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  1. All the time I played what I can since I had error codes through the download process, but maybe due to the over load on everyone downloading it on the same day could of been the problem. So i'm just saying maybe expand the servers so that it can be less laggy to prevent that issue from getting kicked out of the game non stop. This may be already out there, but I like to have my input again so that it can be seen to fix the problems.
  2. I live in Brisbane close to the city, and I have the best internet you can get here.
    As an action game, this game is uplayable. No DCs, no glitching of any kind, just latency. Anything above 250ms is impossible to manage so many awesome combos. The game is amazing. I just wish I lived in north America. I've never been so disappointed by lag. I love this game and hopefully we get an oceanic server one day :'(
    Also (probs just a CBT thing) but my god, the servers were way too crowded the entire weekend. I couldn't see an npc through all the toons.
    Desync is still very much present on release. Desync + CC 5s immunity kills PvP at this point.
    At this date there are only 2 topics on the issue of desync, one of which doesn't even have any answers. How come this forum with a so called majority of PvP tryhards don't even pay attention to it ? I have PvP friends with P2W connection that came to the same conclusion : desync is ruining this PvP game, hell even in PvE desync is noticeable.
    You can't realistically pretend you even have the tiniest bit of skill/fun playing PvP when desync applies to more than half of skills and CCs.
    BDO offers the best combat system, be it on paper atm. It's your turn to be vocal about it to truly make it happen.
    Get it together please.
    Gfycat Example (meteor KD on dash desync + no meteor animation) Trent 4v4(5?)
    Grab/SoJ fail on KD (Location of target is invalid) 1v1 warrior
    Grab/SoJ fail on stun porting (Location of target is invalid - Action is restricted) 1v1 warrior
    Desync 1v1 warrior
    No rush animation + port 1v1 warrior
    Grab on dash 1v1 warrior
    Grab on dash again 1v1 warrior
    Grab slide 1v1 warrior
    Sasuke port causing me to miss spear (note red crosshair) 1v1 warrior
    KD porting 1v1 sorc
    KD slide causing me to miss grab 1v1 sorc
    Youtube Desync in duels Berzerker POV - credits to Saws
    Valkyrie CBT2 pov. Dash (Z/W F and shift WASD) and grab skills desyncs way more often that I'd like them to (>50%). I have 20ms ping living in a neightbour country of Germany. I usually am in the most crowded channel (EU Server Jordine often first channel). Reached L50 on second day of CBT2 and pvped actively since then, leading to tens of those example in different situations. I've dueled extensively every class (except for tamer) 1v1 2v2 4v4-7 in multiple locations (arena, owpvp), crowded ones and less crowded (Trent Village is empty in this example) and this desync is a plague no matter what hour or match up.
    Can't comment much on the opponents' ping, but I spammed duels with a 90ms warrior and we also noticed many desyncs on both ends. Upon consulting many others reported dash being a desync trap. Oh and forgot to mention invisible effects/animations >.> Max effects settings on a OC i5 2500k with GTX 980Ti and SSD shouldn't cause such issue...
    BDO claims to be a playground for massive GvG with fastpaced combat but these conditions make it look unplayable to me even in the simplest 1v1...
    Underperforming servers ? Lazy korean netcode ? #dealwithit ?
    Link to topic in CBT2 Technical Issues : http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/17610-pvp-desync-dash-and-grab/
    My attempt at desync definition
  4. Could we please get a Ping Meter within the game. Would be great before I engage in combat to know if I'm going to die from a non-skill based death.
    Especially if you're really going to take exp away from us for dying. (So many will leave the game due to this harsh penalty regardless. (good ol' eq1 days))
    Ping has been very playable most of the times. Other times I've had long pauses during battles resulting in insta deaths, quest givers take a couple of minutes to respond and constant single spot rubberbanding lasting also for minutes. There's lots to do in this game that's not ping dependent, so If I can see it's a bad time to go out and do something action orientated, I'll do other things...
  5. Post on CBT-2 Settings in General

    By Luis Broxo, posted
    For my CBT-2 BDO, what is the best possible way to reduce lag, as it's quite hard to move, so may anybody help me please, thank you.
  6. Even with a 100 Mbps fiber optic this ping is just unplayable especially for an action based mmorpg. Rip, I had high hopes for this game especially that its vastly improves on what ArcheAge lacked, but with a 210 ping the game-play experience is just horrible, stuttering while moving, can't dodge anything and skill/attack delays... can't even imagine what this would feel like on a late-game PvP.
    So long Black Desert, the few hours I had with you was fun but it just wasn't meant to be, this long relationship is too brutal to endure.
  7. So I just booted up the game, my character can't even walk for 10 secs straight without going backwards. I reckon its the lag as I'm playing from Australia in the US server. In addition the graphics isn't optimize? I have 50 FPS on high/very high setting with a GTX 980 Ti... Rip...
    I might actually ask for a refund, this game is unplayable... my character can't even walk properly. By the way I have a fiber with 100Mbps and 50 Mbps DL/UL, highest in Australia.

  9. The NA servers will be in San Jose, California. Because of this, East coast players like me will get over 100ms ping. This is very off-putting as playing an MMO (especially an action combat one) is not enjoyable at above 60ms ping. I understand that one reason for this location is to better accommodate OCE players, but this is flawed reasoning since now both OCE players and half the NA players will have borderline unplayable ping.
    I suggest moving the NA servers to a more central location in the United States (such as Kansas City, MO or Denver, CO or Dallas, TX) so that all NA players can have decent ping, and then making a separate OCE server in the OCE region itself. The cost will be higher, but in the long run it will be beneficial since significantly more players will start playing and keep playing the game instead of quitting because of terrible ping.
    TL;DR: Please move NA servers to a more central location such as Kansas City, Denver, or Dallas so that half the NA playerbase won't want to quit, and then make OCE servers in OCE.
  10. Hello, I'll be playing from Australia and even with the fastest internet connection available to me I'll be lucky to get 200ms ping without local server hosting.
    Which classes will be the most forgiving of my ping I'm already guessing Wizard/Witch. I'd like to play more than just that. I'm hoping a Tamer is doable  but I've yet to play so have no idea.
  11. Curious, if anyone knows the status of the servers for this game? How was CBT1? Any lag? And do you all think we'll have a smooth and successful launch day?
    Blade and Soul is/was a disaster of epic proportions, some people still haven't played the game; still sitting in the queue #379 of #22315. I cried.......

  12. Anyone from previous betas, Or just from overall gameplay experience so far have any idea about hour 1 or day 1?? With a full 100% clean server with no current characters at all. And every single person starting at the same exact time. (Ive not yet played so dont know about starting areas).
    Is it going to be like a madhouse like Tera launch or Wow Expansion launches were 10000 players are crammed into the starting area, and completing early tutorial quests is impossible waiting for mobs to spawn, frequent crashing and dc's. stuff in that nature.
    Or will it be fairly smooth and overpopulation isn't a issue??
    Only asking because id hate to hop on super excited (more then likely call out of work). and its just rolling resets to servers or cant even load in, or you know "typical" launch issues?? 
    any one have a clue or anything based on what they've seen so far??