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  1. Is there a plan to fix the issue that half the current channels are completely unusable by the majority of the player base? With the server merge and increase in population, that population is now crammed into half of the channels originally intended to support them. All the reverse proxy channels are completely unusable and have led to countless deaths and gem losses. Is there a plan to fix it? Or are they just ignoring this and pretending it isnt a massive problem.
    Pvp is impossible on these channels. Boss hunting is a complete joke on these channels. Grinding is out of the questions because you just randomly desynch and die. Are these the pve life skill only channels now?
  2. It seriously baffles my mind on how a company that has gotten as rich as your, and that has one of the most popular MMOs in NA/EU currently has not upgraded their server structure. You guys has your heads up your asses and it shows. I understand buying not the best servers at the start of this game since you didn't know how popular it might be, but at this point get your shit together. NA/EU are not tiny ass areas like Korea and we require centralized and large servers. Most people don't play competitive games unless the average PNG is around 20-40. Most people average 100. That's appalling. Upgrade your infrastructure to handle more people, cause clearly the problems start to really arise when more people are online. Secondly move the god damn main hub to Texas or Chicago. It's a really simple solution. I can almost 100% guarantee not one player will care if you have to go offline for a certain amount of time to upgrade/move the servers, if it meant they will actually be able to play the game. You're pigeon holing people into playing certain classes, because other are shit when the PNG is high. It also gives certain classes advantages. I think a lot of "balance" issues would be solved if people didn't desync or delay every 5 god damn seconds, and people would actually be able to have fun fights. Would also help NW and Sieges. Server stability is going to be the downfall of your company and game. Hopefully you listen to people and fix it. 
  3. Post on LAG in Technical Issues

    By Sum_Old_Guy, posted
    What is with the lag?
    Ever since the server merge, all i see is people complaining about it and on every patch, there is no mention of it being fixed.
    I am going to assume it is because of the pearl shop..
    So I will stay out of the pearl shop until the lag has been fixed.
  4. Please change over all the reverse proxy servers to be normal servers - or at least the majority of them. Nobody I know actually benefits from this antiquated server architecture, I'm sure there are a few percent of players (<5%) who do need a similar architecture for connection stability but it does not justify ruining almost half of the available servers and node war servers.
    For those of you who are unsure what I am referring to generally servers numbered 1,3, or 5 are this type of server and it is the reason those servers lag so much while usually servers numbered 2,4, or 6 are stable.
    Poll for reducing number of these servers
  5. Can't play this game anymore without being rubber-banded and then eventually killed because of the lag. Please fix =( 
  6. Post on A way to reduce lag in Suggestions

    By maik331, posted
    Setting to turn off Shadow level completely. It should have one for remove major lag. By adjust only the shadow. something like Very high, High, Medium, Low, and especially NON, most lag would be removed especially now!
    My reason for wanting that, because, in all games, removing the shadow will likely remove most lag without sacrificing major graphic or resolution.
    Thank you
  7. Post on LAG - D-SYNC in Suggestions

    By Pyper, posted
    I have been a horse trainer since the game started. However, with the horrible lag spikes & disconnects, all horse trainers know that the lag is just impossible.  I set my horse (or wagon)  up to auto-run - 10 mins later - I come back to check on her before heading off to work and she is standing in the middle of the road - no horse in sight.  She is lvl 34 so i know no one pvp'd her.
    I run back to tariff and my horse is hurt and in the stable..  This happens repeatedly.  I am making no gains in leveling my horses at this point.  These issues have been going on for as long as I can remember in this game, - we, as players keep asking for it to be fixed..... but nothing happens.   I feel certain you are going to lose many many customers if it doesn't get fixed - SOON.
  8. I've died about 4 days ago, due to d-sync, lost both of my awakened black spirit crystals on death, couple hours ago I've finally replaced the second gem.
    Went to farm cadry elites...Game became unresponsive for about 1 minute, I've kept spamming my potions, holding block, and rotating healing spells, after about a minute, when I've regained connection to the server, I see this.

  9.      The servers have become very unstable and laggy. I'm assuming its due to a large influx of players. I'm glad more people are coming to enjoy the game. However, you will soon lose a large player base if you can't fix/upgrade your servers. I saw it in Archeage. At its peak, the servers were failing and the game became nearly unplayable during peak hours. Archeage has since, and shortly thereafter, failed.  Please do yourself a favor and spend the money to fix it. This game has untold potential. It would be a shame to see it crumble due to you all being to cheap to upgrade your server rooms. At least give us hope and say you are working on it.
  10. There was an older forum post that told us which channels were reversed proxy channels. However the post was long forgotten and new players are now lagging without knowing about the reverse proxy channels. You will either not lag at all or lag very bad in these channels. B1, S3, S5, M3, M5, C3, C5, Val3, and Val5 are the ones that I know of. If you lag in these channels move to a different channel and it should fix it. Vice Versa. Please let everyone who lags know this so they can fix it. Thanks!
  11. In the time that I have played this game I have noticed that it has been impossible for me to reach a world boss even if its within 500m without it being killed. This is because every world boss' health is way too low, and combined with the severe lag that allows you to move 5 feet in the amount of time it would take to move 500 feet is horrendous. I think it would make the game better if the world bosses took 30 minutes at least to kill with a decent group of players, not 5 minutes. These are world bosses were talking about here that have 8 hour+ cool down timers, and with them only taking 5 minutes to kill really makes it less fun for me and other players because we don't want to stand around waiting 2-3 hours for the boss to spawn. If the immense rubber-banding wasn't a thing then it would be fine, but when other players and I can't make it to the bosses because of this it really kills the fun of the game.
  12. My first month on the Olvia servers things were great. I never had server lag. When I heard people complain about it I wondered if it was just their internet/computer. 
    Since losing Olvia access, it is torturous. Frequently throughout the day, night, weekend, whatever, the server is so lagged that you can't even talk to NPCs. You rubberband around - sometimes back to positions you were in 2-5 minutes previous. I've even died as a result of it and lost crystals and XP. 
    Is there even a solution in sight? This is an absolute bare bones requirement for running an MMO that your servers need to at least be able to handle the load and process commands.
    Even just lifeskilling is brutal because you press "R" and nothing happens for 60-120 seconds. BRUTAL.
  13. Hi guys today when i was switching my characters, cause system lag, when i was threwing fish on inventory, for an error i threw my dim tree spirit armor PRI
  14. Post on LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAG in Suggestions

    By BuTtA, posted
    Why after an entire year are your servers complete dog shit? Every node war everyone lags their asses off and continue to tell you about it and you "claim" to send server experts to the US and "fix" the server performance but ever since the server merge the servers are WORSE than ever. Can you please spend at least 1/4 of the money you make on fixing the server performance in the US PLEASE! I mean it has gone on long enough and you people just ignore it. Stop ignoring it, listen to your players, fix the lag and desync for the US (not Korean servers, we dont care about them!)
  15. Are you one of us that are tired of BDO's lousy servers??
    There's only one solution to get this fixed and that is to put pressure on Kakao to spend some of OUR money, that we paid for the game and cash shop items, in getting some better servers. Bad servers = bad player experiences !!!
    So to show them how much of a problem we think this is i would like you to vote here so we can show them just how big of an issue it is.
    If that won't work, then we should write a collective letter to Kakao, or their investors to put pressure on them.
    Hope to see your support as I am a big fan of this game, but tired of being disconnected, desyncing in PVE and PVP and general lag which can cause you to loose precious XP and crystals in the process (which FYI will not be refunded by KAKAO).
    Best regards
    A fellow adventurer.

  16. Hello everyone. 
    I have the following system: 
    CPU: AMD FX 8350 @ 4 Ghz 
    RAM: Corsair Vengeance quad channel kit @ 1600 Mhz 16 GB 
    Video: XFX RX 480 Black edition 8 GB VRAM
    SSD: Samsung EVO 850
    I am having serious FPS dips during world events. Stuttering and low FPS are a common thing for me making the game unplayable (it dips to ~ 5 FPS constantly). Any ideas as to how I can fix this are much appreciated (Game runs properly on high most of the time). 
    Thanks in advance!
    Anyone has any idea about this thing? 
  17. So ever since the black spirit dice game came back into game last week I have been experiencing major lag and frame stuttering only on 1 of my characters. I main a lvl 59 Maehwa and it's nearly impossible to play due to my frames jumping from the 70's down to the teens at random no matter where I am or what I am doing in game BUT if I switch to any other character my frames are fine. I even end all Coherent UI's in Task Manager as well as do the Marketplace Temp fps fix with no improvements. I have also deleted both cache folders, have done a file repair etc. etc. with no improvements on my Maehwa.
    I know that several others have had and reported fps issues since the black spirit dice game came back into game here on the forums but am wondering if anyone else has had or is having the same issue I am with one of there characters and if there is a possible fix? Other than reinstalling the game which I know won't make a difference as like I stated before, my frames are fine if on any other character of mine which I am confident that this is a game issue and not a file or hardware issue.
  18. Never had this problem before, my connection is generally rock solid. Can easily hit 90mbits in speed tests.
    Even a 20-person boss fight will start triggering constant rubberbanding, not being able to attack, sorc shards not draining/recovering, etc. Did the maintenance team do something wrong?
    It's like the server is processing my skills 10 seconds after I cast them, meanwhile rubberband-porting me all over the place.
    Edit: I've tried on S2, S3, S5, M5 and C5 with very bad results. C2 has been the only channel that's worked for me without constant massive lag.
  19. Ever since this weeks patch I am having some serious lag stutters on one character. My frames are bouncing from mid 70's down to low 20's than bounce back up no matter where I am in game yet my frames are fine on all of my other characters. Anyone else having issues like this?
  20. When will we replace the potato servers? I keep seeing improvements ingame, but not the important factor - Server Capability.

  21. Hello,
    Currently, it appears all the servers have lagged out and nobody can play. Please update us, and get better servers.
    Can't reconnect after rebooting game stuck on "Now Processing"
    Seriously you would make more money if you paid out for better servers so that you had a better reputation and less player churn, whoever is deciding not to dish out for better servers needs to be fired/removed.
    Edit: Kakao read the Black Desert subreddits at some point - your PR blows, and you should feel bad. You need to reply and talk to us players and explain the problems and what you are doing to fix them if you want a healthy player attitude. The only reason you wouldn't is that you don't care and are not willing to improve.
  22. As a player since beta, I have noticed the surprising amount of d-sync and lag in basic combat and PvP. I am wondering what the Kakao team plans to do to fix this and if they currently are when can we expect to see this change? I see tons of content updates which is great, but I feel a large portion of the player base participates in node wars, guild wars and territory wars and are unhappy about the amount of connection issues. I also feel that specific classes are subject to d-sync therefor making them not preferred or viable and I feel that a game which boasts a unique experience for every player who joins BDO turns players away from specific classes therefor nullifying the experience. BDO has a large selection of character each unique in their own ways that allow players to create their OWN play style, however I feel a sort of META has formed with certain classes being rather strong and others being relatively weak. Such classes are Warriors and Wizards/Witches. These 2 classes are arguably "broken" and to strong. Weaker classes are essentially Tamers, Valkries some might say Rangers are weak until higher ap. The problem is, every class is REALLY good at higher level and higher AP/DP, however certain classes are to strong at higher and lower AP. A warrior gets a +20ap buff for 10 seconds on their block, when enhancing a Liverto from PRI to TRI you only gain 16ap. While using the Warrior class, you basically get a buff greater than that of a TRI Liverto, a weapon that isn't best in slot, but 2nd best in slot. I would like to bring up some possible solutions but I understand how game balance works and how it is often trickier than most people believe because if you balance one character, another one rises and takes its place, etc. I would personally like to see balances come out similar to MOBAs where there are characters who do become better than some due to nerfs and buffs, but the current state of the game has certain classes grasping for air to survive. I also will bring up my main point of certain characters being subject to d-sync again. Classes like the newly released DK and other classes that rely on any sort of knockdown for single target damage are scammed from their damage as the d-sync allows them to get it up sooner, etc.
    TLDR: BDO needs some balance changes and servers need to be improved to increase gameplay. 
  23. So I was Auto-piloting from Cephelon to Heidel on a horse (tier 5, return gift salami) and left computer in order to make coffee. I return back after a while just to discover my character swimming in river next to a bridge which leads to Orc camp. My horse on other hand was drowned at bottom of the river.
    So, my theory is that horse felt so depressed with server connections that it drove itself off the set autopath course just to jump off the bridge while yelling ''This game is pay2win  These laggs are terrible! I don't wanna live no more!'' and jumped off the bridge to drown in painful and agonizing pain.  The end.
    But in all seoriousness i do have below average connection, but having loading screens pop up every 2-10 minutes randomly to reconnect me to game is just ridicilous. It's that bad that can't set autopath course and run to destination without disconnecting every 5 minutes. Can we get better servers instead of new class please next time? These are words from contributing player.
    Rest in pepperoni my salami, your lagged death will not be forgotten, only eaten.
  24. Hey everyone,
    it is near impossible for me to connect to the game in the evening. Everytime I log into the game the game stands still and I get no response from the server. After 2 or 3 minutes all the data gets send to me at once and my client disconnects shortly after. A lot of channels are crowded at the moment because of the DK release but maybe the issue is on my side.
  25. Post on Marketplace bug? in In-Game Bugs

    By Qasim, posted
    I often switch characters to use Marketplace, however, when switching back to my main character I notice serious stuttering, fps drop.
    To fix the stuttering then, I open Marketplace from main menu, and close it by clicking the X and not esc, and the fps goes back to normal.
    I think Marketplace menu is bugged? I can do a video please let me know