests to get gold, and everything is really expensive...sort of like real life- _ - . Might be just that the content updates are coming to fast or i dont know, but the irritating bugs and extremely dumb designs that are like against the players is killing me. Not sure anymore if the amazing combat system and 1v1 pvp is worth this all. in the first place i didnt like small scale pvp as a Lineage 2 fan, but even so the game fps drops to a max 12-21 ish when there are more then 10 players....And i must tell you i have a monster pc.
    So to topic : how is Black Desert in comparsion?
    I mean i actually watched videos that show the BAD side of the game. They are the best thing to check out if you want to know anything about anything...(personal opinion)
    First of all, i hear there is basically no content? Is it still true? Or was it a beta thing? I mean i like open world stuff and questing trough story, but not really fond of dungeon running. But when there is basically no content that is making players party togather, or cant be achived...thats kind of ...boring. It kills the point of playing mmo. Like in Gw2. (extreme dissapointment compared to gw1). Any of this true? 
    For farming...no  i actually dont mind if you can reap the benefits of hard work. In fact i like it a lot more then Wow style games, where only ppl that are privilaged with office work and can come to set time raids and bring in a pro 10-20 players, that third party addon interface and macro the whole battle, that can get max gear and show off. I would rather farm my guts out and not sleep to show of my stuff, and be proud of shit i achived.  I hear the game is farmy, but is there any point to it, or its just pointless killing? In B&S the most terrible thing is, that all you can do is upgrade gear with your gold.. in Black Desert it seems there are more things you can actually do atleast. That true?
    Crafting sounds good, not to mention housing and GvG. Thats my kind of thing. Also hear the game performance is top notch, not to mention with amazing graphic even on normal pc-s. Thats something i would like to see for myself. Especially if there are big scale pvp battles. I hear thats basically the endgame content...is that true? not sure i am ok with it. I mean its like Lineage 2 basically then...?
    Combat system....whell i got to the black sheep point. When i look at any Black Desert video..its the combat that scares me away....seems...ok no soft words : SHIT ! Like the character is spamming 3 skill and auto attack or what ever. Basically feels like a hack and slash...or worse, even diablo had interesting indepth system builds, not just auto attacking. Even that aside, if it would look good i would accept it, but seems like the monsters are dumb as -----, and let themself be reaped, you just spam massive aoe skills that flash like disco, and effects  and stuff, but monsters barely react...like there are no physics? Just effects? Dont get me wrong...animations themself look really neat, but feels so hmmm second gen when it comes to the reaction. Not to mention classes seem and feel the same considering the videos, they all basically just run around and nuke or facetank hack them up. Any real difference or just visuals?
    Anyhow, sorry for the text of wall, but i am really interested in the game, can any of you give me first hand impressions or share some of his experiance? Thank you again ! 
  15. Post on @CM_Jouska in Suggestions

    By FearZDK, posted
    Hey i've sent you CM's and GM's several messages today asking for a simple announcement on this whole deal, could we get info on whether that's going to happend or not?
  16. Post on Knowledge text in General

    By Angelicus, posted
    Just wanted to give some input.  I have noticed that whenever there in information put out, like when you log in for example, and the map gives you information about various areas or groups.. it doesn't stay on the screen long enough to read. I have noticed this in other games too, and thought I would just put it out there that it would be REALLY nice if we could get that info to stay on the screen long enough to read it before it fades off and is replaced by something else.  
  17. Post on Everyone should watch this in PVP

    By Roamer, posted
    It has some solid information, especially the changes to the cost of declaring war.
  18. 20 days to the start and do not know key information !!!!
    1.We know 3 March start, but what time?
    2.Finally, we have a mega server or multiple server?
    3.What are the prices of the cash shop items?
    4.What ab the system of karma, is only a concept for now?
    5.Registration family name and character name. We know that on the website but where exactly?
    6.When you enter another realm content Mediach and valencia?
    7. 0 advertisement Black Desert of you ,no 1 see that the game starts.Normally, nothing you do to give publicity this game.
    8.I still do not unravel the list of problems in the party loot something you do with that?
    Through this behavior you lose players and so that is not much. You pushes people apart.
    Half a year, and so on F2P as you lead.
  19. Short video about the basics of a Warrior for anyone looking for additional info!
  20. Anyone know why? It doesn't make sense to me for it not to be shown. 

    The last game I played that didn't show your damage was... Diablo 2? Which was released, what, 15 years ago?
    For this information, which I find to be an imperative piece of knowledge for the game, to be hidden is honestly absurd to me. I know that if there is not a function to show this information, for damage being taken and damage being dealt, I honestly will probably lose interest in the game quickly.
    Knowing how much damage you can deal and take over X seconds is a crucial piece of battlefield knowledge, and hiding numbers (Such as Damage taken, Dealt, Crit chance, accuracy, etc) is simply ludicrous. 

    Also, please leave a brief reply with your reason behind your choice. Cheers.
    People keep making the claim that "If it showed the damage you dealt, people would have a better understanding of the game, and therefore theorycraft best possible builds and rotations." Which is both untrue (Damage being shown matters not for this) and at the same time is already being done.
    The damage is shown on the ability when you mouseover it. You can then extrapolate the DPS based on the animation time, number of hits, and Damage % of the skill. There is no difference in damage calculation to a skilled player who udnerstands this, than to be able to see the actual numerical values for each attack you land. The only difference is the amount of time and effort expended to deduce the information. 

    People claim that "If the damage numbers were visible, I'd get yelled at for playing the way I want" which also simply untrue. They won't be able to see your damage, only you would. So how would they know whether or not you are doing great damage and have a good build, or are doing trash damage with a trash build? Either way you would be able to play your own way how you like. This isn't World of Warcraft, there are no combat logs being parsed and pored over by the guild master after every encounter.
    And I also see the term "toxicity" being thrown around. You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means. To have a better understanding and more knowledge of the game does not breed toxicity, it makes for better players, and a better gaming experience by being able to better understand the game and the mechanics of how combat flows. If you want to Min/Max and be elitist, I hate to break it to you, but this is already being done. In KR/RU there are people already using cookie cutter builds and everyone is running around with the same armor/weapon types. Showing damage numbers does not affect this at all. In fact, I think it would be much better for the game and the players if damage numbers were to be shown this way they would more easily be able to craft their own ideas of builds and equipment without having to ask people in guild chat what to use or to look it up online. 
    Change it drastically? How would being able to see your damage change the game drastically? It's a quality of life improvement, nothing more. 
    Also, Mob Grading is the stupidest thing I have ever encountered in any game I have ever played, and I pray with every fiber of my being that they completely remove the entire concept of it before launch. It's an archaic system that promotes no form of gameplay and adds more RNG and guessing games into combat. As if there aren't already enough.
    Did I hit the mob?Did the mob Evade?Was I just not aiming properly?Did I even do damage with that hit?How much damage did that hit do?
    All of these things should not be a question in combat. Every single one of these pieces of information should be available from the start of combat on every mob in the game, and in PvP. 
    Did I hit the mob?  - Your attack missed, so Miss should appear where the combat text would be (Where Back Attack/Down Attack/etc would be shown)Did the mob Evade? - Same as above, but with Evade/Dodge/Block/etc.Was I just not aiming properly? - No hit effect/animation would be shown, making it obvious that you didn't aim properly.Did I even do damage with that hit? - Damage should be shown.How much damage did that hit do? - Damage should be shown.The threat of the encounter would still be there. You would just be able to know that "Oh, this Violent Bear has 1200 hp, and I am only doing 10 damage a hit, better not even bother to waste my time" rather than "Am I even hitting this thing? Why won't it die? Is this mob bugged? How many times do I have to hit this thing? Am I just missing my attacks/spells? WTF?!"
    You would still have the exact same threat in combat, but you wouldn't have to play Show and Tell every time you swing your sword or throw a spell to check for damage.
    First of all, I Don't see how this would screw the game. You do not give any reason as to why it would screw the game, you simply state "NO" and then say that it would. 
    I see people making claims that it will ruin the game, or that it would then just be "Another typical 'western' MMO". If you think that the only thing separating this game from another is that the damage numbers are hidden, then you are gravely misunderstanding the entire game. If you claim that "being able to see your damage will make this game just like the others," I beg you, "How? In what way?" How does that correlate at all? I don't see the connection between the two. If you really think that the only thing keeping this game apart from others is the damage text, then why are you even playing the game? I'm not sure we are playing the same game if you were to make such a claim.
    You are able to see if you are Back Attacking, Down Attacking, or when you land a Critical Hit, I fail to see why the addition of a small number near that would be so game breaking. Having it Not show damage numbers isn't "something new" it's simply "something lacking". It's not some insane new combat method, it's simply broken down into a guessing game.
    Did I hit the mob?Did he dodge?Did I miss?Did I even do damage?I don't know, it doesn't tell me. 
    Imagine if you were playing Dungeons and Dragons, and you weren't allowed to look at the dice when they were rolled. It just wouldn't make sense. 
  21. As the title says, literally saw a tweet about this game on Twitter (obviously) but I'm starting to get an interest in it, but I need other people's opinions, people who have played/or people with more knowledge about this game than me (which is pretty much everyone on here).
    Anyways, what I'm asking from you adoring fans of this game is to tell me your opinion and any helpful information/tips that MIGHT get me interested into playing this game. So, any links to videos or what have you will be much obliged and of course I'll be doing my research as well, I just need something/someone to give me a kick in the right direction (not literally).
    Thank you!
    Also, it'll be good to make friends in the process too, right? 
  22. Well, decided to make a thread on my Favorite class: Valkyrie. And information sources about it.
    Links: (My favorite) (Please suggest more)
    [EN] Class-guide: Click me
    [EN] Valkyrie 101: Click me
    [EN] Valkyrie Wiki: Click me
    [EN] Valkyrie skill calculator: Click me
    [EN] Skills using cast Speed: Click me
    Videos: (My favorite) (Please suggest more)
    Please feel free to suggest more primary or secondary information sources, for the new players of Valkyrie!
  23. Da der Ninja leider nicht zu Release kommt, würde ich dennoch gerne einen Inoffiziellen Thread dazu aufmachen. Eigentlich hatte ich mich abgefunden die Sorcerer zu spielen, bis der Ninja raus kam! Auf dieser Klasse steht ----- mein Name drauf geschrieben. Ich will in dem Thread so einige Informationen von uns Sammeln z.B. Youtube Videos, Skill-Bäume, eure Meinung und Guides.

    Der Ninja erledigt seine Feinde aus dem Schatten. Er wird die Burst Klasse sein, eine Klasse die über einen kurzen Zeitraum vernichtenden Schaden austeilt, um seine Feinde schnell zu töten. Er besitzt neben der Kunoichi einen Doppelsprung, sowie extrem schnelle Ausweichmanöver. Seine Täuschungsskills sollte man allerdings auch nicht unterschätzen! Er soll mit einer der schwersten Klassen in dem Spiel werden, ob das der Wahrheit entspricht, kann ich nicht genau sagen.
    Zusätzliche/Optionale Skills:
    Quelle: http://blackdesertfoundry.com/2015/10/11/ninja-class-guide/
    Talentplaner für Ninja:
    Cash shop items:
  24. Post on GameOn #74 in Off-Topic

    By Dematics, posted
    Stumbled upon this. If you're interested about business models in games today, you might give this podcast a go. There's a brief talk about BDO as well, I found it interesting to listen to whether you agree/disagree or just have a different view on the topic. Hope you enjoy it.
  25. I personally think that the information he gave us was good, and I'm happy for now. I think it was a great start, and if they keep it up, they're sure to succeed. Well, in any cases, I'm waiting to see everyone's answer, and what they think. Please post below if you're either in between, or have something to say.