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  1. Hi all, I have bought a hawk becouse I like the animation when it lands on the shoulder.
    But what was my surprise when he doesnt land anytime!!
    I only have 3 pets: penguin, desert fox and this hawk, I acquired them in this sequence.
    When I get out only the hawk he lands on shoulder but when I get out the other pets it never lands.
    I have try to get out the hawk 1st and then the others but only work for a few moments, when I move my character or something it never land again.
    Can someone help me with this problem?
    Btw thank you very much for expend your time reading me.
  2. I was exploring this goblin cave, when I walked behind this fence, and tried to jump over a rock to get past it, and then I fell into invisible water..
    You can easily climb out of the 'water' and jump back in, but you cannot swim anywhere, as there is nowhere to swim, so at least we know the walls work!
    While further investigating, I learned that I can use this invisible water to swim a distance up the wall.
    Video of my finding and swimming in said invisible water.

  3. Post on HILFE !!! in Allgemeine Diskussionen

    By Nigro, posted
    Leute riesen Problem, ich hab mit meinem floß die Autoroute gehabt an nen bestimmten spot und bin sonst wo mit dem floß AUF EINER INSEL !!!!!!
    Ich hab befreien gedrückt aber das floß bleibt wo es ist, nun kann ich nicht mehr Fischen gehen !
    Da es nirgends eine Support gibt dem man das melden kann, schreib ich es hier rein für die Hoffnung auf Hilfe ! 
    Oder das es der Support mitbekommt !
    Hab euch nen Screenshot gemacht von der Situation

  4. http://dulfy.net/2016/03/06/black-desert-gardening-and-farming-guide/
    All credit to the fantastic person who set up and made this incredible guide !
    I was unsure if i wanted to learn about this.. but i think it would be fun just to have a small one around to grow simple cooking ingredients for making stat buff food.. and apparently there is a tea that  gives + 8% exp boost !!! ( also listed in the guide ) 
    I was curious about the fenced little plots of growing stuff for cooking. and i ran across Dulfy's most aweesome and comprehensive guide on how to farm and use fences in Black Desert Online !
    it has locations for fences and types of fences.. 
    how to use scarecrows
    where to find seeds
    the weather and its effects on your crops
    how to use water irrigation
    etc.etc.etc !