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    Focus: Castle Sieges and GvG Warfare
    Website: www.risenguild.org
    Age Requirement: 18+
    VoIP: ts.risenguild.org
    On behalf of the guild, I am proud to present to you… Risen. This guild is founded by multiple core experienced members of our old Korean guild Gatekeeper. Our ranks include Eponym (co-founder of GK), Zoxea (One of the first in CBT1 to 50 & Ex-Officer), Snuggles (Ex-Officer), Demi (Ex-Officer), Crystalie (Ex-Officer), Otoudan (Ex-Officer), along with multiple other familiar faces like Joao/Matsukaze, AJ, Reinhertz and Nippa. Joining us are 40+ experienced KR players from notable guilds who have geared, sieged, and reached 55+. We have the knowledge, skill, and patience needed to put together guides and teach our new members everything they need to know to be best prepared for what's to come. 
    Guild Expectations:
    Be active, participate, and be willing to constantly improve.
    Be mature, be friendly, remain open-minded, have thick skin.
    Value and respect fellow players.
    We expect every member to attend castle sieges!
    Note that the members who put this guild together are full-time professional adults with families, friends, and other real life commitments/responsibilities. Our aim is to find committed people who already have a great deal of confidence in their PvP abilities; however, we do not expect this game to become “life”.
    Gaming is our passion and a welcoming, entertaining environment with camaraderie is what we will provide. We plan on a heavy guild event calendar so when our members are online, we have something planned for them in cooperation with the guild.  
    Guild Philosophy:
    Our overall enjoyment of the online gaming experience is amplified by the company we keep, to the point where it trumps the game’s content itself. Risen is dedicated to building a guild around the quality of players we invite. In fact, we see ourselves in the top tiered PvP ranks and intend to enter all PvP engagements with respect and common decency, and the utmost conviction towards victory.
    Risen members are players who seek to explore the edges of their ability and perform beyond them. Steady progression and skill improvement are important and work in parallel to community relations. Being skillful is not license to put others down, rather it pushes us to be a leader among peers and steer them toward the same achievements we have achieved.
    Risen’s Main Focus:
    Activity: Since Risen began recruiting, all members have been actively playing games together and getting to know one another on the guild forum/Teamspeak. There are no strangers here, and we openly welcome new members.
    Personality: We have lots of it; the members are mature, but laid-back with a thirst for prominent PvP achievement.
    Community: We do not carry elitist attitudes; our goals are shared with peer groups, and we expect to share our determination throughout the server we roll on.
    Discipline: We are organized and precise with our actions in-game. The word "zerg" is not in our strategic vocabulary.
       -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------AS A NOTE - ON MARCH 5 THERE WILL BE CHECK INS FOR OPEN SLOTS. After filling out an application here: http://www.risenguild.org/recruitment.htmlJoin us in TS and get to know everyone! The TS3 server is ts.risenguild.org with no password.Applicant Interviews are done everyday between 1800 EST - 2200 EST. 
  2. Hi!
    Guild currently fooling around on the [KR] server is planning to launch on NA, so if you are a loner in Korea or you are just interested in launching with a professional guild that has a history of mass combat excellence in gw2/eso/archeage comment or shoot a message to: keggers (fn) in game!
    Relaxed, mass combat/pvp oriented guild, we use discord and have forums etc.
  3. Hi!
    Guild currently fooling around on the [KR] server is planning to launch on NA, so if you are a loner in Korea or you are just interested in launching with a professional guild that has a history of mass combat excellence in gw2/eso/archeage comment or shoot a message to: keggers (fn) in game!
    Relaxed, mass combat/pvp oriented guild, we use discord and have forums etc.
  4. Hey,
    heute Nacht kam ein neuer Patch in Korea raus. Unter anderem gibt es jetzt statt der Linie (die zu Quests usw. führt) ein Licht was einem den Weg zeigt. 
    Ich finde das eine schöne Änderung und wollte es mit euch teilen.

    EDIT: Gerade herausgefunden, dass man die Wahl zwischen 3 Wegfindungen hat: Linie, Effekt und das Licht (siehe Bild - rote Markierung) wie bei mir.



    Nochmal Licht (für den direkten Vergleich):




    GvG Siege Domination, PvP the best K/D ratio


    Get Wrecked is currently recruiting for the North American release and Practice Mode on the Korean servers of Black Desert Online. We currently have players with MMO Experience from games as old as Runescape to ones as new as Final Fantasy XIV. We are seeking players interested in dominating the landscape of Black Desert. This includes mostly hardcore players but we do have needs for some casual players as well. When we say dominating the landscape we mean controlling whole sections of the map. Having the Best K/D ration in personal and team PvP, and getting to and destroying the world bosses before anyone else to acquire the drops necessary to stay using the top tier of gear. We will have siege team slots open to players based on skill, contribution, and availability. For players interested in just the PvE aspect of the game you can still contribute to the guild through guild missions and supplying the guild with items it needs, you will be compensated of course. Guild events will be present to blow off some steam in-between steamrolling other guilds.



    Physical Requirements:

    1.     Have Teamspeak3 Access. (talking is not required but being able to listen is)

    2.     Have Thick Skin and be mature. Members of all ages are welcome, however be advised it tends to get both very adult and raunchy in our channels quite often when not actively participating in something that requires coordination. You may get made fun of for something, laugh it off and move on, we may rag on you often but we still love you.

    3.     Be honest. If you do have an issue with someone talk it out or speak with a guild officer and we can get it resolved. Don’t blind leave over a misunderstanding.

    Digital Requirements:

    1.     Participate in at least 5 guild missions a week. (this is part of how you get paid and how the guild finances GvG and PvP activities as well as all of the services you will be using)

    2.     Be logged into teamspeak3 whenever you are playing BDO

    3.     Declare if you will be active or reserve for the given week. (info below)

    4.     Actively seek to get better each and every day. Being the best requires constant practice.

    5.     Non Guild Members are always a hostility.

    6.     Be the best at something. We will not tell you how to play the game, however you must be a productive member of this guild in order to keep your spot. We will discuss what this is about during an interview if you have questions.

    7.     Be upfront with your goals. Initially your goals will be shared with us during the interview process if this goal changes let us know and we will determine how to help you while maintaining your status as a productive guild member.

    8.     Work together. Ask for and give help whenever able. You and the guild both will be unable to accomplish anything without team work.

    9.     Challenge Yourself Daily. This is the only way to get better. Strive to do bigger and better things.

    10. Don’t Be afraid and don’t quit. There will be some losses during the road to the top. We WILL LOSE some fights from time to time. Don’t get

    discouraged and do not become afraid of the victor. We will come back and show our dominance.

    11. The guild will always come first. You will be expected to put the guild’s needs above your own. You will get out of the guild the effort you put in.

    Active and Reserve Status:

    Due to the large number of members required to be a dominating force in BDO we have implemented an active and reserve system to monitor our members.


    To be considered active for the week you must commit at least 4 hours a day for 4 days out of a given week. This is to allow guild management the ability to know who will be on when for sieges, raid summons, world boss killings, etc.

    Active Members will be expected to uphold their word on availability and in doing so will be considered first for drops, guild events and juicer contracts.


    Reserve members are players on the roster who may be on vacation, or have some personal issues coming up over the course of the next week. The contract value of these players will still be substantial however lesser in value than active members due to them contributing less to the guild in the given week(s) that they are on reserve.

    The reserve members can still participate in endgame raid content on the space available bias, if you do make it onto a raid team during that time you will be given equal consideration for the spoils of the activity. Be aware that when cuts to the team need to happen they will be done from reserve members first.

    If you have any questions, feel free to contact us though a message or drop a post on our site.  Located here: http://getwreckedblackdesertonline.enjin.com/

  6. Dear developers! 
    We suggest faster leveling in this game! We do NOT want to spend this much time on killing monsters for a level.
    The korean version is optimal, please copy the system. 
  7. New pvp from some guild war the other night, have 2 more days worth of wars to sort out and edit, hope you all enjoy.
  8. I formatted my computer a few weeks ago and at this moment I'm reinstalling the Korean Black Desert Online and for some reason the downloader is working without a VPN being used.
    Makes me wonder. Has the Ip Block been taken down or something? It'll take a few hours for me to finish the download and finally find out if I can play it without a VPN or not.
  9. Da es einige Fragen bezüglich des PVP System's gibt, möchte euch hier ein paar Basic Info's zur Korea Version geben und wie es bei uns kommen könnte:

    Welche arten von Gilden PvP gibt es?
    - Knotenkontrolle
    - Gebietskontrolle
    - GvG
    Wie laufen die einzelnen Arten ab?
     -> Gebietskontrolle
    Um ein Gebiet zu erobern, muss eure Gilde den letzen überlebenden Turm haben. Dazu gibt es eine Friedenszeit und eine Kriegszeit. In der Friedenszeit muss eure Gilde ein Turm im Gebiet bauen. (Auf einer ebenen Stelle)***
    In der Kriegszeit geht es darum andere Türme zu zerstören, bis nur euer Turm übrig bleibt. (In Korea wird das leider abgesprochen und das Gebiet gehandelt, in dem man sein Turm opfert.)
    *** Türme können verstärkt werden, in dem man daneben noch Geschütztürme und Co. aufstellt.
    -> Knotenkontrolle
    Im Endeffekt das selbe wie Gebietskontrolle nur für die Konten.
    -> GvG
    Hier könnt ihr einer Gilde jederzeit den Krieg erklären. Das erklären von Krieg, kostet euch eine ganze Menge Silber. Sollte der Krieg nicht erwidert werden, kostet es euch pro Stunde ebenfalls eine Menge Silber. (Dann könnt ihr andere Spieler der Gilde ohne Strafe angreifen.)
    PS: Sollte ich was vergessen habe, einfach schreiben. Dürften aber die Basics sein.
    CBT2 Rankings
    Gatekeeper was formed in early March of 2015 on the KR servers of Black Desert Online. The original goal was to gather like-minded individuals that desired a knowledge base for what they intended to be a long term endeavor when this game launched in their own region. Researching goes a long way, but hands on experience provides valuable details about that information and practice for muscle memory. As time went on, the members of this guild reached far into the game's mechanics to learn and understand its systems; guilds, classes, node wars, region sieges, and etc.

    This type of dedication and attitude was noticed by other groups and individual players that were doing the same on their own in both the KR and RU versions of the game. As the release of NA approached these people joined together,  taking the experience of BDO and various other MMO's that have shaped top players throughout the last 10-15+ years of gaming and built upon it for a varied and experienced leadership core and member base that doesn't rely just on their specific knowledge of this game and its intricacies, but also incorporates a wide understanding of PvP and GvG tactics, guild management, and true bonded membership among highly dedicated players that strengthens the foundation of our community.

    The main focus of everything we do will always be PvP - be it open world GvG wars, node wars, or region sieges. We highly value dedication from our players. This does not relate to time played in the game, but rather how you play and what you do with your time. We don't require you to just live up to our expectations, we specifically recruit people that are pushing to exceed their own. We are aware that casual players are necessary for this game to survive, and we wish them all well and hope they enjoy all the game has to offer. We would just prefer they did not apply here.

    We pride ourselves in having gathered not only some of the most skilled and committed gamers we have met along our extensive MMO history, but also people with unwavering loyalty. Our members are intense, intelligent, and hilarious. Joining GK doesn't just gain you a pro guild that will take you places, it integrates you into a consortium of personalities that mesh for one goal. We feel there is no point in being on the top if you can't enjoy yourself both on the journey and while you are there.
    Gatekeeper info:
    Website: http://gatekeeper-bdo.com/Node Siege video:GvG video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1yRENTbu4cUSupport GvG: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cSS3v9lYVFMGatekeeper owning 7 nodes at once: http://imgur.com/a/taIDz#0Rank 68 on KR servers: http://puu.sh/ld9ZT.jpg 
    Recruitment: As of February 27th all applications are waitlisted until further notice, impressive applications may receive a reply.
    We are currently recruiting for a few more slots in the Berserker, Ranger, and Sorceress classes. The classes Valkyrie, Warrior, and Witch/Wizard are full.* We are also looking for people that prefer playing one of the classes that will be released sometime after the game's original launch, such as Blader, Plum, Ninja, and Kunoichi.

    *If you are interested in joining us, but would prefer to play one of the classes that we already have filled, please do not hesitate to contact us and discuss possibilities.
    Knowledge base for detailed game mechanicsClass guidance and trainingGroup and siege tactic trainingFull support in all PvP situationsAll members have PvE requirements beneficial to PvP and siegesWeekly scheduled guild eventsWeekly guild meetingsTS3 participation required18+ age requirementRespect guild mates and alliesCode of Conduct detailed on websiteApply through the website if you are interested and want more information.
    Looking forward to seeing some strong new faces in CBT2 and launch, and some healthy competition from other guilds.

  11. Hey Leute! 
    Einige kennen mich eventuell schon von der größten deutschen Fanseite www.blackdesert-online.de, wo wir seit über 3 Jahren nun schon News, Guides und mehr über Black Desert veröffentlichen. 
    Vor kurzem haben wir unser Stream Pilotprojekt "Sandboxer TV" ins Leben gerufen, wo wir aktuell Black Desert und einige andere Spiele im Angebot haben. Mit MindlessV2 haben wir unseren ersten Streamer in das Programm aufgenommen. Mindless spielt aktuell aktiv in Korea "Black Desert", weshalb wir euch anbieten wollen jeden Mittwoch & Freitag einzuschalten um eure Fragen zu Black Desert zu stellen. 
    Gern könnt ihr uns auch hier im Thread eure Wünsche äußern. Später nahe dem Release, wird es auch auf unserem YT Kanal (www.youtube.com/user/blackdesertde/) div. Guides und Co. geben.
    Dies alles ist im Moment ein Pilotprojekt, weshalb wir uns gern über Feedback freuen.
    Euer Sweetdeal!
    PS: Rechtschreibfehler sind intended.