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  1. If you are launching in late March, maybe you could add all classes by that time?
    CBT 1 - looked very good.
    CBT 2 - you can add some classes and perform stress test.
    It makes it so much easier for us/those who want to play newer classes. We don't have to start all over again and we will be able to get our unique costumes for newer classes.
    If you are taking that long, why not make us all happy ?:)
  2. Hi there!~ my name is Juno, and as the title says, I am looking for some people to chillax with on cbt2 and on launch!
    Currently I did get one of the beta keys, but I decided to go on ahead and get a conquerors package, Because this game is BEASTT >:O. 
    Also, I have played other games that were similar to this game, IE> Mabinogi, Vindictus, Tera, EQ1 and 2, and other games
    I'm fairly derpy, and noobie, but I like to have fun and VIDI GAMUUS Wooo. 
    Hey, gotta have fun right!~

  3. Disclaimer: This is just my thought on BDO EA/NA launch in Western Market, Nothing against community or any person
    Daum have at least 4 months to release Final game and till then "I think" PA will find more publisher for blocked countries. I dont know why but have feeling in next 6 moths they will remove IP block globally because of low Fan base compare to other popular MMOs. 
    There are around 10k-15k members are in forum (many have duplicate account also) and in the name of new MMO Daum will sale 5K more if they go alone (Direct marketing). They should add Steam/GOG as retailer, This will boost their sale. My prediction. Post launch (Final game) total sale will be around 25k-30k, and I think these no. of players are not good for a new MMO.
    After some point the game become grind only, I don't think everyone like to grind everyday same place, same mob. One day you will be tired. People says the game begin after Level 50 but my experience with BDO says Game begins after Level40 but end at Level 55. After lvl 55 no quest except dailies (can be completed in less than 5 mins each). Other hated thing is Leveling in BDO, After 52 you need to invest a lot of hours to reach 55 around 100-300 hours, and dont think about Level 60 now (it will took 1000+ hours). Without Killing mobs, fishing or crafting you cant get XP, Quests are crap in the terms on XP, So If you like or not for next level you have to do such things like killing/crafting/fishing. 
    Next content update (Media/Valencia) will be come after 3-6 months till then a lot of PVEer will quit game but PVP is still fun. This not hard to get Level 50 in a week, and when you achieve 50 what next? Grind Grind and Grind. PK is also a huge problem, Some people raised their voice to low down Karma penalties (some suggested 500) but I was attacked by randoms many time (they attack in fear of loosing grind spot or Rare Drop) when they attack me I lost their Karma, In KR if attack a person then ur Karma is almost gone and next attack will drag your Karma in negative. If PK is 500 then many low level innocent will be killed for fun and that time they start leaving. 
    I am playing KR version for a long time and KR has more content then others, but still I login to game everyday to do my daily and quit. If no new content coming witin 1-2 months then may be I will quit the game. And re-join in EU release.  So Daum need to balance their game very wisely like Buff and Nerf system, Cash Shop aka P2W, when will 1st content will come, how they influenced by people.
    I feel very bad strategy and marketing by PA/Daum in Western market.
    **Note: English is not my native language, grammar police sorry for mistakes in advance 
  4. Blade and Soul coming January 19th  for North American and European audiences, Is this hurt Black Desert?
  5. Hello everyone,
    I checked the forum and unless I missed a huge thing there was only one thread about this, and that didn't include the Tamer class. Considering I have heard nothing but complaints about the fact that Blader and Tamer won't be available at release I thought it might be a good idea to start a thread.
    Why do I not include the Kunoichi? Because those were released with the Valencia Update and it's normal they can't be immediately implemented.
    Pros of adding these two classes:
    The classes have been available in KR and JP for a long time, they're not buggyPeople have been playing and enjoying them for a long time, they want to play themThe reason given for not adding them is dumb and smells vaguely of racism.I'm not sure who thought this wasn't a very strange thing to say about a game made in Korea. I hope everyone over there realizes people will actually know that the game is Asian. And considering the success of games such as Blade And Soul, ArcheAge, Aion and... Well, every other successful Asian mmo... The Western players don't really mind playing a game with an Asian flair. Last but not least, spoiler alert: there are also Asian people in the West.
    Cons of adding these two classes:
    They would still have to be translated? 
    In conclusion, I think a lot of people really want these classes to be added at launch. For some it's even a deal breaker. I hope these classes can either be included at launch or as soon as possible after launch. At the very least, please shed some light on how long "rather fast" is.
    Thanks for reading!
  6. Most of the alpha vids and streams only show wizard. Is there a Major different in witch and wizard? Which one is better for grinding and pvp?