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  1. Please make Quitar Shuriken and any other ninja or kunoichi offhands so they can be dyed!! It really doesn't match and ruins the look of my character, not even one part of it is customisable!
    I just bought trade pack and I am quite disappointed by this!

    Hope to see a fix, all the best!

  2. I'm currently level 56 with all DUO Grunil, Tri Liverto and Duo off-hand and I gotta say that leveling my kuno was a breeze but once you get into endgame you feel the pain of the damage of a wet noodle and the armor of a paper bag. I'm currently in Valencia and yes I know the mobs here are strong but the fact that one hit drops my health by half makes it near impossible to complete quests. The lack of functioning iframes makes dodging a headache and slow casting of may skills without an animation cancel makes solo skills difficult like Shackles. 
    Kunoichi doesn't need drastic changes, just additions to damage and armor, fix the non functioning iframe issues.
  3. So, for the past few days my skills will not work after I upgrade them past a certain point. I'll get this "cannot use skill because it's upgraded" pop up on my screen and I'm basically shet out of luck unless I degrade the skills, so I can use them. Is anyone else having this problem? Is it a bug, glitch, something? I'm so confused as to why it will not let me use certain skills afters it's been upgraded a certain amount of times .-.
    Font: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/106217-patch-notes-august-3rd/
    All items with the name "Star whatever" actually should be called "Shuriken whatever". (This is a "Shuriken")
    And All items with the name "Shuriken whatever" actually should be called "Kunai whatever". (This is a "Kunai")
    Right now, the name of these articles, is too confusing. This is a vote to change these names for a few more correct.
  5. So I have been playing Musa since it came out and im having issues in large pvp.
    I started playing kunoichi and I really enjoy it.
    I was just wondering how they are in 1v1, small group pvp, and GvG compared to Musa.
  6. I tried making a pair of ears, and one came out fairly well. The other one... Er. Not so much. I've been attempting to fix this for a long time, but for some reason can't get it right. Any advice? I never did this style lol but... I liked what I did on the left ;v;

  7. I threw shurikens and used Ninjutsu: Black Moonlight - it teleported me to the ground. I am wondering if anyone else has had the same problem ?

  8. so i havent see much about this cept one other thread i cant find. but apprently some ninjas and kunos are getting bugged during arena to have the invisible awakening weapon. its pretty interesting . my friend tried to use some moves but could only auto atk and run around. looks pretty cool. this happen to anyone else?

  9. So today my friend and i were pvping and somehow when i knocked him down he got stuck in the chakram stance. we were laughing so hard. this was the picture he took i forgot to take them cause it was so funny.

  10. Hey Leute,
    ich habe jetzt gegen einige Ninjas und Kunoichis gespielt und auch selbst eine Kunoichi auf 51 gespielt. Von Burstklasse und hohem Schaden konnte ich bisher nichts erkennen. Die Schwarzmagierin hingegen zerlegt meine Walküre mit ca 3-4 skills. Ninja und Kunoichi... nunja... die jucken so garnicht.
    Meine Frage deshalb, hat jemand eine der beiden Klassen auf Koreanischen oder RU/JP Servern gespielt und kann anderes behaupten?
    Bitte kommt mir nicht mit dem 1 vs 7 Video von dem Ninja... Ich mache mit meiner Walküre auch nen 1 vs 10 gegen "undergeared" Leute.
    Liebe Grüße
  11. I'm only lvl 49 atm, currently grinding out skill points but for those of you that have kept leveling. How goes the pvp world? are you learning the class well? Do you enjoy it? What kind of gear do you have?
    just thought id start a general thread where we can chat about our current experiences in pvp on the Kuno
    my current gear is bad, full +10 rocaba, +12 liverto and +9 acc OH blue rings/earrings topaz necklace
    i havent pvpd much other than with another guildie for practice, but i loved it. the class feels so smooth and fluid 
  12. Post on Anim' cancel in Kunoichi

    By Minaciae, posted
         Je profite de la maintenance pour partager avec les non initiés et/ou les non-anglophones des astuces.
    Le post original en anglais est ici.
    Déjà une anim' cancel est un moyen de "couper" l'animation d'une compétence pour la lancer plus rapidement ou pour passer à une autre compétence plus rapidement.
    I Epée courte.
    Il y en a 2 référencées pour le moment sur le post en anglais :
    Première :
    Etape 1 : "Throw shurken" (lancer de shuriken : l'arme en forme de dague sans manche) clic droit.
    Etape 2 : pendant l'animation (tout de suite après avoir cliqué droit), utiliser "shadow stomp" (l'attaque pendant laquelle la kunoichi fait les mouvements de bras avant de foncer dans le tas) bas + E.
    Comme "bas+clic droit" ne fait rien actuellement, j'appuie sur bas dés l'étape 1.
    Seconde :
    Etape 1 : Floor sweeping (La balayette : coupe de pied bas qui fait tomber l'ennemi) bas + F.
    Etape 2 : pendant l'animation (tout de suite après avoir fait "bas + F"), utiliser Shadow Stomp (l'attaque pendant laquelle la kunoichi fait les mouvements de bras avant de foncer dans le tas) bas + E.
    => Avec ces deux astuces, la kuno ne perd plus son temps à faire des signes avec les bras et fonce directement.
    Il s'avère que certains périphériques empêchent cet anim' cancel de se produire : certaines souris comme la "Naga"... Il reste possible à exécuter avec les raccourcis, mais sans la réduction de coût liée à l'utilisation des combinaisons de touches.
    Troisième :
    Etape 1 : Target Chase (le buff qui permet de sprint sans utiliser d'énergie en posture de combat) bas + Q
    Etape 2 : Ghost Step (la téléportation multidirectionnelle, ici en avant) haut + F.
    C'est la première compétence qui se voit interrompue (elle n'est pas longue d'origine, mais bon, pour les plus impatients...) -> si l'enchainement est trop rapide, l'effet de Target chase n'est pas appliqué, mais le temps de recharge si (attention à ne pas être trop pressé).
    Quatrième :
    Etape 1 : Flow : Sky Stepping (double saut) espace + avant.
    Etape 2 : Ghost Step (la téléportation multidirectionnelle, ici en avant) haut + F.
    Permet de foncer alors qu'on saute déjà, très utile pour ne pas perdre de temps dans une course poursuite : on a le buff de vitesse de déplacement du double saut et on ne s'arrête pas en retombant comme un poids lourd.
    => merci aux anglophones pour la suite :
    Cinquième :
    Etape 1 : Crescent Slash (l'attaque qui part du bas, accroupi,  puis forme un croissant vers le haut) bas + clic gauche.
    Bien relâcher le bas!
    Etape 2 : Ankle cutter (La taillade latérale faite sur place) shift + clic gauche.
    Etape 3 : Ghost Step (la téléportation multidirectionnelle, ici PAS en avant, enfin, ça fonctionne, mais on se retrouve derrière le gugus dos à dos ) shift + bas / gauche/ droite.
    L'animation de Crescent Slash est coupée ((lègèrement) par Ankle Cutter et ce dernier est coupé par Ghost Step.
    Sixième (je ne suis pas sûr que ça en soit un) :
    Etape 1 : Ninjutsu : Black Moonlight (la pluie de kunai et d'étoiles ninja) Raccourci numéroté.
    Etape 2 : Ghost Step (la téléportation multidirectionnelle, ici PAS en avant, enfin, ça fonctionne, mais on se retrouve derrière le gugus dos à dos ) shift + bas / gauche/ droite.
    Le timing doit être bon, ou alors il n'y aura pas de dégâts du Ninjutsu : Black Moonlight. Perso je n'ai pas encore réussi à le faire bien.
    Septième :
    Etape 1 : Brace (La recharge d'énergie) Shift+espace.
    Etape 2 : Ghost Step (la téléportation multidirectionnelle) shift + bas / gauche/ droite ou avant + F ou avant 2 fois.
    La vidéo ici montre pas mal de trucs notamment des combos et par exemple le fait qu'après un Shadow Stromp (Shift+clic droit), on peut faire un Ghost Step arrière (Shift+bas) et enchainer avec une Suicide Fall (E) puis un Ninjutsu : Black Moonlight (Raccourci numéroté).
    NB : Après un Ghost Step avant, il y a un cd pour revenir en arrière.
    Mais ne parlons pas combos ici .... quoique, ca pourrait venir...
    II Sah Chakram
    a) Equiper le chakram sans animation à la suite d'une compétence d'épée courte.
    L'animation, longue, quand on appuie sur "C" peut être coupée à la suite de presque toutes les compétences, exceptées :
    Shadow Slash (ne fonctionne pas sur le premier coup, mais sur le second) : droite/gauche + clic gauche.
    Ninjutsu : Black Moonlight : (raccourci numéroté)
    Throwing Kick : F.
    b) Equiper le chakram sans animation en utilisant une compétence de l'arme éveillée.
    Lunar Dash : avant + clic droit.
    c) Equiper une épée courte après une compétence de chakram.
    Ca fonctionne avec toutes les compétences y compris la garde!
    d) Equiper l'épée courte avec une compétence de l'arme de base.
    Tendon Cutter (raccourci numéroté).
    smokescreen (raccourci numéroté).
    Ninjutsu : Block Jump : shift + A (SEULEMENT SI la compétence "Flow : Duppel Dummy" : shift + A de l'arme éveillée, n'est pas apprise!)
    Target Chase : bas + A.
    Flash Slash : (seulement en raccourcis numéroté)
    Flow : Kick Down : F pendant un double-saut.
    Si vous avez d'autres anim' cancel, n'hésitez pas à partager.
    (J'ai pris les animations sur blackdeserttome)
  13. Is it just me, or is the Kunoichi a MONSTER!? This girl is absurd...
    In a situation where I might approach a horde with caution, I found it to be...boring to do this with her. Not because she's boring, or 'cause the enemies are, but because I could see all kinds of unused potential when I played defense.
    I decided to go balls-out and just open up the can on huge crowds of enemies, fully prepared to get hurt, and feel like I'm in over my head, and I just SLAUGHTERED....EVERYTHING. I was a walking apocalypse. No fear, and no need for it. Maehwa is good at melee offense and all, but damn...not this good.
    I pity the guy who tries to PVP a Kunoichi. (Unless he's a ninja of course)
    I erased my first "Co-op boss" in moments. Like he was a weasel. This girl is a badass! Just no mercy at all!
    And mine is super...DUPER hot.
  14. Post on First theorycrafting in Kunoichi

    By Greenwolf, posted
    Hi all,
    so i started a kuno yesterday. Just wanted to put some thoughts down on paper and start crowd sourcing some theories.
    First i just have to say its a Kunai not a shuriken. Now that is out of the way onto the real stuff.
    I really, really want to hear some thoughts on Killer training. I'm kind of tempted. Anyone else?
     I'm not seeing the point of maxing smokescreen early on. I feel that evasion boost is decent at best, but not great. My main problem with it, is that it's only 10 seconds long now this seems like a long time, but really the way i'm currently using smokescreen is as an opening gambit to chain cc if it stuns I'm going straight into concealment into heart aiming (stun) into fatel blow 3 hit combo into suicide fall (as i get to know the skills a bit more i will start weaving more damage between cc, but i was just proving a point) and continue on; as you can see its cc chain heaven. This takes me back to my original point; that 10 Seconds isnt much you might get 5 seconds at best, but most likely the enemy is gonna back off for a sec and health pot then re engage if still alive. i can see the point of it, but i would label it as optional to max not core. Thoughts?
    ankle cutter, i like this skill. Its low damage, but its so fast to weave into anything and the cc is amazing. I just think its under rated at the moment. seriously considering maxing this before smokescreen.
    tragic blade, no one gets this skill why? It utilises your block. You are always going to be low on stamina if you are pushing the character to the max and its an amazing counter i can see it being super strong in pvp. Thoughts?
    i got the flow: kick down, but i cant really seem to get it to work. Anyone able to offer some advice on what i might be doing wrong.
    I'm finding it very difficult to weave shadow stomp into any rotation due to the hugely long windup time, is there a cancel for this? Just found the answer to this, yes you can with floor sweep or straight after throwing a kunai.
    Can you only use shadow rage when you have 200% black spirit rage? (sorry not got shadow rage yet) If so why does every guide have this maxed as core, when are you ever gonna be 200%?
    finally moonlight, i dont see the point in maxing this at the moment. i'm really thinking late game this will only be used for superarmour. I dont see the damage as spectacula. Thoughts? I'm kind of on the fence.
    Just some thoughts so far, thanks in advance for the thoughts back.
  15. Hello...
    I thought I just drop it in here, the naming of the 2 Secondary weapons for ninja/kunoichi are named opposites
    The ''Star'' = a Shuriken
    the ''Shuriken = a Kunai.
    (Can instantly confirm this by simply googling the names)
    best regards,
    Alre family.

  16. So I have this template that has outstandingly well done hair, I'd really like to use this hair on Kunoichi. The hairstyle itself is available for both, it's the customization aspect that I'm having severe trouble with. I have both templates available to send for someone willing to give it a shot. I've been attempting it all day honestly and am at the point of giving up on it. If completed, whoever helps me with this can do whatever they want with the finished template, including giving it out here for free or uploading it into Black Desert Beauty Album, I will not be uploading it because I failed at finishing it.
  17. Post on Ninja or Kunoichi in General

    By Deidara007, posted
    Hi , wanna see some opinions about which class would you choose Ninja or Kuno and why? I can't decide on my own :D. 
  18. Post on Kunoichi Awakening in General

    By Kotaro, posted
    hehe just kidding, finally the Kunoichi trailer is already up


  19. Hi all,
    I've heard from someone that they were doing fine with the AP offhand and didn't really need accuracy, but I've read somewhere else that you need accuracy offhand unless you have Bheg gloves, which I thought was the case for every class?
    I'll be giving my Kunoichi 2x taritas 2x grunil with Ult. Yuria shortsword
    I won't have any accuracy accessories as far as I remember, I'll be having: pri blue coral earring (eventually 2x pri), duo blue coral earring, 7ap ring from valencia questline, duo bares belt, pri scarla necklace
    Thoughts / experience?
  20. Post on Kuno Awakening Leak in Kunoichi

    By AquaSting, posted
    The skills for the kuno awakening weapon have been leaked hope this helps you decide 
  21. Post on Kunoichi pvp videos. in Kunoichi

    By Onalesh, posted
    This was the video that made me decide Kunoichi was for me.
  22. Post on Kunoichi Gear? in Kunoichi

    By Schnipsgie, posted
    Welche Rüstung eignet sich besonders für den Kunoichi?
    Welche Werte sind besonders wichtig? (krit , Atk speed ; Movement Speed )
  23. Post on Let's hype! :D in Kunoichi

    By Raviar, posted
    Is it wednesday yet?
  24. Hey all
    I was wondering if anyone knew what vendor would be selling the AP accurracy offhand for kunoichi? I would really like to start getting prepped for when this comes out. 
    Thank you all in advance.