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  1. Bonjour à tous,

    J'ai créer ce post, car depuis quelque temps(plusieurs mise a jour, enfaîte) j'ai la forte impression que les métier/compétence métier ne monte plus comme au départ depuis plusieurs maj. 

    Notamment les trade pack, qui ne donne presque plus d'xp alors que je suis en apprentie ou qualifié.

    Avant ce problème il me suffisait d'une centaine de pack pour arriver jusqu'à professionnel. Maintenant, je dépasse pas le grade qualifié 5....

    Du coup, je voulais savoir si vous avez la même impression que moi ou bien j'ai complètement tord. Merci.
  2. Post on Is this the 50s? in General

    By MIGhunter, posted
    So is this game made for the 1950s?  I mean do ppl still work 9-5 M-F?  All of these events are scheduled for the weekend.  No rotation, no movement.  I work in an ER Tr-S night shift so I don't get to do the Exp events.  I don't get to do Seiges.  They should rotate the events so atleast ppl can do them once a month.  These weekend "compensation" events should be a 24 hour token that ticks, whether you are online or not.  That way you can use them during the week.  Shoot, I'd rather have a few xp scrolls than a 24hr weekend only event.
  3. Good Evening,
    I have discontinued playing after spending 40-60 hours a week grinding as I have a full time job and family. I love this game but cannot and will not continue as it is apparent that many of us with full time jobs and commitments cannot keep up.
    A casual server limiting to +15 on weapons armor (removing this RNG fail stack system and utilizing instead a set # of stones for each level past 5), removing the fail stack accessory requirements so that a drop is a drop without having to farm 100 of them to PRI, DUO, etc. would fix this issue and keep those of us who can only play a few hours a week in the game.
    Seriously, how many people are leaving due to not being able to grind 40-60 hours a week? 
    Stand up another server for the casual crowd and wipe out this ridiculous RNG fail-stack system.
  4. Job Description
    Asylum Entertainment is seeking a Systems Programmer with exceptional technical, logic processing and communication skills. This individual will primarily be working on the Identity game project. The Systems Programmer is responsible for consistently delivering technical excellence and efficiency on all projects.
    Implement systems and gameplay features to support design requests.Developing, writing, and debugging code for complex systems.Resolve issues and solve problems throughout the project life cycle as they arise.Communicate ideas for improving company processes with a positive and constructive attitude, and for developing this attitude in others.Skills
    Experience working in a game development environment, preferably using Unreal Engine 3 or Unreal Engine 4.Knowledge of client/server game network systems.Focused on efficiency and performance in programming practices.Develop, manage and apply technical standards across project teams.Qualifications/Attributes
    First and foremost, a passion for games and game development.Degree or Diploma in computer science or related field or experience equivalent.Fluent in C++ programming.Experience with Object Oriented Programming practices.Experience in designing, implementing, debugging and optimizing game code.Ability to multi-task and process information quickly.Rapidly adapt and respond to changes in environment and priorities.Systems architecture, design and development experience.Working knowledge of, or exposure to, complex database concepts.At least 1 year of gameplay/systems experience on game titles.At least 2 years of experience on client/server or multiplayer systems.Please submit your resume and cover letter to careers@asylumentertainment.ca. You must clearly indicate the role title in your submission to be considered.
    Only applicants being interviewed will be contacted. All replies will be treated with the highest level of discretion. Asylum Entertainment is an equal opportunity employer.
  5. Post on Mentoring System in Suggestions

    By Karma93, posted
    Good morning!

    As the title suggests, I wish black desert implement the possibility of doing mentoring.
    My idea was born from the fact that as many people love, doing "real jobs" in their favorite game, many others dream of making the head guard or (like me) the mentor.
    Very often it happens that, or our new friends / guild mates/ New players need a hand to get to know the game better. BD is a fairly complex game, full of features NON-TRADITIONAL.
    Having someone to talk , can help various players to adapt better, or just people who are not too confident with huge wiki to read (not out of laziness but for example for people with dyslexia (like me =)).
    I think that an idea like this could also serve for an eventual END GAME where very often things to do are  limited, and like it or not, you just chat to make something (not that black desert should have this end, it is only a hypothesis)

    Mentoring System could be developed as well (of course I'm not a game designer, so if interested, a hand is WELL AGREE * haha *):

    1) Implement a bulletin board / NPC in each city, with the task of managing the various applications.

    2) Implementation of a kind of "feedback" between players, the more it is well valued more fame you will. Each player will have 2 TYPES OF "FEEDBACK" one for              mentoring, the other as a Pupil. At the end of a teaching it gives one vote to assess both the Mentor and the Pupil.

    3) implementation of a "Mentoring level" and "Pupil level".

    4) Implement a simple spreadsheet that encompasses a format like this:

                      - Nickname of player .

                      - Mentor or Pupil selection .

                       - The various objectives to be achieved, or do achieve.Every goal successfully achieved will make growing your own mentor or Pupil level .
     !! for example if you  trivially explained how the dialogue between the NPC and their approval ,the% exp will be low, while if it is explained to a newcomer how the skill of black desert (including combos) the exp will be much higher .!!

                 - Duration of  teaching : I believe it is essential, if a person must understand, for example, how the nodes of commerce works, it is humanly impossible that  you learn everything in 1m.

                     - Personality of player: could be seen as a silly thing but knowing who you has to do it is always a good thing, both for learners and for those who teach. there will be a person who likes to talk like one that is concise and direct, you have to know what you prefer and how you learn best! personally if I need information that already I do not understand, if I had a person who is very concise I risk not understanding anything). 

                       - Duration of the ad: for how long you want the ad  remain on the board (for example, "all the time that you are online "/" 1h "/" 2h "exc).

    ** To be Mentor must be at least level 50, while to become pupil must have achieved level 20 **
    ** ONCE ACCEPTED THE  "QUEST" generates a direct message to the player or trivially opens a dialog chat between the mentor and the pupil (this part should be reviewed depending on what is easiest).**

    5) Implement achieved achievement: a page that encompasses all that is taught or learned through simple reward or cute titles (as often happens in many mmo) or as has  happened in some other mmo after an "n" number of goals achieved the player name changes color (banal and simple thing but for some rewarding) orr the image of the player on the bulletin board as "best mentor", things like that.

     ** Balanced Rewards!!  **so that they do not become this system crap, where just to take the prize people grind here! **

    This is more or less what we had thought, I realize it's a whole extra work and I have no idea whether it requires hundreds of hours of programming or a few hours, I considered interesting in a game as "serious", the opportunity to help each players as well between people =).

    *i am sorry for diplay view but i really can 't understand how this forum display works xD*

    Have a nice day!
  6. Boats are obviously a pretty big part of the game. But it does take a while to get a boat, especially the bigger ones. So what if players could charter out their boats? So for example, if I had a large sailboat, I could post it up for rent. And players would be able to pay me in order to use it for a specific amount of time. This would not only make it easier for new players to get to the good fishing spots, but would also make having a boat a much more profitable investment.

    Just a thought.
  7. Seeing as the machine requirements for this game are pretty up there and this is a pay-to-play game, I'd safely assume that most of use have jobs to fund our hobbies.

    So what do you do for a living?
    I myself am a digital illustrator / Full-time Mommy. I'm currently working on a massive comic project, and I typically draw lots of waifu trash for money in my off time because I am a massive closet weeb.