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  1. So I recently got my Valkyrie to level 56, and began the Black Spirits Awakening questline. However, when I got to the NPC in Calpheon I couldn't talk to the NPC because it said I didn't have enough knowledge. I've never had this issue Awakening any other class, and I was wondering how do I acquire the knowledge I need to proceed through the questline?
  2. I'm still very new to this game, so please forgive my shortcomings. Feel free to correct me if my terminology and lingo aren't accurate. This testing was done on a Maehwa at level 18 for reference.
    After thorough hours of testing I have found that the gamepad opinion is an extremely nice and useful feature, and I'm very thankful for it's implementation. Though with everything, no matter the greatness, some faults can always be found through trial, but with diligence addressed accordingly soon after if it's brought into the light. There were only a few things I noticed that if improved upon, would make for a much more engaging, thus enjoyable experience, with the already excellent performance of the gamepad. Perfection is always evolving and why it is so fun to strive for. No one is perfect, and practice makes better. With that being said let's move onto the topic at hand.
    The very first thing I noticed when using the gamepad was how often I would unintentionally double tap a direction, executing a roll or dash, that caused the accidental use of the stamina and/or WP bar. I do understand how some people would prefer to use this feature, however I have come to the conclusion that any fast tilt to the left analog stick could generate this problem causing issues in the future. Seeing as customization is one of the key points, possibly most important, in setting keybindings, I don't think the complete removal of this is the right course of action. I do however suggest that in Settings, on the Game tab, under the Gamepad Settings, present the option to disable this feature by checking a box. Option reading: Disable Double Tap Movement. I'm unsure how possible this request is, but I think it would be very helpful and a much more forgiving addition then what is currently available. This is a game were a fast pace movement system is required to achieve optimize combat capabilities, so giving the option for a second guess moment would be very helpful, as I usually tap slightly unconventionally initializing this action. Second guessing ones own movement will cause this to happen more often then not, and this is why I believe this option would be a much welcomed improvement.
    Lastly, while I was setting all of my keybindings to the gamepad, I noticed a rather bazaar thing. While holding down the bumpers, which I gather act as the function keys, I realized you are unable to make any type of movement with the left analog stick. This also creates a problem with the right analog stick when holding down both of them. It removes the ability to look around while granting you the zoom in and out function with up and down. I'm unsure why this effects the analog sticks this way, as that one step or over the shoulder look, lost in the process, would mean the difference between hit or miss. I suppose it was thought of to give the option to be able to key bind things to the function + left/right analog sticks. However, I personally wouldn't want to lose any type of moment, while holding down the function keys and using the right and left analog stick. It's possible I'm the only person that wouldn't want to bind anything other than character movement and camera movement to the left and right analog sticks, but from spending the hours testing this and keybinding, I've found there are more then enough buttons to keybind things without the use of the analog sticks in the process, other then them functioning solely as camera moment and character movement that is. I do however think that the lose of the vertical camera movement on up and down with both function buttons held down is minuscule and should remain as is, because it is a very nice feature to zoom the camera in and out and a good idea. I do however recommend still giving the ability for horizontal camera movement in the process. So, in Settings, on Game tab, under Gamepad Settings I recommend adding the option to enable analog movement while function keys are held. Option reading: Enable Function Analog Moment. The keyboard is needed to chat anyway , so leaving the least used hotkey functions on there to open up menus, or using the start button to manually access them, would make it entirely possible to get away with this implementation and create a much more immersive game.
    Though I am still rather new to the game, and I haven't experienced everything this game has to offer, these are my thoughts on possible improvements to the gamepad. There might be more that present themselves in the future, but the base structure of how it functions at present is rather solid and complements go out to the developers for gamepad support. I do however, think there are some improvements that could work out for the better. It is my opinion that the gamepad isn't really used as much as the mouse and keyboard, thus these little things fly under the radar, so I'm submitting this post. Please feel free to comment, suggest, critique, and just in general join in on the conversation. Do keep in mind however when brainstorming it is best to remain calm and collected, as it's not necessarily they are insulting your opinion, but rather not understanding it. So, be the respectable community I know you can be and calmly discuss your debate. It hurts the creative process to ferociously argue. There is a fine line between argument and debate, and emotion tips the scale. Thank you for you time on this topic and sticking all the way to the end. Be productive and have a great day.
  3. Maybe is was several times here, but can find only fix with "trun off ticks in lan options" - doesn't work for me. When i start luncher i got very slow transfer like 0.5 mb/s (got a lot of free transfer more) and after 1GB of data transfer stops. When i restart - downaload another 1GB and stop... after like 5 restarts luncher checking files with awsome speed 2.5mb/s (wtf? hdd spedd is at least 30mb/s at read-write opperations) and stops after 20GB...- to sum up i took forever to download 37gigs, what can i do to download this game? (any mirrors, or torrent file?)
  4. ok so i successfully downloaded and installed the game, but i could not launch it. Whenever i launch the game it gives me a error message saying that there is a problem that caused the game to stop responding. Does anyone know if its a compatibility issue or not? i have a win 10, a friend of mine has the same OS but his game seem to be running very smoothly......
  5.  So I have a quest "What is the Taste of Heaven?" and I need to purchase Leight Ale from Norma Leight in Northern Wheat Plantation. I traveled far and wide finding any node I may be missing, I went back and forth on the BDO tome, I don't believe I need EVERY single node from all of BD, but I went even as far as exploring the ocean region without a boat, going to as many islands as possible before giving up. I found some that were missing in the Calpheon region and all that. Oh also, I know I need to be Apprentice 2 in trading to purchase anything from her, but I still don't know about the missing connected nodes. Please and thank you to anybody  (Sorry if this is the wrong forum, I don't know where else it would be appropriate in)
  6. Hello! I just have a few questions about crafting some elixirs
    Aside from Elixir of thorns being taken away from alchemy, there is some weird pricing going on right now for some Elixirs 
    1 example is Elixir of fury
    Regular Elixir of Fury Price is at 18,077k Max 
    When you make it into [Party] Elixir of Fury that costs you 2 Regular Elixir of Fury and Aal's tear 
    the price goes down to 14k each ???? The price should be doubled or something since you are using of 2 18k worth elixirs right? 
    I don't get the logic in this please explain this
  7. Game loads, I press Start...then it all goes to hell. i keep getting "failed to connect", then it shuts itself down. I havnt been able to play for 2 weeks. The game hasnt had any issues updating, but it just wont effing play.

  8. Hello everyone, I know we all want the awakenings to be released all at once. A problem I saw was when sorc awakening was released was that concentrated stones as well as sharps ran out from the market. Also it was hard to buy armor to get be able to build fs. And this was only 1 class. Now imagine if all classes' awakenings were released at once, we will have same issues as when +20 enhancing was released, if you haven't prepared by saving up more than you need, you will have to wait until you get what you need, and then people will complain about that on here. I would love it for all to get it at the same time, but maybe it is better this way. In the mean time, prepare...
  9. after coming back to the game about a week ago now. it seems in certain area's now im getting horrendous performance now. compared to when i was previously playing which was just a couple weeks before valencia hit.
    for example. trying to do certain world bosses now its just a pure nightmare. the FPS drops is insane, and for the likes of karanda which its really important to see where her AOE is going to be shown. its a right pain trying to do certain world bosses now.
    has anyone noticed a impact on performance or is it just me ?
    it seems im not the only one thats seen a noticeable inpact on performance. maybe this thread could be used as some awareness for kakao to start re-optimizing the game
    PSA: For Discord Users

  10. Post on Fix the servers! in General

    By Lanfei, posted
    For the last month or so, every single time I log onto my BDO account, regardless of which server or character, I always, always get a disconnection error within a minute or two... PLEASE FIX THIS!
  11. I have been meaning to post this for many months, but I ended up quitting the game and just stopped caring at all.
    I think it's finally time I actually post it.
    This is a compiled, but unsorted list of everything wrong with the game that I've personally discovered.  No doubt other people have seen a lot more, but this is just me and most of it was from a single day of playing.
    Maybe some of the things have been fixed, maybe not.  I don't know, and I probably will never know, as I have yet to come back to the game despite spending $100 on it.  Thank Daum for ruining the game for me with all the issues that they caused from headstart and beyond.  If something is fixed, please let me know.  Also, please add more stuff to it if you want, maybe we can get Daum to give a damn and forward it all to PA to fix, as pretty much everything is a bug or design flaw of some sort.
    Originally written March 20, 2016.

    - Game breaking bugs -
    Multiple quests are not available to your first character.  They can only be seen by a character in the second slot of your account.  This was not the case in CBT2. 
    - Issues -
    Constant freezing every 2 seconds when conversing with an NPC at random. Also appears at certain other times (ex. when fishing).  This freeze is transferred into Windows.We have to sit on a black screen (PA logo) for 30 seconds when starting up the game.  There is no way to skip it.Getting disconnected from the game and clicking confirm on the message closes the game. Reconnecting without clicking it keeps the game up. Will time out after a period of time and require a relog from the launcher.Can't edit numerous parts of the UI and actual customization is extremely limited.Can't edit any of the chat colors, font, add timestamps, etc..Can't change equipment while moving.  This includes waiting for the ENTIRE animation to finish once you stop moving.Can't change equipment when on a mount.Can't move items around when crafting.Can't open quest list (ex. to look at ingredients for quest) while cooking/alchemy window is active.Can't chat while cooking/alchemy window is active or while reeling in a catch from fishing.Can't open the map, cash shop, beauty, dye, edit UI and various other things while cooking/alchemy, gathering, laying in bed or doing a 'minigame' (including fishing). Processing/bed allows the map to be opened. (Knowledge was in this list, but it was unlocked in a patch; everything else needs to be as well. Cash/beauty shop was half unlocked in Mediah patch; some things still block it.)Same as above, but can't use items either, except food for certain things.  Can swap equipment while fishing, oddly.Can't switch to cash inventory when crafting. (cancels craft)Switching to cash inventory with an item on your cursor will manipulate the item in the cash inventory instead. This can cause you to delete a cash item unknowingly.Mouse wheel scrolling randomly doesn't work sometimes.Can't click-drag to scroll the chat window if it's not your #1 (first) tab.Unsheathing weapons while moving automatically attacks.  Unsheathing them while standing results in a 3+ second long animation. Unable to sheathe when moving backwards.Dismounting while moving (regardless of speed) causes you to unsheathe weapons and start sprinting if you continue to move.  Just unsheathes weapons if stood still.  Doesn't unsheathe or sprint at all if you tap backwards before moving forward.Doing certain attacks and then sheathing weapons results in you actually unsheathing and attacking, because the weapons somehow never unsheathed despite you using attack skills.Can't use attack skills while you're in the "stopping" animation.  (ie; after a sprint)Some classes cannot "use" anything (including looting) while moving forward. (Wizards & Warriors)Vendor/market window doesn't remember your selection of on hand or in storage silver. (edit: Market appears to remember now)Marketplace listing uses cash on hand.House upgrading uses cash on hand.Can't press 'use' button to progress dialogue of quests that have you escort a person or move an item.Have to refresh dialogue window whenever amity thresholds are reached.Clicking back into the game window results in the click going through to the game, disrupting a variety of things.UI randomly breaks when switching between certain characters; causes it to reset all customization.Skillbar randomly deletes itself when switching between certain characters, regardless of using custom one or not. 
    - Text -
    AP/DP stats don't update if you have modifiers (food, crystals, equipment sets, etc).Tooltips don't actively update when hovering over them (ie; duration counting down). 
    Insane amount of localization issues across the board; would be a waste of my time (and futile effort) to list them all here.  A QA pass needs to be done by a native English speaker who is proficient in writing.  Having an AAA-like quality MMO with atrocious dialogue (and even incorrect quest text) is unacceptable.  (Same with the vocal dialogue as well; hire better people, re-record all of Olivia/Velia and a lot of the rest of the world.)    - Shameless plug: I'm available to hire for this.
  12. Currently Reported Kunoichi Bugs 
    Status Effects:
    DP/AP appear to be bugged in a similar manner to Blader/Plum in PvP. ***** By far most important
     DP/AP may similarly, though less noticibly, also be lacking in PvE 
    "Floor Sweeping" does not appear to activate the knockdown status effect.
     "Heart Aiming" is reportedly doing less damage than its counterpart Fatal Blow
     "Tendor Cutter" is failing to activate though the skill will activate its cooldown under random instances.Updates:
    "Shuriken Block" does not auto activate block while back stepping as it states it should. *Note: Shurikens are supposed to mean Kunai as it is impossible to block with a shuriken
     Accuracy appears to be bugged. The extent of this issue needs to be investigated by the dev team. The basis for this deduction is a comparative drawn between old numerous people mentioning their previous main class had no issues while the Kuno seems to be missing a large majority of hits.  
    It's great the ninja jump has been addressed but this issues are much more pressing. If anyone knows of any other bugs and are a high level player please feel free to leave them below (or correct any information posted).

    Please respond : @CM_Aethon @PM_Jouska   @CM_Tytyes @GM_Dew
  13. Hello Everyone !! 
     First off not QQing just need some responses to figure out my next course of action.
    Here we go.... Lately (like 3 days now) I have been experiencing an more than usual amount of disconnections at random times doing random things (cause thats how I roll (random).Do you or your Guild mates also have this issue if so how often and what have you tried to correct the issue and what seems to have worked?

  14. Hey guys, so I've been playing and it's been fine.  I've had a few disconnections from server every here and there.  Now I can't even play for over 5 minutes.  I log in, run around for a bit and all of a sudden my mana, energy bar, nothing depletes.  I can't interact with anything around me.  I can hit enemies and they don't take damage or respond.  Also enemies will run to a blank area and start attacking.  I then take damage and die through that.  It's really weird and I can't play at all.  Just bought it two days ago too.  Then I get sent to the main menu and a message, "Connection to main server has been lost"  
    If anyone has a solution please help.
  15. So now that we've gotten past the Corrupt File issue, made it past the Now Processing screen, and can finally get in to check out the new content (2 hours later), the servers lag us out to death. Not a very smooth update. 
  16. This is not a hate post guys, but Daum, im sorry, something needs to be done about the servers. Forums are filled with people raging about everything, I'm not one of those people.

    Most of your community aren't those kind of people. But having said that, as someone who just plays the game to enjoy it, I really think you should change your servers, Fixes aren't gonna cut it. With the recent patch and the efforts you guys made to fix the issues, Although it was great from you guys, The issues are still there, if not its a bit worse for some, others say its better. I'm not gonna lie, What made me come on here was the 30 times I died to Rednose because he killed me when i was about 40-50m away from him. I didn't care at all until I saw how bad it actually gets. Kazarka is manageable, but That's not the point. You're community loves this game, has been waiting for this game for a long time. we don't want it to be a lag fest. 
    FF-XIV had a similar issue, I played that game for a long time. I was on EU, And they didn't have EU servers when I was playing, They got NA servers for the game after a while it was released, But EU didn't get it till a few months after expansion was released. It was that bad that EU players (specially DPS) couldn't weave in 2 off Global cool-down abilities between each Global Cool down (If you dont know what that is, basically Global cool-down is when you use a skill, all your other skills go on the same cool-down, WoW has 1 second for each ability, FF-XIV had 2.5 and less for some classes such as monk, OFF Global cool-down abilities are things such as buffs, which have a separate cool-down for example 30 seconds or so). 

    Anyway, the point was, a lot of players were at a disadvantage, it was playable but annoying, tedious and not very enjoyable, When they changed it, everyone was happy. They do things for the player base, they know without the community they are nothing. Like i said, it was playable and tbh no where near as bad as your servers, But they didn't think "Oh well everyone can still play we'll just leave it".

    I get it, the game hasn't been out for that long at all, in all honesty, I think people need to chill out and calm down a little. But Daum needs to communicate, Hats off to CM_Jouska though he's great on the forums.  But do 1 thing if you can, for the community, Change your servers, upgrade them, I can imagine how good fighting Field bosses would be without any lag/Desync, everyone would love it. We all love the game, and the people that rage over everything, they're even doing it outta love, because they don't want the game to be in a bad state. PVP would be awesome, World/Field bosses would be amazing. Please, Let the community know what your plans are regarding these issues. 

    Even if you have to do a 24 hour maintenance, people wouldn't mind. we would wait because we know its for a good reason (Although if thats the plan please for the love of god announce it 1 week before hand so we can make plans instead of starring at our computer screens or pulling our hairs out cause we're bored)

    I don't know how to Tag @CM_Jouska but if someone can, please do so he sees this. Let's come together as a community and Make this page go to the top so everyone sees it. Not just the EU plays, NA as well. Let's show them how much we care. Thanks for reading.
  17. So... who else has noticed the server lag is back? This time it also applies to the loyalty page on the pearl shop? It also seems to boot me out of the game every 5 mins. This is on the Croxus EU server. Though, this issue existed LAST WEEK to....
  18. Hello Daum and Hello Other Players,
    I am having majure Issues with the Support since it seems like they refuse to work properly. 
    Maybe not all of the Supporters are like this, but the ones I had just seemed to not be reading my Tickets and rather just closed them as fast as possible with Excuses instead of trying to solve my Problems, allthough there even is Money involved. I am sharing this in this Thread since I think it has to be improved as soon as possible if not even immediately! 
    I tried to solve my Problems with patience and waited for a long time now, but it has allmost been 2 Months now and my Tickets are still not answered correctly and surely not solved.
    - I opened the first Ticket on March the 13th and still did not get a Solution, allthough I paid for an Ingame-Item which I can not use! 
    - My Horse was bugged aswell and they did not care, allthough I paid a lot for it (Preorder Horse)!
    - One GM did not even read my Ticket and just said "The Purchase took place more than 2 Days ago, so I can not help you." and just closed the Ticket, before I could answer him..
      Of course it took place more than 2 Days ago since you took a couple of Weeks to answer me..
    Another GM suspended me for 1 Day for a later Ticket were I got harrassed and insulted by another Player.. The funny thing about that was, that my Screenshot of the Chat was in German and it was an English-Only GM and his answer was "You responded to him, which is a Violation of our Terms."
    - So I am not allowed to tell someone who insults me to leave me alone and stop insulting?
    - Why do I get banned for being insulted?
    - Shall I fear reporting Players with bad behaviour now since I might get banned for reporting them?
    - And why did this Ticket get "solved" and my other Tickets are still being ignored or even randomly closed?
    Really if this is how you treat your Customers, then I will not spend a single more cent for this game, allthough I like it very much, unless my Problems finally get solved good and I get an Apology.
    I guess I will stop reporting Bugs and Exploits I find out during my playtime now aswell, since my Tickets are being ignored anyway.
    Ticket IDs: 57936, 70669, 93915, 88146, 99914
    If needed I can add some Screenshots.
    If you still refuse to solve my Problems, I will search help in other Social Medias.
  19. So I tried looking through the forums and on other sites for answers about a couple issues I'm having with the game, but I can't seem to find anyone else posting about these particular issues so here I go. I just know someone is going to say I should look at another topic, but if you do please send me a link cause I'm seriously tired of asking the search bar the wrong questions to get what I need.
    Okay with that out of the way here is what I need help with:
    1. I keep getting quests (most often to collect something from enemies, but also learning about them) that I simply can't finish or it's exceedingly tedious to finish. Most of these are quests where the Black Spirit asks me to collect things from enemies (example: 2 Tokens from Red Orc Berzerkers) and usually to get them I just have to kill those enemies, but here's the problem, I kill and kill and kill the objective enemies but I never get the item no matter how many I kill. Some times it works after I've killed like 20 or 30, but in the case of my example I've killed 40+, forfeited the mission, started again, killed a bunch more, and still I have nothing to show for it. It's really frustrating because I just get stuck in the same areas for ages trying to complete one mission unable to move forward to new areas cause the game won't give me credit for the kills. Is there a specific way you have to kill enemies to get credit and receive the item you need? Do you have to be in a certain range of level to finish a mission? Sometimes he'll ask me to learn about an enemy and I will and I can even see their health bars go down in combat, sometimes to the point I'm just slaughtering them cause I've been there so long, but the mission won't complete.
    2. I combat I've noticed especially with my ranger but sometimes my sorceress too, that even though I've got my target locked right on to my enemy and I'm just raining down attack after attack, most of the attacks literally do no damage. And I know you have to learn about enemies to see their health. I can see their health but, for example my ranger, I could fire a 100 arrows at a big orc and maybe 2 of those arrows will actually move his health bar a little tiny bit. meanwhile her knife and kicks can deal tons of damage even though I still only have the second knife I ever received in the game. I don't get the logic with that. no matter how sharp her knife is or hard she can roundhouse, the rangers best weapon should still be her bow. short range shots with a bow should be nothing to laugh at, but my ranger might as well just be kicks and dagger for all the good her styd bow does her. Her powerful attacks do have some effect, but only ones I have to really charge and even then the damage is negligible. I use as many different moves to keep the combat from getting tedious but it isn't helping much and I keep finding myself relying on the same two or three attacks. Please, should I be concerned for my characters? Is this regular? Is there like a ratio with how likely your attacks are to deal damage, like morrowind or old school fallout or something? I know MMO's tend to be grindy but even at levels 26 and 27 I feel like my characters are completely and unnecessarily helpless at times, so any advice on this besides "git gud" would be really appreciated.
    3. Finally I've noticed with some bosses and occasionally regular enemies, that the hit detection goes out the door completely. My computer and my connection I'm sure are not the problem here, since both are fairly awesome. I recently fought the orc boss "Org" and while 70% of his attacks never came near me, almost every single one hit me and dealt a lot of damage. I know they were AOE type attacks but I was like 40 feet away from where they landed and I was still getting hit, or I'd watch attacks fly by me and land off in the distance and then half a second later I got damage. I've seen this with a couple bosses, and I get that the game is gonna be a little buggy, but the level of some of these hit detection failures are just too wild for me to believe it's normal. I've watched enemies swinging at the air a couple yards away and then I just died from watching I guess? I doubt anyone is going to give me a fix about this or the one above, but I'd just like to know if it's normal, or a bug others are experiencing or what? It really bothers me and I feel like I should report it but I don't want to just get sent another message to look around on the forums again.
    Anyways, this turned into a bit more of a rant than I intended, I was just trying to paint a decent picture so people would know what I was talking about. If anyone has any advice it would be appreciated, especially about the first one, cause seriously I can wreck these guys all day but I can't seem to progress in the mission at all which is stopping me in progressing with the game too.
  20. As fishing hot-spots are now there are almost no incentives to level up fishing - what I mean about that is there are almost no benefits of having a high fishing skill when you're fishing in a hot-spot, and let's be honest, if you're not fishing in a hot-spot you either don't know they exist or you're not aware how good they are in comparison to non hot-spot fishing , you can go there and make millions whether your fishing skill is Beginner 1 or Master 1, the only difference are fishing rods that give you +fishing ability and some other minor perks, but those points can be gained by other means as well without any fishing skill whatsoever. I always looked at hot-spots as a short temporary good spots to get fish, not a permanent ''gotta go to the same spot I've been fishing at for 3 weeks to do viable fishing''.
    I'm an Artisan 5 fisherman and I'm honestly burned out by it, I just wish there was more balance between hot-spots and not, because they are the only place to do viable fishing atm. I want my fishing skill to matter more as it's what I've been focusing on pretty much since I got the game. I can't go to a quiet place and do some chill fishing alone or with my friends, instead I have to go to a clusterduck of boats out in the ocean with 30 other people where I can barely see my character.
  21. Hi guys, i don't know if most of you know about this but there's a problem for those who made their second character after the patch [ maybe the same for those who already had two character or more ]
    the problem is, the game was working just fine with a single character, but after making my second character and after playing on it [ right away after making it ] i quit and came back to face this problem
    it stays like this for half a min then it disconnecting. and the same thing happening when i try to join the other new one.
    but then i tried to make another new character on a new server. the game works perfectly i tried to log off and re join and it works like before
    but when i make another character on the new server then the same problem happens again

    anyone knows a solution for this problem ? i hope they fix it soon  [ sorry for the perfect english ]
  22. Hi, today i made my second character and till i reach lvl 10 i quit the game for a break and after i came back i can't join. It says connecting with the server has been lost every time i try to join with my first or second character [ i tried for like 100 times and i tried different channels ]
    how can i fix this ?
  23. Post on Regular Dc in Technical Issues

    By CBeetle, posted
    This has happened at least 5 times tonight, and it seems i am not the only one. The server has been dc'ing for me, and has actually temporarily nixed my computers internet connection. Its quite odd. The game will shut down, all my voice comms will drop, and I will not be able to open a webpage for about 2 minutes. I know this sounds like a personal problem, but I can confirm that 3 of my friends had this happen at the same exact time... and unless all of Washington state is being emp'd or some such.. I can only assume that it is the games doing. Ive not seen anything on the forums yet about this, so Im just throwing it out there. 
    Any possible reasons for this to be happening?
    ~ Cheers
  24. If I didn't get +57 Fail Stacks before I went from +13 to +14, if I wasn't completely frustrated at the Achievement Combat Skill Points, and if I wasn't having FPS issues for no apparent reason... I would have already spent another $60 on BDO...
    I wanted to buy 3 pets (One of each type), Glasses (Faster Knowledge), Headpiece (Higher Quality Knowledge), Full Skill Reset, and Weight Limit Increase (+150wt). Comes out to $60 USD, but I couldn't convince myself to spend that money on a game that frustrates me more than I find enjoyment out of it.

    Achievement Combat Skill Point post I made previously...

    FPS issue post I made previously...

  25. So, just as the title says - I've got perfomance issues on low settings which actually vanish when going to medium (though other appear).
    Low: I approach a large, populated area - I get 6 fps
    Medium: I approach a large, populated area - I get 45 fps
    Medium gives less fps overall and has some features I don't need (no point in trading enhanced shadows or heavy effects for so much fps)
    Sadly, there is no way to be more selective in options as we can only select PRESETS
    Problem itself looks like a loading/unloading issue - on medium the area seems to get loaded after about 5 seconds and I get ~45 fps, whereas on low it just keeps ~6 fps.
    Lenovo y50-70 (4k): Geforce GTX 960M (4 GB GDDR5) - Intel Core i7 4720HQ - 16 gb ram
    Game is running on SSD
    Win10 x64
    Screenshot description:
    1st screenshot - LOW - 6 fps (looking at the city)
    2nd screenshot - LOW - 32 fps (looking away)
    3rd screenshot - MEDIUM - 44 fps (looking at the city)
    4th screenshot - MEDIUM - 40 fps (looking away)