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  1. Hello fellow BDO enthusiasts. 
    Let me know what playstyle you believe you will end up most dedicated to. 
    Also comment below about why you chose what you did.
    AS FOR ME. I'll be doing mostly PvP but certainly some PvE and RP. 
  2. I'm just wondering before the game comes out, I would like to know when were able to download the game before it launches. My internet is very slow and could possibly take over 24 hours and would love to know the time were are able to download the game as soon as possible because I have bought the Conquerors Package and would love to use the time I have been given before the official launch.
  3. Now that CBT-2 is complete the next question is, will we be required to download the client again before release, or will the client we downloaded for CBT-2 be patched for release?
    If the former, will the client download be available prior to release (or before 02/28 for founders?)
  4. Okay guys,
    CBT2 is officially over and the countdown begins! What class are you choosing to focus on first, and why? Really interested to see everyone's choices and reasons why!
  5. I would be thankful if you could reveal the server names that will be available on the 28th with a bit more room to organize things, compared to what we had for the CBT2.
    I run the Spanish fansite, and I woke up on the 16th to find that the patch notes with the servers information was added on the 15th, probably late night, it wasn't there when I went to sleep. This made my impatient and desperate community split because we didn't have room to run a poll or anything... I'm sure other communities and groups had the same issue.
    So umm yeah... it would be nice if you could reveal this information before the 26th.
    Or at least confirm whether or not the CBT2 EU and NA server names are carrying over to the headstart.
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1D6iAcQWzQ

  7. Hello Everyone,

    Here is the countdown we are all looking forward to! (well conqueror's at least)
  8. Not looking for a guild per say, but looking for other people who've purchased the Conqueror package that wants to party during the 96hr headstart. It'll be easier to kill mobs and get things done.
  9. Post on Can't Get In NA Servers? in General

    By Zeen, posted
    Anyone able to pick North American servers?
    I'm on NA East and it only lets me choose between the EU Alustin and Jordine servers. Yes, I switched my region to North America even though that was the default selection.
    I've swam through the sea of errors twice, and I'm not trying to go for a third. =(
  10. Post on 8AM UTC or 8PM UTC? in General

    By Sykonetic, posted
    as tittle says.
  11. Does anybody know if the CBT-2 launcher will be updated into the official launcher or will we have to un-install after CBT-2 and download another 30+ GB patch/launcher?
  12. Hi Guys,
    Thought i'd add some countdown timers until the launch, end of the close beta test and the launch dates as such so far.
    Black Desert CBT-2 Launch 
    Black Desert CBT-2 End 
    Pre-Orders Closed 
    Name Reservation Closed
    Conquerors Early Access
    Explorers Early Access
    Travellers Early Access
    Black Desert Launch
    If i work out how to embed them so it shows on its own i will, if not the links will send you to the current clock countdown.
    Welp, can't see how to embed them so they show on their own, BBcode wont let me add a frame or source, HTML doesn't seem to be enabled so wont let me add an object.
    Unless someone can tell me what this forum uses or if its possible on this forum? 
  13. Hi guys!
    We've written up a Starter/Launch Guide for new players who may be trying the CBT2 or are playing at launch. The guide introduces some of the basic features in Black Desert as well as giving you some tips and answering some of the common questions about the game. Unfortunately, I'm having some trouble uploading the whole guide here due to the size of it. It's over 10,000 words so we've released it on our website a few days before CBT2 so you can start reading  You might just be finished by the time it starts! 
    Starter/Launch Guide: http://blackdesertfoundry.com/2016/02/16/starterlaunch-guide/
    Check out our website for more guides and other tools for Black Desert Online.

  14. Post on Launch Issues in Off-Topic

    By ablaze1989, posted
     I was reading over various pages on the blade and soul forums and came across some one crying about the launch issues. Issues like game crashes,log in queues and the such. Then I remembered all the launches I have been party of in my time as an MMO gamer from star trek online to archage and then I remembered one of my fav animes XD.

  15. Post on It Just Hit Me in General

    By Tyrael, posted
    It just sort of came to fruition in my mind.. 3 weeks and 3 days until Conq headstart and a week or so of that time CBT2 will be running. Holy crap. 
  16. So most of us know now that Black Desert Online is to be "released" March 3rd! It comes with many emotions of excitement and disappointment for different people. This comes with a few questions and statements such as: When is Headstart?, What do the preorder armors look like?, Where is Blader? Now I want to have something cleared up just a little bit just because of every MMO head-start/beta/whatever I've been in. It is guaranteed that the launch starts March 3rd? Like it's a date set in stone? Are all the classes that are currently being previewed the ones set in stone for launch?
    Now I don't want to be barking up the wrong tree, but I mean I have had some cases where dates were delayed because of issues in the past and other silly reasons. Also I am really just too lazy to go searching for every post that has info cause I am a lazy son of a gun. What are my reasons for asking this some may ask? Well say if by some odd chance "Blader" (Popular By Demand) was to be released on launch but not in CBT2 then cool all the more happy I'll be, but! If Blader isn't to be added until a later date then I would love to know that is what is set in stone due to me wanting to be prepared to make my Berserker and plan out the name appropriate for him. Now for the date of launch, why I want to know is simply taking time off of work, and I really could use it because I have waited for this game way too long, followed it way back in the day when it was "Korean Alpha".
    Some of these being answered would be a great pleasure :^)!
    In other cases, what classes is everyone going for launch? And if you are planning too, what characters are you going to switch to when released?
    I am going to be playing Berserker and Switch to Blader when the time comes!
    TLDR: Is the launch date 100% March 3? Is all the classes we have been told 100% of what is being launched? Hype!  ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°
    Also for those asking and don't know where to find the picture of the armor from pre-ordering, here you go!

  17. <iframe src="https://www.launchclock.co/projects/NjVmMzA5Zj#countdown/></iframe>
  18. Heyo,
    since I've been venturing around the world of Black Desert I've been trying to get acquainted with the game as much as possible. After monitoring my progress I am very curious:

    How far do you plan on getting in the head start? Even if you didn't buy the Conqueror's pack, lets presume you had; how far do you think you will be able to progress in 96 IRL hours?
    I'm speaking of milestones such as levels, crafting proficiency, contribution point count and similar.
    I'm really interested in what you veterans can achieve so I can calculate how badly I'll be falling behind

    Looking back on things now, I'd presume I will reach somewhere between level 15 and 20, with 30-ish contribution points. Because I'm sure I'll get pulled into things like gathering or fishing which I immensely enjoy and try to do all kinds of side quests with little mob grinding.
    Thank you for your insight.
  19. i put this poll on suggestions because the majority of blader and ninja people are reading suggestion topics.
    just trying to get votes and numbers from people who are interested in blader / ninja
    i tried to keep it fair and balanced, no negative purpose!!!
    more questions were not allowed more possible answers was not possible

    Seeking skilled and dedicated members to join our launch team.
    Server: Uno
    Channel: Calpheon U2
    Say what?!
    Nox is a competitive PvP guild on the Uno server.. Our leadership team is extremely diverse and experienced, having successful track records in games such as ArcheAge, Guild Wars 2, Elder Scrolls Online, Tera, and World of Warcraft. Our vision is fairly simple; play hard, play well, and have a good time. 
    Our Philosophy
    Real life comes first.No drama, no bullshit.You get what you give.Use common sense.We have careers, classes, families, and spouses; this means we optimize our in-game time by being efficient and effective. We try to schedule our real life around raids and sieges, but when it's raid time we don't mess around. After the raid we will kick back, have a few drinks, and mess around to decompress. There will be fishing, there will be PvP.
    Our Leadership Structure & Promotions
    We have two guild leaders:
    Fact, in charge of guild relations, managing allies/enemies, collecting intel, guild spokesperson.Gary, in charge of raids/sieges, min/maxing, ensuring performance, making everyone happy, guild mascot, pokemon aficionado. Each leader has multiple officers that assist in their duties. All officers, as well as former leaders, also serve as an advising body to leadership. We provide many opportunities for advancement, we don't hold favorites, and everyone with an officer title puts in their fair share of work. Our non-linear leadership structure evenly distributes responsibility, so no one takes on too much, and no one gets burned out.
    Our Reward System
    Guild contract payouts will be based on attendance and contributions to the guild, this means you'll earn more by participating more. All world boss drops will be decided via democratic loot council, where attendance, attitude, previous rewards, and necessity are taken into consideration. Our loot council is comprised of our three leaders, plus one representative from each class. Class representatives serve on the loot council for one month, and then are replaced by guild vote. This system removes drama and entitlement, loot should be a reward - not an expectation. DKP systems can be manipulated, officer loot systems can be corrupt; but our system finds a balance that works for everyone.
    Our Future
    Click the link below, answer four short questions, and one of our recruitment officers will contact you. We will ask the bulk of our questions during the interview process, so there's no reason for you to type out your entire guild history or your mother's lineage. If we think you're a match, you'll be invited to join an introductory guild meeting, and a subsequent launch meeting. 
    Brief Recruitment Form

  21. Mercs of the Wilds
    Guild officials consists of 5 guild members. Guild decisions will be made between votes of the five members, excluding myself unless I, myself, am part of the five.
    Top five executives will be assigned by periodic voting sessions between all guild members, which will be redone monthly. And each member of the seat has the liberty to assign (# depends on guild size) members to second command positions.
    While I do say I am not in charge without being voted in, being the leader and all I do have the responsibility to manage and maintain the guild. So I will forever have judge powers, meaning I can veto a decision voted in by the five executives if I deem it inappropriate or a violation of rules(be they my own rules, or rules of the game or other such athority). Don’t worry I’m reasonable and understanding. We’re here to have fun so only stupid decisions will be vetoed. This is a failsafe I need to have just in case.
    All ages, nationalities, play styles, etc. are welcomed! NO discrimination!
    But please be nice, nice people are the ones that get votes
    Preferably active players, but we all understand life is a thing. As long as you are contributing what you can to the guild you are welcome.
    The guild as of now has has a website (just started and lacking some features. Will attend to them as the need arises) that can be found here: http://wilds.guildlaunch.com
    With a following link to the guilds Discord, link here: https://discord.gg/0lLXtswlMf3ysM5Q
    Mics are recommended for higher lvls of team communication.
    I currently am playing BDO KR, to familiarize myself with the game. I am also going to partake in CBT2. Contact me ASAP so we may start this guild sooner rather than later! If we want to be the best we have to start early!
    Guild Goals:
    PVP: Castle Sieges, build a balanced army with solid war tactics to topple any foe.
    Economy: Control a good portion of nodes, we want money.
    PVE: Raid bosses, crafting, etc. etc.
    Did I miss anything? Let me know!

  22. The Order of the Phoenix (Name may change)
    Looking for loyal and dedicate members to join a guild with the goal of achieving fortune. To be the richest with the best pay guild in the game, looking for officers to take future responsibility for different subjects within the guild. 
  23. Hi,
    ich hab mal eben ne kurze Frage zum Thema namen reservieren. Man kann ja sowohl seinen Character als auch den Familien Namen reservieren. Jetzt frag ich mich, wann man genau diese Reservierung vornehmen kann, und ob da ein Unterschied zwischen den verschiedenen Pre-Order-Packs besteht.
    Auf der Website steht ja "Sichere Deinen einmaligen Familiennamen vor Spiel Start. Du kannst den Namen kurz vor dem Offiziellen Start reservieren."
    Was genau ist jetzt mit dem Offiziellen Start gemeint? Weil je nach Paket hat man ja 24, 48h oder 96h früher Zugang. Oder gibt es dann einfach einen Termin an dem alle, egal mit welchem Paket, ihren Namen reservieren können.
    Danke schonmal für die Antworten, falls da jemand genauere Infos hat und mich aufklären kann  
  24. @CM_Jouska You have confirmed that the blader will not be in at the day of launch. Can you confirm if the ninja/kunoichi is 100% guaranteed to not be in at launch, or is there still a chance?
    Also, did your statement apply for just the blader, or plum as well?