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  1. So, lately I've been contemplating Inter-player relationships, primarily of the romantic and organizational sort (given that most characters naturally make friends and enemies anyways). Why? I dunno, it's just an interesting concept to think about I believe: In the case of the former, two(+) people take two(+) characters then, at least partially, dedicate them to each other and build off each other more than they would off others; sorta like the later (group/guild/organizational) attachments. While not the only kind of IPRs out there, these two take up the majority of an RPer's time I would believe...assuming they partake in such
    But given that we are each individuals, we approach these IPRs at different rates, with different interests, and with different goals. My question, out of curiosity, is as follows:

    "What is your approach to long-term, dedicated, Inter-player relationships in general; do you or do you not seek them out? If you engage in such, why? If you do not, why? Do you actively seek out romantic encounters and relationships? Do you actively seek out Guild membership and guild relationships? Do you have a preference for either-or?"
    ...Yay, compound questions!
    As for myself, I like to consider myself an 'RP Drifter'; that is, to say, that I do not really like to form dedicated groups or attachments that restrain me from engaging in activities with other people.
    This would put me firmly in the camp of 'Not Interested in Guilds' despite being a part of the largely inactive/defunct 'Misadventurers' group (because they let me do my own thing...also somewhat helped make it so; yeah.). While I sacrifice regular involvement in dedicated events, its always good to meet up with new people and make connections that way; possible while in a guild, but the lack of restraint means I can more freely engage with different groups I believe. This is especially apparent with the nature of guilds in BDO, making all your characters a part of the one guild; it would bother me to no end to see a Calpheon-like guild name floating above my Valencian, or the other way around.
    I also have a dis-interest in group activities as far as actually -playing- the game goes (Bosses? Who has time to -fight- things? Seriously.). AIn't nobody got time for playing the game!

    As far as romantic interests go in RP, I'm not against the idea as far as my characters go, I just don't think its necessary and thus not something that would be readily possible or easy to enter into. This reflects in the nature of my characters:
    My Warrior (Sebas) was in a happy relationship once. ONCE.My Ranger (Jeri) just ain't havin' none of that right now. She'll call you a biscuit.My Wizard (Harken) is a Guardian Spirit and incapable of that sort of thing.My Berserker is Mew, to those who know him...it. It, yes.My Sorceress (Faridah) is a happily married woman with two darling little children and a nice house on a hill.My Heidellian Guardsman (Rayleigh; gotta name the dumb one after your handle!) is too dumb to live, let alone get romantically involved with and procreate with someone!