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  1. Jo Leute,
    gibt es eigentlich schon irgendwo news/daten/leaks darüber wann das Kamasilve Update auf EU rauskommen würde?
    Oder ist das noch zu früh um zu fragen? 
  2. When is the kamasilve update expected for NA?
  3. I'm proposing a slight price adjustment for Kamasilve's blessing. Currently 14 days of loyalties for 1 day of kamasilve's blessing is just excessive and no one will use it when they can save loyalties for other things that are more useful. In fact, Artisan's memory is a better deal than Kamasilve and gets you much further than 1 day of Kamasilve blessing does.

    I'm proposing both an overall reduction in loyalty cost for Kamasilve Blessing, and also higher duration packs you can get for loyalties.

    1 day=400 Loyalty. 3 Days=800 loyalty. 7 days=1200 loyalty.

    These prices would be more reasonable and more competitive choices for players versus other items in loyalty shop, and would render more players giving Kamasilve blessings a try. At current cost, no one in their right mind will spend a straight two weeks of loyalties for 24 hours of (Admittedly limited) benefit, since it also ticks down while offline.
  4. Greetings community members of Black Desert Online.
    This post within the General Discussion forum section shall detail the Make Kamasilvia great again! initiative.
    This shall be an informative post which shall provide information in order to educate, warn and allow our fellow Kamasilvians to prepare for the coming storm.
    Currently all across the globe, Calpheon, Serendia, Balenos, Mediah and Valencia are plagued by a scourge of constant warfare. 
    Riots, rebellions, wars, protests and civil unrest in the streets of Calpheon, extreme tax increase after tax increase in Heidel and more problems and terrors.
    We must stand united against these issues as we Kamasilvians, we dark elves pronounce our benevolent heritage as we work together, as we work towards making Kamasilvia great again.
    South of Calpheon lies our illustrious region of Kamasilvia, the proud land of a proud and strong people, a superior people; we the dark elves.

    The above image shows the geographic location of our glorious homeland.

    Above is a dark elves rendition of our beautiful people's visage.

    Here you see how the Makers work on designing life within our holy Kamasilvian realm.
    Make Kamasilvia great again initiative
    We are faced with the imminent threat of illegals swarming our mother-land, those fleeing the war-torn, poverty-stricken and guild-drama swamped regions of Calpheon, Serendia, Balenos, Mediah and of course the land of the Black Desert; Valencia. 
    We need to work together and act immediately if we are to stop these invaders as well as their malicious intentions from corrupting our beautiful Kamasilvia. We need to build a wall, separating the incoming hordes of refugees fleeing the war-torn lands of the North and have the Kalis government in Calpheon pay for it!
    Build the wall!
    Make it tall!
    Keep our dark elves safe!
    The crooked officials in our immediate neighbours land of Calpheon, as well as the other poverty-stricken regions need to be held accountable for all their transgressions and they need to pay. It has to be this way ladies and gentlemen, and it shall be.
    As the rabble foam at the mouth at the thought of pillaging our beautiful country, we shall not stand idly by. We shall build the wall to protect our Kamasilvia, we shall rebuild dark elf industry, we shall remove all illegals and send them back to Calpheon, Serendia, Balenos and so on where they belong! 
    Kamasilvia doesn't need them nor does Kamasilvia want them!
    Affordable health-care for all Kamasilvian citizens, we must not forsake our ancestors and forget the reasons how we're able to be here today within this great country, we shall honour our veteran warriors, rebuild our unparalleled black stone industry and create the jobs our hard-working, benevolent dark elf people deserve! The Sylph and their administration are but puppets of the Kalis government. Look, the Sylph have no backbone, but we have backbone, we have the best backbone and we shall make Kamasilvia great again!
    First we build the wall, then we kick the Sylph out and send them to Calpheon where they belong, then we assert our species as the superior race we are.
    Join me, brothers and sisters of Kamasilvia, together let us subjugate the lesser species, together let us make Kamasilvia great again!
  5. I have an issue where my kamasilve blessing, is not working properly after the recent patch I no longer have the energy being returned by +2, meaing I am getting 1 energy every 3 mins.
    I would like to believe it was working yesterday before the maint.
    It was working yesterday before the patch.
    If the +2 energy return function is not working @ 1:1min. nor @ 3:3min. instead I get 1:3min.
    If the energy function is not working, I doubt the drop chance increase (+20%) is not working as well.
    Would it be possible if I opened a ticket for them too either #1 FIX the issue for my remaining 4-5hours, (8 hours from the maint.) &/or Give me a new kamasilve blessing?
    What am I supposed to do about an issue I have no control over?
    I already prove the energy function is not working prob. because my blessing somehow didn't implement itself correctly after the maint.
    BTW - I popped the blessing on accident* b4 the servers went down on 6/17/2016 - 3am PST
    After the servers  come up I run into this problem.
    Nerdah aka "The Truth" Nubah
    PS: BDo Dev Team - Keep up the hard work, gg.