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  1. Hi,
    Starting three days ago I can not play the game at all since when the launcher starts, it tries to patch the game and that fails after some delay right on 0%. The error message is attached.
    Disabling firewall does not solve the issue. My system specification is: Arch: x86_64, OS: Win10 (I believe other settings like listed in dxdiag are irrelevant here).

    I tried to submit a request to support, but even that isn't happening, some red bar appears in the screen top and the ticket isn't created. Ok, so how can I use the service I've actually paid for?
  2. Sooo, I can't download the game, I left my computer turned on all night and it was always on 9%, then I went to work and when I came it gave some error, can't remember but it was some number, then I left it downloading again and it's again on 9%... pls help! I only have 7 days! And I want to try this game before I buy
  3. Last night it seems my internet stopped working for a moment, and caused my BDO to disappear suddenly. When my internet came back up, the text in the title is now telling me my launcher wont work. I restarted my computer, still nothing. Is there an easy fix for this or is it a re-install case?
    Edit: Well, I uninstalled, and now I am trying to reinstall but it wont open the launcher, the same problem. No idea what to do next.
    Edit#2: Guess I should have looked a little before uninstalling. For future reference.
    Launcher is crashing on startup
    Windows 10:
    Go to settings, click "Network and Internet", click "Proxy" turn off all settings.
    Windows 7:
    Click "Start", click "Control Panel", click "Network and Internet", click "Internet Options", click the "Connections" tab, click "LAN Settings", turn off all options.
  4. Hi:
    The game was running last night, was afk fishing and came back and found I was disconnected from the server. Tried starting the game again and the launcher does nothing. Tried starting it from the install folder as admin nothing. It comes up and disappears. Went to the download from the account page and it does a clean up, then tries to do an install, Starts the launcher and it pops up saying launching and then nothing. I set my firewall to exclude BDO.
    Any ideas would be great. I tested it on another machine and it seems to work fine.
    I tested on another machine and it doesn't launch either. One on win 7 and one on Win 10. I see the CEF browser process and BDO start and then they both end. I'm in Canada on Shaw. Is this an ISP issue? nothing has changed on these machines. No window updates. I installed mcafee to disable defender no change. Tried adding port forwarding for 8888 and 8889 and set different browsers as default no go.
    I tried to reinstall fresh to a different directory won't open launcher.
    As it stands I'm dead in the water.
  5. Hi, just started today, my launcher is failing to launch. I will attempt to open it and it will pop up with the "Now Loading" box, then nothing. Just disappears.
    I have renamed my launcher as BlackDesert Online Launcher.exe as in some older posts, I did this when I first started playing the game over a month ago.
    Now when I try to launch it fails and produces a numbered 'file', for example 1088824... that is the name of one of them. And this is what is in the 'file':
    So ya I don't know what to do. Now, anyone have suggestions?
  6. I have, tried every single solution I could search through Google and I am wondering, is there any way to get pass the error completely installing the game, because it seems like even the forums doesn't even have valid solutions, no matter how many pages of Google and forums I go through. And all, I wish for is to enjoy a game I paid for without any problems such as errors constantly while installing the game it can't even go 1 nor 4% before saying the same exact error and I have no idea some people say its a antivirus but I don't even have one and, it isn't a firewall so what exactly is even the problem here? 
    The error is 12005
  7. This started happening a few days ago and i have been unable to play the game since. I cannot click on any of the buttons since they seem to have overlapped each other some how. I have attempted to fix it by both reinstalling and have the program auto-fix itself and neither have helped. Any help would be very much appreciated.

  8. Hello there, First sry for my bad english im from Germany, i bought this game a week ago, and i stuck on the launcher screen, i tried to connect the support, but they havnt the solution either,
    The launcher is just all white, tryt to turn off the proxy settings, Firewall, Deinstalled the game 5 times, Deinstalled version.Dat File,
    Still doesnt work, I appreciate help  thanks

  9. Just wondering if the launcher will allow login and play after a certain percentage of the game has downloaded like a lot of titles do these days.
    I'm at 8% and I'm chomping at the bit!
  10. Hallo Black Desert Online Community
    Problem: Black Desert Online Launcher
    Seit der Serverwartung am 06.04.2016 habe ich nach runterladen des Patch folgende Probleme.
    Als ich dann den Launcher öffnen wollte sah dieser wie folgt aus (Bild im Anhang).
    Es ist unmöglich was zu erkennen oder sich in das Spiel einzuloggen. 
    Geht es anderen auch so? Wie kann ich das Problem Beheben?

  11. Hallo Black Desert Online Community
    Problem: Black Desert Online Launcher
    Seit der Serverwartung am 06.04.2016 habe ich nach runterladen des Patch folgende Probleme.
    Als ich dann den Launcher öffnen wollte sah dieser wie folgt aus (Bild im Anhang).
    Es ist unmöglich was zu erkennen oder sich in das Spiel einzuloggen. 
    Geht es anderen auch so? Wie kann ich das Problem Beheben?

  12. I haven't played BDO for a few days, but after i tried to boot it up today, i'm met with the seemingly common "Launcher has stopped working" error.
    I've tried the solution mentioned in https://blackdesert.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/206968189-Crashes-and-black-screen-on-launcher. I'm using windows 7 64 bit.
    Any help would be appreciated.
  13. So i click play on the launcher, XIGNCODE3 pops up in bottom right and does it's thing, and then a window opens with the Daum games logo like the game is starting, but then it goes away and nothing else happens.
  14. Hey.
    Anyone anyone have any suggestions for this?
    I found one suggestion in a mostly Russian forum that said to delete the larger of the two DGCefBrowser.exe *32 files from processes in the task manager while launching but it didn't work.
    It was launching and running fine 2 days ago.

  15. My partner hasn't been able to even run the launcher. It goes to "Black Desert Online" in the little white box and never progresses beyond that. After about 5 minutes it says "Failed To Read Launcher Version" even after completely uninstalling every BDO folder/file and reinstalling.

    He was able to play it until about two weeks ago. He played for a total of 3 days and then this error has occurred and we haven't been able to get it working since.
    We're also concerned because the launcher ends up converting to a background process?

    He's running WIndows 8, 64 Bit, I74700MQ CPU. Graphics card is NVIDIA GeForce GT750M, 8GB of RAM.

    Have tried running in compatibility mode and as admin.
  16. After logging in through the launcher I freeze when the DAUM picture comes up. It's happened 6 times in a row now.
  17. Post on Seems legit in Technical Issues

    By Fawks, posted
    seems legit right? its done but whats it doing. just found this funny is all.

  18. Buy Game 2 days ago and I could not access the.I have Windows 10 and directx 12.By give the play in the launcher is closed and does not appear nothing.He tried to reinstall, run as administrator, disable antivirus, firewall, to put the game folder as an exception to the antivirus, update drivers of the graph that is a gtx 780 nvidia not know what else to know that there is already a post about this problem but open this because they have spent more than 24 hours and no person support answered in the other post, still a problem very record that does not allow us even begin the game having paid for,ports 8888 and 8889 open, expect an answer, a greeting.
    Request #76636
  19. Bonjour, j'ai un soucis avec le launcher.
    Le jeu est lancé avec les serveurs US alors que je joue habituellement sur les serveurs Européens.
    J'ai beau modifier ceci dans les options, rien ne change et c'est pareil pour les autres catégories des options.
    Par exemple, j'ai voulu mettre la langue en Anglais, j'ai sauvegardé et quand j'ai vérifié si c'était en anglais, rien n'avait changé; c'était toujours en Français.
    Merci de me répondre rapidement, de m'informer !
  20. Seit dem Patch kann ich das Spiel nicht mehr starten. beziehungsweise mein Launcher patcht nichtmal. Mir wird nach kurzer Zeit nur gesagt "beim Lesen der Patch Informationsdatei ist ein Fehler aufgetreten, bitte starte erneut." Nur hilft das leider gar nichts.
    Hat das Problem auch jemand oder vielleicht eine Lösung gefunden?
  21. Hello friends!
    So I can't get the game to patch. It gets stuck at around 45% with a file download error. The file is PAP.67.  I have attempted to redownload it multiple times, read somewhere that restarting pc helps, but it didn't. Firewall and AV are disabled.  I will be trying more things, but there isn't a tonn of info on this online. I suspect that an interruption of an internet connection could cause this. I am testing this now and will report what I find.  However, if that is the case, then you should be mindful of the fact that the PAP.67 file will always download itself from 0. So if your connection gets interrupted and you retry the download, you would have to get 1gb without any interruptions in one go. Otherwise you will consistently redownload that 1gb.
    Any help with this issue would be appreciated, and thanks in advance! 
    Alright, I did some testing and it looks like its a very simple issue. Basically the patch shows that its 1gb. From what I could tell, its actually 1.6 gb. That 1gb is the PAP file, or files. If your download gets interrupted whilst you're downloading that bit, you will get an error and will have to download it all over again. The patcher will not recognize any previously downloaded data of the file pack. Most people wont have an issue with this, because most people can easily download 1gb without any interruptions. After that bit is downloaded, you have reached a checkpoint and are good to go without any worries.  Your download will continue past the 1 gb mark, so just look at the percentage. But if your connection gets interrupted again  at this point, you will not lose the data that you have downloaded. 
    So in summary, make sure your connection is stable, and give it a try!
  22. i cant update my bdo it keeps saying                  an error accured while downloading the file.  (FILENAME:67.PAP)
    and i cant find any help on google does someone know how to fix this
  23. Als erstes möchte ich sagen das ich Black Desert schonmal installiert hatte aber leider Windows aus anderen gründen neu installieren musste. Weil ich ein Idiot bin habe ich meine Daten nicht richtig gesichert und jetzt ist alles einschließlich Black Desert weg.
    Jetzt zum wirklichen Problem:
    Ich habe dann heute bzw. gestern früh angefangen BDO wieder zu installieren, dass ging auch gut bis 32% fortschritt. Ab dem Punkt hieß es dann Error 12009 (manchmal auch 12005 oder 12006) danach hat sich der Launcher geschlossen. Ich habe das dann ein paar mal probiert und bin nie weiter als 32% gekommen.
    Also hab ich den BDO ordner gelöscht und den Launcher neu Installiert. Jetzt ist allerding das Problem das ich nur bis zu diesem weißen Bild komme.

    Hab auch schon ein Ticket eingereicht aber das dauert ja seine Zeit.
  24. After the Patch Notes Update on the 22nd, after beginning to patch the game, I ended up getting a pop up message saying "A corrupted file has been detected, please restart the launcher to begin file repair." After doing so, it checks my files, begins to patch the game again, and the same pop up comes up every single damn time. After uninstalling the game and re installing 3 times, and following all troubleshoot steps numerous times, I still have not been able to fix anything. This is very frustrating, and I am not the only one having this issue, and no one from Daum is attempting to give feedback to anyone who has posted about this error. Can someone please give some feedback about IF this is fixable or IF Daum is working to fix this. After spending $60 on the game, the least I could ask for is to play the game. 

  25. Hi guys,
    I've been playing the game on my pc and decided to load it onto my laptop too. It isn't the strongest of laptops, but while the game is patching I now see it even wants to use the wrong GPU. It uses the onboard Intel HD 4600 instead of the GTX950m. Any idea how to fix this? I've already put in the nvidia settings, so all of my games use the GTX, but since the launcher specifically only shows the Intel I'm afraid it will try running on it.
    Thanks in advance guys