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  1. There are several ways to decrease your lag, and stabilize your ping in black desert that I have found through testing. I've been keeping most of these secret to myself, but have decided to share them with you, and hope these stay between only those I share it with. Thank-you.
    Some of these changes you might see around the web but many are custom to Black Desert and specialized to it's connection and the way it sends and receives packets.
    Before going further I have to put in this disclaimer. 
    This is advanced computer work that is messing around with the core of how your computer operates. I take no responsibility if you mess up and brick your windows install or any problems that occur because of anything you do.
    Now that that's out of the way, we shall precede. Thank-you.
    First step is to Disable Nagles Algorithm, this will allow your computer to send packets to the server without having to completely fill your MTU allowing faster transmission and receive of data.
    For all of the following fixes you will need to open the regestry editor. Open Run (Windows key + R) and type RegEdit and hit enter.

    Disable Nagles Algorithm

    Go to the following path in the folders you see on the left. 
    the "NIC-id" section will be one of the folders that seem to be random digits. Click on each one of them till you find your IP address, only one should have it listed.
    If you don't know how to find your IP open run and type CMD.
    Once the command windows opens you will want to type in ipconfig and hit enter. Your IP address will be listed in the data displayed.
    Once you find which NIC-id is the correct one for you, right click in the right hand pane amongst the "Files" and click Create New DWORD value. 
    Name this DWORD value TcpAckFrequency. (this and all of the values are case sensitive.)
    Double click on the new DWORD you made and set it's value to 1.
    (DWORD value, 1=disable, 2=default, 2-n=send ACKs if outstanding ACKs before timed interval. Setting not present by default).
    For gaming performance it is recommended you disable it by setting the value to  1. For pure throughput and data streaming, you can experiment with values over 2. 
    Please keep in mind, if you try larger values, just make sure TcpAckFrequency*MTU is less than RWIN, since the sender may stop sending data if RWIN fills without an acknowledgement.
    That's the first part Nagles Algorithm out of the way. Time for step 2.
    Next find the following key in the "folders" on the left. (If you can't find it, create the key yourself):
    In this key (the folder) create a new DWORD Value as follows.
    TCPNoDelay with a value of 1 (DWORD value, 0 to enable Nagle's algorithm, 1 to disable, not present by default)
    This is another value which removes Nagle's Algorithm.
    Step number 3, reclaiming 20% of your bandwidth.
    Locate the following key
    In the left pane, right-click on Windows and create a new key called “Psched“.
    After this you need to right click on the blank white part in the right pane and create a new “DWORD”.
    This one will be named “NonBestEffortLimit” 
    The value for this one will be zero to disable the reserve bandwidth.

    Step 4, adjusting your buffers.
    Locate HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\AFD\Parameters in the "folders" in the left pane.
    Once you locate this key, you will be editing (adding them if they don't exist, they SHOULD exist though...) the following values.
    LargeBufferSize, Value = 81920
    MediumBufferSize = 40960
    SmallBufferSize = 20480
    What we are doing is attempting to reduce Flow control. Flow Control can result in additional network latency as a result of data transfer interruptions. rating conditions. 
    Under general operations you would want smaller buffersizes as to attempt to decrease the increase in paging; but with a game of this caliber you want to  increase the buffer size as the make sure you are not falling into Flow Control.
    Step 5 Transmit windows and I/O alterations.
    TransmitWorker = 32
    MaxFastTransmit = 64
    MaxFastCopyTransmit = 128
    DefaultReceiveWindow = 204800
    DefaultSendWindow = 61440
    What these settings are doing is altering windows sizes to help stabilize ping and and help the fast I/O by settings a buffer size for smaller data to be used as a copy instead of reprocessing the same data again.
    The next DWORD we are adding is a protective measure against Socket Hijacking.
    The next DWORD will be disabling Priority Boost.
    Where as this SOUNDS like an awesome feature, it's generally recommened to be turned off. This allows windows to pick what IT thinks is a priority for network and processor use. Rather than just using the standard order.
    PriorityBoost = 0
    The next DWORD we are adding will be StandardAddressLength. This is the length of the standard address the machine uses for TDI.
    By increases this value we will get a slight increase in performance as it seems BDO's transport protocol uses slightly longer strings.
    We will be settings StandardAddressLength=1024
    The next DWORD we will be changing is transmitIoLength. This may have several different default values, but it's usually the PAGE_SIZE value, or PAGE_SIZE*2.
    This is the default size for I/O used by Transmit(File)
    We will be changing this to transmitIoLength = 4294967295
    After all those changes we move onto step 6
    Next you will want to navigate to the following key
    Here we will be making changes to Transmission Control Protocol in order to help decrease ping and stabilize or reduce latency.
    The first DWORD we will be adding is TcpTimedWaitDelay
    What this DWORD does is it tells the computer how long it needs to wait before it frees up the TCP to use it's resources elsewhere.
    TcpTimedWaitDelay = 30 is the value we will be using.
    The next DWORD we will be adding is TcpMaxSendFree.
    This sets the TCP Header Resource limit.
    The default value for this is 5000, but increasing it can help throughput and even help stability during a DOS attack
    We will be setting TcpMaxSendFree = 65535
    ForwardBufferMemory  is the next TCP parameter we will be altering.
    ForwardBufferMemory  determines the space that is set aside to store packets.
    If the buffer fills the NiC or router will discard packets at random
    ForwardBufferMemory = 512000 
    MaxForwardBufferMemory = 20971520
    The final change will be for MaxConnectionsPerServer ...which should be pretty self explainitory.

    Find HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings
    MaxConnectionsPerServer = 16
    MaxConnectionsPer1_0Server = 12
    After you're all done, it's time to reboot and enjoy a less laggy, and desyncy Black Desert.
  2. Post on The Lag!!! in Suggestions

    By Keefy, posted
    Always unplayable amounts of lag on all servers. When will you get this shit together????
    I. Suggestions to make game More User Friendly & Fun
    Never call something a reward that you would not want yourself for it does not sell or just takes up Inv space,(Stack ALL item drops).
    'Reason for need' example: A game should make you feel good not one letdown after the other. I have bought in real cash all the weight things but still find myself changing to weight adding armor in the middle of doing quest as well as running back and forth to town and/or wagon. THIS CAN BE DEPRESING when trying to see how fast one can level or win tokens for an event. Too much time juggling weight and space wasting items. Do not get me wrong I love the money for selling drops but then I spent hours running around to the correct NPCs to sell them all only to discover I have to figure out a way to handle the weight gain for them to trade it. Changing EVERYTHING to sell to any general store would be an AWESOME help.
    Add and/or remove code so RNG is more player friendly. Tip the scales to the player. Shorten the window for cool drops. Exp: A Witch earring is cool and the value would still be there with more drops as we would just combined them more; trying to upgrade rather than adding so many to the Auction House.
    Please add the choice to ride a horse off your wagon so one does not have to cross country to change from wagon to horse, for even after buying stable room, few have more than one stable with enough room to put the wagon in and heaven forbid if you can not but the wagon in for a colt was born and named before putting away the wagon.. This can be programmed by copying then changing the code from your stable. It would be so cool to ride wagon for the inv/weight space, then ride a horse back and forth to the wagon.
    Please move all NPCs that are next to major NPCs so one does not keep clicking the wrong NPC so easily. It is so bad around some NPCs I had to get more coffee to try to wake up and wear my glasses, lol. Not a biggie but helps if like me you have bad eyes, clumsy, or just a bad typist, to be honest I hate moving my character so much just to talk, I like running in and running out.
    Add EVENT things to (ALL peoples favorite thing to do) next time, like cooking;; just a little program change adding chance to get a reward instead of one of the odd dish rewards. And every so many miles a chance for a bag if all you do is level and breed horses. Horse breeders are already left out of so many things like a loosing gambler rolling that dice one more time we have trouble stopping to do something else; for we want to level and see what we get next expecting a winning colt this time.
    Stop the wall that kicks one off wagon and or horse or give us a reward each time to replace time lost and at times horse lost. I sent you photos of where it happens already but can resend if you need.
    REDUCE lag by moving all horse levelers to a separate sever the way GW2 does parts of their game then : Add an inside mini game where your horses just race around a track and each mini game starts at certain times like the GW2 bird races and we can level and watch our horses race each other. That would be more fun than the other race you have for we do it as we level the horses and watch our own horses race each other not other people. Horse and wagons on the same track as we level our wagons and horse shoes to go faster that means money for you.
    Add experience and other important stats in the chat so we see how much experience and what not we get for each monster kill as we test out different equipment. When games give players some programming control there is a reason behind it being the first thing we get/ask for . When I program I add it as a UI window option.
    Give us a separate equipment inventory so we have room to change equipment for what we are doing. FFXI had that to protection and you changed equipment even during a battle using macros for some equipment needed to be changed out as you switched staffs etc. Fun things like that had me playing that game for years until I caught a FFXI employee stealing characters to rob their bank and inventory.
    II. Explanation of reasoning behind suggestions.
    Job Change: Program Monti Carlo slot machines To Programming Games
    Black Desert Ringer Gremlin
    I had had a few depressing weeks when the Black Desert Ringer Gremlin, (GM Dave come to mind? http://bannable-offenses.blogspot.com/2006_04_01_archive.html) seemed to play games with me but today I was protected for I had a special day planned.
    It was not going to be a reg day for today when I jumped from bed to desk, I knew when I started Black desert Online I would rush to the barn and see a new colt! A colt that would be special for I had spent months catching and training horses. I still had some T4s level 25 to 30 to decide how to combine but I at last I had a barn of T5s level 25 – 30 another barn of T6.
    I had gone to bed the night before almost ready to turn into the German boy slamming his key board around as his game went nuclear, http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/angry-german-kid-keyboard-crasher. I will not go into all that had gone wrong that day ..........
    .....I clicked the receive colt button and …...How the hell-o did I get that from.....
    Ok I knew T5 J (http://imgur.com/a/DaeiQ) did not look special but she was a purebred black and bred to muscle man T5N both at level 25 I was hoping for T6 A...... at the least T6 G-U minus the T6 L&M. ….. I got the T6 L?
    Does T6L have duplicates in the random spin? I now have 3 of these guys! Ok, one of them I think my mare was deleveled in points after that hog took off one of her legs and this T5 Solid Black mare does not look as good as the T5L solid black mare but ….. Perhaps two of them combined will give me the cute white cat.
    After some leveling of my Tamer I jumped on my wagon to top all my horses to level 30. I use the
    Offspring Table (http://www.blackd.de/horse/) but so many hidden factors maybe topping these babies up will ….. Man what I would pay for the real breeding equation...(Caught rambling I AM NOT a second voice in the head of Rand al'Thor 'of The Wheel Of Time but if I keep leveling horses I may end up with my own second voice as my head already hurts and spins.)
    I am beginning to think I need a bigger barn to put more quarters in this Casino Slot machine programming. (By the way did you know you have better chances to win with a Las Vegas slot machine than a slot machine in Monti Carlo? I kid you not I tested them myself. I am beginning to think the guys that programmed in Monti Carlo now program games.)
    Ok, on the wagon, AFK, I came back after a few hours and no leveling for the loop I had watched before I left now had changed at one end and my wagon was on a fence. No experience from the horses running but I did notice the life on the wagon was spinning faster than ever.
    I was not going to let this get me down …....I restarted the loop....came back had not leveled much for my wagon hit the Black Desert Ringer Gremlin Wall. I was no longer on the wagon but nothing had attacked the wagon like killing my poor horse last week so I leaped onto the wagon and rushed back to the barn.
    I decided I should change from wagon to horse before bed for it has less chance of hanging up at the end of the loop. Plenty of carrots, auto eat carrots checked, what could go wrong..............
    A few hours latter I woke up, looked at the PC screen, Little Zip, (from Texas King Ranch!!) did not level much she hit the wall and I was no longer on her. I reset everything too sleepy to remember that wall resets auto eat carrots.... SEVERAL hours latter I awoke; Little Zip still moving BUT not much leveling for she is walking slower than a foundered horse in 2 foot of mud. OMG I need to level how many horses!!??##@@##
    How to make sure your contribution will be taken into account:
    Be precise and constructive. Check
    Take the time to explain your reasoning behind a feeling or a suggestion. Check
    Check if the suggestion you have in mind has already been shared. If it's the case, you can reply to it. Check
    Ask other players or friends you know what they think of your post before you click the "Submit" button. Check , well I asked the little guy who was trying to kill me as I killed quest mobs
    Be realistic. To add content requires a long time, but don't feel discouraged if it takes time to see changes. Check
  4. It may have been suggested before but, is there a way to get someone to doc their boats with the dock manager? Seeing all those boats just sitting there day in and day out is annoying, unsightful, and creates lag. This also includes the wagons that people just leave out and crowd warehouses/stables and traders. I am not sure if there is an afk function made yet where if you are idle in town for a certain period of time it auto disconnects or not. This excludes fishing unless you are on you are on land. 
  5. It seems like the lack of maintenance on July 27th has caught up to the NA servers. 
    Lags have been commonplace as well as rubber band effects all week.
    Frequent disconnects and DC in the middle of pvp/pve/pvx events have been prevalent.
    I am of the opinion that since the weekend will be far busier, can we perhaps get a quick maintenance before this gets worse?

  6. Just now I was on Pirate Island for the weekend exp grind. After clearing out a small camp near the Ferry manager one enemy was left. However I couldnt damage it and it couldnt damage me.... 
    The same camp respawned as I was calling out in general chat for someone to witness it, I cleared the camp again and took some screens. Then ... I couldnt damage the pirate enemies. And all the npc disapeared. Chat stopped. I couldnt send messages. I Couldnt put my pets away. I couldnt heal. Nothing, I could do anything but walk around. I tried disconnecting and there was no count down. Just a HUGE LAG spike that i'm wonder if it affected anything one else. I was on Valencia U2 UNO server. 
    Here is a screen I took of the odd enemy. 

  7. Every time this game puts together an exp event or any kind or release there is unplayable amounts of lag. This isn't just a small problem with major events it is a problem with ALL events. Node wars are completely ridiculous with the amount of rubber-banding that goes on throughout the war. I had always been confident that the server issues would eventually be fixed but the current state of the game is leading me to believe that the lag issues will never be addressed. How can you let such a wonderful game be destroyed by bad servers? Like com'on totally wtfomg?
  8. Post on PC configuration in General

    By PanpanTheGreat, posted
    Anyone who can play perfectly without lag in big castle and node wars, when there is a lot of people and constant descending current, please send me your PC specifications.
    Than you,
  9. Post on Lag Issue in General

    By Thypon, posted
    Anyone having trouble with lag spikes lately? It feels as if the lag issues have actually increased with the last patch. Now I cant even play at night because game keeps disconnecting all the time. 
  10. I logged onto my level 5 alt today and the guild had a quest up, every time a mob died and registered a kill on my screen, my game would stutter for that time, so if the guildies at the quest killed 10 mobs one after another my game would stutter through all 10, i'm also getting a message "You cannot navigate because the path was not found" i also noticed when i hover over the right hand sid where my quest pane is, i get the same message and my game stutters like crazy... does anyone know a fix? i've heard it's because i need to get past level 13
  11. Daum is pretty great about their compensation for mistakes and things that aren't always required. I appreciate this about them. Normally they say when things are wrong or if they are working on something or looking into something that may be off.  (Shush it about ninjas, awakenings, Sorcs, and sieges -- those things depended on PA to push out, I'm talking things within Daums control.)
    This server instability...my gawd. They haven't uttered a peep. This is really pretty awful. No matter if you are PVP or PVE or just a straight Lifer this affects you.
    Type of issues I've seen/heard within the last week (since the last maintenance) that are at an all time high:
    Teleporting - randomly skipping forward or backward in the middle of doing regular things like running to the market or worse through mobs.Game freezing - random freezes while you are doing things like running through mobs Reloads - yup just like when you do "/reloadui except its involuntary."..while you are grinding, running through mobs, actively riding a horsieDC's - lots of disconnectionsFailure to connect - literally cannot get into the gameLauncher failure - launcher won't even start or log inCorrupt files - causing complete reinstallationsAuto looping suddenly stops ETCThese functional issues happen to players of all types - some examples:
    Guild missions (gathering) - failure to recognize when you chop a tree or hit an ore vein causing it to be repeated 13 timesGuild missions (subjugation) - the first 4 above happening in the middle of a guild missionGrinding - the first 4 above - causing multiple deaths, especially in the desert where hypothermia or heatstroke can compound the issueGathering of any type - failure to recognize when you collect items due to the freeze, reload, teleport or dcAFK horse riding / Trading - pretty much impossible to progress unless actively watchingMarketplace - missing out on bidding or selecting items due to freezesThe impact of these issues is pretty great - some examples:
    Lost EXP from unavoidable deaths - this isn't pk, this isn't get good, this is completely out of your control other than to not play. Do YOU know what it is like to lose EXP that you barely just earned not once but multiple times because you are trying to achieve a goal or finish a quest and can't because of the server?Lost items - drops and special procs - sometimes the issue happens/doesn't fix itself until after the resource has disappeared...think about losing a Shard right about now...fmlPVE Horse deaths - because the server derped while u were on your way somewhere. Not only did you die but your horse did too - completely unavoidable.Inability to play - people give up after a certain number of times and just do something else which leads to #5Appearance of a dead game - With so many people locked out or simply giving up, the game appears dead. For those who are in-game, the feeling is setting in that they shouldn't log out at all until maintenance boots them if they want to play.ANGRY AT DAUM  - this is a sentiment compounded by all the other things people are angry about that could be avoided if you, Daum, would just communicate, tell us we aren't crazy, tell us you care about whats happening and are actually aware of it.  TELL US SOMETHING DAMN IT. 
    I feel that GM Blessings and a quickie EXP weekend aren't really going to cut it, afterall I can't use it or take advantage of one with the server in this state.  
    I've come up with some alternatives:
    Loyalty - Why? Because we have to be pretty friggin loyalty to stick around through this with no word of it from you. We are dedicated - reward in kind.Conquerors - 500 Loyalty (we've been here longer, the suffering is without a doubt greater )All others - 300 LoyaltyKamasilves - this is a win even if we can't use it right now.Free EXP Boost scrolls to use on top of the EXP event that you pretty much need to (please) give us for a month.Death counter resets for people who can prove their horses were slaughtered because of the servers.PEARLs - 1000 per player who logged in everyday since the last maintenance 
    Dear Soon to be Poster
    If you aren't affected by this issue, count your GM Blessings! Please don't take that for granted by pooing on the masses of us that are.This is not an ISP thing - seriously learn about the internet and connectivity before commenting silliness in this thread. Here is a hint how you know: International IssuesI probably won't write back - I'm sleepy. 
  12. Post on Frame Drop in General

    By Kanerex, posted
    I'm getting constant framedrops, even on medium settings running Intel I7 5960x OC to 4ghz 64 gigs DDR4 Ram SLI 1080 Asus Strix Cards OC to 2000 the game is also installed on a 128 gb SSD.
    I don't understand why these frame drops are happening and wonder if it's something everyone is experiencing or possibly incompatibility with the 1080 (as with my single 980 this didn't happen).
     I'll drop from a solid 60 fps to around 30 even while just standing still in the desert for seemingly no reason.
  13. Do you want your playerbase to die?
    Do you want to deal with more tickets?
    Do you want more unsatisfied customers?
    Do you want to lose money from people charging back?
    Also can you make your damn staff tracker on the forums? Even forums from 10 + years ago have a working staff tracker, the hell are you guys doing over there?
  14. Post on Lag so bad I cant log in in General

    By Obeah, posted
    Daum you have to do something about this lag. it is so bad I cant even log in to a character.  I know you said there was DDOS on the auth servers, but there was no mention of game servers, so that cant be used as a excuse.  It took 5 tries to log in to a character in Heidel. 
  15. I'm having an issue where my character will not load into the game while a node war is in progress. 
    More specifically, after a node war has started, if I attempt to change channels to leave the war, once the channel switches, my character will appear not as he appears in game (like a stock barbarian model with beard and voice different from what I've chosen) and there will be a few minutes of lag.  Once the lag dissipates (the game world loads, my character loads, guild chat loads, and I'm given a bunch of marketplace updates on the top of the screen), the game will immediately lose connection with server.  This happens continuously, no matter what channel I attempt to change from even during the server selection where there is no interference from earlier attempts.  Even if I attempt to load into the same channel I originally tried to leave from.  Last night, it seemed to resolve after the node war had finished and it appeared again today. 
    Is it impossible to leave a node war channel once it has started for some gameplay reason, or is this a legitimate technical issue? 
  16. I noticed two issues in the Red battlefield or Large Scale PvP. I wanted to ask if there are workarounds, or if others experience the same issues?
    1. Grab misses exponentially more in these situations (my thinking is this is due to server –client dysnc/lag). IOW the players on my screen are not in the position I see when I try to grab, the server has them further away and grab fails?
     2.   Unless I get someone off away from the crowd when I do get them down I can’t get off any attack combos due to cc from all the other players. IOW once I start the combo I become vulnerable to other players cc and can't get a combo off.
    Is there an I-Frame attack combo I’m not aware of that I can use? I even get cc’d in the middle of Scars which I thought gave me an I-frame.
    I don’t experience these problems in small scale fights 3v3 or less. FYI I have a good rig (i-7 6700k, 32GB ram, 980GTX, 1TB SSD) and Internet/ping to the server. I don’t think this is the problem
  17. I would like to make a suggestion to the Moderators of the BDO Servers it there a reason you have a 30 Second time out to the server this need to be lowered to around 10 seconds having it at 30 seconds causes unwarranted deaths as 30 sec of any mobs near or at you level will cause a Xp Loss and death with possible Gem destruction 
  18. Post on Disconnects and Lag in General

    By balefire, posted
    Having a lot of problems today staying online. 
    I load my character in, and when speaking to NPC's or using my warehouse, I either get no response or cannot remove items.  When running around I keep getting the map screen with the "little black spirit loading line at the bottom" and I get moved right back where I started from.  This happens for about 10-20 mins until I am kicked back to server select.
    I have tried different servers and same result. I have adjusted graphics settings and updated my drivers to ensure I am up to date and still the problem persists.
    Nothing has changed on my PC apart from the patches I downloaded for the Valencia update.  I have never experienced any lag or latency issues previously.  I have run an Ookla speed test and its what I would expect from my 10mb line.
    Is anyone else experiencing anything like this (or has experienced this in the past).  I need to know if its game related or pc related.  Any help much appreciated.
  19. Once in a while (feels like every 2nd time), when I change channels or characters, the servers become completely unresponsive where it takes 30 seconds to get the NPC window open or even come into the game. I monitored the traffic on my router and there was no traffic besides BDO and discord. Opening other websites works perfect. I could resolve this lag by going to character selection and going online again, but after last patch (or the patch before) the server seems to remember me and I'm constantly having lag again until I change channels or characters again.
  20. The ability Descending Current seems to ignore all the options that should turn it off/ignore the animation. Granted my PC could use an upgrade but I feel that being able to hide that skills animation would improve most peoples performance during larger scale pvp and pve. I'm aware that the issue of seeing it is most likely due to coding and is probably difficult to diagnose and fix but I feel it should be a priority. Thanks!
  21. Post on Votre FPS in Hors sujet

    By TatianaChan, posted
    Coucou à tous,
    Je fais un topic useless ? pour savoir à combien vous tournez en FPS
    Et ne me dite pas à 33 haha!! :3
  22. As the Title says for instance i cant play proper on Balenos A1 but on every other Channel im fine. Problem is: Thats my Guilds Main Channel. PLS how to fix?
  23. From about 10 days I have huge problems: (also with low graphic settings)
    - After instant load of my character, game takes about 2 mins for load anything else (horse, other chars, interaction with NPCs)
    - Some of my skill icons stay "dark" after use it and not start cooldown number (sometimes for more than 30 seconds)
    - Lag on response of mana consumption and use of potions
    - Lag on other players move
    - Game continue to crash every 5/10 minutes (most of the time it says me "valid authentication expires...blablablabla")
    My PC specs are:
    - Nvidia 970
    - 16 gb ram
    - Intel I5 k
    - SSD HD
    First of all I thought "ok it's my internet connection"... made some test:
    - checked internet speed... 10 mb dl, 0,5 upload, latency 50 ms
    - checked with WinMTR to the Blackdesert server...100 pack sent, no packet loss
    - changed version.dat to versionold.dat and made a checkfiles (nothing change)
    - checked the blackdesert logs in search of some error (none)
    - unistalled game with CCleaner and deleted everything... redownloaded game (nothing change)
    - deleted and replaced "na" under cx directory, downloaded it from support forum (nothing changed)
    - I tried to disable antivirus and every program in my PC (nothing change)
    PS: with all other games (i.e. Smite, Rainbow Six Siege) my connection is PERFECT.
    EDIT 20/06/16:
    I installed BDO on a new PC, completely different. Set all graphic setting to Low/Very Low and logged in.
    Nothing change. Lag, DCed, long loading.
    I'm not an expert but I think that means is not a Client problem (if I'm not so unlucky to have 2 clients bugged)
    So the possible problems are:
    - my connection (but as I said every test says me it's all ok, no packet loss, and others games runs good)
    - BDO server has some problem with my routing
    What should I do? Help!!
    I would be happy to provide my routing data to support service.
  24. Please do away with the "you can't trade for 10 minutes" after logging in crap. Sometimes I get lag that leads to a d/c, or the game flat out crashes. Upon reconnecting, immediately after, I arrive at traders and am made to wait.
    Also, wagons need to unload after a disconnect. It's real bullsh** to d/c due to a game crash, log in, and have to go recover a destroyed wagon.
  25. Post on Edan Server Lagged Out? in General

    By Zeen, posted
    Ever since yesterday's patch, several people in my guild and myself have been experiencing extreme lag in the early afternoon on EST time. (1:00 - 5:00 PM EST) Unsure if this is a widespread problem or limited to a messed up patched version of your game.
    Any other players experiencing this lag? Character loading in without customization, NPC's taking ages to respond when talking to them, players constantly rubber banding/desyncing, random disconnects.