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  1. Bonjour, attendant désespérément que le support me réponde, j'aimerai savoir si quelqu'un a déjà eu mon problème afin de le régler efficacement !
    En effet, j'essaie de jouer depuis la Suisse, Lausanne pour être exacte, mais il est impossible de passer l'étape de connexion dans le menu du jeu.
    J'ai joué jusque là avec un VPN (passant par le Luxembourg XD) et ça marchait plutôt bien mais...
    - Premièrement je vois pas pourquoi je devrai me plier à un VPN, alors que la suisse fait partie des pays pour la connexion au serveur EU
    - Deuxièmement la limite de la version gratuite du VPN que j'utilisais a expiré, donc je ne peux plus jouer...
    A savoir aussi que je viens de France et que je traverse souvent la frontière avec mon PC, et que jouer en France ne pose pas de problème.
    Ma conclusion est donc que l'ip que j'utilise en temps normal (en suisse) est blacklist pour une raison ou pour une autre, ou alors...
    que les réglages de mon réseau ne me permette pas l'accès non plus.
    En espérant résoudre mon problème et et peut être le vôtre...
    (Ci-joint mes logs, l'image du problème, et le mtr si certains maîtrisent...)

  2. Hello people, i got very interested in this game and wanted to go ahead, buy it and play....nothing extraordinary.......but for some reason the Site does not want to let me do that, telling me my country is not supported, even though it is definitely listed among the supported countries (Czech Republic). Can anyone help me with this please??
  3. Hello, since few weeks i have a login problem. I checked my account at my friend's PC and it had work. But when I'm trying to connect to play at home I have a communicate:
    "Your country is restricted from accessing our service.
    Please check the Terms of Service for the details about our Service Territory. If you live within our Service Territory but you are blocked, please contact our Customer Support. Thank you for your understanding."
    I checked all of possible features. I had a conversation with my internet operator. 
    I am from Poland but my IP is signed on the Equator. What THE F...? He explaned me that he's firm bought some IP adresses and I have one of them, so "it's FRESH" and you have to update your geolocation IP database because all of my friend's who have internet connection from that network provider has the same problem with log in to game and the website. I don't using VPN's because I know it's inhibited. So please update your IP database. We bought that game for play and we can't do this without your help.
    Please repair that problem fast. I have no play a long time... 
    Please response me back...
    Kind regards,
    (Waha) - Jordine server
  4. 1. Introduce the following Quest:
    "Jukebox Blues"
    Completion Target: Town Node Manager
    - Rank a Residence.
    "Greetings peon! You've been selected to assist the Lords of this hamlet with their annual housing inspection. Go to Residence (1-1), Player (ImaNoob) and rank its appearance on a scale of
    1 (BAD - Full of shitty jukeboxes) to 10 (GOOD - This is the Playboy Mansion!)"
    Completion grants 1 antique gold coin.
    2. Average the rankings provided by players during the above quest. This is the new value used to assign Housing Rank for this location. Existing item-based IP values will be used to determine Housing rank in the event of an "Average-ranking" tie.
    3. Add useless Title: "House Hunter" - to be gained after completing 10+ repetitions of this quest (or after completing the quest in each city). This will encourage participation from all you greedy players.
    TL;DR: Your current housing rank system is stupid. Fix it.
  5. I am going to Vietnam for 2 months and I wonder if i can still play Bdo, I assume that Vietnam is on the ip block list.
    I play on a laptop so getting the game isnt really the problem. i just dont know if i can play on the Na servers when i get there.
    any help would be appreciated 
  6. I am going to Vietnam for 2 months and I wonder if i can still play Bdo, I assume that Vietnam is on the ip block list.
    I play on a laptop so getting the game isnt really the problem. i just dont know if i can play on the Na servers when i get there.
    any help would be appreciated 
  7. Post on Brother and i in General

    By Vincentt, posted
    Hello my brother and i want to buy black desert and wanne play the game in the same house.
    But then we will make use of the same internet connection so same IP. 
    Is that gonna be a problem in BlackDessert?
    And if so, is there a way to bypass it?
    Thank you for your time,
  8. Im from Slovakia and I cannot access the account page or anything, it just says im IP blocked.
    Now the thing is that Slovakia should not be blocked according to the official post regarding blocked countries.
    I tried accesing the website through my phone to see if its just my IP, ports, firewall, whatever, but it did not work on my phone too.

    Please, i'd love the solution as soon as possible, I really want to love this game.
  9. Hi there!
    Since I'm Lithuanian and we're IP banned on the EU version (words cannot describe how incredibly stupid that decision was) I decided to try out the RU server. 
    Being very aware of how Russians are (I'm sorry, I do not want to offend anyone, but the stereotype has always been self-fulfilling) I'm quite anxious of the experience given that I have no idea what the menus are going to say.
    Despite that, I'm looking for people who would like to form a group of English speakers to help each other and have a nice community in that savage garden.
    If you figure out how to download the game, and find a way to send a friend invite, feel free to do so!
    My gamenet nickname is Overthinker
    Since I'm posting this off-topic it shouldn't be a problem. Nevertheless it is impossible to navigate in gamenet forums if you don't know russian.
  10. Well as the title say , im blocked  
    wich makes no sense at all  
    Since i live in Denmark, my internet provider is Danish  

    Any advice ? 
    i have made a ticket but no help from that so far, 
    I can access everything on my Cell phone, but not on any of my Pc's  

    And i have checked that my ip Adress is danish. 

  11. Hi, i'm from Brazil and i want to know if in the future we will be able to play in South America, if the block will be removed (wich i don't believe will happen) or maybe a dedicated server to our region.
  12. Title. Any news? I know a lot of people wrote to Gamenet and Pearl Abyss, but there hasn't been any good followup. Mostly only ignorance, even from Daum, even though I know they are not to blame. But do they really think that Baltic countries are "part of Russia" (This is VERY insulting and I'm amazed they haven't fixed the mistake yet. http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/524-territory-of-service/)? Is France also part of Germany now because they were occupied by them?

    Would be nice to know if anyone has had any real response from PA
  13. Post on VPN is it allowed ? in General

    By Henz, posted
    Just because there have never been a publisher for an MMO in my region I don't expect someone other than Daum would get the rights to publish the game here,or at least I hope they do.
    anyway , I'd really love to play the game with my friends from the EU region and wanted to ask if using the VPN is tolerated ? and what's the risk that comes with it ?
     I want to buy the Conquers Package because I believe that no one other than Daum would come forward to publish the game here and didn't want to miss this chance of getting some unique armor and other things that comes with the launch of the game .
  14. Hey Fellows 
    i know there have been soo many topics about this matter but i just want to make sure that i really know what is happening  
    From Australia  
    1) When Will this game release in Na/Eu server? Next year ?  or end of this year? 
    because i remember James Blond from MMOHUT saying that it will release sooner than we thought but its b2p. 
    2)Will Australia and NZ players will be able to play this game? What about the IP block ? i dont get this stuff much.

  15. C'est donc bien confirmé, nos voisins turques n'auront pas accès à BDO. L'Australie et l'Amérique du sud se retrouveront dans le même cas. Je vous laisse imaginer l'ambiance sur le forum international, on se croirait à une veillée funèbre. Nos amis québécois, en revanche, pourront profiter des serveurs nord américains.