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  1. I am getting consistent drops in frame rate since the new update. I wonder if it's a memory leak or something. A lot of other people seem to be getting the same thing. I used to get 30fps at bosses and now I get 1-5fps. Thanks for reading, hope y'all figure it out!

    edit: Forgot to mention that the marketplace is extremely laggy. Purchasing items kills frame rate. Like it murders the ever living poopsmere out of it.
  2. I have this issue where I can't buy any of the packages, including the gift package, as soon as I log in. All the 'buy for *insert amount of money here*' buttons are grayed out, meaning I can't click on any of them. If I log out, I can buy all the packages except the gift package. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks in advance.

  3. I have this issue where I can't buy any of the packages, including the gift package, as soon as I log in. All the 'buy for *insert amount of money here*' buttons are grayed out, meaning I can't click on any of them. If I log out, I can buy all the packages except the gift package. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks in advance.

  4. Post on Game won't start in Off-Topic

    By JDdawide, posted
    So after the last patch on 5 april my game doesn't want to start anymore, it loads up to the point where I see 3 options, to start the game so I can go to the channel selection second to quit and the last one for settings, but everytime I want to start the game it shuts down, no crash report no nothing. I tried repairing the game, didn't work, deleting Usercache too so I googled about it how to repair it but didn't find any proper question so I reinstalled the game aaaand it's still isn't working I rebooted my pc, reinstalled gpu drivers and it does not work   I really don't know what I should do I wrote a ticket to the support team yesterday and didn't get any answer yet. Any solutions for this strange question?
  5. Today i went to give the combined item (powder + paper) after complete the related quest ending on Martha Kiyen. I give the item to the source of water inside the Glutoni cave and then nothing happens. My item was removed but nothing else. After that i went to kill some gigants and there was no gigants and no enemys at all. Then i saw that the server was going bad so i change the channel and all the enemies appear normally. But my item was gone and there is no chain or trace on the quest. I came back to Martha (on the top of the "tower") and Orwen (Inside the house in Florin) but nothing. Thats all: i lose my MAIN quest chain. Thats a huge problem because i cant continue THE MAIN QUEST. Please give me a solution. Sorry if there are writting mistakes but im spanish.
    PD: My horse (t4 female) died while writting this very post heading back to the ruins.
  6. In the character creator, I fix my DK's hair up all nice, then when I save the template and exit, I notice one side of her hair completely resets after numerous times of changing it again. Is there a fix to this? It's really frustrating! 
    EDIT: It's happening with all my classes.
  7. Moin!
    Ich habe ein generelles Darstellungsproblem bei BDO. Und zwar stelle ich kaum bis kein Anti-Aliasing fest und habe starkes Texturflimmern. Sehr gut sehen kann man mein Problem in diesem Video (Texturflimmern, kein AA). Die 3D Kantenglättung findet im Video kaum bis gar nicht statt. Die Metallteile zeigen das Texturflimmern deutlich. Mein Spiel sieht exakt so aus wie das im Video gezeigte. D.h. mein Fehler ist wohl nicht unüblich. Ein Beispielbild habe angehängt. Live im Spiel ist das Grafikphänomen deutlich sichtbar; auf dem Bild eher weniger.
    Wie das Spiel aussehen kann sieht man hier in diesem Video (High-End Grafik). Die Texturen sind weich und Kanten werden extrem geglättet.
    Mir drängt sich die Frage auf, womit der Pixellook zu tun haben könnte. Oder im Umkehrschluss die, ob im Video mit guter Grafik ein Post-Process (wie z.B. SweetFX) verwendet wird.
    Im Spiel selbst habe ich Crop und Upscale jeweils deaktivert. Außerdem verwende ich kein DSR, d.h. das Spiel wird auf 1920 x 1080 (1:1 Display Dimension) aufgelöst.
    Meine Systeminformationen:
    GPU - NVidia GTX1080, 8GB VRamNvidia Treiber installiert (clean) ohne GeForce Experience, Version 378.66CPU - intel i7 6800K, (6x) 3,4GhzRam - 16GBInstalliert auf der selben Platte (Samsung SSD, 250GB) wie das OS (Win10)Display - Full HD Monitor, angeschlossen per Display-Port KabelMeine NVidia Konfiguration habe ich angehängt. Ich habe trotz Setup den (vielleicht subjektiven) Eindruck, dass BDO diese ignoriert.
    Einen Hinweis zum Thema XBOX-App und Win10 konnte ich hier finden. Dort sagt CurlyFrog, man kann das Game DVR deaktivieren. Könnte das helfen?
    Ich wäre für Rat sehr dankbar. Immerhin war das PC Upgrade nicht billig. Auf dem alten System sah das Spiel leider deutlich besser aus.


  8. First of.. Hi!
    I'm soryy but i have to create this topic just to say how idiotic and not thinking  dev's are...
    Idiotic idea is's to focus hundreds of players in just... wait... 6 channels!
    When you appear in event boss spawn place you see (and feel) about 1,5 - 2 hundred of players (their golems, pets and effects) on your screen. So, when comes to trying play/chatting etc. you have 10-15 FPS about 5 sec. lags, and danger of being disconnected. Then you must wait to join the channel but you see there is 250 other players that want to re-connect to!
    So there is no way you can re-connect fast enough to just try 1-hit boss for reward!

    (Un)luckly this is only 1-day event...
    Dev's please give us recompense for your idiotic idea and please do not make these kind of events only in 6 channels...
    @CM_Aethon @CM_Serenity @CM_Yukimura @PM_Jouska @PM_Belsazar @CM_Tytyes
    Best regards
  9. Hey there, 
    Recently I had the tutorial bug and so cleared my cache and verified my files. When I got back in the game I'm experiencing horrible lag. So bad it sends me to a load screen and drops me back in the middle of Velia. 
    I shouldn't be lagging, I have a very fast internet connection and my friend who has a worse connection has no issues.
    I'm verifying my files once again but I'm not sure what to do beyond that .
  10. Hi everyone!
    With the last patch (22/02) I barely manage to login (sometimes the game goes directly from "Now processing" to "You've been disconnected from the server"), but as soon as I am in, I get disconnected.
    I've also tried to plug in my LAN cable, but it doesn't seem to improve anything.
    I don't have such issues while browsing on the web or in any other game.
    Does anyone know how can I fix it?
    Thank you very much in advance!
  11. Regardless of which server I try to connect to, I get a server timeout/unable to connect saying "Connection to the server has been lost".
    I've tried servers in both NA and EU and the issues persist regardless of how crowded said server is. I've rebooted and restarted my router, tried at least five different channels on both regions, made sure the firewall is off, no virus program running in the background and disabled Windows defender, but nothing helps. 

    Does anyone know what to do? 
  12. So im on my boat going from pirate island to lema island and the ocean is completely open, no rocks or anything, then my boat stops moving and appears to be sinking....thats not what boats do ffs why does this happen?
  13. When I try to add this preset to the beauty album it tweaks out every time.  Once I confirm the character and confirm it to beauty album this is what my upload looks like:

    I currently have three Presets that all do this:

    The middle one was working for a bit, until I tried to edit it... then it reverted to the blank template above.
    When I try to delete any of these I get this screen:

    and am unable to delete them. @_@ 
    I don't care about uploading them so much any more? But it would be really nice to at least get them out of my gallery?  Is there any way to manually delete these?
  14. Every time I hit the login screen after hitting play from the launcher, a error window can be heard popping up, my monitor disconnected, and I am forced to reboot my PC. I did a driver update, uninstalled the game, deleted cache for BDO, did a file check for BDO, I have this Client Log here: http://pastebin.com/ZbJYcMHb which may point to the issues going on. Thank you in advance for any kind of help.
  15. I know it was posted plenty in the past but I have not seen a legitimate reply or fix to any post and I haven't seen one recently. When in a party, if another player critically strikes your screen flashes black for an instant regardless of where you are looking. This is extremely annoying and no options in the game have seemed to have any effect on it. Does anyone know how to stop this or has there been an official response?
  16. Hello,
    I have 6 characters, i can connect my 5 characters. But im trying to connect my main character, i cant connect to him. Game is crashing at loading screen.(Only in my main character). I think it's a bug. Can someone help me?
  17. Yea so my Black Desert started stuttering like 1-2 Weeks ago and its getting to the point where i dont even wanna play this game anymore not because i dont like the game, but just because of the stuttering its getting unplayable.
    Im having good framerates from 70-90 on High, thats not the issue.
    The Stuttering can be fixed by restarting the Game, but like i said this is unplayable, restarting the game every few minutes is a big no no.
    I google'd and it seemed like a few more people have this problem but no one really had a fix that worked for me (i literally tried everything)

    What i tried so far:
    Reinstalling Black Desert
    Reinstalling Black Desert on HDD and SSD
    Reinstalling Windows 10
    Reinstalling my Nvidia Drivers with DDU
    Using an older Nvidia Driver.
    Running the game on compatibility windows xp service pack 2-3
    I tried more but most of the stuff is not even worth mentioning.
    I really hope someone can help me out, i dont wanna quit this game.
    i7 4770k
    Nvidia GTX 1080 Gaming X
    16gb ram
    windows 10 64bit
  18. Post on Game Issue in General

    By AncientKunoichi, posted
    I have a question about the game performance/server performance if there will be someone to answer me. I'm the only one who got FPS problems today? I got around 17-37 FPS when usually i have around 70-75. 
  19. So before i could press enter to open chat, do fun emotes all that stuff. But now when i press enter no chatbox shows up. I'm probably being stupid but hey better asked than no interacting. 
  20. Post on Farming bug??! in General

    By Denryuu2, posted
    So, farming today i just reach Apprentice 1 and since I have had an issue where i try to prune, kill insects, or harvest and the gathering keeps timing out on me, stealing my energy and giving me nothing in return.
    This is what it looks like and reads:
    https://i.gyazo.com/7513f2f053ad4f45af0e50d765b74da5.png (pic)
    This issue can happen repeatedly on the 1 plant and I will get lucky and be able to properly interact with it or others occasionally.
    Now, iv recently been having alot of issues since last patch when switching characters and not being able to do anything for up to 5 mins and then disconnecting. I haven't had this issue previously to last weeks patch. Is something going on with latency recently or is this a common issue/bug to farmers?

    Location: AUS | Service: NBN | Runs BDO fine apart from random latency
  21. I would really want a GM response to this issue that many of us have been facing across all servers. @CM_Aethon
    There has been heavily noticeable FPS drops and insane desync in BDO recently and the game has been feeling very sluggish. This has only occured after the recent patch and I feel that this MUST be addressed right now. This problem has been known to be happening all throughout the world, from EU, to Australia, to Canada, and to the US.  I have yet to see an official response or confirmation that a fix is on it's way. I have not been able to pvp or pve efficiently since this problem has risen and would like the community to raise awareness about this problem. 
    Please post the following on this post:
    Your server and channelApproximate date/time you are experiencing a lot of desyncYour countryYour ISPEdit: GM_Dew response on page 2: https://gyazo.com/73238f62d2c3b97e83900f10bb6b110e
    Reddit Thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/blackdesertonline/comments/57kekl/please_bring_awareness_to_lagdesync/
    Screenshot of players discussing problem: https://gyazo.com/49619729cc8821b9544fa2e8b93fe0fc
    Examples of this problem:

    **As we can see through multiple sources of evidence, desync is occurring throughout all servers, not limited by ISP, region, nor computer specs. Post will be updated with videos/evidence as I receive more.**
  22. I paid 30 eu and the game present this issues... Whatta hell.

    Otherwise, Hello there, my client stuck in "Now process" when i try to connect with my char / and after, server lost connection.
    I did da possible, deleted .version and repatched , deleted cache folder, reset router, port forwarding, dmz turned on, NOTHING TO DO.

    Just yesterday, i created a new char, and after that, was possible log into the game.
    Today, nothing.

    Who can help me pls? It's frustrating...

    Sorry for my bad eng
    up pls.
  23. Here's the problem: Our pet is mandatory to enable full efficiency of gameplay as a tamer and there are too many situations in this game where our pets de-summon because of contact with even shallow amounts of water. Here are the most recent pain points for me (I'm sure others will post further examples):
    We can't farm the already difficult basilisk area because there are patches of shallow water all over the place and our pet despawns in no time. We can't farm the desert fogan area because, like the basilisks, there are patches of water all over the place. Once again, it becomes stupid to farm there rather than, say, crescent shrine.Forget about skirmishes that erupt while whaling. Your pet touches water = gone. @PM_Jouska
    Please report this request from the tamer community to PA. I'm sure others here will second the request.
  24. Hello everyone.
    Today I want to discuss what I think it's a huge problem in GvG. As the title says the problem consist in the use of protection. You could think, what's the problem? Protection is used to protect those who are underlevel or undergeared so they can play without worrying about wars. Well, that's what everyone expect but the reality is different when it comes to fighting guilds.

      What's the problem? 
    Witch/Wizards with protection. That's the problem. Some guilds are using this feature to protect some of his wizards, so they cannot get damage but still buff and heal his guildmates. I think this use of protection is unfair and out of place. Having a couple of wizards healing without worrying about getting damage/cc it's a huge advantage as you can heal your guildmates full hp when needed. This situtation is not only unfair but kills the essence of PvP/GvG forcing those who want to compete to do this strategy too, otherwise you are in clear disadvantage.
    By saying this, more guilds could start to do it, but it's something that has to be fixed. This situation is becoming more popular and has to stop.

    For those who say, why don't you activate PK and kill them?
    Well, it could work but running out of karma is pretty easy, and depending of the place it could be a disaster (Ex. doing a WorldBoss or fighting for a populated grinding spot) But... why the hell do I have to activate PK to kill someone who's at war with me and is healing in the middle of the fight?
    On the other hand, you kill them and they return to the job in just 10 seconds. It's pointless using PK here.

      Similar situation occurs in a mix-party 
    When you are playing in a party with players from different guild those players can still heal you when fighting players at war. Unlike the guild protection situation, this situation is "evitable" tho. You could declare war to the players that are helping your target or ask them to don't do that unless they activate PK.

    I'd like to know what the community thinks about this so we can share our thoughts and try to elaborate possible solutions to this issue. I'll make a Poll with different suggestions in this thread.
  25. Hey guys, so I've been playing and it's been fine.  I've had a few disconnections from server every here and there.  Now I can't even play for over 5 minutes.  I log in, run around for a bit and all of a sudden my mana, energy bar, nothing depletes.  I can't interact with anything around me.  I can hit enemies and they don't take damage or respond.  Also enemies will run to a blank area and start attacking.  I then take damage and die through that.  It's really weird and I can't play at all.  Just bought it two days ago too.  Then I get sent to the main menu and a message, "Connection to main server has been lost"  
    If anyone has a solution please help.