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  1. Sorry for the self plug
    Any comments/critic is appreciated 
    Also title is a joke no hard feelings towards Vibes-Edits and his/hers amazing video
  2. Post on Fang BDO montage 2 in Kunoichi

    By RemRam, posted
  3. Post on Ninja or Kunoichi in Classes

    By MiteQishi, posted
    I have played every-class with their awakening weapon and I have decided to pick 2 of them.

    As a main, I would like to play a class what I like then play a guild's valued class as my alt. As alt, I pick the Wizard already, but my problem is as the main one. I love stealth-style that is which I will go for my main. Both Ninja and Kunoichi fit my desire then my second option is the class with higher burst damage. I just wish to know between Ninja and Kunoichi which class has higher damage and better self-sustain at the End-Game. I don't like to engage into the war as front line, but do like the class that can scout as quiet, running at the flank and surprise a one shot kill to vacant players.
    At the moment, I like Ninja more than Kunoichi because of his burst ability but I feel Kunoichi perform better PVP due to her fluid with my experience. Any suggestion?

    Thank you
  4. Welcome.
    This guild will be a PvP oriented with no special strict minimum LvL. By a high end players you could be teached how to play your class and learn about the game.
    First of all, maybe a lot of people would want to know. My AP was 241 my DP 293. (You all know this game so i was enchanting and i went down to 190 AP 240 DP, but working to get my gear back to what it was.
    We have a DISCORD already, it would be good to have you connected, so you can know your guild mates and have a closer relation with the people that can HELP you and SAVE you when you need it. 
    We wont be strict about GUILD MISSIONS (We need to do it because is a new GUILD). But we are not forcing ANYONE to do GUILD MISSIONS.
    You also don't need a minimum contribution. But what we do need is UNITY when it comes to help a friend out. If someone is getting attacked we should help him and make a good IMAGE for the GUILD, and have the respect of other GUILDS.
    We are going to have a main channel, and try to DOMINATE IT. By that i mean to be consistent in our farm spots so the people in that channel know us better. 
    NOTE: I'm a good player but i kill whoever bothers me/try to steal my rotation in a prick way or passes the line. You know what i mean by that. (I don't kill noobs players or people that haven't done anything to me). But you can kill as much as you want (We will have ally's and we have to respect them and welcome them like our brothers). 
    Some decision will be made by me as a Guild Master but i also check for what the people's imput, i don't like to force people but if you don't like the way i lead you should find something else better for you. Anyway i really appreciate other people opinion and i'm consistent on it. 
    You want to be a part of the new Martial Arts Thematic guild?. WE HAVE SOME REQUIREMENTS.
    You have to be:
    Ninja/Kunoichi/Musa/Maewa/Striker(New class that is coming out) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R3Vs77ICqu4
    Why?: It is a Martial Arts Thematic Guild. and we will be only accepting those classes. 
    We don't mind if you life skill or not. but we want you to like PVP if possible.
    We want people able to practice in ARENA with our brothers and sisters, teach and learn.
    We want people able to duel, do tournaments, do red battlefield and any other GUILD EVENT.
    I wont say more things because i think is enough and if you have any question i will be here to answer it. 
    If you apply to join the guild, and you want to join. Let me know and we will transfer you to our discord and know you a little more before let you join the guild. 
    Your friendly Ninja.       @ZeusCP 
  5. Post on New kuno in Kunoichi

    By MrCakke, posted
    Ok so I have recently re-rolled to a kuno. Yes you read right. I was wondering is there any guides I can follow, you tubers I can watch, or a discord even. I am asking because this forum is very inactive it seems compared to other classes. I understand it's not a popular class in all but is there even a discord or anything?
  6. The durability on the Kunoichi's awakening weapon and offhand are going down way too fast. Durability will go from 100 - 0 in only 30-50 minutes of killing mobs, whereas other classes can grind mobs for 2 - 3 hours before having to repair. It is even more apparent because I use her mainhand abilities quite often and the durability still goes down way faster than, for example, the Witch who doesn't use her mainhand at all grinding. I have tested it on Kunoichi, Witch, and Valkyrie and it's incredibly noticeable on the Kunoichi. There is also a thread on the Kunoichi class forum about this as well. Please investigate this bug, which is a huge deterrent for an already unpopular class.  
  7. Welp, this again.
    I'm rerolling from Ninja atm so I have a TRI Nouver Shuriken rn. I need to get a Kunai, so I'm here wondering how would be my life using Kutum.
    From what I've seen, Kutum gives ACC like a DUO-TRI Red Coral Earring (better than 0) and gives 20 DP (better than 0) at the cost of 14 AP. Also, Kutum have Ignore Resis while Nouver has Increase Resist.

    So here's what I think: Nouver is designed for pure AP classes like Ranger/Wizard/Witch, which have high base accuracy for their skills. Plus they need to avoid being CC'ed, that's why Nouver has 10% more resist. We Ninjas/Kunos are a CC-reliant class, we need to CC our opponent in order to take it down, se we need that Acc boost and that 10% extra ignore (30% total if we're using two Precision in Kzarka). We're melee fighters who tend to take hits out of nowhere, so we need that extra DP. And we can get back those extra 14 AP from jewelry/set.

    What do you think? This is aiming to an PvP scenario like pirates, or 3v3. I'd use Tadd in Nodes.
  8. Post on Chakram Combo Guide? in Kunoichi

    By Strycer, posted
    kennt jemand von euch gute Combos bzw Guides/Videos etc für den Chakram?
    Habe mal danach gegoogelt uznd finder sehr viele Combo Guides zum Kurzschwert als die standard Waffe der Kuno aber für den Chakram nicht wirklich soviel.
    Gibt es Combos zum Skill canceln? Oder gute Combos zum Switchen? Schwert -> Chakram, Chakram -> Schwert?
  9. The Kunoichi class has a bug where she does not hold the kunai secondary weapon when using the Kunai Block skill

  10. Post on Ninja or Kunoichi in Off-Topic

    By Dave137, posted
    Can someone please tell me what the difference is between these two classes? I tried to find another thread about this but I didn't see any that were up-to-date and all none of them have any clear answers anyway.
  11. Post on Valks Rerolling? in Valkyrie

    By Valkrys, posted
    Hey fellow Valks,
    Just kinda curious how many of us are left? My guild still has a fairly high amount of valks compared to our numbers(about 10% of the guild is Valks) but I notice a lot of guilds seem to be lacking Valks when I face them in Node wars.
    Curious how many have rerolled and if so to what class?
    I said the second I saw Darknight if the awakening looked fluid and mobile I was 100% going to reroll and after seeing the awakening video that more or less decided it for me. For me when I first chose Valk i thought it was more of a hybrid between warriors and Sorc/Witch but that was not even close to what the class was. Valk isnt bad its just average at everything.
    As such I'm spending the next two months preparing myself for DK release and awakening, gonna have to go back to Karanda and Kzarka camping to get fresh boxes and go do Kutum for another one of those again but I think it will be worth it in the long run. Valks have become increasing stale for me now and seeing how little the devs care for our class with the lack of attention we receive when we so badly receive it has more or less killed my drive to remain relevant.
  12. I would like to know why we just cant trade our Founder outfits in for Musa/Maehwa and Ninja/Kunoichi?
    Share your suggestions
  13. i have died 3 times for using 100% flash slash, im not yet gearing up that time when just reach 50lv, everytime i use black spirit rage 100% for 3 jump of flash slash, i will always get hit while jumping and around 2-3 final jump i get hit to death already. Tested using skillslot instead of combo key and still doesnt give invincible while jumping and still die for it while in middle of jumps!
  14. hey guys just a lowly pleb here wanting to give my ideas on the ayo outfit maybe make the mask able to be toggled on and off with the visor option also toggle the tail on and off with the cape option, would be really nice options to add.
  15. As a Kunoichi, I often find myself in stealth.  Sometimes my stealthy movement is complex as I try to position myself perfectly.
    Very, very often, I find my character flipping (Ninja Evasion) right out of stealth while I am just trying to move around.  Suddenly I am exposed, and on cooldown to enter stealth again.  It happens constantly, and it's a huge bummer every time.  
    Here are my suggestions for a possible change that would fix the problem.
    1.  Disable [AA] and [DD] as a possible activation for Ninja Evasion while in stealth mode.  (Can still use Shift + A or Shift +D to activate Ninja Evasion in stealth)
    2.  Make #1 an optional toggle.
    3.  Make an optional toggle to turn off all double tap evasions.  (Not as ideal, but not a problem for Ninjas and Kunoichis since we can tap [F] to simulate [WW])
    4.  Make all default keystrokes able to be turned off individually (So for example I could just turn off [AA] and [DD] as default activators for Ninja Evasion myself.  More work, but more broad reaching for the entire playerbase for better customization)
    ...Also if I could get Kunai Throw / Star Throw onto the list of abilities that can be locked, that would be awesome.  
  16. Hello, i have a problem. I did a research on web and i cannot find a latest build version for either base or awakened for Kunoichi. Please help me . Thank you.
  17. Titel says most.
    but can Darum do, so we can pull oure Ayo cat mask down to hide oure face, when we enter combat stance? would make the outfit perfect, and will make the kunochi more stealth looking.
    a humble question from a sad Kunochi 
  18. How do I start the combo on a muse
    And as I do a pvp against giant because they give me only one grab

  19. Wollte mal eure Meinungen hören (von denen, die 56+ sind und das Awakening bereits haben):
    - Wie gefällt euch der Chakram? Ich finde ihn stylischer, als erwartet. Ich dachte auch erst: blöder Hoolahoop, blöder. Aber das rasiermesserscharfe Teil ist meiner Meinung nach gut gelungen und hat Coolness.
    - Werdet ihr nun umskillen und Punkte aus der Standardskillung nehmen um möglichst viele Chakram Skills zu schalten? Ich selbst habe bereits Arnos Talentleitfaden bemüht und einige Skills genullt um die Punkte in den Chakram zu setzen.
    - Kauft ihr jetzt ne Tri-Chakram Waffe?
    - Welche Chakram Skills sind die sinnvollsten?
  20. So I'm assuming we will finally get our awakenings on Dec. 7?
    Unless the devs wanna tear us a new one and say nope, sorry wait like 4 more months...