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  1. Post on Again a FPS thread in General

    By Xxy, posted
    Hello people, I have a problem with fps and I saw some threads but I never found a fix.
    So my pc is good enaught for bdo for sure:
    i5 7600k, gtx 1080ti, 16GB 
    I set the Xbox dvr thing to 0 and I dont know what to do, I get random fps drops, even in empty cities, but most of the time at the storage, does anyone know a real fix?
  2. Bonjour BDO'S GAMERS! j'ai rejoins avec le plus grand plaisir votre communauté pour ce jeu qui me tiens en haleine des heures durant.
    Il est tellement beau que je veux le pousser au max!
    Question graphiques, je peux le pousser plutôt haut, parcontre niveau FPS je pleure (30 environ c'est pas fou).
    Ma configuration;
    Nvidia Geforce GTX 960M 8 Go de RAM Intel Core i7 écran full HD (je n'ai pas la cadence sous le nez).
    J'ai beaucoup de clipping et des chutes de FPS, ce qui gâche un peu cette atmosphère de folie.
    Des astuces / infos que j'aurais oublié (ps: je n'ai pas modifier ma config PC pour booster quoi que ce soit, et je joue en WIFI).
    En espérant vous lire bientôt
    A bientôt IG.
  3. Hey, kürzlich hab ich BDO installiert. Als ich dann endlich ins Hauptmenü kam, nach fast 15 min warten und ein paar mal freeze, hatte ich grade mal 2 fps und das egal ob ich jetzt auf mittlere Qualität oder auf die niedrigste gestellt hab. Es macht es so beinahe unmöglich auch nur vom Menü zu der Charaktererstellung zu gehen. Bei anderen Spielen habe ich eigentlich nie solche Problem nur jetzt bei BDO. Kann mir jemand helfen?
  4. Yea so my Black Desert started stuttering like 1-2 Weeks ago and its getting to the point where i dont even wanna play this game anymore not because i dont like the game, but just because of the stuttering its getting unplayable.
    Im having good framerates from 70-90 on High, thats not the issue.
    The Stuttering can be fixed by restarting the Game, but like i said this is unplayable, restarting the game every few minutes is a big no no.
    I google'd and it seemed like a few more people have this problem but no one really had a fix that worked for me (i literally tried everything)

    What i tried so far:
    Reinstalling Black Desert
    Reinstalling Black Desert on HDD and SSD
    Reinstalling Windows 10
    Reinstalling my Nvidia Drivers with DDU
    Using an older Nvidia Driver.
    Running the game on compatibility windows xp service pack 2-3
    I tried more but most of the stuff is not even worth mentioning.
    I really hope someone can help me out, i dont wanna quit this game.
    i7 4770k
    Nvidia GTX 1080 Gaming X
    16gb ram
    windows 10 64bit
  5. Post on Decent servers in Suggestions

    By Kaeldrick, posted
    With all the money you're making by selling us costumes, pets and fluffy-shiny digital stuff, you should AT LEAST provide us a nice game experience.
    Your servers are shit (excuse me, I can't find another apropriate word).
    Economic model, P2W and all those whines probably won't make you lose majority of players. Most of players don't even look at forums. you'll lose a lots of players only because they can't play : disconections of death (losing xp/stones ...), desync, sneaky disconections (while afksomething).
    This looks like BDO is a beta MMORPG.
  6. Hi, habe mir gestern das spiel runtergeladen und es läuft an sich recht gut und sieht toll aus, nur ist mir aufgefallen ich habe beim kampf lags, meine schläge kommen 2 sekunden nach der animation an, und das stört den spielfluss extremst... also animation, blut... und 2 sekunden später kommt der schaden, trotz knappen 80 Fps. was kann ich dagegen tun?
    habe einen AMD FX(tm)-6300-Six-Core-prozessor 3.50 ghz, 64bit betriebssysem (win 10 home), Nvidia GeForce Gtx  750Ti und an sich eine schnelle internetverbundung, nicht mal bei the witcher 3 hatte ich laggs dieser art...
  7. Everyday there is many channels like all Mediah and Valencia on Jordine and Croxus that are lagging really badly at prime time most likely and some days before weekly maintenance, mobs aren't even moving, no aggro, they do not attack you back and so on but yet nothing is done for EU channels that are facked up and it's not something new, been reported a lot of time but it's still happening everyday.
    People are also abusing those lags to safely kill bosses/wold bosses and grind some hard mobs to mad pve.
    Is it because we aren't NA so you can't restart our channels or take them down for x time to solve the problem like you did with them ? They even got compensation boxes because you turned off some channels for a moment and we are here sitting watching our channels being unusable.
    This is what we deverse ? Playing on horrible laggy channels ?
    Daum react already.
    Reported channels with problems :
    Jordine :
    - Mediah J1
    - Mediah J2
    - Valencia J1
    - Valencia J2
    - Serendia J2
    Croxus :
    - Mediah C2
    - Valencia C2
  8. Post on Enemy NPC Lags in General

    By Jayno, posted
    I cant understand why Daum dont restart the Servers when on so much Channels the Mobs are buged. (means the dont attack you) 
    So the game dont make fun. Guys do something about that.
  9. in these last days it seems to play in russia server , my character loop in a lag i run with my horse and i find myself 20 meters beheind...
    i'm the only have this problem? (MY CONNECTION WORK PERFECT)
  10. Post on Odd lags in Technical Issues

    By Nerone, posted
    Hey guys.
    Not sure where else should I try to find any solution to this. BDO support is not helping in any way, just repeating over and over the most basic steps one can make to repair any game. So there is no reason to trying to wait more to get anything sensible from them.
    The problem I have is that I experience very annoying connection lags and rollbacks during my gameplay. I´ve made a short clip of how the game behaves https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GadA9BSUYPU&feature=youtu.be  It is slowmoed so you can clearly see my fps, my latency in windows resource manager and lags I experience (quite low actually compared to other times) - no problem with my fps neither with my connection. Every online game I tried was working flawlessly. Rust, CSGO, L4D, WOW, GW2, PoE, ARK, etc. etc. I´ve never had any lags on European servers whatsoever and if I had, so did everybody else and it was caused solely by a server not by me.
    So I would only think, it is the problem of this game. But that is the tricky part. My friend who I play with a lot, has zero lags during BDO playtime. I have much better pc than him, even quite a faster internet connection, yet I am the one suffering severe issues.
    I play on Alustin. Changing channels never helped. I´ve actually went through all those stupid steps one can make. Fully reinstall the game, reinstall graphic drivers, update directx, cleared my registry, blah blah. I don´t play with my firewall on. I even opened ports on my router even though I have never had any need to do so.
    I am truly lost at this point. And the game is becoming more and more frustrating to me.
    Is anybody experiencing anything similar ? Or does anybody know about some possible solution ?
    Thanks in advance
  11. Server Jordine  channels Mediah 1,2 Valencia 1,2,3 Serendia 2- troubles with mobs and npc response, CC timing, tamer`s Heilang. Another channels working fine.
    CC won`t work, tamer`s Heilang just stayin` and won`t response to Q skill etc, mobs ignoring you even while you killing em, npcs won`t response.
  12. Post on Epic lagfest Jordine EU in General

    By Lurien, posted
    So DAUM is going to do something with lagfest at Jordine EU server? Monsters just watch and are waiting to kill them, same with summon bosses. At Tamer Heilang isn't working, after summon is 5-30 secons delay to show, 0 atack or deff from him, orders aren't working. Just do something, 
  13. Post on FPS Drops... in Technical Issues

    By Nojs, posted
    Hello, i'm having a problem with FPS in game.
    It's weird beacuse i have GTX970, i5-4670k and it should work perfectly 60fps+
    I have drops when texture or some special effect is loading. If i use some skill for first time i have lag for one sec and then 50fps.
    In cities i have about 15-20fps and so much fps drops.
    Our guild was having GvG and i was having like 5fps-10fps it was unplayable... anyone have fix for this?
    I'm tired of this kinda lags..
  14. Hey does anybody know if they are fixing our problems? i been waiting for 14days to play...i cant get ingame due to connection to server is lost..wtf is going on ? HOW LONG DO YU want us to wait. we paid for a service we didnt get on top of that we got no solution to our problems..this is frustrating and makes me relly mad....specially wen so many people are playing and are happy and alot of us cant even login!!... for a pay to play game this is just stupid..wht a huge let down..been waiting for this game for so long and this happens OMG..Please i just want to play, fix the issue...how long do you want us to wait.  if anyone fixed the problem or know how please tell us..i tried everything!  2 weeks have past and no answer from staff.. LOL b2p MY ASS  this whole thing is ridiculous