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  1. The Candy has a 30 minute duration and a 30 minute cooldown which, if i'm not entirely misunderstanding this, should mean i can use the Event Candy back-to-back, no?
    It appears that i can't, though. When I use the candy it applies the buffs, goes on a 30 minute cooldown but then when the timer runs out it resets the cooldown without me actually using another candy. So basically my candy ends up being on a 60 minute cooldown..
    Am i misunderstanding how this is supposed to work/ is this intentional or is it actually bugged?
    It's kind of a shame because i won't be able to use them much before the event ends..
  2. Greetings.
    After the recent patch, i got the dim magical offhand from the mail, and as I am a wizard, it became a dagger (http://bddatabase.net/us/item/10344/). I managed to upgrade it twice via the black spirit, and it became a Dagger of Sealed Magical Power (http://bddatabase.net/us/item/10346/). However, there are higher levels: Freed Magical Dagger (http://bddatabase.net/us/item/10347/) and Roaring Magical Dagger (http://bddatabase.net/us/item/10348/). But I did not find any information on how to make these even more upgraded versions. There is a similar issue with the necklace, earrings and rings you can get by exchanging token and seal of promises.
    Could someone help me with this? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi, I have noticed pearl items don't follow the 10-15 minutes registration time normal items do. I have like 1 minute to bid for costumes or value packs, but I have noticed I never have the chance to even see pets on the market, how's that even possible? Do they dissapear in less than 1 minute?
  4. Hello BDO Community,
    I want to buy the Trumpet Creeper Costume for Maehwa, but I cant find on in the Market. I buy both variation just the "Costume Set" or the entire "Bundle" which include the weapons.
    I pay 25kk, but we can talk about the price. I play on the EU server.
    If you are interested send me a mail or write a comment  
    Kind regards Yasukami Rosakiri
  5. Post on Boat & Pet missing. in In-Game Bugs

    By Allure, posted
    So, I logged in today after a long break and found my fishing boat was trapped at the lv 55 Pirate island to the far Northwest. Despite the fact that I'm level 31 and Have only been there to turn in the rum. And of course, I had to get back to the mainland... so its obvious I didn't just leave my boat there. And yet, it says I turned it in there for some reason. So I can't recall it, and I can't reclaim it. I also noticed upon logging in, the hawk event item which I had saved in my storage seems to be missing. I didn't want to use it, as I was low on inventory space, so I kept it in my storage. I mean, I have the title and the items associated with it proving I had done the seal Event but the Seal reward is just gone... what gives?
  6. Hallo,
    bei Bhegs Eisenkeulenfragment, sollte man entweder für 100Stck. 50.000 Silber kriegen oder für 75 eine Waffenbox, es gibt aber nur die Option für 100.

    Und der NPC "finder" führt nur zu diesem NPC.

  7. As of right now the item "Emergency Medical Kit" which can be bought from any General Goods Vendor is broken. I am not saying that the whole item is broken because the idea of the item is great and it works really good in sieges or node wars. However, the fact that people not participating in the siege or node war are able to revive people that do participate is just broken and needs to be fixed as soon as possible. I am not here to cause conflict so I will just be talking about guild A, B and C but this happend last night at a siege in EU. So.. Guild A is at war with Guild B in the siege and they are fighting eachother in a 1v1 for the victory. Members of Guild C who are not participating in the siege are watching the siege from a short distance. Guild A wipes Guild B outside their fort and rushes to their fort to destroy it and claim the victory. Guild members of Guild C, let me state it again they are not participating in this siege, they strike and bring out their kits to revive members of Guild A because they don't want guild B to win. For whatever reason that may be, anyway.. This means that a guild that doesn't participate at a siege can have a huge influence on the progress and the outcome of a siege. This is so broken that it really needs to be fixed, it's only 10 people reviving others now but next time it's a mercenary guild of 60 that are hired to do this kind of stuff. 
  8. Post on Membership in Suggestions

    By Riverzz, posted
    I think you would get more actively players if you made a "members club" that u can register for at account webpage offering membership for:
    1 month xx euro
    3 month xx euro
    6 month xx euro
    12 month xx euro
    and every month "from membership regged" u get a Value pack sent to the mailbox of youre choise
    and to get more ppl to buy them u might give some discount for longer time period.
    both you and the players would benefit from something like this.
    IF you like this plz leave a smily "goes for CM or GM too plz
  9. Idea:
    Homes available for purchase in the Pearl Shop, and they can be placed anywhere.
    -Have five available homes for purchase in the Pearl Shop (possibly more in the future).
    -Players purchase a home (only one per family/account/server).
    -After purchase, players will be able to place the home anywhere in the open world (placement will be similar to how we place our farms).
    -Just as with the farms, some locations will be off limits.
    -Homes cannot be placed on, or near, any paths.
    -Homes cannot be placed within a certain distance of each other (this would avoid a guild using homes to block off an area of the map, such as a world boss).
    -Entering a home will be the same as it is now: you will choose to enter/visit, and you will enter an instance of the home.
    -Unlike farms, players will not be able to simply run through these homes.  They will have to go around.  Homes will create a sort of dead space when placed.  This will tell the game that there is no way of travel there, and auto-travels/NPCs will know to go around the home.
    -If a player no longer wants his/her home, it can be sold to an NPC or on the market.  Once it is sold, the player can buy a new home.
    -If a player wants to move his/her home, the option to "pack up" will be available as an option when at the front door.
    How will it look:
    -When a home is placed, the game will automatically make the front door at ground level.
    -If there is any part of the home (other than the front door) not in contact with the ground, it will simply look like a foundation between the ground and home.
    -If there is any part of the home that falls below the ground (other than the front door), it will simply look like it was built into the ground.
    Homes unexpectedly in the way of updates:
    If, for some reason, there is ever an update that would require the unexpected use of a particular area of land, the home will simply be taken down and placed in the players inventory. In addition, all items within the home will simply be placed in a "Eviction Box."  The Eviction Box as well as an eviction letter will then be mailed to the player informing them that they have been evicted from their location.
  10. Okay, so today I tried to do some gathering and to not make this any longer than it needs to be I couldn't because I kept getting an error saying "Cannot apply item results to memory" whenever I tried to use shabby shovels for gathering in the desert. At first I thought that discarding them would help but when I tried to do so it displayed the same error. I tried everything that I thought could help me resolve it myself, including restarting the game, trying to sell the shovels, moving them to the warehouse or mount inventory, nothing seems to work. I attached the screenshot of said error. Can I count on any help?

  11. I thought A snake would be a good choice as a pet. You could have desert snakes that up hold equivalent bonuses as desert foxes. You can also have "Garden Snakes & black Snakes" that up hold similar bonuses as cats. 

    P.S. this Ideas is very basic and off a whim, but I'm sure with further elaboration this could flourish.

  12. Hallo liebe Community
    Ich möchte mich zunächst kurz Vorstellen. Ich bin der PraX ( Oliverá ) und 29 Jahre jung *hust*. Habe anfangs die erste Beta mitgemacht, aus beruflichen Gründen jedoch erst vor 8 Tagen richtig angefangen zu Spielen. Bin immer noch sehr begeistert von Black Desert! Doch was mich nun schon vier Tage stört ist folgendes:

    Ich habe mir Black Desert gekauft wie jeder andere hier auch und mir die Items über meine Kontoverwaltung zuschicken lassen. Realm/Server und auf die Region wurde dabei stets beachtet. Nur kommt einfach nichts von den Items bei mir im Spiel an. Ich warte wie schon erwähnt jetzt vier Tage auf die Sachen. Ein Ticket habe ich vor zwei Tagen beim Support eingereicht... Meine Frage also:

    Sind diese Wartezeiten normal beim Support? Und wie hoch ist die maximal Wartezeit wenn es um die genannten Items geht?.

    Damit man es eventuell besser versteht, füge ich mal einen Screen hinzu.

    Lieben Gruß an alle
  13. Anyone knows the rate success for grade 2 and 3 reform stones with this new system??
    I fail 23 grade 2 on gloves and nothing, and 36 grade 3 on weapon and nothing. Is this a bug??
    When I use it, a message indicating the successful appears, but nothing, no upgrade.
    grade 2 , it was not 100% rate with the old system?
    which are the new rates of success?
  14. Post on Lost transport in In-Game Bugs

    By ChibiDaWi, posted
    1 hour ago i send transport from Calpheon to Heidel. In Calpheon there is not status about sending items and in Heidel i can't recieve it. There where a lot of crystals. Sending time has beed changed or is it a bug?
    It appeard 2h:10min later
  15. Just an idea and opinion, Maximum Ultimate failure threshold for grade 3 reforms would be nice if it was a thing, because current RNG rate or seed is ridiculous for 60% of the population.  There are those of us who enchant multiple +15 sets ultimate for under 20- 30 reform stones total, including the weapons. with crap workers.( Not hacking, I am aware of the hack that allowed some people to mass enchant, reform, and smash level to max but this isn't it, just RNG) then there are those of us who spend 287 reform stones on 1 piece just to get the one piece ultimate, and approaching same #s on other pieces fast with top end workers with luck almost 25%. Would be nice if you failed 10x that piece automatically reached ultimate, or instituted a separate fail stack system for this. But at this time top end players falling behind and are being separated by gear and when you have some new derpa log on, buy his stones, and "awesome I had 20 stones and just did my main set and off set". Then others spend every waking hour in game, farming the mats and smashing stacks of 20-40 into single pieces over and over it gets old, seen a lot of people in other guilds, and casuals give up and quit over this frustration.
  16. Hey everyone!
    I'm not sure if this is in the game already but a way to view if there are items to receive at any particular town, from the channel selection screen before you log into your character.
    The reason I'm suggesting this and I believe it might be a good suggestion is I've lost my boat . It finished crafting in Calpheon I transported it to Velia but I forgot what channel that was on and I'm unsure if the item exists anymore. I did this before starting my working week again on a sunday night about a month a go, took a little time off from BDO and now I can't seem to find my boat  lol; took me a while to make. 
    Anyhow keeping track of what channel to go into to recieve goods may be a good idea because its to my understanding that this transportation isn't linked within every channel as in if your in Calpheon U2 and send something and you switch channels to say join a world boss raid in Seridina U1 ; you won't be able to recieve the items you sent in Calpheon U2 until you go back there. So as a result having a small UI Icon indicating you have stuff transported and ready to recieve on particular channels may be good; like it will light up a little present box icon if there is something to recieve before switching channels or actually logging into your character to play. 
    I think I wouldn't be the only one having some of their items transporting and channel hopping like even just small stuff like wood or ore, I guess peaople would like to keep track of that in whatever channel they are; but at least they aren't as dumb as me and lost a whole boat!
    Disregard all the above if this is already the case or all the channels transporting is linked and I actually didn't know. In which case my boat is probably deleted?  Oh well guess I'll start making another one  . 
    Cheers Guys have a good day! 
  17. Is there any items like a weapon or anything that is extremly hard to drop like in WoW for exemple with 1% chance droprate.
    If yes, are they worth ?
    Thank you for your answers.
  18. hi after about a month of waiting i finally got a response to my tickets

    And i got the item ty.
    I DON'T KNOW HOW TO USE IT... lol . whenever i right click it, it just makes a potion noise and does nothing pretty much.

  19. Post on Expired items in General

    By Shark's Head, posted
    Hi there!
    I'd like to know why expired items are still in my inventory  Can I use them anyway?! I have a boss scroll expired and a skill reset expired. Someone has already tried to use them? Can you tell me something about this?
    Thank you in advice.
    - Shark's Head
  20. Hi, i left my character AFK fishing for the night at the altinova hotspot, my game/internet crashed during the night while i was sleeping and when i came back my +15 yuria axe was gone, i didnt noticed it at first until i tried to equip it since i have it on my hotbar. i checked all my warehouses, horses, wagon, etc. it just went poof, plz help since i cannot continue playing without a weapon and i wont buy another one. HALP PLZ this causes a lot of trouble and a lot of my summoning scrolls are probably gonna die since i dont have a weapon to do them, haaaaaalp i dont wanna quit the game because a silly bug like this one. ive sent a ticket but no response till now. ticket: Request #90130         :((((

  21. i just got an awakened skill reset item and when i try to use it it doesnt disapear or anything and just makes the sound that i used it, also when i bring black spirit up it glows on the "Awakening" button but can't do anything. plz fix this
  22. Please add the [profession] Transfer Coupon
    http://bddatabase.net/us/item/17603/ (example for fishing)
    As a LOYALTY item.
    There is one for each profession, and as it says, it allows you to transfer profession exp from one character to another.
    Why is this important? Because there are many people playing temporary classes till 'new' ones come out, or people just want to play another class.
    Why not just use your current class as an alt? Several reasons, first your energy regenerates faster on an active character, second you gain leveling exp, third so you show up in the ranking on your main character, etc.
    Why should it be a LOYALTY item? Because there will be 12 classes in this game, 13 if you count the upcoming dark elf. If you ever want to switch main characters, which a lot of people do, you'll without a doubt want to transfer profession EXP as getting to artisan takes about a month! There are currently 9 professions and more will be added later. So people will want to transfer their professions, and you cannot expect people to pay real money to transfer 9+ professions multiple times. If it is not made a loyalty item, you'll be expecting people to play for months or over a year to just get their professions caught up. So it does not make sense to tell people to pay real money or play for a year. Please make them loyalty items or loyalty and cash shop.
    Weird, this is on the front page of the /r/blackdesertonline reddit sub, but nobody seems to have seen this here..
  23. Today at around 1 am in the morning, shortly before logging out I received a Tilefish and a Shadow Knight Emblem (or something close to it, don't remember) out of nowhere. I was just walking through town and suddenly I had these 2 items in my inventory, with the 2 notifications popping up in the top center of the screen when you receive an item. I found it strange and destroyed both of them and didn't think much of it, but now I'm concerned that I might have been the victim of some ban / exploit and could be banned.
    Has anyone else had something like this happen to them? I would have submitted a ticket but there isn't really a relevant support category for something like this.
  24. Hello there, im just gonna keep this short since i have to go to work in a minute.

    I was autofishing this night, i wake up, UNequipp my 0durability Balenos Fishing Rod, i jump in the water, swim to shore, get disconnected, i log in again, and my Fishing rod is no longer in my bag nor in my character.
    I guess even tho it gets 0 Durability its not suppose to just Vanish into the void. 

    So what i would like to know is if there is a known bug when you Disconnect that items Can Disappear.

  25. Fir Sap currently doesn't appear adjacent to other saps when auto-sorted. please fix (it is killing my OCD)