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  1. Title. I'm currently in Epheria trying to craft a Fishing Boat.
    - Yes, i have enough materials (more than enough) in the Epheria storage.
    - Yes, my workers are from, and lodged in Epheria
    The crafting section will ALWAYS say "Not enough ingredients in storage". Example: 0/25 Bronze Ingots, but i have 50 in storage.
    Anyone know a fix?? Thanks.
  2. Title. I'm currently in Epheria trying to craft a Fishing Boat.
    - Yes, i have enough materials (more than enough) in the Epheria storage.
    - Yes, my workers are from, and lodged in Epheria
    The crafting section will ALWAYS say "Not enough ingredients in storage". Example: 0/25 Bronze Ingots, but i have 50 in storage.
    Anyone know a fix?? Thanks.
  3. I can't sell any monster drops (and even fishing junk) to any vendors, both the ones that gives extra money if you trade a certain number, and just junk ("Vendors will buy this for a cheap price"). And this goes for the stuff i've acquired before and after the patch. I'm able to sell non-monster drops like potions and stuff bought from vendors themselves.
    I tried:
    > selling to different merchants (general, furniture, a bunch) in Velia, Calpheon, Heidel.
    > going on different channels
    > rearranging my inventory
    > clearing the majority of my inventory until there's 4 rows empty
    > turning on/off auto-arrange
    > going over 100% weight and below.
    > waiting days
    > selling one or multiple of the item
    > selling different monster drops
    ( the above was written by a previous user in 2016, I am experiencing exacly the same atm.
    I have tried all the suggestions on that post but I still cant fix this wondering if anyone else if having this issue, I am in London, not sure if this has anything to do with this. My game is also completely up to date.
  4. When inventory is full or you're over the weight limit, then trading and quests and item exchange (conversation) options become disabled. This forces you into an unnecessarily tedious task of moving things into/out of storage just to be able to get rid of items in your inventory or accept quest lines. I'm not sure why these restrictions exist, but they shouldn't.
    This should be changed so that unless you are actually adding items to inventory, you should not need to have one slot open to trade or accept quests or exchange items for silver. Same with weight - unless you're adding more weight, being over-weight should not restrict trading/exchanging/quest options.
  5. Has anyone had main inventory items vanish? Random hot keys gone? Costume shield keeps going back into Pearl inventory? 
    1) Purchased shield costume and randomly keeps being disabled. While I realize this can happen while equipping a crafted float while fishing. it seems for me switching silver embroidered clothes, keeps un-equipping my shield skin? This has been happening since I purchased it Months ago. Any thoughts? 
    2) Recently (3/1ish) Hot keys keep disappearing from the layout, leaving them empty. No particular order or one of certain number, just any number assignment just goes blank, until I re assign it. Anyone else?
    3) I was getting things set for AFK fishing, which included managing inventory. Putting items in wagon and storage. Got home the next day and went to equip TRI Liverto sword from fishing rod and my main was gone. So I tell myself "OK I was doing my nightly shuffle and I just put it somewhere I shouldn't". I go and check wagon, inventory, ALTs, shipping, MP, town storage's and it is gone and check again and again. Which is a real problem since it is my Main weapon and cant do much with out it. So I either DELETED it (doubtful but ???) or the Game did. 
    #3 I have submitted a ticket for (3/9) and still waiting for a response, the other two are minor annoyances. But can anyone relate to any of these issues? Know any fixes? I read about deleting the CACHE folder, but I am afraid there may be evidence in there for them to review where my sword is. If by chance I did delete my main sword, can a GM retrieve it? 
  6. CHARACTER: MoonlightShadeau
    FAMILY: Wachadune
    I had bought a saddle and stirrups in the marketplace, then stored them in my town inventory in Velia. When I retrieved them, they looked fine.
    I closed my inventory and opened it again, and the stirrups were a shabby saddle, but the good saddle was still there.
    I rode back to Heidel, and the stirrups were back again, but the good saddle was gone completely (that's where I am, now).
    How do I get someone to check my inventory database for errors? I don't see how this can be just me.
  7. I love that there are a lot of events going on, but with all the event items that are dropped, they end up taking space in our inventory. This is especially relevent for events such as Lavientia where you get all different kinds of drops and later use them to make even more event items.  If we could have an additional tab dedicated to event items (just like how we have the pearl tab), that would help players save space; especially when space is so limited yet important. 
    Suggestion: Create a separate inventory space for furniture, unlimited slots and no weight limit.
    I have 3 large houses that are only being used as ''storage'' for my furniture (i have a ridiculous amount of both cash shop and in game decor pieces) 
    You can probably imagine how difficult it is to move houses when there's a limited inventory space, a weight system that slows you down, and a rule that says you can only send 100 articles in the mail.
    I'm so tired of spending a full day on just moving furniture to another house or to a different city. I've gotten so annoyed with it that I ragequit everytime I enter my house.
    Most of you are probably thinking ''sell the furniture then'' but you know, the cash shop furniture are bound to my account. As for the in game furniture, they're not easy to come across. Selling them just isn't worth it.
    I get anxious just by looking at this picture.
    I'm not the only one struggling. I have come across several houses just PACKED with furniture like my own. It's not fair that these are the houses that make it to the ranked list. Because this is not a cheap way to get rank 1, this is literally just a solution for a dumb problem.

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take this into consideration. It would really make the game experience more managable and fun!
  9. Greed!!! Elders scrolls online in the worst way. micro managing to make everything in this game a mini transaction. at 15$ a month that would be 130$ a year. this game you have to spend at least that in the first month to just get space, and weight, loot pets. these are not luxury items ,,, these are necessary in the game. if you do a quest that give you inventory space ... well you get 1 not a row like tera online , ONE (1) this game could be a great hit if GREED was not involved. as I leveled to 55 i have gotten maybe 10x(1) inventory space...o and if you spend inventory space in one character ,,,is not for your account ,,its just that character... you share bank space with all your toons but you do not share real cash shop inventory upgrade.,,,,humm. NOpe... no NPC sells you inventory space for game silver NOPE!! so if you like to grind for hours to make silver, so you can spend it on your inventory like TERA online, you are shit out of luck (SOL). OOOH wait that is not all,,,, Lets talk WEIGHTS! yes you can leave your toon running or walking all night to get better on carrying items to level your ability to hold more weight. they are alot of stuff in the game that give you upgrade to weight but not enough to make a dent. the only one would be cash shop upgrade that give you up to 200 per character not account and you will need at leas 2 per character to start and 2 space of 16 that is a total of 60$ and your 6 pets to pic up everything so can skin or butcher or mine (gather) =10 to 15$ a pet =60 to 90$..you can buy those from the market .. but good luck with that. GAthering , well you need energy. to gather.. but you need energy for everything else... there is no reason to doubt that the pearl shop will soon have an increase of energy option to buy.  MICRO TRANSACTION WILL KILL this game! or maybe that lack of CONTENT.. at the end ...and for god sake crafting only by npc sucks ass... I WANT TO BE ABLE TO CRAFT MY OWN SHIT and craft as need them. I WILL GLADLY PAY a MONTHLY FEED TO PLAY and have all these micro crap removed and implemented in the game. or just sell the game as single player with the option to play online with others. love that too.. actually get a game i pay for.
    consider it or not .
  10. Post on A Material tab in Suggestions

    By gudd, posted
    Ok, I am a gatherer! Love to do it, enjoy it. If a game does not have it .. i dont play it. I also detest not having room for my mats. I dont sell my mats, it turns my stomach to sell them, because i have put alot of time to gathering. So I suggest a MATERIAL TAB  , all material gathered goes there across all your toons. it will be visable similar to the pear shop tab. also in your storagehouse. we will be able to remove into regular inventory to sell or produce. able to craft right out of it. as we convert our potatoes into flour or flour and water into dough, it would indeed be place in that tab. UNLIMITED, SPACE FOR MATERIALS. with no weight restrictions, well unless you take out of the tab then you will have the weight on you.
  11. Post on Storage in Altinova in General

    By favi, posted
    I've looked around and can't find anything.
    How do I upgrade storage in Altinova for the Warehouse?
    I know this is a silly question; I haven't played for a while.
  12. There are a few things that are really annoying that I'm floored haven't been fixed already. When your inventory is full so you go to an NPC to sell stuff, the game is all "oh there's no empty slot" well duh! That's why I'm trying to sell stuff! Can we please get that fixed? Also, with your storage, it's full and you say want a worker to get you potatoes and there is already potatoes in the storage, so please get rid of the storage is full message and just let them get more. These are just a couple of little things that I think would make things a bit more enjoyable for everyone cause they won't be getting annoyed by silly little "bugs".
    Edit to update: Ok after playing some more the oh your inventory's full you can't sell thing seems like it may only happen if you're trying to sell to trade managers, but still you are trying to SELL so it should still let you please!
  13. Items that have been locked using shift+rclick are losing their lock status automatically.
    After locking all gear and clothes the following items repeatedly lose their 'lock'.  This occurs both while items are equipped and while items are in inventory. 
    -Hebetate Tree Spirit's Armor
    -Kzarka Amulet
    -Silver Embroidered Gatherer's Clothes
  14. Unlike any other Inventory, Storage is one that can get extremely buys quickly, I for one have storage almost completely full of items, and I feel the hard limit put on the player to be able to only see 64 items at once without scrolling is great for small inventories, that will mostly not grow over 100 spaces at most
    Storages, however, have the potential to grow to their maximum space quite easily and be filled equally as fast.
    It could be a great improvement to grant players the ability to set the number of items per row on their storages up to 12 (Allowing the storage inventory window to display 96 items with 8 rows, 50% of the entire storage at maximum expansion)
    This could be a toggleable option or a hard change, it would greatly increase the readibility of the storage system either way in my opinion.
    EDIT: Should have proof-read it
  15. I am bit annoying about some useless error messages with inventory. Especially full inventory.
    Error #1: Fishing:
    Fishing will continue until all spaces are used. Then it will stop. I go to the trader and sell all items. The error says there is no space.
    This is bullshit, because the exchange is only MONEY. That has nothing with inventory space. So it's possible to sell with full inventory.
    Error #2: Crafting:
    When doing auto-cook items, it need always 2 spaces room. But if there are not more 'bonus items' possible, then error message should not showed here. One free space should still work! Or full space. Because if next cooking item cannot go in inventory, then just stop it. Simple and normal.
    Error #3: Questing:
    Some quests gives only money/exp as reward, but it will show error message when it need some space... This should not happen because it wont make any sense. Just why?
    In another words, adjust game system so it must only show error message if there is really more space needed. With good reason. Otherwise it's very stupid and useless because we have some room for it, but it's not allowed? Why always ask to make more free space because we know it's not needed. That is because game script is way too strict. Why can i fish or gather until it's full but cannot deliver it away? I don't understand the game logic. Money and exp don't need inventory space... because it has already own space.
  16. I've noticed that turning in large sums of trash items is pretty annoying when trying to get the items by the thousands to the characters who do the turn ins. For example sausans requires 1000 armor shards for a 1m gold bar. I like that the money is now in gold bar form, however the increase in items turned in makes it so unless my inventory is VERY clear and i have no silver in my inv I am usually unable to turn the items in.

    My suggestion is to make a simple system that allows the trash turn in NPC's to take the items directly from your horse. This could also apply to buying, selling, quest item turn ins, etc. 
    Tell me what you guys think.
  17. Hello! I've recently been training my first T7 male and just realized hes got 3 inventory space. the mare I've been using (also T7) has only 2. Is it just me who's never noticed that mares have less inventory space then salions or is it RNG or...???? how does it work? 

    (I guess technically not a newbie anymore but since I'm assuming it was obvious from the start and i just never noticed or something.... sounds like a newbie kinda question! :-p )

  18. I have multiple characters on which I paid for additional inventory slots and today those slots are not there. I have items in those "slots" but if I take them out, the slots are no longer accessible.

    I bought and paid pearls for many of these extra slots to make my gameplay easier! NOW THEY ARE GONE!

    This needs to be fixed! Is anyone else seeing this happen?
    Note: Yes I've filed a report with support and have an email conversation going with them.
  19. Post on Pearl Inventory in Suggestions

    By Casper, posted
    Suggestion: Expand the Pearl Tab inventory slots to at least 384 slots  (instead of the current 192 slots).
    Reason: Currently i have purchased every costume/outfit set ever released for my class (sorc) in BDO NA/EU, and i have almost filled my entire pearl tab inventory. Not to mention the scrolls/pets/other items that take up space in Pearl Tab. My Pearl Tab is extremely messy because i do not have space for 1~2 costumes per row, which makes organization impossible. Another issue is we are obtaining new Pearl Store costumes/outfits/pets almost every week and soon i will have no more space to purchase any of the new items (I am a collector and MUST own them all!). Storing them in the warehouse is not at option because i have, and will be, equipping every item i purchase for screenshots/etc.
    To sum it up - Please double our Pearl Tab Inventory slots so that i can throw more money into the Pearl Store!
  20. Update - 9:00PM UTC: Servers are up!
    Update: We are having an emergency maintenance to fix several issues. Estimated downtime: 3h
    Update2: We have received some additional information from the developers and the below post has been updated. This post may continue to be updated as we investigate the issues and get more information.
    Greetings Adventurers,
    With today's patch we had a few issues, you can see the list below.
    Currently still an issue:
    Horse Flute/Whistle is bugged.Fixed on October 19th:
    Maehwa/Musa Chase cancel animation was not working correctly.Force enhancing green items to PRI / DUO / TRI was not working.Rewards from the Black Spirit Adventure event were missing from the mailbox.Fixed during emergency maintenance on October 12th:
    Life skills appeared to be reset: Don't worry, your actual life skill levels are intact on our server, and you will not lose anything.Players that have a Value Pack active were missing 8 inventory/warehouse slots.Missing text/UI in the Marketplace.Missing text in Quests.Beauty Album was not displaying anything.Certain outfits were able to be sold on the marketplace even though they shouldn't.Not a bug:
    My boat is missing HP/durability: Your boat did not lose any durability or health, but actually the maximum amount of durability/health of all boats have been increased by a large amount in preparation for the Margoria patch.I still have a 10 minute cooldown on the Imperial Fishing Trader: The 10 min cooldown was only removed for the regular Imperial Traders.Falsely reported issues:
    We apologise for the inconvenience caused by this.
    Best regards,
    The BDO Team
  21. So that packages get some inventory expansion slots after buy, explorers like 8 slots, but when i got into my account management dont see any inventory slots option, not used not posible to use. And I remember there werent any offer like this, to expand inventory. Will they give us  that or its only for new players?
  22. So I was looking at my turn in items in my characters inventory when I noticed something. There should be a chunk of the weight bar that will glow that represents the item that you are hovering over in your inventory. It would be a great way to show how much an item takes up in weight. I have a professionally made image attached to see what I mean if you don't understand. It would really help a lot.
    Hope this makes sense.
  23. WHY do seeds not stack?! Doing a lot of farming, and my inventory is overwhelmed by seeds (not to mention my warehouse). Is there a reason why the seeds don't stack???
  24. Post on Klam Cessory Inventory-Quest in PVE

    By Kyze, posted
    After finding him in Keplan, he doesn't give me any quest - not even the starting quest for the suggested inventory-expansion set.
    I can't discuss with him because im missing knowledge (5/6) - is that the reason he's not giving me any quests? If so, how to get his knowledge? i have talked to all people near Keplan
    Please help me, i really want to do my slot-quests!
  25. How about a mannequin, that you can add to your house (like furniture) and activate to quickly move all your currently worn gear (not costume gear) to the mannequin to display and to allow your other characters to activate and swap gear (swap worn gear or to no gear, either direction)?