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  1. Edit: It seems that it was a local problem of my internet provider. /Closed
    since today my launcher is crashing. It lets me login to my account, then when I press PLAY it's just doing nothing and after a short time windows tells me that it crashed. I am running as Admin and have this issue for the first time. Beside, the launcher takes a pretty long time to start up. Am I the only one having this issue?
    I tried this but it didn't solve anything: https://blackdesert.zendesk.com/hc/de/articles/210761329?input_string=launcher+crash
  2. Hi, I bought the game a while ago but just played for a bit. I had no problems then (around November of last year). The thing is i just downloaded it again today and... after downloading the launcher from the page and installing it (InstallShieldWizard worked perfectly and there were no problems during this) it just won't open. "Black Desert Online Launcher has stopped working" (in Spanish).
    I've re-installed it 4 times, I've run it as administrator and I've made sure no firewall nor antivirus is targetting it and still the program won't launch. Even worse, sometimes not even the error window will show up: I open the launcher, the screen with the characters shows up and then it fades. No program, no process, nothing...
    I use a 64 bits windows 7 and the hardware allowed me to play it just fine four months ago. Please tell me how to fix this. Thank you in advance.

    Edit: FIXED!
    Apparently the default Windows 7 options for LAN connexion (yeah, I... I don't get it either...) was causing the problem. Somehow. So yeah, thank you for the help on the Support tab of the main page, i worked perfectly.
  3. After exiting the game and leaving my computer on, I went to reopen it and had the little popup that showed it was loading, then the transition to the actual launcher ended in an error that was forcing it to close. Every attempt after that never made it to that screen again, only the popup(the one with the warrior, ranger, sorc, zerk and tamer) played, and the launcher itself never went through. Looked at the processes and saw the processes disappear after the popup. Any help?
    -After each every restart i can actually manage to get to the launcher, but it always ends up with launcher has stopped working and doesn't even make it afterwards
  4. Hello guys,
    i just installed the game, successfully and the moment i press Play, nothing happens. i tried both Na and Eu servers still i cant play the game. help please

  5. Post on launcher in General

    By papa karlo, posted
    Hallo! Sagen Sie mir, ich zuerst den Client auf einem Server Nord Amerika laufen und zog dann nach Europa, kann so sein, dass die Server haben Blöcke von Europa für das? Dank!
    [Moderator translation] I want to create a character on the EU server can I play him on NA too ?
  6. Hey Leute  
    und zwar versuche ich gerade Black desert zu installieren. Nur dauert die Installation extrem lange, und damit meine ich wirklich lange! Ich glaube das Ding lädt jetzt schon fast seit 15 Stunden und ich bin bei 70%. Ist das normal? Der Laptop kann jedenfalls nicht das Problem sein, der  ist nagelneu und übertrifft sogar die Systemvorraussetzungen. (Acer Aspire f17  f5-771g-74p9). Leider bin ich ne Null wenn es um technisches Verständnis geht
    Habt ihr ne Idee woran es liegen könnte?
  7. I am having a hard time with this one. I click on the icon on the desktop, and the into screen shows, but the actual launcher never shows up. It just fades away to the background and never actually loads. Can someone tell me what is goin on here? Also, keep in mind that I have tried to uninstall the game and reinstall the game. I have also ensured that the game is on my do not block list for my different antivirus and firewall applications. The game was working a week ago.
  8. Hallo Freunde,
    mein kleiner Cousin der möchte sehr gerne BD spielen aber der Launcher startet Überhaupt nicht, es wird von Windows nur gesagt das es nicht mehr Reagieren kann und so mit direkt Schliesst.
    Meine Frage an euch, hat jemand ein Idee wie ich sein Clint zum Laufen bekommen kann?
    P.s. Er hat oft mals Installiert und Deninstalliert aber kein Erfolg, bitte um Hilfe Danke!
  9. As the title says, the launcher will not load, and it keeps giving me an error. Does anyone have a solution? 
    Edit: I seem to have fixed it by running the repair option in the launcher menu and then restarting the launcher.
  10. Very quick:
    Please enable the newspanel + Twitter Newsblog in the Launcher WITHOUT Login...
    because... I can't read it during patches, because I can`t log in...
    Please change it.
  11. My Launcher just stopped working 3 days ago, it doesn't start and always stuck at this screen : 

    and just stop responding eventually, i was able to patch the game successfully last patch (~889 Mb), but now i can't even launch it ..
    Any help, thoughts, or suggestions is greatly appreciated, i am willing to try all except re downloading the game (50+ GB ? .. nope!)
  12. Good evening

    I can't seem to run the "new launcher". Tried to disable all protection services on my PC such as Firewall, Antivirus and so on. Trying to repair the files by deleting or re-naming "version.dat" in the Black Desert folder also doesn't seem to help as the launcher doesn't even start up to fix any files. The Launcher used to work perfectly yesterday before the update of the new launcher UI came. I've also tried to close all non-windows related processes and run the launcher as administrator again. Several full pc-reboot's is also something I've tried.
    As I run the launcher the new background pops up and after a couple of seconds a window pops up stating that the program is not working (properly) anymore.
    option to select: "Close Program".
    I'm currently using W10 64bit
    Logs of the launcher
    [02/28/2017::19:10:47]    [MSG] DaumGame Global Launcher is started. (10EB9E89CE954E15880B5927A0E3BE90)
    [02/28/2017::19:10:48]    [MSG] bReturn is 1
    [02/28/2017::19:10:48]    [MSG] s key : 26668

  13. Hello, I'm now at my friends house and been trying to fix his launcher, the problem is a blank login screen, which doesn't allow him to log in and start the game (screenshot), would really appreciate a solution to this, since i'm not sure how to fix it.

  14. Hey all,
    At first I thought it was just because of maintenance but my launcher shows a blank screen where the login page should be and the Play button is greyed out as well. I have no idea what to do, checked the internet they suggested clearing browser history but that didn't fix it. Also I reinstalled graphics drivers and restarted pc but to no avail. Can any one help me please?
    EDIT: I tried the launcher reinstall but it gives the same result. Even when the Paz folder isn't in the BDO folder yet.
    EDIT 2: I found a log file for the launcher, contains this:
  15. Many, including myself, had issues running the launcher since last Feb 8th patch. I see many people found a way to fix it, this is what I did to fix the issue. Maybe it will help you.
    You should check your update history on your computer beforehand. If it says failed to install
    NVIDIA - Display - 12/29/2016 12:00:00 AM - 
    Failed to install on 2/8/2017
    Failed to install on 2/9/2017
    You should consider reinstalling NVDIA.
    download the latest DDU uninstaller that will uninstall and clean your NVDIA Drivers. Reinstall NVDIA. Done.
    I tried many things but this one worked. I run a GTX 1080, and if you run something similar you should give this one a go.
    Also, I did uninstall BDO and reinstalled it on a separate directory than the previous one. This one did not work but It might of helped combined with the driver issues.
    I hope yall can get back to the game! ><
  16. Hi Leute,
    Gestern lief mein Spiel noch prima, doch dann starte ich heute morgen meinen launcher und muss feststellen das er patchen will und nich mal den hintergrund lädt und nach gut 5 sekunden eine Fehlermeldung von Windows kommt das das Programm nicht mehr Funktioniere, also am Speicherplatz kann es bei meinem Setup nicht liegen, ausserdem habe ich keine Fehlermeldung vom Launcher geladen.
    So sieht das ganze dann aus :

  17. Hi guys, I've just done a fresh reboot of my system, have installed drivers etc.
    I open BDO, can login and hit play but then the game stops responding and i get "Failed to CreateDevice"
    I cant find anything to assist me with this problem, if anyone has solved this that would be greatly appreciated
  18. So after re-installing and repairing the files I am still getting a crash after the Pearl Abyss logo screen on start up fades away. Any suggestions?
  19. Guten Tag,
    meine Freunde und ich wollten heute gemütlich BDO spielen, 
    wir öffneten den Launcher, dieser sagte uns allen, dass es eine Deffekte datei gäbe, "Bitte starte den Launcher neu" hieß es.
    nun passiert folgendes : 
    Launcher geöffnet, er will 46,00 GB Prüfen* (warum auch immer?) und bricht nach 115 mb den download mit einem Fehler Code ab!
    Ich füge einmal ein Bild hinzu.
    Woran kann das liegen?
    vorallem weil ich nicht der einzige mit diesem Problem bin.
  20. The launcher has now been running for 2 days to download 2 -----ing gigabytes of data on a 100mb/s capacity network. I'm done with this crap. if this keeps up ill just uninstall the dam thing. I downloaded bf1 and titanfall 2 faster than this shit.
  21. I've been trying to sign-in to the game, but my launcher is completely bugged. The screenshot attached is when I attempted to re-install the game, but to no avail, the launcher is still bugged. I'm a returning player, excited to come back.

  22. earlier today I was able to play just fine, but after i tried to play again a few minutes ago this weird "error" popped up. I know this isn't much info to go on, but I have no idea what else i'm supposed to say.

    I tried searching the forums, and haven't seen any threads with this issue.

    update: after several attempts at running as admin the launcher worked again. I would still like to know if there is something i might have done wrong to cause this.
  23. I've seen the 'known issue' block for this, however methinks it's quite different from what it says there.
    For one, it downloads. It patches.

    But then all of a sudden

    And so.....

    No change in the amount of data downloaded. Decrease of download speed with increase of remaining time.
    What is this...........................?
    Is it related to the fact that people keep having connection problems, as I've read?
    Note: every time I relaunch the launcher, it keeps getting stuck at the exact same downloaded data, 514.12MB. The very exact same number.
  24. Hi,
    Since I wasn't able to find an answer how to download BDO with a proper download speed, I'm here to share my solution. I was getting around 15 - 30kb / sec with my 100mb connection while the maximum should be somewhere above 10mb / sec. I also tried the alternate download link for BDO, but nothing changed.
    Then I noticed that if I was running the BDO Launcher while downloading from the alternate link, the DL speeds became normal. Then the only problem was 2 simultaneous downloads, so naturally the download speed was split in half. After limiting the alternate download, I was able to download at full speed from the original BDO Loader.
    If you have already tried everything else to fix download speed issues, here are the steps:
    Make sure you are able to limit download speeds. (Built-in feature or Netlimiter: Link)Start BDO Launcher the normal way and begin the downloadOpen the alternate download link for BDO in another program. (I used Jdownloader: Link)Limit the speed of the alternate download, so the BDO Loader can have full rate. (Or the other way around)This is a painful workaround, but it's better than downloading the game for a week. In the attached picture you'll see an overview what's actually going on on the screen.
    My specs: Win7 - 64bit, 100/2 cable connection with Cisco EPC 3010 router.
    Maybe with these details someone is able to come up with a better solution for this specific issue.
    See ya!

    EDIT: Apparently its enough to start the download twice from the alternate link, then you can limit the secondary download. You can use a program with a speed limit feature to avoid the hazzle with Netlimiter.
    EDIT 2: This issue has been fixed on the server.
  25. Voila comme marqué j'ai un gros soucis, je viens de finir le DL du jeu et j'ai un problème avec mon launcher, la page du launcher reste noire et impossible de me connecter et donc jouer.
    Quelqu'un pourrait m'aider svp?