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  1. Bonjour, bonsoir a toutes et tous
    J'ai besoin de conseil , ayant eu un Espadon de Kzarka sur ce boss , je souhaite monter mon armes , actuellement je suis en +9 , il me faut donc monté des fail stack , donc mes questions sont
    1 : Quel équipement utilisé pour monter des fail stack me conseiller vous
    2 : le nombre de fail stack pour passer a +10 +11 +12 ....
    merci d'avance pour vos conseils précieux
  2. Saved up some money for awakening. Currently at level 55 tamer, reaching 56 today. Have the generic +7 blue awakening weapon.
    I heard that awakening damage is based off of primary weapon ap as well? So should i just invest in a TRI Kzarka primary or is it better to be more well rounded with accessory and awakening weapon upgrades? Looking to spend 500m and my enhancing RNG is complete ass. Please help, thank you!

  3. Post on Witch Progession in Wizard/Witch

    By K WONG, posted
    I started this game back when it first was released and just came back to playing it from taking a couple months off. I now see that there is awakening classes and I started a new character the other day. (A Witch). I just wanted to see how my gear/skill points and everything look for the level I currently am? This character is mostly going to be PVE only. I don't like to PVP.
    Thank You

  4. I am 52 lvl and i was wondering if it is worth getting a Kzarka weapon or better to keep my staff and get awakened orbs? I am not a member of any guild if it is matters.
    I don't find any fresh info about gear for Wizard with latest updates, Maybe it is way too late for me and going straight on awakening weapon is better? As I read it is an orb now with summoning abilities and water/fire elements.

    The problem that I cannot catch Kzarka boss, looking at this site I check the spawn time, I sit on the spot and since Kzarka boss is spawned on all channels I have to at least see him once, but nope... Looking Internet about Kzarka spawn already 1 week, sitting afk on spot in Serendia shrine and being check if I am bot by random people is sure very amusing. Support is way too busy to answer my request as well. I met a girl there who saw an announcement and came on spot but there were nobody, so is the answer from GM still actual?
    As I read people call him the boss for unemployed people cause he spawns near 4 o'clock, maybe I just need to wait more? Or night vendor is my only choice now? Or skip it and get a super ultra awakened orb that I have no idea about?
    By the way, in order to see announcement about boss spawn, how do I switch off all these annoying pop-up ads about marketing? I switched off them in chat but I cannot find the option for the screen. 
    Let's skip the part about my noob questions and noob staff  just advice me, I have returned in the game after 6 months pause.
  5. Post on Cursed Kzarka Bow? in General

    By King Revoker, posted
    So I have this Kzarka bow, that I have thrown over 100mil into for memory fragments when trying to get it to +15. I am currently sitting at 44 failstacks and it doesn't seem like it is going to stop any time soon. Ultimate failstack item? Or bugged?
    I also spent 60mil going from +12 > +13, when it decided to go after 36 failstacks.

  6. ok im unsure on how to explain this really... being a returning player ive got acess to the returning player items within this on day 18 you get an item that gives you aura's the descriptions of the auras say go to this npc get a quest do the quest get a weapon box. apon going to the npc they dont have the quest. in fact everyone in my guild who has gotten the item cant do the quest either. the item names are Novber's Latent Aura, Karanda's Latent Aura, Kutum's Latent Aura and Kzarka's Latent Aura. ive looked up Kzarka's and according to it i have to do a quest called small potions to medium potions. of which im very sure ive completed. 
  7. Keep trying to TRI my Kzarka weapon... only for it to be PRI again
    i was told that having duo gear is not enough for valencia.. and i really want to move onto valencia so that i can grind harder and more rewarding things, but i can't seem to get just a tri weapon let alone my armor or accessories

    i got a 60 stack on my main (which apparently is "TET country" [LOL])
    i got a 51 stack on my alt (which apparently is also "TET country" [LOLLL])

    both started attempting TRI at ~30 stacks :[

    why would i try TET when i'm having this much trouble with TRI? i'm most likely going to fail TET even at a 60+ stack and have to get TRI again.. but if i somehow manage to achieve TRI in this lifetime i'm not going to want to risk it failing and going to DUO which it most likely would if i attempt TET
  8. Hi All and Happy New Year.
    I noticed that the attendance reward is up again.
    How many people on the game actually managed to obtain a Kzarka weapon by delivering 100 Auras? One of the reward is 5 Kzarka latent aura.
    I am not sure but seems to me that 5 are not really a great help considering that 100 are needed to obtain the item and Kzarka does not drop them all the time.
    Thank you
  9. Hey Leute,
    ich Glückspilz habe durch den Kampf gegen kzarka den kzarka fokusreif bekommen. Der ist ca. 100 Millionen Wert
    Jetzt ist es so das ich dennoch neu in dem Spiel bin und noch nicht genau weiß wie das System läuft mit gelben Waffen. Ich hatte nur Standart Waffen und kriege jetzt so einen seltenen Drop.. Ich habe meine Waffen davor normal mit den Waffen-Schwarzsteinen hochgelevelt auf +7. Ab da wird es ja schwerer. Ist es bei gelben Waffen ebenfalls so das ich bis ich +7 bin, für jedes "level" der Waffe nur 1 Schwarzstein brauche?  Oder ist es schwerer? Und gibt es irgendwo eine Tabelle in der Steht wie viele Schwarzsteine ich aufeinmal brauche um garantiert ein weiteres "waffen-level" ab +7 zu bekommen?
    Danke für eure hilfe!

  10. I know this post might get some flack about pay to win blah blah. But I would really like to see the kzarka and dandelion exchange tokens in our build. It would be fun to be able to use all of my gear and be able to play multiple toons.
  11. Post on Gear Assistance in Ninja

    By osu13, posted
    I'm a 57 Ninja with all pri grunil and duo chest (ultimate). I'm also currently using pri yuria ultimate, and +15 estique offhand, and +15 green awakening. My gear score is somewhere around 135, 120, 197.
    I've been saving up my gold and really despise self enchanting (I understand the benefits and failstacking...did it for most of my gear) I'll be close to 1/2 a bill soon.
    Now for my Question
    Should I snipe a tri Kzarkaor buy a tri liverto and tri offhand (or try and make myself)or should I get Bhegs gloves first before upgrading weapon to increase my AP gear score.Im just trying to figure out what would be the best first move in gear advancements.
    I usually grind at sausan for money but have an interest in Pirates grinding and potentially Bandits or crescent (not sure yet).
  12. Hi! I'm using TRI Liverto, TRI Dandelion and TRI Vangertz and i want to enchant Kzarka and Kutum for change.
    ¿Wich should I enchant first? ¿Kzarka, or Kutum?
  13. (technically not a noob i guess since I'be almost been playing for a year now, but its a newbie question so)

    I just got a Kzarka box from the Black spirit board game thingy. I'm a VERY casual player, as in i almost play every day, sure, but like 15 minutes to 1h tops usually. the rest of it I'm afk and i dont PvP at all. I've attempted to tri my livierto a few times but since I basically only make 1-2m a day ( yeah I rly dont play a lot!) Its hard to keep the budget for upgrade attempts on a regular basis...so instead i'm saving up for muskan shoes so that i can at least get decent armor and accessories. Those I can switch character with. And knowing that Dark knight is coming... I'm thinking maybe I should just keep that Kzarka box in storage and open it then? or sell it to have more budjet for Livierto + armor + acesories upgrades? X-X;

    A nice guildmate suggested I use the Kzarka for failstacking so i can enhance everything else, so theres that option too?

    What should I do? :-/ 

  14. Hi guys, I,ve returned to BDO after a 6 month break.
    My main is a Warrior and I left it with decent gear and quite some money on him.
    But much has changed since I left so I need some advice.
    This is my current set-up:

    - Full Grunil Set +15
    - Yuria Longsword of Destruction +15 (Which I just sold, that's my problem)
    - Vangertz Shield +15
    - 2x Mark PRI
    - 2x Witch PRI
    - Ruthum Elite Belt PRI and Ancient Guardian Seal PRI

    I've been reading around and I have an idea in which order I should upgrade my gear: Bheg > Dandy > Kzarka > Muskan
    I have around 400 Millions to burn and already decided to buy Bheg Gloves as they are now always available on the market.
    I am 53 at the moment so I would skip Dandy for now, so the next in line should be Kzarka.
    I have more than enough to buy a Kzarka Duo but there are still too rare (even the basic one) and frankly I cannot be arsed to stalk the AH, that's one of the reasons I left the game.

    Now, my main problem is that I already sold my Yuria because I was going to buy a Liverto DUO, but then I remembered that now we have the Awakening weapon and I'd rather save the money for a Dandy.
    So at the moment I don't have any Sword and I really need to buy one ASAP, so my questions are:

    Shall I buy a Rosar +15 (or maybe a DUO) which will bring me to lvl 56 and then buy both Dandy and Kzarka?
    Shall I buy the Liverto DUO but  then I'll have to choose between  Dandy and Kzarka?

    I am asking because I've never been convinced that the Liverto was worth that kind of money for a Warrior, that +3 Crits Bonus is useless and though the Accuracy is great I wonder if it is worth all that extra money, particularly because now the Greatsword is the main Weapon (and I know that AP gets transferred from the Sword to the Greatsword, but what about the Accuracy?
    Would a Rosar +15/PRI/DUO work until I get Kzarka (assuming I buy Dandy first)?
    Sorry for the long post I hope you didn't fell asleep.
  15. Discord Invite Link: https://discord.gg/XrSRRQm
     If you do decide to join us, please look over the #read-first-rules-faq channel, it has a lot of information on how our Discord runs and some great information on bosses.
     Hello BDO players,
     We are the moderation team of Edan World Bosses (EWB). With the coming server merge, that name may change, as we intend to continue operating post-merge for the entirety of the NA region and we want to welcome all players from Uno and Orwen who would like to use the Discord as well.
     Edan has always operated its own independent Discord server for world bosses, hunting, LFG, and chat. It currently has over 5500 members and climbing, currently with around 3100 connected users during prime time. We want everyone to have a place in and benefit from this Discord, so be assured that while we do try to encourage it, participation has always been and will always be completely optional, with boss information always remaining visible to everyone.
     We have a robust bot that has been built to fit our vision and needs which helps with tracking boss information. The bot is actively developed and we are prepared to handle any changes that may come, and are also open to suggested changes by the community.
     Utility Channels:
     #boss-timer - Souffle Bot automatically updates this once per minute with current boss windows. You can also type !w in #general to see that same information.
     #boss-notifications  - Where everyone will be notified when a boss spawns. Permissions to "ping" everyone that a boss has spawned in this channel is based upon participation and reputation.
     #boss-status - Active bosses are fought here. Share boss alive, death, HP information, and channel/train coordination.
     #hunting - Where people interested in whale and Khalk hunting can work together. The bot also helps out in here with some additional hunting target tracking. We may have some more information on this in the comments below from Fam soon.
     #lfg-scrolls - Looking for a group for scrolls or otherwise? This can be handy and save you some loyalty on finding a group or looking for members.
     Chat Channels:
     #general - More or less like the server's global chat where people can discuss whatever they like, but being civil and respectful is the name of the game in there.
     #cancer - This is more of a free speech chat, so it may not be for the faint of heart. It helps keep the discussion in #general civil, and when drama and such is happening, we want there to be a place for it, as a lot of people find that entertaining. It is not, however, "anything-goes", as certain activity does cross the line and Discord has their own Terms of Service that should be reasonably observed: https://discordapp.com/tos
      Being a community focused Discord, we also promote members who are streaming. If you are a streamer, and you'd like your stream to appear at the top of our user list when you go live, hit up a mod to get everything sorted.
     We hope you’ll join us, and some of our moderation team will be in the comments answering questions and hanging out while the merge is underway.
     Once again our invite link is: https://discord.gg/XrSRRQm
  16. Post on Boss Aura in General

    By Mujen, posted
    Hi Everyone,
    If you are one of the unlucky ones such as myself. Going to world bosses have been a complete nightmare. I never understood why Karanda, and Kzarka auras are an RNG drop. The fact that you need 100 Auras is already difficult but fair task, but to top that with a low chance of it actually dropping is just mind blowing. Is there a way to reach out to the developers and propose making these Aura's become a mandatory drop. 100 days is still a long time to get a boss box in a game.

  17. Hello,
    I want to know that who has a Kzarka and Kutum on croxus Server, for to know the number of kzarka and kutum on croxus  !
    thank you
    me i have Kzarka loot yesterday and i buy shuriken kutum today im lucky boy
  18. Bonjour,
    Je souhaite savoir qui Qui possède une Kzarka  et Un/e Kutum sur le Serveur croxus pour me faire un avis !
    J'ai loot ma Kzarka hier et j'ai acheter ma Kutum shuriken ce matin 
  19. hallo,
    Sie haben Kzarka  / Kutum  ? Croxus Server 
  20. Post on zaka v liv testing in Guides

    By PyroAmos, posted
    I posted this in zerker forums, but figured i'd throw a link to it here to, since other classes I guess could get some use out of it.
  21. Hallo Zusammen,
    ich hätte eine Frage bzgl. Genauigkeit. Wenn ich nirgends Genauigkeit drauf habe, jedoch eine Kzarka und die Bhegh Handschuhe auf II oder III, gewähren mir diese dann Genauigkeit? Oder Verstärken diese nur vorhandene Genauigkeit?
  22. I'm posting this quick test here at this forum part because most of the plebs in general don't even know what the current situation about hidden dmg in awakening stance etc is.
    Tested my old TRI rosar longsword vs. my new received kzarka, which I DUO'd immediately. Used Armor Break skill in greatsword stance since it's the best skill to test something for warrior.
    The dmg with DUO kzarka equipped was higher, at a small value but still visible.
    This result shows a few interesting points now:
    1.) Main hand weapons seem to provide AP to our awakening weapons already, whose verity was discussed too in many topics.
    2.) The most used argument from this specific reddit post, which states that half the enhanced AP from main hand affects awakening weapon, is obsolete now. The TRI rosar was supposed to deal more dmg according to this statement. It's sheet AP is higher than DUO kzarka as well as its hidden enhancement AP. The rosar should have dealed significantly more dmg but the kzarka was still ahead. We should begin thinking of a different theory at this point.
    3.) The simple fact that kzarka dealed more dmg shows us that there has to be some sort of hidden stat on it, otherwise I can't explain this dmg difference. Accuracy wasn't the problem in this test btw, must be another stat.
  23. Bonjour à tous, je me pose la question suivante :
    Entre arc liverto et arc kzarka qui ont tout deux la même valeur d'attaque et dont seul les bonus change ( +3 critiques vs +3 vitesse d'attaque) qu'est ce qui vous fait choisir plutôt l'un que l'autre ?
    A savoir que via les cristaux on peux pour chacun des deux armes ce rapprocher du bonus global de l'autre.
    Enfin vous voyez l'idée.
  24. Post on gimme kzarka in General

    By taatsumaki, posted
    hello, im searching people to post more Kzarka Staff +7 in marketplace in Jordine Q_Q
  25. Post on Kzarka VS Liverto TEST in General

    By RW3XL, posted
    did a dmg comparison test with tri liverto vs tri kzarka