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  1. So i wanna get my trading to master 2 and people been talking about this nerf and stuff and now im dumb struck how to even trade so how should i trade, videos,screenshots and complete text guide  the fastest way is the best way!

  2. Post on J O I N B A K A in US Guild

    By LoganTHM, posted
    Join BAKA | Banned Leadership | Rules against Bullying | Strong Christian Morals | ELITE PvE | Bullied by all the major meanie guilds | Girl Stream Subbing | Dank memes | #1 All Girl Anime Fishing Guild | PvMeanies  | Dedicated Core Membership | Samurai Showdown Node Wars | #1 Elite Anime Banter Guild | Survived 5 Dramapocalypses | Undefeated World GvG Champions| Cyber Terrorism | GIRLS GET IN FREE REPEAT ALL GIRLS GET IN FREE | TRUMP 2016 | Autism | A LITTLE Drama | lv 58+ 400 combined/Anyone stupid enough to join | PLS
    <Baka> is recruiting new and veteran players interested in GvG and nodewars.
    You have probably already heard about the legendary exploits of the mighty BAKA so now here is your chance to create your own content in the game without some normie GM telling you to show up to group movement practice 3 nights a week. 
    We have all guild perks, CommandtoGather for crates, Guild Ships for boat pvp and weekly guild events. If you want to be part of a timeless tradition of anime and friendship JOIN TODAY!

  3. I was watching a few videos on youtube the other day, and I came across a video and a few after that of a gentlemen and some others fighting Ancient Kutum, as he was fighting the Kutum started doing his "Suction" attack and the ground pulsated red with AOE markers, now i know the Korean version is different, as well as the Japanese is too, but I honestly this this is a function we should have available for us to turn on and off in the settings menu. This would really help players understand the attacks and patterns of the bosses, or at the very least larger "raid" like bosses such as Kutum, and maybe even Karanda who both have very devastating AOE's in their arsenal.
    I understand BDO is trying to be a different kind of MMO and that not having these markers adds more "Challenge" and "Skill" to the game and I do not disagree with that, but when fighting Kutum, Karanda, and any other boss for the most part, it can be exceedingly difficult to read the situation and the bosses "tells" for moves and at times its utterly impossible when there is a large enough group of players leading to unnecessary deaths.
    As well, seeing as the KR version and the JP version have this function I would only see it "fair" and "right" to also give us that option as well. I appreciate any thoughts and opinions or information, and hope very much that this will be considered and implemented.
    Thoughts and opinions?
    Feed back, and ideas?
  4. Hey, not sure if I'll get in trouble for posting about this but I'm wanted to know if anyone plays Japanese version of Black Desert.  If so then i'd like to join your guild and if there I'd a small amount of players that actually come around to seeing the his that do play,  then I'd like to start a guild with some. I kinda like the Japanese servers - as I do play and enjoy NA - cheaper pearl shop, features not in our version yet... but yeah I don't really want to talk on the game cause I don't know if I will get reported and don't want to take the risk - lmao, but if I get people I can comunictae with in the server, it will be easier and safer to play.
  5. As a foreigner living in Japan, I would love to play BD from here but my I.P won't allow me. Also, Japanese players are willing to play in America/European servers over Japanese ones since servers are sort of dead compared. Please consider. Thanks.
  6. Post on Pack Voice in Suggestions

    By Justisword, posted
    When I played in other mmorpg, I always change the voice pack to Japanese voice! being a manga and animated lover, I like to listen to japanese voice actor.
    this changement is possible in BDO ??
  7. Post on Favorite Asian Drama in Off-Topic

    By α, posted
    What's your favorite drama? Are you watching any right now? What was the last drama you watched? 
    What drama did you try but dropped? 

    My favorite drama of all times is: Legal High 1 & 2
    Currently watching none but planning to watch either: Winter Sonata (겨울연가) or Orange Days.
    Last drama I watched was: Long Vacation and 1 Litre of Tears (1リットルの涙)
    Tried and dropped: Hill tops' cloud? (坂の上の雲)I didn't like this very much because it felt too much like a nationalist's propaganda. Too much emphasis on portraying Meij era as an era of progress and barely touched the negative drawbacks of rapid indigenization/industrialization (ie. rise of nationalism). 
  8. Hello I've been playing on Japanese servers for a while but I'm using a provate VPN (that I have long used for work) but a friend of mine wants to join to check before preorder but We haven't been able to get the WTFast working with it. Any tip? Manual config on 2, 3, or 6 haven't worked neither.
  9. Hello to the forum members!
    So, to start out, I recently wanted to pre-order my copy of Black desert, to show my dedication to a game I've followed for a long time now. Followed updates, Overseas betas, etc. But I realized the restriction of the IP service areas would not apply to me due to my job overseas as a USAF Airman, stationed within Japan. 
    Now, on our base I use a U.S. router that I purchased with a modem given to me by the local internet supplier, unfortunately it does still read us as located in Japan. I was curious if there were any options for us servicemen and women that show interest in this game but are stuck unfortunately overseas. I would obviously rather avoid playing on the Japanese servers, as my friends and family will be on the U.S. version.
    I'm going to assume the best option would be to use VPNs, if anyone has a certain recommendation, please let me know on that subject.
    But again, I ask if Daum has any plans to assist with the military members and their station, along with the inability to even purchase the pre-order due to our location. Would appreciate any thoughts or assistance on the topic!
    Thank you!