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  1. hoi,
    seit wenigen tagen werden in korea eigene channel für pvpler getestet, mit eigenen regeln und veränderten dps!
  2. https://www.twitch.tv/blackdesert_kr
  3. So what's this all about? 
    KR server getting new craftable costumes.. when are we?
  4. So, i havent been playing bdo for long and now have come to an dillema, i have 120kk in my warehouse and use an ultimate yuria duo, but was thiniking of upgrading my gear.
    It all led me to check the forums for guides, since i wanna be as good as i can while playing plum/maehwa i tried reading even some of the korean ones, and all i was able to find out that there are too many retards.
    By checking the forums i tried to find as much as i could about how they tested it and how many times, and after reading them all, no answer was found.
    70% of tests say that yuria<<<liverto, but they usually use green yuria, so that got me curious as to is there any difference between green and ultimate, whhich led me to find out that those who used ult yuria got random results, and by that i mean that the results were never solid between multiple people who have done those tests, and the tests werent indepth enough so i went to see more and found people saying that koreans have already tested/proved which one is better.
    So i did what any insane man would do and using multiple translators and a dictionary read their files, which led me to a horrifying answer of them being 50% liverto 50% Ulti Yulia.
    Can someone who has done any tests in the most recent version  give an honest answer?
  5. So, i havent been playing bdo for long and now have come to an dillema, i have 120kk in my warehouse and use an ultimate yuria duo, but was thiniking of upgrading my gear.
    It all led me to check the forums for guides, since i wanna be as good as i can while playing plum/maehwa i tried reading even some of the korean ones, and all i was able to find out that there are too many retards.
    By checking the forums i tried to find as much as i could about how they tested it and how many times, and after reading them all, no answer was found.
    70% of tests say that yuria<<<liverto, but they usually use green yuria, so that got me curious as to is there any difference between green and ultimate, whhich led me to find out that those who used ult yuria got random results, and by that i mean that the results were never solid between multiple people who have done those tests, and the tests werent indepth enough so i went to see more and found people saying that koreans have already tested/proved which one is better.
    So i did what any insane man would do and using multiple translators and a dictionary read their files, which led me to a horrifying answer of them being 50% liverto 50% Ulti Yulia.
    Can someone who has done any tests any the most recent versio  give an honest answer?
  6. Does anyone know if a 13th character slot was made available for purchase for Korean players after the release of the Dark Knight class? I would like to have all classes available to me, and currently have one of every class. I am trying to determine if I should awaken the last of these or delete it to make sure I have room for Dark Knight later.
  7. I was watching a few videos on youtube the other day, and I came across a video and a few after that of a gentlemen and some others fighting Ancient Kutum, as he was fighting the Kutum started doing his "Suction" attack and the ground pulsated red with AOE markers, now i know the Korean version is different, as well as the Japanese is too, but I honestly this this is a function we should have available for us to turn on and off in the settings menu. This would really help players understand the attacks and patterns of the bosses, or at the very least larger "raid" like bosses such as Kutum, and maybe even Karanda who both have very devastating AOE's in their arsenal.
    I understand BDO is trying to be a different kind of MMO and that not having these markers adds more "Challenge" and "Skill" to the game and I do not disagree with that, but when fighting Kutum, Karanda, and any other boss for the most part, it can be exceedingly difficult to read the situation and the bosses "tells" for moves and at times its utterly impossible when there is a large enough group of players leading to unnecessary deaths.
    As well, seeing as the KR version and the JP version have this function I would only see it "fair" and "right" to also give us that option as well. I appreciate any thoughts and opinions or information, and hope very much that this will be considered and implemented.
    Thoughts and opinions?
    Feed back, and ideas?
  8. Considering we are the next one that will get the awakening weapon with the ninjas it's time to look again at it.
    I will start with a few players in KR that still play the Kunoichi and have pvp videos. 
    Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe48nuu-jlQSSsUcT0U6aCQ
    Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/apple3574
    Afreecatv: http://afreecatv.com/apple3574

    Helm: 2*Ancient Magic Crystal of Enchantment - Agility: http://bddatabase.net/us/item/15624/ Chest: 2*Magic Crystal of Infinity: http://bddatabase.net/us/item/15136/
    Gloves:Black Magic Crystal - Valor http://bddatabase.net/us/item/15218/  &Black Magic Crystal - Viper: http://bddatabase.net/us/item/15630/
    Boots: 2*Red Battlefield Crystal: Adamantine http://bddatabase.net/us/item/15640/
    Kunai: 2 Awakened Spirit’s Crystal: http://bddatabase.net/us/item/15627/ Shortsword: 2*Black Magic Crystal - Precision: http://bddatabase.net/us/item/15640/
    Last Video:
    Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCciP7VEdmQu7wvOLIUSvBDg/videos
    Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/dkwkfkql

    Helmet : 2x Ancient Magic Crystal of Enchantment - Agility http://bddatabase.net/us/item/15624/
    Armor : 2x Magic Crystal of Infinity - Evasion http://bddatabase.net/us/item/15136/
    Glove : 2x Black Magic Crystal - Valor http://bddatabase.net/us/item/15218/
    Shoes : 2x Red Battlefield Crystal - Adamantine http://bddatabase.net/us/item/15640/ 
    Weapon : 2x Black Magic Crystal - Precision http://bddatabase.net/us/item/15201/
    Offhand : 2x Awakened Spirit's Crystal http://bddatabase.net/us/item/15627/
    Skillbuild: http://bddatabase.net/us/skillcalc/17212/
    Last Video
    Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtwTXfnPNUahashHkMP_bVQ

    Last video
    Skillbuilder for awakening http://form1ca.ru/media/bdo/calc/calc_25kunoichi.html or http://bddatabase.net/us/skillcalc/17212/
    Patch notes over the last few weeks by https://www.reddit.com/user/chopper_85
    24.11 Kunoichi
     Bug fixed where the AP increasing effect and the skill description is not matching for the skill Flow: Slice.
    ● Combat stance switching motion improved to be faster while moving.
    ● When you use the skill Concealment, same guild/party member will not be able to see you in RBF or Arena.
    ● Bug fixed where the character stops for a while when the stamina runs out during sprint with short sword combat standby stance.
    ● Alert message added for the skill Star: Toxic that you will need to equip Star first in order to use the skill.
    ● Attack range increased slightly for black spirit awakening skill.
    ● Front Guard will be applied on de-activated motion for the skill Curtain under the Moon.
    ● When you use V while awakening combat stance, it will change to non-combat stance.
    ● Accuracy related description added on the skill Shadow Stomp.
    ● Shortsword Ghost Step moving distance increased slightly except forward direction
    ● Required WP decreased for the skill Half Moon Slash.
    ● Super armor effect added on one of the awakening skill.
    ● All hit stiffness changed to 1st hit success stiffness and 3rd hit success stun for one of the awakening skill.
    ● Skill damage increased slightly for one of the awakening skill.
    ● Attack speed increased slightly for one of the awakening skill.
    ● Left side, right side, and backward movement distance increased slightly for the skill Ghost Step.
    ● Weapon durability consumption decreased slightly.
    ● Eyes will blink while combat standby stance.
    ● Bug fixed where you can use the skill Sky Stepping continuously in the air.
    ● Bug fixed where you land abnormally when you use the skill Ghost Step while equipping awaken weapon.
    ● When your weight is over 125%, you can’t jump while sprint.
    ● Skill description changed for the skill Heart Aiming.
    ● Skill improved so that you can use the skill Target Chase while awaken weapon battle mode.
    When you use Target Chase, weapon will be changed to short sword.
    ● Bug fixed so that the skill Star Throw will be used normally in a certain situation.
    ● During short sword battle mode, when you use the skill Ghost Step and W+RMB, awaken weapon skill will be used instead of Shuriken Throw.
    ● Bug fixed where skill add-on effects was applied on black spirit 100%, 200% skills.
    ● required Skill point for some awakening skill decreased.
    Skill point will send back to the users who learn the skills before this change.
    ● When you use some skill with Chakram, super armor effect will no longer applied.
    ● Movement improved when you use the skill Concealment with Chakram.
    ● bug fixed so that some skill cool down will applied normally while using Chakram.
      ● Stamina consumption rate has been added on tooltip of Shuriken: Evasive Throw skill and Star: Moving Throw skill.
      ● Kunoichi awakening weapon, ’Chakram’ has been added.
        - ’Chakram’ can be obtained by finishing Awakening Weapon Quest.
        - New skills for Kunoichi has been added.
        - Awakening weapon can be switched to Ordinary weapon by pressing C button while equipping those weapons.
      ● Damage rate of awakening weapon skill can be vary depending on awakening weapon and main weapon’s AP, Crystal and Accuracy.
      ● Stiffness effect has been added when using Tendon Cutter skill in case of PvP.
    All are lvl 60/61 so access to the highest skills and off course some good gear. We did recive quite some buffs over the last few weeks but we are still considered more less in the middle of the awakening but as you can see above we can still do some dmg. Lets say we are no 2 button class and have still a high skill cap 
    The inven forums still have a IP ban, if you want to access the forums use a proxy.
  9. Post on New hairstyle Korea in General

    By SaintJoann, posted
    Can anyone confrim if this is a new hairstyle in korea?

  10. So i have an account, i found an updated torrent and took these steps that i got off bdotome

    downloaded torrent

    copy and pasted everything into program (not x86) files because i am on 64 bit
    did the take ownership program and changed what i had too

    logged into the site and hit the game start option

    Downloaded and ran the "Daum game starter setup"

    Went into regedit and changed the version string to

    Went back to the site and hit game start and it still makes me download the "Daum game starter setup" again and wants to change the version back to no matter how many times i change it to
    am i doing something wrong? is there an updated installation guide for 2016, im using firefox cause i understand edge and chrome don't work properly with it
  11. In addition to the Kunoichi awakening costume, Korea also got a new sailor costume for each class called Romance Marine.
    It looks slightly different for each class with different patterns/colors. 

    Gallery view: http://bdo-fashion.com/category/database/miscellaneous-database/set-names/romance-marine/
    BerserkerKunoichiMaehwaMusaNinjaRangerSorceressTamerValkyrieWarriorWitchKunoichi awakening costume for those that havn't seen it yet
  12.  Newly released unlisted Ninja Awakening video with Kunoichi awakening sneak peek at the end:
  13. I'm anxiously hoping that the kyriad set releases in the next update. What outfits/costumes are you guys waiting for or have already received?
    X = Already released
    O = Kyriad set

  14. Post on WIP Kunoichi Class Guide in General

    By hakklo, posted
    This is a guide im creating right now and im publishing it on multiple forums to get feedback on it.
    I am going to edit it in the future.
    NOTE : This is a work in Progress i am not yet done writing this is why the Skills and Gameplay sections are missing and /or not complete.

    Hello ;D

    I would like to share with you what i consider the best way to play a Kunoichi, the female Ninja.

    Table of Contents

    1. Gear

    - Armor & Options

    - Weapons & Options

    - Accessoires & Options

    - Crystals

    2. Skills

    - Core Build

    - Why choose the specific skills ?!

    3. Gameplay

    - PvE Combos etc.

    - PvP Combos etc.

    1. Gear

    Armor and Options


    NOTE : Boss Armor meaning Giath Helmet, Bheg Gloves, Mukan Shoes and Tree Spirit Armor are the best ingame and BiS ( Best in Slot) for every Class. However they are expensive to get and to repair so the options down below are what you should use until you get enough silver for Boss Armor.

    Possibilities : - Full Grunil; Pros : Lot of Gems Cons : No additional WP

    - Grunil Helmet & Gloves with Taritas Armor & Shoes; Pros : Additional WP; Cons : Fewer Gem Slot, Lesser AP

    - Agerian Helmet, Gloves & Shoes with Taritas Armor; Pros : Cast & Attack Speed Cons : Very few Gem Slots, Lesser AP
    - Grunil Helmet & Gloves with Rocaba Armor & Shoes; Pros : Additional WP, Additional HP, Gem Slots Cons : Lesser AP

    My personal preference is full Grunil, since i like the Crystal Slots and always have them filled with the gems i am going to list later.

    The extra Ap is nice to go along with that. If you dont have the silver to fill all the Gem Slots i would recommend one of the Options including Agerian and / or Taritas.

    Weapons and Options


    Mainhand :

    Yuria : This is what you should be using while saving up Silver for Kzarka

    Bares : Alternative to Yuria

    Liverto : If there are enough Kzarka Shortswords in your Servers Marketplace skip Liverto, since u will regret putting the effort and silver in to upgrade it, otherwise get one as soon as possible.
    Kzarka : BiS for every Class, get this as soon as possible and try to upgrade it as fast as you can. If you cant get it to drop or cant afford it use Yuria / Bares until you can.

    Offhand :

    First of all Kunoichis should use Kunai's since they benefit from the skills granted with it and get more skills then Ninjas with them. (Ninjas use Shurikens)

    Quitar : Grants Flat 5 Accuracy and Increased Accuracy with Enhancments. This is what you should be using if you are PvP'ing or farming higher lvl Mobs.
    Estique : Grants Ap, and Ap increase with Enhancment. Can be used for PvE, if you are farming enemies lower lvl then you.
    Nouver ( Boss Offhand ) : Grants Ap, and Ap increase with Enhancment. Best for PvE if you are using Accessoires with Accuracy since this does not grant Accuracy.

    My personal preference is to save up Silver for Kzarka, whilst using Yuria, or try and get it to drop since its objectively better than all the other weapons, for Offhand i recommend Quitar since you will be farming Valencia enemies quite a lot and those are often lvl 60 and higher, if using Nouver or Estique you would not hit them most of the time which would result in less dmg even though you have more AP.

    Accessoires & Options
    NOTE : I do not list all available Accessoires, just the ones i think are viable BUT If you want to use something else DONT take my word for it ! Play how you want !

    Earrings :

    Witch's Earring : Base Ap : 5 Extra Effects : None Upgrade : +2 Ap
    Blue Whale Earring : Base Ap : 5 Extra Effects : +100 HP Upgrade +2 AP
    Fugitive Calcs Earring : Base Ap 5 Extra Effects : +50 Stamina & Max MP/WP/SP Upgrade : +2 Ap, +20 Stamina & Max MP/WP/SP
    Blue Coral Earring : Base Ap : 4 Extra Effects : +25 Max MP/WP/SP Upgrade : +2 Ap
    Red Coral Earring : Base Ap : 2 Extra Effects : Accuracy +3 & Stamina +50 Upgrade : +2 Ap +1 Accuracy

    Blue Whale and Fugitive Earrings are the BiS but they are very expensive so a lot of players cant afford them. If you are using Nouver or Estique offhand i would go for Red Coral Earrings, if you are using Quitar go for Blue Coral until you have enough silver for Either Blue Whale or Fugitive.

    Rings :

    Mark of Shadow : Base Ap : 5 Extra Effects : None Upgrade : +2 Ap
    Ring of Crescent Guardian : Base Ap : 5 Extra Effects : None Upgrade : +3 Ap
    Blue Coral Ring : Base Ap : 5 Extra Effects : +25 Max MP/WP/SP Upgrade : +1 Ap & +5 Max MP/WP/SP
    Red Coral Ring : Base Ap : 4 Extra Effects : 3 Dp & +50 Stamina Upgrade : +1 Ap & +1 Dp

    Ring of Crescent Guardian is BiS but very expensive. I would recommend getting Blue or Red Coral Rings.

    Necklace :

    Scarla Necklace : Base Ap : 5 Extra Effets : 5 Dp Upgrade : +1 Ap & +1 Dp
    Sichil Necklace : Base Ap : 7 Extra Effects : 3 Dp Upgrade : +3 Ap & +2 Dp
    Ogre Ring : Base Ap : 10 Extra Effects : None Upgrade : +5 Ap

    Ogre Ring and Sichil are very expensive and / or rare. Go with Scarla until you can afford one of them or get lucky.

    Belt :

    Basiliks Belt : Base Ap : 5 Extra Effects : +80LT Upgrade : +3 Ap
    Tree Spirit Belt : Base Ap : 5 Extra Effects : +80LT & +1 Accuracy Upgrade : +1 Accuracy & +2 Ap
    Belt of Shultz : Base Ap : 3 Extra Effects : +50LT Upgrade : +10 LT & +2 Ap
    Ancient Weapon Core : Base Ap : 4 Extra Effects : +50LT & 4 Dp Upgrade : +10LT & +1 Ap & +1 Dp

    Basilisks Belt is BiS but if you cant afford one go with Tree Spirit if your lucky or one of the other 2 options but preferably upgraded.

    Main hand : Attack Speed & Crit Crystals depending on what weapon you are using.
    Off hand : Black Spirit Crystal or Luck Crystals
    Helmet : Knockdown resistance for PvP Health for PvE
    Chest : Hp and Weight limit crystals
    Gloves : Attack Speed Crystals
    Shoes : Movement Speed or Red Battlefield Crystal Adamantine


    Core Build

    NOTE : Ninjutsu : Black Moonlight, Ninjutsu : Shadow Explosion and Ground Thrust can be substituted since they are only really used in PvE however i chose to go with Black Moonlight since it has slight uses in PvP.


    This is the Core Kunoichi Build you should aim for at 56 after that you should probably save skill points to spend on the Awakening Weapons Skills.
  15. Since the newest patch in Korea Auto Attacks of every class now auto upgrade without using skill points :
  16. In the patch that hit Korea this morning, you no longer need workshops to upgrade your armor :

  17. Yo, so i switched to the KR version a couple of weeks ago due to EU being boring and not fun in general.
    On KR my Kunoichi is lvl 56 i have TRI full Grunil and a Pri Kzarka wep.
    I figured you would like to know some things about the Korean version. Just post below and im going to do my best to answer all your questions.
  18. Aktuell teilt der Nutzer darkhorze via Reddit seine Erfahrungen und Eindrücke aus der koreanischen Version von Black Desert Online. Er selbst spielt einen Stufe 59 Krieger und kann so auch ein paar Eindrücke auf das spätere Gameplay und den Status von Awakening geben.
    Ich fasse an dieser Stelle seine Aussagen zusammen, wobei diese frei und nicht wortwörtlich übersetzt sind, da es so weitaus schneller geht. Der Sinn und die Aussage bleiben dabei freilich erhalten.
    Ich mache das für all jene, die Interesse daran haben und die nicht unbedingt des Englischen mächtig sind. Es kann sein, dass ich ein, zwei Fragen übersehen habe in der schieren Masse. Wenn etwas unklar ist, dann fragt. Ich kann euch dann auch die Antwort bei Reddit raussuchen.
    Für Rückfragen stehe ich gerne zur Verfügung.
    Hier findet ihr die originale Quelle: Im a lv59 warrior at KR server ask me anything
    Der höchste Spieler in Korea hat derzeit Stufe 62In Korea benutzten Spieler aus Anstand im 1vs1 meist keine HeiltränkeIn Korea gibt es nahezu an jedem Wochenende 100%-EXP-Bonus-EventsVon Pearl Abyss hat der Autor einen sehr guten Eindruck und sagt, dass sie sehr stark auf die Community hören. Für die Zukunft macht er sich daher wenig SorgenIn Korea steigen die Spielerzahlen kontinuierlich an und das Spiel wird nach größeren Patches immer populärerDie meisten Spieler hören, wenn sie denn aufhören, mit 55 oder 56 auf, weil sie nicht mehr grinden wollen. Spieler jenseits der 58 verlassen das Spiel hingegen eher seltenGeld verdienen
    Hardcore-Spieler grinden in Valencia um Geld zu verdienen und verkaufen entsprechenden LootViele Spieler betreiben zudem weiterhin Handwerk, fischen oder handelnNiemand erstellt mehr Sonnenblumen-Kisten zum Verkauf, sondern sie erstellen Holzkisten, kochen oder betreiben AlchemieIm Schnitt kann der durchschnittliche Spieler 3 bis 5 Millionen Silber in der Stunde durchs Grinden machenSpieler, die vor dem Valencia-Update in Tee-Plantagen investieren, könnten einen kleinen Vorteil beim Geldverdienen haben, wobei der Unterschied nicht groß sein dürfteIn Korea wird das meiste Geld mit grinden gemacht, wobei man auch mit anderen Aktivitäten gutes Geld verdienen kannVon den beruflichen Aktivitäten in BDO, machen in Korea viele Spieler mit Alchemie gutes GeldKlassen - Allgemein
    Alle Klassen mit Awakening-Waffen sind weitaus stärker, als jene ohne. Daher sind die aktuellen Verlierer, der Ninja, Kunoichi, Magierin und Magier (Anm.: Haben noch kein Awakening-Update!)Für die Klassen mit Awakening-Waffen gilt, dass es vor allem auf die Ausrüstung und das eigene Gameplay ankommt, ob sie konkurrenzfähig sindIm 1vs1 ist die Gewichtung: Ausrüstung > Skill (eigene Fertigkeit) > KlasseValkyren, Krieger und Schwarzmagier liegen ungefähr gleich auf, mit leichten Vorteilen für den Krieger, da sein „Grab“ einen niedrigen CD hatDie Popularität der Klassen in Korea sieht so aus: Waldläuferin > Berserker > Krieger > Musa > Schattenmagierin > Valkyre > Maehwa > Tamer > Kunoichi > Magierin > Ninja > MagierNach Valencia lohnt es nicht mit Ausrüstung von +15 (oder darunter) zu gehenDer schnellste Weg um in Valencia zu leveln ist das „Titium“-Tal oder „Naga“, dort mit einer 5-Mann-GruppeAuch mit Valencia muss man wie verrückt grinden um von 55 auf 58 zu kommenMusa und Krieger liegen nach Awakening ungefähr gleich auf im PvPAm schnellsten leveln bis 55 der Berserker, der Magier/Magierin und der WaldläuferKlassen - Krieger
    Der Krieger ist im 1vs1 mit der Awakening-Waffe besser geworden, da er mitunter Leben stehlen kann (neue Fertigkeit)
    Der Krieger gehört weiterhin zu den Top-Klassen in den einzelnen DisziplinenDie besten Fertigkeiten des Kriegers in Awakening sind die ultimative Awakening-Fertigkeit und „Sommersault“, welche den Block eines Gegners ignoriertDer Krieger bekommt mit der Awakening-Waffe einiges mehr an Schaden, was ihm ermöglicht im GvG Gegner leichter zu tötenDer Krieger hat im PvP am meisten Probleme gegen Gegner, die aus der Distanz angreifen, und an die er nicht rankommt. Im direkten Kampf hat er die meisten Probleme gegen BerserkerKriegern mit 55 empfiehlt der Autor fern ab der Boss-Rüstungen eine Grunil-Rüstung zu verwendenAls Krieger gegen Valkyren ist deren CC und die ultimative Awakening-Fertigkeit extrem nervigKlassen - Waldläufer
    Die Waldläuferin ist aktuell die beste Klasse im GvG, da sie den Turm von der Distanz aus angreifen kannWaldläufer stunnen (CC) Gegner im PvP mit ihrem Awakening-Schwert und töten ihn dann aus der Distanz mit dem BogenDer Waldläufer ist Kanonenfutter, wenn er gestunnt (CC) wird, ist aber meist siegreich, wenn er im Gegenzug seinen Gegner stunnen kann. Waldläufer mit 200+ AP die einen Gegnern stunnen, töten ihn meist mit maximal drei Schlägen (Schüssen)Klassen - Magier/in
    Zur Magierin und dem Magier in Awakening gibt es noch keine Infos, allerdings sollen sich beide Gerüchten zufolge stark unterscheiden
    Klassen - Musa
    Musa macht sich mit der Awakening-Waffe sehr gut und hat jede Menge Fertigkeiten mit höherer Reichweite und Anti-CC erhalten
    Klassen - Tamer
    Der Begleiter vom Tamer macht gegen hochstufige oder gut ausgerüstete Gegner im PvP kaum Sinn, aber die Awakening-Waffe vom Tamer macht guten SchadenTamer können mit ihrer Awakening-Waffe durchaus mit anderen Klassen mithaltenKlassen - Berserker
    Im 1vs1 soll der Berserker die beste Klasse seinDie meisten Berserker nutzen für Awakening Ausrüstung mit hohen APKlassen - Valkyren
    Valkyren bekommen mit Awakening merklich mehr Schaden und jede Menge CC-Fertigkeiten
    Klassen - Schwarzmagierin
    Die Schwarzmagierin ist weiterhin sehr stark, aber die ultimative Awakening-Fertigkeit (eine Art Schwarzes Loch) wurde in den letzten Tagen mehrfach angepasst
    Klassen - Ninjas/ Kunoichis
    Ninjas und Kunoichis sollen insbesondere, wenn sie schlechtes Gear haben, immer noch schlecht sein - (without OP gear they suck for now)Klassen - Autor
    Der Autor hat die Stufen 57 bis 59 in der Wüste von Valencia gemachtAls Krieger verwendet der Autor nach Awakening nur noch seine Awakening-Waffe, nicht mehr die Standard-Waffe, es sei denn er muss sich viel bewegenKlassen - PvP
    Im PvP ist die Ausrüstung das wichtigste, danach die eigenen Fertigkeiten. Generell hat aber der die Oberhand, der mehr Zeit in das Spiel investieren kann
    Energie in Städte zu investieren, hat aktuell keinerlei Auswirkung auf irgendwasIn Korea haben die Spieler im Schnitt 240 bis 300 EnergieBeitragspunkte
    Das Softcap für Beitragspunkte wurde auf 400 angehobenDie meisten Leute in Korea kochen, um Beitragspunkte zu sammelnAusrüstung
    Das aktuelle Gear des Spielers findet sich hier: http://imgur.com/1Zf2kcaIn Korea haben alle Icons von Ausrüstungsgegenständen von Bossen eine gelbe UmrandungReittiere
    Kamele haben 8 oder 10 TaschenplätzeKamele gibt es in gelbbraun und dunkelbraun (eventuell auch andere)In Korea bekommen Spieler ein Kamel über eine Quest in ValenciaIn Korea können nun kleine Elefanten geritten werdenT8-Pferde kosten im Schnitt 80-100 Millionen Silber, wenn man sie kaufen willSonstiges
    Der Glückswert bringt häufigere Drops (Loot)Glück beim Sammeln bringt mehr und außergewöhnlichere ErträgeGlück bei Arbeitern bringt außergewöhnlichen Loot von etwaigen NodesBeim Herstellen hat der Autor noch nie 5 Gegenstände hergestellt. Er selbst ist Meister 4 und bekommt maximal 4 Gegenstände auf einmalVermeintlich wichtig
    In Korea heben sich Spieler ihre Skillpunkte mittlerweile auf, um sie in den Skill-Tree der Awakening-Waffe zu packen, da diese für den normalen und den Awakening-Skilltree gleich sind. Spieler die vor Awakening alle Punkte in ihren normalen Baum gepackt haben, müssen viel grinden, um Punkte für den neuen Fertigkeitenbaum zu bekommen. Awakening-Skills kosten 150 bis 220 und mehr Skillpunkte, je nachdem welche Skills man wählt.
  19. Hello there fellow BDO players, I'm just posting here a warning about your email accounts you use to log in to the game, I just got a warning from google that someone tried to log into my account with suspicious software from a South Korean IP. Now I'm not sure if the hacker is actually South Korean or what but it really raised some security concerns for me. Check your email and make sure nothing suspicious is going on!


    Giant sea that is larger in scale than the Valencia desert and cannot be located on the map.Trade and commerce is available in this area but docking is not. New play pattern expansions with contents independent and different from the original contents.Restructuring of the fishing points. 
    Sea floor treasures and underwater gathering will be available. New lifestyle contents designed around the sea.
    SEAMANSHIP - Sea traveling, sea battles, etc will allow you to accumulate specific experiences.BATTLESHIPS - Able to be crafted from the guild houses. Can be loaded with cannons and excels in sea battles. MERCHANT VESSELS - Specialized in trading, has fast sailing speed and the stats can be supplemented by having workers on-board.  

    Ninja Awakening - Can yield and freely use many swords at the same time.

    Kunoichi Awakening - With a large Chakram uses a dancer-like movements in battles. 

    Wizard Awakening - Uses Water and Fire elemental orbs.

    Witch Awakening - Uses Earth and Lightning elemental orbs.

    New class DARK ELF - Agile and aggressive race that uses a large curved sword as the main weapon and dark energy as the secondary.

    Tier 9 horses will not gain any speed buffs but will gain special skills to help in different scenarios.

    Pegasus - Easily climb up high terrain places and safely descend by gliding through the air.

    Unicorn - Provides helpful buffs to the rider and the allies around and pierce through the enemies with the horn that glows gold.

    Hellrider - A combat oriented mount that has powerful attack skills. Leaves trails of fire behind and in specific scenarios causes fire explosions that brings destruction to the enemies. 

    Other future updates:
    Ingame voice chat systemRestructuring of skill awakening systemWanted Criminal systemAddition of diverse co-op contentsBaby elephant 
  21. Hey 
    There was a conference in Yeoksam-dong today. And a korean site posted news about it im going to try to break it down for you.
    1. : New Region
    There is going to be a new region.Its going to be a new island, sort of.

    2. : Deep Sea Diving and Treasure hunting underwater
    Ther will be diving equipment, at least thats my guess, and it will be possible to dive deeper in coast areas, with lots of treasures hidden underwater.

    3. : Trading Ships and Battleships are going to be reworked or extended

    4. : New Awakenings : Wizard & Witch
    Wizard is going to utilize Fire & Water and will be able to have a pet system of some sort, which makes him more offensive and allows him to summon Fire & Water Elementals.

    Witch will utilize Earth & Thunder / Lightning and have support oriented skills.

    5. : New Awakenings : Ninja & Kunoichi
    Ninja will turn into a Sword "Artist" so to speak, and will control a number of swords at a time. Also he gets a new hat

    Kunoichi will quote on quote : be a rythmic dancer with a giant alarm "Chakeu"

    6. : New Race : Dark Elves
    A new Race of most likely NPC's will be implemented and they will live in the southwest of the New Island / Continent. There will be a playable class of this race aswell a Female with a 2 handed sword, looking badass.
    Pictures below showcase the Elven Regions and their Harmony with nature and the Dark Elves Territory with more "violent" landscapes. Aswell as the new class being worked on.

    7. : Territory changes
    Giants will take over the Land of the old Dwarves : 

    There will be some sort of a battle between Elves, Giants and Dwarves and also relationships of these races are going to be important : 

    8. : New Horses / horse abilitys Tier 9 horses are going to be implemented, and they wont be faster then Tier 8 horses but be able to have a "Hell Attack Specialization"  Pegasus type horses will be able to jump higher / glide a little to get to higher places  safer.  There are going to be Unicorns, yes this is no april fools there will be Unicorns and they will provide a strong buff of some sort to the rider.   9. : Voice Chat and community system overhaul The developers are looking to implement a new community system and a voice chat to improve cooperation between players.  Thanks for Readinghakklo  EDIT : link to the korean site http://www.inven.co.kr/webzine/news/?news=154184&site=black 
  22. I'm aware of what will be in the EU Cash Shop but when will it have what Korea does?
    I know it won't be exactly on par with KR as it comes out there first but EU Cash Shop is missing a lot of stuff they have. It feels somewhat pointless for people to bother spending money on the Cash Shop or use the pearls you get for the £100 package as a lot of stuff, a lot of it rather cool looking stuff, won't even be there and you don't want to waste it. 
  23. I get a better response time on the Korean server than the current setup for CBT2 which I assume is in San Jose. Pvping on the east coast is practically impossible when enemies are disappearing and reappearing and cutting frames because of ping lag. Completely ridiculous that it's easier for me to pvp on a server on the other side of the world than on this. Please give us an east coast server or at least a Midwest FFS.
  24. Post on Favorite Asian Drama in Off-Topic

    By α, posted
    What's your favorite drama? Are you watching any right now? What was the last drama you watched? 
    What drama did you try but dropped? 

    My favorite drama of all times is: Legal High 1 & 2
    Currently watching none but planning to watch either: Winter Sonata (겨울연가) or Orange Days.
    Last drama I watched was: Long Vacation and 1 Litre of Tears (1リットルの涙)
    Tried and dropped: Hill tops' cloud? (坂の上の雲)I didn't like this very much because it felt too much like a nationalist's propaganda. Too much emphasis on portraying Meij era as an era of progress and barely touched the negative drawbacks of rapid indigenization/industrialization (ie. rise of nationalism).