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  1. The Baffling Black Spirit Podcast is an unofficial BDO podcast aimed towards members of the BDO community!
    We will be Live! Today 1/22/2017 @ 6:00PM EST
    Stream can be found here: http://www.twitch.tv/BafflingBlackSpirit
    Topics: Siege & Node War/ Awakening / Fame System / Various Topics / Guest
  2. inb4 deleted
    clearly explaining they dont need it to make money. also saying no subs and no p2w.  
    So MMOHuts uploaded a short interview from E3, on youtube today.
    Among other things, they mention the, (now released), Siege update, Valencia, and the awakening system.
    While these aren't stone cold facts, it's still nice to get an idea of when they wishes to release stuff.   
  4. So I just barely saw that phone interview.  Some of the answers to questions I heard were just appalling. Those who have not heard the phone interview between pvtwiggles and PM_Belsazar should check it out on you tube. After listening to this I made a drastic change in the way a play BDO.
    Here are a few things NEGATIVE things that stood out to me during this interview.
    1. Lifeskills = No incentives = No Profit.  They were designed so we can use the crafted items ourselves.  So basically when you put crafted items up on the marketplace your a slave to the people who buy them (we kind of knew this due to the market restrictions but it is now CONFIRMED life skills aren't for money making)
    2. Grinding and World Bosses are the Superior ways to make money.  If your sole goal is to make bank and your not doing this your doing it wrong.
    3. Desync will tag along with node wars.  From what i heard they didn't have time to deal with it yet but Desync.
    4.  The Developers are SENSITIVE (guyz be nice to them).  They really don't want us to know how stats like accuracy work.
    5, Hackers and Botters are being dealt with but no specifics on keeping them out of this game.
    There are plenty more things that I didn't cover but most of the answers sounded like he was beating around the bush.
    Honestly the only thing that was confirmed but many players already felt like they knew is that
    1.  Investing in nodes give you better chances to get rare loot.
    My 2 cents.
  5. Heya  
    I found a interview from the phast that many already know about it seems like but i also read a lot of threads where people haven't seen this interview so i'll link it here to make it available to everyone again as the other one is located in the Class Section ^^ 
    Happy reading.
    Sorry in case i ruined your day  
  6. Hallo Leute:)
    Ich habe mir das Interview mit dem Projektmanager Daniel Loehr angesehen und dachte mir einfach: "Hey versuch das doch mal auf Deutsch zu bringen"
    Ich weiß das es im Forum dazu schon einen Post gibt wo alles genau erklärt wird.
    Ich habe mich nicht an diesen Post gehalten, sondern an das Interview. ( Weil ich spacko den Post erst später gesehen habe )
    Falls ich etwas falsches gesagt habe in dem Video bitte verbessert mich , da ich keine falschen Informationen nach außen tragen möchte.
    Das Video ist auf dem Stand vom 24.04.2016 alle änderen bis Heute wurden nicht nachgetragen!
    Zudem ist das Interview in der Videbeschreibung verlinkt für alle die es sich lieber auf Englisch anhören möchten.
    Hier kurz das Inhaltsverzechnis.
    1. Einführung
    2. Aktuelles
    3. Valencia & +16 update
    4. Awakening Weapons & Stats
    5. Events
    6. Kostüme
    7. Zukunft
    8. Weitere Informationen
    9. Schlussteil

    Dennoch hoffe ich das ich mit diesem Video einigen Spielern ein paar Fragen beantworten konnte.
    Für konstruktive Kritik bin ich offen und würde mich sehr freuen wenn ihr mir welche schreibt
    Hier geht es zum Video und entschuldigt meine Skills zum übersetzten
  7. Ashugames et sa guilde la Barbichette ont interviewé @CM_Tytyes et il nous fait part de son ressenti sur le jeu et sur la communauté (a.k.a nous ♥) ! C'est aussi l'occasion pour lui d'annoncer clairement les objectifs de Daum Games en ce qui concerne nos attentes sur les sujets brûlants du moments ! #Trade #CashShop
    Cliquez sur l'image pour accéder à l'interview ♥

    Joignez vous à la Barbichette !
  8. We sat down with the number 1 black desert player and here is what he had to say.
  9. Is this legit or fake? No announcement from Daum about this etc.... Just seems a bit weird?

  10. Post on Developer interview in General

    By Nezrox, posted
    dont know if its been posted at all, couldnt find it, my  friend sent this to me, i think its Jouska being interviewed.
  11. Omg I'm in Youtube!
  12. Interview with the Developers
    Will there be any male counterparts for Ranger, Sorceress, Valkyrie, and Tamer?
    Are there any plans to add more races? If yes, can you hint any?
    Any plans to introduce a basic set of craftable/earnable dyes? One or two shades of each colour if you will.
    What do you think about making a class that focuses mainly on heal and support?
    Besides the future Media, Valencia and the new Elven and Dwarf expansions, can we expect more land to be added or is this what the mapsize will eventually be like?
    Will you develop systems ONLY for the NA/EU version of the game, if the NA/EU community asks for them (e.g: a better flagging system for pvp; or better AI for open world boss - such as the one used for the dragon from the desert); or will you develop only systems that please both the Korean & Western market?
    Are there any plans to make a small-scaled competitive (i.e 1v1) PvP environment with ladders, gear equalization and stuff (e-sports?) or mainly developing the open world / GvG battle system for now?
    When will we be seeing more about the titan-like bosses that are already partly in the game? Mainly speaking about Ancient Athor (고대의 아토르) and the Forest Titans (??), yet also interested about the Mutant Troll (돌연변이 트롤) and the Mutant Ogre (돌연변이 오우거), which can be attacked but not killed as of now.
    Are there any plans to add instance based dungeons and or raids for end game PVE content?
    Are there any plans to improve the monster AI? If yes, in which way?
    Will we ever see the formation system revised and implemented back into the game? Why has it been removed?
    Any plans for a phone/tablet app for managing workers, storage, etc?
    Are there any plans to add the possibility to steal goods from Carts?
    Will you make it possible to remap keys for left-handed and disabled players? [for example, in NA CBT1 we were unable to UNmap the camera direction from the arrow keys]
    Are there any plans to add more ships/larger ships and have naval PvP?
    Is there plans to add more crafting and gathering proficiencies and/or add more "tiers"/layers to the existing crafting system?
    Are there any plans to do epic quest lines for an in game reward. I.E. Extremely difficult quest lines that could take month+ to complete. Rewards could be unique high end weapons that have special characteristics, stats, or an extremely unique look.
    Valencia is being finished up, and it has provided a large amount of content, but where are you planning to take the game now considering the growing gear gap that's making it hard for new players to enter the game. What are the next steps you're planning to take to improve the game longevity and fix the issues people have been complaining about since KR CBT / OBT, such as gear imbalance, possibly adding a CC break to make for more skill based vs RNG combat, etc.?
  13. Interview mit den Entwicklern
    Wird es männliche Gegenstücke für die Waldläuferin, Schwarzmagierin, Walküre und Bändigerin geben?
    Gibt es Pläne, mehr Rassen hinzuzufügen? Wenn ja, könnt ihr uns einen Hinweis geben?
    Gibt es Pläne, ein grundlegendes Set an Farbstoffen einzuführen, das man herstellen oder sich verdienen kann? Vielleicht ein oder zwei Farbtöne von jeder Farbe.
    Was haltet ihr von einer Klasse, die sich hauptsächlich auf Heilung und Unterstützung konzentriert?
    Können wir neben den späteren Erweiterungen für Mediah und Valencia sowie für die Elfen und Zwerge noch mehr Länder erwarten, oder wird dies die endgültige Kartengröße sein?
    Werdet ihr Systeme NUR für die NA-/EU-Version des Spiels entwickeln, wenn die Community darum bittet (z. B. ein besseres Flagging-System für PvP oder bessere KI für Weltbosse, wie die des Drachens aus der Wüste), oder werdet ihr nur Systeme entwickeln, die sowohl den koreanischen als auch den westlichen Markt zufriedenstellen?
    Habt ihr irgendwelche Pläne, eine kleine kompetitive (d. h. 1 vs. 1) PvP-Umgebung zu entwickeln, mit Ranglisten, Angleichung der Ausrüstung, vielleicht sogar E-Sport? Oder werdet ihr euch hauptsächlich um die offene Welt/GvG-Kämpfe kümmern?
    Wann werden wir mehr von den riesigen Bossen sehen, die bereits teilweise im Spiel sind? Hauptsächlich geht es mir um den Uralten Ator (고대의 아토르) und die Waldtitanen (???), aber auch um den Mutierten Troll (돌연변이 트롤) und den Mutierten Oger (돌연변이 오우거), die man zwar angreifen aber noch nicht töten kann.
    Gibt es Pläne, instanzierte Verliese oder Schlachtzüge für das Endgame im PvE hinzuzufügen?
    Gibt es Pläne, die Monster-KI zu verbessern? Wenn ja, wie soll das aussehen?
    Wird das Formationssystem jemals überarbeitet und wieder im Spiel implementiert werden? Warum wurde es entfernt?
    Gibt es Pläne für eine Handy-/Tablet-App zur Verwaltung der Arbeiter, Lager etc.?
    Gibt es Pläne, die Möglichkeit hinzuzufügen, dass der Spieler Waren von Karren stehlen kann?
    Wird es möglich sein, die Tastenbelegung für Linkshänder oder Spieler mit Behinderung zu ändern? (Wir konnten z. B. im 1. CBT in Nordamerika die Kameraausrichtung NICHT von den Pfeiltasten nehmen.)
    Gibt es Pläne, mehr oder größere Schiffe und Marine-PvP hinzuzufügen?
    Gibt es Pläne, mehr Sammel- und Herstellungsberufe und/oder mehr „Ränge“/Schichten zum existierenden Herstellungssystem hinzuzufügen?
    Gibt es Pläne, epische Questreihen für Ingame-Belohnungen einzubauen? Das heißt extrem schwere Questreihen, die wenigstens einen Monat dauern können. Belohnungen könnten einzigartige, besonders starke Waffen sein, die besondere Merkmale, Statuswerte oder ein sehr einzigartiges Aussehen haben.
    Valencia wird fertiggestellt und stellt eine Menge Inhalte zur Verfügung, aber wohin wollt ihr das Spiel jetzt bringen, wenn man an die größer werdenden Unterschiede in der Ausrüstung denkt, die es neuen Spielern schwer macht, sich ins Spiel einzufinden? Was sind die nächsten Schritte, um die Langlebigkeit des Spiels zu verbessern und die Probleme zu beheben, über die sich die Leute seit dem koreanischen CBT/OBT beschweren? (Z. B. unausgewogene Ausrüstung, eine Möglichkeit, aus der Massenkontrolle zu entkommen für eher talentbasierte statt zufallsbasierte Kämpfe etc.)
  14. Dear players,
    the interview with developer Pearl Abyss has been postponed to 23.02 around noon UTC.
    The interview, announced to be released by 19th February, is ready to be released, but we will postpone it slightly to keep everyone's attention on the more urgent matters of and around CBT2. At the current stage there is too much going on and more to come, so we want to channel the information properly. 
    The interview will be released and posted in all 3 supported languages (EN/DE/FR) on Tuesday 23rd.
    Thank you for everyone's understanding.
    Kind regards
  15. Correct me if I am wrong but I remember back before CBT1 had started at the end of the first round of interviews there was talk that there was going to be another interview period in-between CBT1 ending and CBT2 beginning. Was I confusing that for the CBT1 Survey or will there be a scheduled interview period coming up? The time between Q&A was a week long so perhaps it will be sometime at the beginning of next year? 
    I have a few questions that I've been thinking about of CBT2 and have been curious. 
  16. Dear players,
    Thank you again for all the questions. There were a total of more than 500 questions, with tons of repetitive questions. Even though I wish I could answer them all, I decided to rather address the inquiries summed up in categories which I have compiled out of most questions asked.
    Vigor System
    Mega Server
    Pre-Order Packages
    Cash Shop, In-Game Economy, Pay-to-Win, PvP [PK, Flagging], In-Game features
    CBT 1 related
    I hope I managed to cover at least some ground of those 500 questions. I know many of you will feel not fully satisfied as many important questions about PvP, in-game economy and the cash shop remain unanswered, but please understand that we are still adjusting those features from the Korean to the Western version, so it will take some more time to verify, benchmark and finalized those matters at our end before they are ready for sharing. 
    We will share more details on the run. We are currently considering, based on this interview, to create a PM Diary in which we would share more details about current ongoing issues that are being discussed with the developers. We will provide more details as we proceed with our plans  
    Thank you everyone for reading. 
    Best regards and have a nice weekend everyone,
    Belsazar (waiting for the darker skin colors and bald head to finally have his forum avatar ready -_-)
  17. Dear players,
    We would like to thank everyone for their huge interest in Black Desert Online and a big 'thanks' also to everyone who had the chance to participate in the Alpha test and provided their feedback, which we are discussing with the developers. Needless to say that we are grateful for everyone who supports us with their interest in the pre-order packages.
    However, every news brings up new questions, and we are aware that there are tons of open questions right now floating everywhere in the forum.
    So we would like to give you the opportunity to fire your questions at us and we will do our best to reply to them as detailed as possible at this early stage. Please keep in mind though, that we might not be able to answer all your questions in as much detail as you'd like to see, as many details are currently in an adjustment stage and can't be disclosed.
    Long story short:
    Please post your question in this thread in the following format:

    <Q> This is my question and my format will make things easier for the one replying, isn't that great?
     This thread will be closed Friday 20.11.2015 at 08:00 UTC
     Answers will be posted latest by end of Friday 20.11.2015Again, we will do our best to answer all relevant questions, but we may have to answer with "42"  on some inquiries from your side, as many things are still not possible to disclose (e.g. exact launching date). 
    Thank you for participating.
    Best regards
    Black Desert Online Team