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  1. Hey Leute  
    und zwar versuche ich gerade Black desert zu installieren. Nur dauert die Installation extrem lange, und damit meine ich wirklich lange! Ich glaube das Ding lädt jetzt schon fast seit 15 Stunden und ich bin bei 70%. Ist das normal? Der Laptop kann jedenfalls nicht das Problem sein, der  ist nagelneu und übertrifft sogar die Systemvorraussetzungen. (Acer Aspire f17  f5-771g-74p9). Leider bin ich ne Null wenn es um technisches Verständnis geht
    Habt ihr ne Idee woran es liegen könnte?
  2. I am currently using the free 7day trial, and I decided to purchase the explorer pack. After I purchased the explore pack do I have to download the explore pack installer and reinstall the game or does the purchase, just upgrade my account?
  3. I purchased the game on Monday and it took me 3 days in total to download it. Okay, I get it, it's normal for many users. 
    Then when I wanted to play it the server was on maintance and I had to wait till the next day. Alright, it's understandable. 
    But now, when the maintance is over I need to redownload the patch and this time it's taking as long as downloading the game itself. During one hour I got 4% done. I really don't wanna wait another 3 days to play and this is really making me slowly lose interest in BDO. Did anyone else have the same problem? I've read threads where download was taking too long (1 and a half day usually) but I think it's kinda too much
    Could anyone help? 
  4. Post on Erreur 14002 in Hors sujet

    By LeGaulois, posted
    J'ai récemment fait l’acquisition d'un nouveau PC sous Windows 10. Il à donc fallu réinstaller chaque jeux, chaque logiciels qui étaient présent sur mon ancien PC qui au passage était sous Windows 7 et avec lequel BDO se lançait à merveille.
    Le problème est le suivant, lorsque que j'ouvre mon launcher BDO celui-ci affiche instantanément un message d'erreur "Une erreur s'est produite lors du téléchargement du fichier. (code erreur : 14002)". 
    J'ai donc cherché des solutions et toutes celles que j'ai pu trouver et essayer n'ont absolument pas fonctionner et je me retrouve avec ce message d'erreur à chaque fois. Même la fameuse technique ou l'on doit changer les paramètre DNS n'a pas marché.
    Si quelqu'un avait une autre technique pour contrer cette erreur, je prends !  
  5. So i have an account, i found an updated torrent and took these steps that i got off bdotome

    downloaded torrent

    copy and pasted everything into program (not x86) files because i am on 64 bit
    did the take ownership program and changed what i had too

    logged into the site and hit the game start option

    Downloaded and ran the "Daum game starter setup"

    Went into regedit and changed the version string to

    Went back to the site and hit game start and it still makes me download the "Daum game starter setup" again and wants to change the version back to no matter how many times i change it to
    am i doing something wrong? is there an updated installation guide for 2016, im using firefox cause i understand edge and chrome don't work properly with it
  6. Post on Node Fort Question in General

    By Cat, posted
    I'm looking to install our Node Fort but I'm really not sure about where to place it. I've selected my node and seen the battle area for it but I'm not sure if I need to place the Fort in the area of the node itself or if I'm free to place it anywhere within the battle area? If I can place it anywhere in the battle area I'm guessing I'll need to build it after the closest Node War has ended? ex: If there's a way on Tuesday night in my area, I'll need to wait after it ends to build my fort for my Wednesday fight? If I can only place it within the node area then can I build it right away even if there's other wars happening in the same area before mine?

    Thanks for answering to the best of your knowledge. I know no one fought a war here yet but, if you are fighting one tonight, can you please come back here to let me know after?
  7. Welp screw it, I don't have time for this nonsense.
  8. Hi all,
    It seems that I cannot get the game to install if I'm not an admin on my computer. The problem is that I use my work PC and obviously cannot get the full admin rights. Has anyone had the same issue and found a way around it by any chance? 
  9. The launcher crashes when I open it. This even happened with e character creator, so was never able to use that either. I saw that the known issues show this problem for Windows 7 & 10, but not WIndows 8. So I was wondering if anyone else had this issue and how they fixed it.
    Solved it by turning off auto detect under LAN settings.
  10. Post on USA Server? in Suggestions

    By Jodinar1993, posted
    Hi there.
    I'm not sure why the speeds to download the game are so bad. However, if there is currently not a server located in the east coast USA, I would like to suggest one be placed there for quicker speeds.

    I've been trying to get the game downloaded - and it keeps getting stuck or I have to start over (I assume because a patch hit whilst I was downloading the game)

    It's not fun downloading 31gb at 80 kb/s.  I get much higher speeds on other games and downloads.

    More people would bother if the installation wasn't so gruesome. 
  11. The launcher has green outlines on it and when I install it to the default directory: porgrma files(x86)/BlackDesertOnline, it is not there. That folder just doesnt exist. 
    Thanks for the crappy download speed at 0,6 Mb/s - 1,1 Mb/s I had to download the game for 7 hours just to realize there was a black screen. Then I closed it and wanted to try again. 
    The game doesnt exist anywhere!
    So what is going on?
    EDIT Hmm.. ok apparently it was caused by my anti-virus running it in safe mode. 
  12. Hey so my problem is similar to one or two others here but broken up into two parts
    I submitted a ticket on Blackdesert.zendesk.com, Ticket ID is: 34892
    So I purchased the game this morning for 29.99$, originally the launcher opened fine and started patching, I got the Error 2001 error (no picture, sry =\) but soon figured out it wasn't installing because I didn't have enough space on my D: drive. So after I cleared enough space for BDO on the drive, I decided to re-install the launcher just to fix any potential problems and since then, the launcher will not open, even running as administrator doesn't do anything.
    Not really sure what to do from here.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Meanwhile, as the majority of the community are acting like a pack of rabid wombats shrieking threats and complaints like banshees at the BDO devs about their entitlement to in-game items, there are still a large quantity of us whom have purchased the Conquerors pack and still can't even play the game (good value for money? I think not).
    This thread is an updated thread for people that have tried all the previous fixes on the support forums with no success; this is where you can post your issues and hope for some kind soul to provide a fix without having to trawl through pages and pages of people saying "that's happening to me too", with no fix in sight.
    Here's mine, stuck on now processing and won't log in.. any thoughts? I've tried re-downloading, the Paz folder move trick & reinstall, unticking proxy settings, firewall disable, etc etc..

  14. Hi all,
    I'm a victim of having troubles with CBT2 of BDO already... having reoccurring errors and slow download of the game so far and I won't be able to play CBT2 at all so I will miss out.
    (Still downloading the game in process at this point)
    My biggest concern will there be new download installation after CBT2?
    Will there a small update after CBT2 installation for full release? 
  15. Hi all,
    I'm a victim of having troubles with CBT2 of BDO already... having reoccurring errors and slow download of the game so far and I won't be able to play CBT2 at all so I will miss out.
    (Still downloading the game in process at this point)
    My biggest concern will there be new download installation after CBT2?
    Will there a small update after CBT2 installation for full release? 
  16. Post on Keep of uninstall CB? in General

    By Hitokage, posted
    should I just uninstall CB when it ends or is the client able to update the game after that to the full version? I mean it's a lot of data to download so just asking if I need to download all of them again on the release or keep this beta installation.
    Thanks and have a nice day ˛˛
  17. I am using Window 10 Pro and couldn't install my character creator...it just keep saying error 2001 occurred while downloading file
    help...does the game itself will support Win10? and when is the second beta
  18. Erstmal Hallo!!.. also folgendes! ich habe ein großes problem.. und zwar ist es so das ich den spielclient jetzt runtergeladen habe leider aber irgendwie nicht installieren kann, das problem ist so.. ich starte den client gebe Englisch EU/speicher/installationspfad an und ab dem Download/Patchfenster kommt eine fehlermeldung. "Black Desert Online Launcher funktioniert nicht mehr" (beitext)"Das Programm wird aufgrund eines Problems nicht richtig ausgeführt. Das Programm wird geschlossen und Sie werden benachrichtigt, wenn eine Lösung verfügbar ist."
    wie immer also der übliche schund   hat einer ne ahnung wie ich das beheben kann? ich könnt heulen.. ich hab durch glück heut morgen als ich von der open beta erfahren habe nach nem key gesucht und nach 2 versuchen in nem twitchstream hab ich tatsächlich einen key bei ner verlosung bekommen .. und am client scheitert es jetzt ?! .. 

    zusätzliches: sobald ich den client öffne erscheint ein fehlerscript vom internetexplorer was sich dann und wann manchmal öffnet.. wozu das gut ist keine ahnung ich schließ es einfach!
  19. Bonjour à vous communauté de BDO.
    Je commence mon premier post par une demande d'assistance. J'ai reçu une clé pour la CBT1, je me suis lancé dans l'installation qui à eu plusieurs soucis.
    1er tentative/ Le launcher s'est lancé et le téléchargement a atteint les 100% mais restait en mode téléchargement... J'ai donc fermer effacer les fichiers et relancer le launcher.
    2eme tentative/ Cette fois tout se passe correctement. une fois les 100% atteint, l'installation se lance et le launcher se ferme tout seul à la fin du processus. sauf que... Je n'ai aucun raccourci, ni sur le bureau ni dans le menu démarrer. Et Cortana ne trouve aucun executable mis à part "Black Desert Online Launcher.exe". Sauf que lorsque je lance se dernier. Je me retrouve à nouveau dans l'étape d'installation du jeu. J'ai donc fermer le launcher et me suis dis "on verra le 16 ^^". Ce qui nous amène à ma troisième tentative.
    3eme tentative/ Aujourd'hui (15 décembre) je me suis dis que c'était bizarre quand même cette installation. Pour être certains d'avoir une installation propre je me suis dis que j'allais recommencer une dernière fois l'installation. Mais cette fois c'est impossible. Le launcher boucle sur le splash screen sans arrêt. Le seul moyen d'arrêter cette boucle c'est de tué le processus dans le gestionnaire de tâche.
    Alors j'aimerais savoir si l'un d'entre vous à eu un ou plusieurs de ces même problèmes, ou a une piste qui pourrais les solutionner ?
    Je ne connais pas encore le professionnalisme des modo "officiel" donc je ne sais pas si ce message sera lu et trouvera une réponse (même négative) mais se serais sympa. Et pour ceux qui sont dans le même cas que moi je vous tiens au courant si la situation change.
    PS: Oui j'ai cherché dans le forum avec la barre de recherche et n'ai pas trouvé de solution pour mon cas, ni en français, ni en anglais (^^)