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  1. Post on Kibelius Armor in Suggestions

    By Russelus, posted
    I think everyone know that the colors are out of this world when it comes to lighting in this game, but I have a huge problem with the Kibelius armor's wings, its just not looking good with most of the colors. Since the colors itself is a huge pain to fix, what about making the wing into a "cape", so we can turn it off in the inventory.
    Thank you for your time.
  2. Post on Kibelius Set A in Off-Topic

    By Ruarc88, posted
    Long story short, wondering if it's known if this outfit will ever be available again. Switched from EU to NA and it's the one thing I can't get back.
  3. How does Kibelius looks like in young wizard? Because atm in old wizard it doesnt really good tbh
  4. The Cash Shop for ninja... is very very dissapointing..
    On the patchnotes it states that the Cokro outfit for ninja was introduced.. whoever it is not available on the cash shop.
    Also, there are items that are already available in the cash shop for other characters and those items are not here, like epheria for ninja, or Kibelius A,for ninja/kunoichi.
    You released a nice box with an outfit, and other usefull stuff for musa/maehwa .. im dissappointed you didnt released a smilar box for ninja/kuno :,(
  5. Post on Kibelius A in Off-Topic

    By Creation Undone, posted
    I'm not here to rant like most other people did when Kibelius A was removed, just wanted to know if anyone thinks its possible for it to come back out for sale. Just asking because i was extremely upset when i finally got paid and went to buy it for my maehwa but it was gone  and i understand that there was enough time to buy it but seeing as i am a full time college student, this semester i had to put gaming on a break and i just came back this monday and saw the costume and wanted it but didn't have the money  
  6. The Kibelius set A, was removed today from the marketplace for all classes except Musa and Maehwa.
    The costume was listed as "Limited" at the marketplace, however in the game nor in the patchnotes or anouncements, was NEVER stated when does the limited costume would be taken out of the marketplace...
    Your lack of communication, allowed the community to make their own logical conclusions and make the rumour that the kibelius set A was going to be available up to the 4rth of may.

    When you are having a limited sale, the common sense thing would be to at least say when it starts and when does it ends. Also you could at least tell us if its ever comming back...

    Alot of people had credits for these outfits, and waited for Musa/Maehwa release before spending credits.

    Help us support this game, by improving your communication regarding the marketplace. Let us plan ahead, and get information on when does items are going to be out of sale, so we can continue to support you guys
  7. Hi all,
    I am planning to buy Kibelius Outfit, but I would like to know the wings at the back can be hidden like cape.
    Thanks in advance!