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  1. Hi all,
    I live in Australia and find I lag from sprinting or same mobs.
    If my windows updates as well as just packet loss and OZ lag all adds up. I die from enemies becoming damageable, Cc able, disappearing and reappearing behind me. Most places in Australia are is on ADSL 1. 
    I was hopping that when we die from lag you can make it so it adds up the total lag for the last 20 seconds and when we die the amount of adds to the percentage changes of not losing gems and exp.
    The last 20 seconds of lag total = 5 sec lag is +90% through to 0.5 sec +5%. + 10 outfit bonus.
    Making the game a bit more fair
    Thanks for your time.
  2. Any updates Daum?
    When can I actually play?
  3. Recorded screen on my phone because ain't no way I can record this game 
    Wondering if any of the other people having fps issues are having this same issue and if anyone can diagnose it
    This didn't happen pre-musa/maehwa update
  4. Cant stay logged in for more than 90 minutes without getting this message "Valid authentication time has expired. Please start again at the homepage"
    Im NOT using a VPN.
    My internet connections seems stable.
    Anyone else having this issue? Any solutions?
  5. having issues killing zombies with my group. all of us disconnected at the same time...
    then try to connect back.
    *mobs have no health bar 
    *mobs hp bar resets on some mobs and wont die
    *hit mob and they disappear 
    *cant drink hp potions.
    *new friend has been made pop up over 15 times when you have not partied with etc
    *keep disconnecting even on different channels
  6. There's been some crazy server lag all day today, earlier it was addressed and seemingly fixed.. as this keeps happening, I'm left to wonder if some set of haters out there are DDOS'ing the servers or something? 
    Edit: Hah, I just relogged and my lag is fixed for now.
     3min pass... annnnd kicked from the server, connection lost lmao damn.. TFW you count your chickens before they hatch.
  7. You do an entire mantinence for what? Server are shitty as usual umplayble game, Daum what are u doing relly?
    Suggestion: improve your servers for now they are really unplayable
  8. I am currently unable to move any of my characters in Serendia 02, they will not walk. If they do, they teleport backwards. Calpheon 02 is fine, I have not tried the other channels.
    - Update, able to move but game is laggy
  9. Rubber-banding is easily everyone's top complaint with BDO at the moment. A quick poll among my guildmates confirmed this even without priming - almost everyone privately said "lag and rubberbanding" in answering my question.
    As a programmer myself, I want to draw attention to a specific case of rubberbanding and how I think it can perhaps be improved. This may be obvious to PA developers as well, but perhaps this specific description will add to the bug reports they are receiving if nothing else:
    Player A knocks player B down.Server agrees with this KD, so B is told of the KD.On A's screen, B is down and A starts performing down attacks on B.However, B is actually on a different spot on B's screen for some reason. Some client prediction somewhere must be causing this disconnect before server gets a chance to set the record straight in terms of player positions.Server sides with B's version of events, so B is deemed to be actually at the spot B sees himself to be.Server then decides all of A's attacks happened therefore on a blank piece of ground, therefore none of them connected.A perceives this problem almost immediately by noticing a lack of damage on B, but no correction in B's position throughout his attacks. With some luck, the correction will come in before A's attacks are over, but it's often too late even in that case.The new position is communicated to A after all the attacks have already been done, at which point B suddenly rubberbands without having taken any damage.Rubberbanding in general is very difficult to fix. Latency is always going to be there in a large country like the US or large regions like the EU. With client-side prediction also a necessity for smooth gameplay, I suspect we will always have some degree of rubberbanding.
    So here's a few suggestions as an improvements in this situation.
    Suggestion 1: Prioritize network communication of player positional information. It's clear that server confirmation is needed on damage happening, which appears to be prioritized as player A above could always tell his attacks for some reason did not connect on B. Make position information a priority so the rubberband gets rectified earlier in sequence of events. Right now, it *seems* like BDO de-prioritizes positional information - perhaps because it wasn't a problem in the ultra-low-latency environment in Korea - so the positions are often communicated pretty late.
    Suggestion 2: Replace step (6) above with the following:
    Server decides that all of A's attacks were actually on the spot that A saw player B to be on his screen, therefore decides all the attacks actually legitimately connectedB is the told by server of all the damage he took, despite not being exactly where he saw A to be attackingThis does not harm B, however, since he was knocked down the entire time and there wasn't anything he could've done about it anyway. Therefore you provide increased game-play experience to A in this scenario without causing unjust burden on B.Coupled with increased priority of position information communication, this suggestion should help with the specific case of "One player is disabled (CC) and the other is attacking him" by moving from "server siding with the player receiving damage" to "server siding with the player doing the damage", but only when the person receiving the damage is under CC. Otherwise, I can see a whole set of unfair situations where one would take damage without actually being near the opponent.
  10. Post on Desync in General

    By MoZex, posted
    Did some large scale combat yesterday. Probably 100+ players involved.
    Long story short the desync was of the charts. It was so bad to the point where you just wanna say "fck this".
    It seems the more players the more bad it becomes.
    Was it like this in KR? I hear people saying its a server issue?
    Plz adress this!
  11. Post on Server issues in Suggestions

    By Cruelirony, posted
    Hey Daum, is there any plans on upgrading servers as of right now Pvping is a hassle as there is too much desync, its impossible for a tamer to grab a sorc for example, and as of today 2016-04-26 the servers are going crazy, mobs aren't attacking/reacting and my tamer pet isnt attacking and functioning as it should.
    Regards Cruelirony
  12. Post on Server Side Lag in Technical Issues

    By Vianar, posted
    Ok this server side lag really needs to be addressed , Having lag that last more than 2 or three seconds and you get killed because of it makes this a unplayable game. I have to constantly buy crystals to keep my gear up which is something I should not have to do , nor have to do in normal conditions. If I play around 6 to 7 PM eastern , till about 8 or 9 PM eastern , I'm fine. However , as the west coasters start to pile on , lag gos through the roof. I have literally died and waited as long as 3 minutes for the server to respond back to my PC that I am dead and give me a selection to respawn.
      I run a 30 meg DSL connection that is super clean , I can ping google in the cmd prompt for 24 hours and not get one request timed out. Not only that my ping never go above 60 ms. My PC is very high end and is clean from malware or anything else that would hinder its connection.
    The way I see it , this company has put the population cap over what it should be to allow for normal game play in order to make more money without putting in more server alternatives to reduce the crowding. Servers are just way to stressed , especially with people leaving loop routes on and accounts logged in while afk. As a company they should look out for the customer base and do whats right to provide a smoother game play for all.
    If I can not get on , when I normally play and most others normally play on east coast , which is from 8 or 9 pm to 2 am , then I feel no need to continue playing this , nor should anyone else thats going through this frustration.
    Fix the servers or you will share the same fate as other great MMO's that started off on a bad foot , like Vanguard SOH to name one.
  13. Hello, I have been having this problem for the past couple of weeks. I believe it started happening after the mediah update. Before the update I didn't have this problem at all. So this is the problem:
    When I lunch the game I get a 5min black screen and have to wait, then when I get into the game my fps is so much lower now than it was before the patch. I used to get a solid 50fps, but not I only get 20-30fps. The MAIN PROBLEM that I am experiencing is every minute I get a huge FPS drop that lasts for about 2 seconds. It goes from 30fps to 2 fps (I checked). I have been trying to put up with it and it's just driving me crazy. I can barely grind mobs because the lag spikes kill me. I have searched all of google and the forums and other people have this problem. I have tried all the solutions but none have worked. I was hoping Daum would of fixed this in the last 2 patches but it seems they don't care. I am just so frustrated  because before this started happening I loved this game so much and had the best time playing, now it's just super frustrating and barely want to do anything that's not afk.
  14. I really like this game, but you know what I really don't like? Not being able to bloody log in and actually play!
    Ever since the Mediah expansion I've had nothing but issues with the connection. Either I log in and just stand there for 2mins WAITING for the server to get it's crap together and let me do something, thaaaaaan I get disconnected, or I'm actually able to move around and play the game, with lag, around a second delay or more sometimes. And than the other times it runs as smooth as a babies bottom, like it did BEFORE the Mediah expansion. Not sure if it's because I live in AUS or because the servers are shotty or both, either way, fix it.
    Oh and.. I still get disconnected when trying to switch characters. Seriously, why is that STILL an issue?
  15. Well first off, thanks for taking the time! Here's my specs. Intel Core i7-2600 Sandybridge @ 3.4 GHz, 16 GB 1600mhz DDR3, 1 TB WD-Black 7200, NVIDIA GTX 770 4GB GDDR5, EVGA 850W PSU, Windows 10 Pro x64. Computer is spic and span internally. Clean of bugs.
    First off, this has been an ongoing issue for me for about 2.5 weeks. About 50% of the time that I play this game, it runs butter-smooth. I get great frames, no 'jolty' stuttering etc. The issue seems to start happening 'all of a sudden!' Game gets a tad choppy, not anything off-the-chart and frames stay high around 55-60 ( with vsync ) But it gets much worse when in combat. Even stranger yet, if I pick up loot, the game will ALWAYS stutter for a moment right as I press 'R' (to pick up loot) Also, (being a warrior) when I use Scars of Dusk skill, it almost always stutters. Mind you, these issues are only happening when my computer/game or whatever decides it's going to have a moment... which usually last for hours or longer. The rest of the time, the game runs like silk... whaaaa!? Here's what I've tried, to no avail.
    Rolling back drivers all the way to 350.12 (Win7/8 drivers) Seemed to make the game run better, but then the game crashed, displaying a message something about wrong resolution or something... Also tried 361.9 and 664.72 (latest drivers) , same issues. Furthermore, I removed GeForce experience as well just to see.
    Tried swapping RAM with a completely different set.Tested all of my temps, all check out perfectly.Tried literally EVERY graphic setting in the game, even on lowest setting and with photo filter off etc, the problem persists.Disabled virus protection. (Avast and SUPERAntiSpyware) as well as EVGA Precision X,Ran in 'Admin' Windows XP SP3 Compatibility Mode.
  16. Post on Berseker PVP - The proof in PVP

    By Misaaka, posted
     Watch it please. Expecially at 3:20   --- This is not my video. I use it just as proof about the problem
  17. I'm uncertain if you're aware of this issue but it's quite embarrassing. Trina fort has some severe optimization issues regarding the GPU. WHether I'm using my r9 270x or my GTX 980 the gpu utilization tanks completely when I'm in Trina Fort. I'll go from stable 60 fps to 10-15 fps and the GPU utilization goes from 60-85% to just 5-10%. Gpu clocks are not being underclocked when this happens and the issue is caused only by the GPU not being utilized properly. My CPU is usually the culprit when I get lag/stutter in largely populated areas but it doensn't even hit 70% utilization in Trina Fort.
    It's a pretty bad flaw which makes you look incompetent and I would advice that you do something to fix it.
    All in all I enjoy the game but this kind of stuff just doesn't make it or you, the developers look good.
    I randomly stumbled upon a spot in Trina Fort which fixes the issue (if you stay at this spot). Right next to a ballista as shown in the screenshots I provided below. If you however move just a couple meters away from that spot the GPU utilization tanks again. I'm 100% certain you can reproduce the issue yourselves as I know other people experience this as well.
    Edit 2:

    You can actually move away from this spot without the GPU tanking again but only the area below this spot (the first image). There are possibly other spots introducing this behaviour but I'm getting bored with this now. Fix fix

  18. Hi,
    I can't seem to play the game for very long without getting the error "Connection to server has been lost". I can sign back in just by pressing "Start" on the homepage of Black Desert and log back in but sometimes it wants me to close and restart from the launcher due to valid authorisation / time out reasons.
    Not only that - when I'm playing the game I will get very frequent lag spikes / latency problems. If I talk to someone it will hang for maybe 10 seconds before the screen changed to the dialogue camera, if I pick up look I will be kneeling down for 5 seconds before the loot window becomes viewable, enemies will stand still when I'm in the middle of attacking, then suddenly be right next to me hacking away at me for what could be 2-10 seconds, the longer it hangs the more likely I'll be killed.
    The game is very unplayable it seems - it doesn't seem to be my internet connection as I do not see any drops in connection when I monitor it. Fiddler didn't show me anything either so I can't see why it's happening. I have port forwarded the correct ports, I've restarted my router, I've allowed the game through the firewall, and the firewall excludes the Black Desert Online folder in program files.
    What else is there to try? I'm not sure where the issue lies. If I can get a Dev to reply to this it would be great.
  19. There is an item who's stunning RedNose, so he cant move, cant hit. There is a lot of people using it, i think it's called: "Fluteboi", i dont know what is it, But they are using it for free Dps, I have some screen in game, to show you this item does exist. The men who's talking in those screens, is the men who's using it i think, or the men who knows the item.
    Pls fixe this
    If you dont understand french; The men said: Go aggro him, i will stun him.
    : It's a secret, if everyone Knows, they will patch it,
    -It works only on Bheg and Rednose

  20. Post on lag in Allgemeine Diskussionen

    By cooperLady, posted
    ich fliege in 1 Stunde Gameplay etwa 5-8 mal raus aus dem Spiel, es steht dort "die verbindung zum Server ging verloren"
    Meine Internetverbindung ist jedoch stets drin.
    nächstes Problem, teilweise habe ich Lags von mehreren Minuten die sich darin äußern... ich laufe durch den ganzen Wald in einer andere Stadt und werde in der Stadt von einem unsichtbaren Monster getötet da ich in wahrheit garnicht in der Stadt bin sondern mich kein Stück bewegt habe, mir jedoch das Bild angezeigt werde, dass ich gerade am laufen bin und alles in ordnung sei.
    vorweg, der PC ist high end. 1&1 16.000 Verbindung.
    Wen trifft jetzt die Verantwortung in dieser Sache ?
  21. I was playing earlier today, had no issues at all, could log in and get to playing no problem, tried getting on now and my character is just stuck, no information loads and then I get DC'd or I'm able to move around but nothing works right, can't take my horse out of stables, can't see information in guild or friends list, chat isn't working properly, just a bunch of "lag" like issues. No idea what is going on, I tired switching channels, multiple times, but same issue every time. I have no issues with any other programs and my internet connection is working perfectly, it's only BDO. I live in AUS btw.
  22. I only have around 0.3MB download speed and battle ground is unplayable for me because of its lag.
    Can someone share their experiences?
  23. Hi guys,
    A few days ago i bought a new laptop, a lenovo ideapad y700 (specs on the end of the post) and i freeze a lot, mostly when i'm using skills and walking, no extra background programs, no extra lenovo programs running.

    When i got the laptop, i ran the heaven benchmark and msi kombustor and all went fine, good scores.

    No matter what settings i put my game on it wont get better, i got more fps but they’re unstable and freeze a lot.

    All drivers updated on the hardware manufacturer website (nvidia, etc..).

    Cpu usage is slow, gpu is usage low too, and sometimes the hdd usage spikes to 100.

    Not a network problem, i reinstalled the game once and tested it on other 2 laptops (msi) with lower specs and the game ran fine.
    Nvidia control panel preferences are set to performance and power management is set to high power mode.




    CPU:Intel Core i7-6700HQ Quad-core (4 physical and 4 logical)

    GPU:Nvidia gtx 960m (4gb gddr5)

    HDD: Mechanical 1TB WD

    RAM: 8gb ddr4

    Screen resolution: 1920 x 1080


    Game settings:
    Attached on post.

  24. Post on Check your frames in General

    By favi, posted
    I found out that my hard-drive was maxed out when it shouldn't be.  This is a Windows 8.1/10 glitch.  If you are experiencing lag or performance issues when  you shouldn't then check out this guide.
    Put your Hard-drive bandwidth where it should be: Black Desert!
  25. So I'm gonna try to report this problem as calm I can be as possible since this is pissing me the F off.
    I'm currently playing Wizard (level 51) and I've felt more than enough that when I do a spell that changes my position or transports me to a different location, let's say Teleport, I get huge amount of delay damage, CC and a crazy F****** amount of rubberbanding/lag. How is it possible? Well I don't know. I expected this gamebreaking shit to be gone years ago with DayZ Mod since DayZ Mod was the Queen and creator of rubberbanding (lol).
    When does this happen?
    Mostly in intensive fights like PvP or even PvE. I can take an example of a PvP fight I had 10 minutes ago.
    I jumped on a Barbarian right outside Altinova. I had the upper hand since he wasn't expecting me. I engaged with a Fireball following up with a fireblast then Lighting before he relized I was on him and turned. He did like every other Barbarian does, yeah that's right he jumped. Just before his jump went off I quickly pressed Teleport to dodge his ability and logically ignore the damage and the CC. Oh boy I was wrong. As soon as I popped my Teleport I saw him land so far behind me that even Calpheon seemed to be closer than he was after he landed. But that didn't do the trick. Oh no of f****** course did I have to take that delayed CC and damage even tho I dodged his ability easily. As I was lying on the ground, stunned and amazed, he turned and ran right towards me with his ultimate combos and killed me. This was a unfair fight that could've gone my way if this game would've polished their f****** netcode and their characters.
    I've also talked to a Wizard in my guild and he states the same. He says that he has been feeling this huge lag/delay so many times that he lost count. This is by far so terribly annoying for classes like Wizard (Or even other classes. Don't really know if any other class feels the same since I only play Wizard lol). This eliminates the possibility of a fun game for different classes and different game options like PvP or even PvE.
    And for those who states that my PC sucks or that my internet connection is shit:
    GPU: EVGA GTX 970 SC ACX2.0
    CPU: Intel Core i5-6600K OC:ed to 4.7GHz (Cooled with watercooling).
    Ram: HyperX Fury DDR4 2400MHz 16GB kit
    MB: MSI Z170 GAMING M7
    AVG FPS: Around 110 outside cities. In cities around 56 FPS.
    ISP: Telia (Sweden) with 30Mbps down and 12Mbps UP.
    Good connection, high end PC and still this bullshit rubberbanding that pisses me the f off.