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  1. I downloaded the game yesterday. It wouldn't download after 3 different attempts. It kept saying there was an error while downloading, it would crash, and then I'd have to start over from 0%.
    I found a 'fix' for that online by changing my Proxy Settings, but now the game wont launch.

    I can log in.
    I see a little dude in the bottom right side of my corner, like a tiny loading screen.

    And then nothing.

    I've tried troubleshooting compatability, running as administrator, nothing works.
    I'd like to play this game, but if I can't - I'm going to have to get a refund
  2. Hello,
    YES i know i know there are a ton of topics with this problem, but like nearly everyone else I coudnt find a topic that exactly fits to my problem so I started a new one.
    Whats the problem?
    When I start the launcher I can Log In, but  after I press "play" the launcher close itself and nothing happens anymore. No Error message or something like that, it just closes itself ( i watched the process in the task manager ).
    What I already tried:
    -LAN and PROXY Settings are all turned off
    -turned off my antivirus and firewall
    -repaired the game files (by renaming the version.dat)
    -I tried to set the grapics to very low and played around the the window mode
    -checked background programms 
    I also attached a log-file of what happens when i try to launch the game.
    My hardware:
    OS: Windows 10
    Intel i7 @3,5Ghz
    8gb RAM
    AMD Radeon HD 7800
    There is only one thing i havent tried and that is reinstalling the game, but since i have a very shitty connection the game takes around 9h to download and I only want to this i nothing else helps.
    Is there something i havent tried? (beside reinstalling the game) 
    Cheers Brot
  3. How about a reward for extended maintenance on launch day? I could go for some free Pearls as a reward for a delayed launch. Say 2500 pearls for another free costume and weapon? (with the sale) (I'm a Conqueror's preorder). Since we thought we would get a unique costume for each class anyways...
  4. You never know unless you ask.
    I know a lot of people probably have stuff to do, so any delay is eating into that time they could have spent melting monsters. The double XP event was good last night so fingers crossed we'll see something similar.
    Just wondering what anyone else thinks about this? Cheers.
  5. I really cannot stress this topic enough. All I'm seeing are posts about how extended maintenance makes a company look bad and I could not disagree more. I would rather they extend the maintenance and fix any issues that have come up to ensure that the gameplay is solid when we are able to log in. That, to me, shows that a company cares about the product and wants to make sure it's worth releasing, even if it's a little late.
    I have experienced so many bad game launches where you log in and can't even play the game because there are so many bugs and game errors. The servers are either taken down for another maintenance or they flat out crash for an unknown amount of time. Trust me, waiting the extra 2 hours is better than that if that's what they're preventing. 
    The amount of childish posts and comments and the lack of patience and general understanding on how these types of launches work is frustrating to say the least. So please, just be patient. It could be so much worse.
  6. How do you Really feel? 
  7. When Diablo 3 released, I started off by grinding my ass to get to the point where I could create a hardcore character and as SOON AS I COULD,
    I started up a new game,
    marched right up the road,
    and was like...
    "Hey isn't there supposed to be a zombie here?"
    I took a few steps further, and there was a sharp edge at the end of my screen where the rest of the area hadn't loaded and it was like looking at the edge of the world. I was like "OH."
    So I walked back over to where you spawn in. I figure, maybe if I'm lucky, I'll just go do something and the game will continue loading.
    So I go make a sandwich, grab myself a drink, and head back to my pc.
    I sit down, and sure enough, still loading.
    Suddenly, before my eyes, I see the first zombie, the very first mob you see in the game, charge lightning fast in fastforward mode, lunge at me and swipe over 500 times, killing my brand new level 1 character instantly.
    See, I would have been okay with this because you know, brand new character, nothing lost, but then Blizzard goes and...
    I sit up and yell out loud "WHAT DEEDS?!?!?!"
    The game wouldn't even let me archive that hero's death because they weren't level 10 yet.
    anyone have any stories to add? For whatever reason this never bumped up to the top.
  8. Just enjoy while you wait.
    I will post some further guides from Paindog and other awesome contributors. 
  9. I was holding my breath while half of the, well according to BDO, non-pre-orders couldnt get online on the 1/3 (like my self) i found it retarded because of the miss-information the website had been giving. And no admin, no one seems to admit they made a mistake so they just change the text everywhere and act like noting happend. But okay, past is past, lets try be positive and hope for the better in the future.
    Now its the future.  ... And we are on launch-day with open servers fra 12 UTC.. No WAIT, not anymore we are not. Because again a HUGH fail from BDO's side lets just extend it again and change all text like nothing happend and its allways been like that... sorry to say, but -----ING fail from your side, on and on again. (Worse launch than a blizzard launch imo)
    Im tired of this now, whats the next thing thats gonna happen? you close down the game for good within a week or 2 because you feel like something else is more fun than host this game? 
    And you dont even respond with a prober solution... Im about to give up, how much should a customer take before its enough?
  10. Launch is upon us!
    What are you going to do with your pre-order pearls?
  11. Post on Launch time confusion in General

    By dragn, posted
    So I see the game says it's launching for regular people at 12:00 UTC. Okay. that's 6am my time. Fine.
    Then I see a maintenance notice that says servers will be down from 6:00 UTC to 14:00 UTC....so launch is at 14:00 instead of 12:00? Am I reading that right?
  12. Hi, is there an exact time when this game gonna launch tomorrow? Like what hour, second, millisecond? Just so that i know when i should try to start the game. Thanks.
  13. Hello, guys and gals. 
    I hope you can help me clear something up, as I can't find anything on it on the forums already. Maybe I haven't searched well enough, if so please point me in the right direction. 
    I'm a bit confused as to the launch-time tomorrow for this game! 
    -> In the "Don't miss these dates"-news thingy it says launch is march 3rd 08.00 UTC. 
    -> In the game patcher it says game launch is 12.00 UTC

    -> In the new maintenance news thingy it says that due to maintenance the servers won't be up until 14.00 UTC. 

    Sooo which one is it? 

              -Confused, but eagerly awaiting player. 
  14. Post on #Serendia2K16 in General

    By Zeen, posted
    How do we apply for a guild name change for those that were lost in this great tragedy?
  15. Hello. I bought the Conqueror's package and was excited to wake up to a brand new game. Just wondering, has the official game launched already? Because I believe 8:00 UTC to PST = 12:00 PM and at 11:00 AM, I'm about to play already? I've logged onto the game, but see no other players and do not know if I'm using the correct method to ask in game, so I figured creating a thread here will get me some answers. Please let me know and thank you, guys! 
  16. So.. I can log in and click play, but when I click play, the launcher closes and the game process ends. Is this the same thing other people are seeing?
  17. Post on ARE YOU READY?! in General

    By Celyndra, posted
    ARE YOU READY FOR LAUNCH BOYZZZZ  O:<?!     Only a few minutes away now! 
  18. Schönen guten Morgen.
    Gibt es schon eine Liste der Launchstreams? Habe keine gefunden.
    Falls ihr eure Streams also publik machen wollt - vielleicht ist hier ein guter Platz dafür.
    Hier einer direkt zum Start: http://www.twitch.tv/celdin6
  19. So after playing some of the available launch characters, I quickly gravitated towards the Valkyrie. Personally, I really enjoy melee characters over ranged, but I found the Warrior to be kinda boring. The idea of mixing melee with like holy magic is what really made the Valkyrie appealing. I've always really enjoyed playing Paladin/Crusader characters, and her kit seems really unique. Some melee, some magic, and some heals. Though I'm curious to know how good she actually is? How viable will she be in the late/end game, and how is she in PvP? Does she stack up with the others?
    Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. I REALLY need to choose my class before launch tonight so I'll know who to play. See you guys in the field!
  20. So, I'm curious how is making a character going to work when the game starts tonight.
    Is there going to be a little check box saying use reserved name, or is the first character we make going to have the reserved name already?

    Update 1:
    More coupons on account page.
    Current client version:  (cbt2)
  22. Post on Servers capcity in General

    By Knisheffy, posted
    Do we have any info on capcity per server/chanel? (googled nothing came up, used forum finder to much pve vs pvp thread fights to find anything.)
  23. When will pre-download be available for Conqueror's Pack early access? Thx!
  24. For anyone confused when the game launches for which pack, here you go.
    http://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20160228T08&p0=1440&msg=Black+Desert+96+Hour+Soft+Launch+&font=sanserif&csz=1 (Conquerer)
    http://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20160301T08&p0=1440&msg=Black+Desert+48+Hour+Soft+Launch+&font=sanserif&csz=1 (Explorers)
    http://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20160302T08&p0=1440&msg=Black+Desert+24+Hour+Soft+Launch+&font=sanserif&csz=1 (Travelers)
    http://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20160303T08&p0=1440&msg=Black+Desert+Release+&font=sanserif&csz=1 (Release)
  25. Post on Launch patch? in General

    By Jace Fors, posted
    Just wondering if we are going to get a small patch notes for launch if they changed anything yet at all from the CBT2? I know it's rather early and don't completely expect it, that's fine. Just curious. Also to create a discussion, what do you guys think they would have patched? or what should that have patched? keep it clean. Thanks for the rep in advance for anyone who does. <3