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  1. Post on 32bit 64bit - Difference? in General

    By Law, posted
    As the title says, I'm curious about the difference between the 32bit and 64bit launching options that show up after you press Start Up on that "downloader?" window.
    Not sure if this is something that shows up in every version, but it does in the Korean Version.

  2. Hi,
    I just signed up and using KeePass I noticed, that copying the password (Register Account/ Homepage / Launcher) doesn't work. If it is not blocked on purpose, then allowing us to simply paste the password would allow the use complex password rather then the easy-to-type and easy-to-remember ones. 
    Hopefully you guys see the benefit as well.
    Just thought of this now: Maybe add a some sort of password requirement during account creation as well. And inform on the maximum password length.

  3. As of now, anyone who gets a hold of the .exe can download the game without actually needing to validate their accounts.
    Seems like a huge waste of bandwidth for the company while also slowing everyone else down.
  4. Hello everyone!
    I started downloading the game and checked out the settings. I'm starting to panic a little bit because the launcher only seems to see my crappy Intel graphics card and not my good NVIDIA one. I went into the NVIDIA control panel and put the global settings to "High-performance NVIDIA processor" but the launcher still can't see it after a restart. I have a similar problem with another game (though that one is a few years old). The game refuses to use my NVIDIA card so I'm forced to run it on minimum graphics... I don't think that Intel card is able to run BDO even on minimum graphics if it has problems running the other old game. Please tell me there's a fix for this, I don't want to miss out on BDO because my computer's stupid. Q_Q
    Somebody please save me! D:

  5. Post on Down load trottle in Suggestions

    By NanoPoly, posted
    Perhaps launcher could have a trottle, so you could limit download  (e.g. 0.5mb/s, 1mb/s, ...., ....,). I think this is useful for many, who would like to use computer while downloading game. 
    Hope this helps
  6. Bonjour à vous communauté de BDO.
    Je commence mon premier post par une demande d'assistance. J'ai reçu une clé pour la CBT1, je me suis lancé dans l'installation qui à eu plusieurs soucis.
    1er tentative/ Le launcher s'est lancé et le téléchargement a atteint les 100% mais restait en mode téléchargement... J'ai donc fermer effacer les fichiers et relancer le launcher.
    2eme tentative/ Cette fois tout se passe correctement. une fois les 100% atteint, l'installation se lance et le launcher se ferme tout seul à la fin du processus. sauf que... Je n'ai aucun raccourci, ni sur le bureau ni dans le menu démarrer. Et Cortana ne trouve aucun executable mis à part "Black Desert Online Launcher.exe". Sauf que lorsque je lance se dernier. Je me retrouve à nouveau dans l'étape d'installation du jeu. J'ai donc fermer le launcher et me suis dis "on verra le 16 ^^". Ce qui nous amène à ma troisième tentative.
    3eme tentative/ Aujourd'hui (15 décembre) je me suis dis que c'était bizarre quand même cette installation. Pour être certains d'avoir une installation propre je me suis dis que j'allais recommencer une dernière fois l'installation. Mais cette fois c'est impossible. Le launcher boucle sur le splash screen sans arrêt. Le seul moyen d'arrêter cette boucle c'est de tué le processus dans le gestionnaire de tâche.
    Alors j'aimerais savoir si l'un d'entre vous à eu un ou plusieurs de ces même problèmes, ou a une piste qui pourrais les solutionner ?
    Je ne connais pas encore le professionnalisme des modo "officiel" donc je ne sais pas si ce message sera lu et trouvera une réponse (même négative) mais se serais sympa. Et pour ceux qui sont dans le même cas que moi je vous tiens au courant si la situation change.
    PS: Oui j'ai cherché dans le forum avec la barre de recherche et n'ai pas trouvé de solution pour mon cas, ni en français, ni en anglais (^^)
  7. Not sure why that isn't a thing, but please add/allow copy/paste on the launcher. I tend to have long passwords non-dictionary word passwords, and re-entering it every time is somewhat of a pita. Don't have that issue with other game launchers as they support copy/paste, bit surprised the BDO launcher doesn't.
  8. ive got some corrupt files apparently but no way to fix them. The JPN version has this, add it to the launcher.
  9. As a user with a secure password I want to paste it into the password field on the game launcher.
    It is difficult to have a secure, lengthy, complex password and have to type it in.  Please allow us to paste our password into the password field.  I personally use randomly generated passwords that I don't commit to memory.
    Using a less complex password is not an option with out 2 factor authentication. Even with 2 factor authentication I would still prefer to use a lengthy, complex password.
  10. Post on Launcher Question in General

    By l3rother, posted
    I don't know if anyone ask this already but will the CBT 2 launcher be the same as official launcher or we have to redownload the launcher again? 
  11. Post on Dirty Launcher in Off-Topic

    By Amphet, posted
    Ok.... Am I the only one who tried to clean their screen when I first launched the launcher? I didn't realise that I had such an OCD....
  12. Does anybody know if the CBT-2 launcher will be updated into the official launcher or will we have to un-install after CBT-2 and download another 30+ GB patch/launcher?
  13. Hello, so i just wanted to ask you guys.,, if i close the launcher will the game start back from 0 the download.. or it will stay at % downloaded? Im asking this because soon were i live they are going to cut the electric (maintanance) for some time and obviusly ill need to shut down the pc. (mostly becouse my internet connection is really really lame, and i allready took over 1 night to only download 60% xD)
  14. Hey, I know we're all really excited for tomorrow and I have finished downloading the game myself. 
    However when I look at the settings it doesn't seem to recognize my graphics card, will this be fixed once I enter the actual game and try to change it from the in game settings menu?
    I have updated the drivers for my graphics card, and still no luck

  15. Hallo,
    habe den Launcher heruntergeladen und installiert. Ich kann mich dort anmelden und bekomme die Info, dass ich Zugriff auf CBT2 habe.
    Der Launcher hat zunächst etwas heruntergeladen und der Progress-Balken füllte sich, allerdings blieb die Ziffer immer auf 0% stehen. Download-Zeit maximal 5 Minuten. Im Anschluss sprang die Anzeige wieder auf 0%, es wird kein Download mehr verzeichnet und neben der Progress-Bar steht ein lila Button mit der Aufschrit "Patching". Ich habe nur die Optionen mich auszuloggen oder den Launcher zu schließen.
    Habt ihr Ideen?
    Vielen Dank,
  16. My wi-fi has been cutting in and out lately but only for mere seconds. In those mere seconds the game will quit entirely because I lost connection. Can you make it so if we dc that it just goes back to the main menu. Somewhat annoying having to relaunch everything for a small dc.
  17. i cant play the game and im new to this kind of thing, never really had issues before so i guess it had to happen eventually, but after launching the game i get 2 errors. 1 is written in koren so i have NO idea what it says or how to type the characters to decrypt it.. the other is a xml error that says i have a corrupt file and i should run the file recovery on the launcher.. iv looked for a hr now and cant find a trace of a file recovery on the launcher.. im guessing since the error says its there it should be there. if anyone has a easy fix id LOVE to try it out. id love to play this game considering i payed for it and all that.
  18. Hello
    I've downlauded the launcher twice and each time i try to start it, the logo shows up and then just freezes after 3 seconds, and Windows tells me that the launches dosen't respond.
    Anyone have the same issue or know of a fix?
    Great news, it suddenly starter working out of nowhere!
    ... Just had to try over and over over 10 times.
  19. When the launcher finishes updating and tells me click 'PLAY' button remains gray, I can't.
  20. Bonjour fermier / guerrier, je souhaiterais télécharger le jeu avant la release le 1 mars (pack de l'explo) à cause de ma petite connexion,  connaissez vous un moyen qui est permis svp ?
  21. Bonjour a tous, 
    sauriez vous si il est necessaire de désinstaller le launcher de la cbt2 et de reinstaller un nouveau launcher pour la sortie du jeu ? 
  22. Bonjour!
    Voila, je voulais me renseigner à propos du launcher pour la sortie officielle, est ce que se sera le même que la CBT2 et il y aura une mise à jour ou faudra t'il supprimer ce launcher pour en télécharger un autre?   
    Dans les dates importantes je n'ai pas vu ce renseignement et vu la vitesse de ma connexion je préfère me préparer <3
    Je vous remercie de votre aide et désolée d'avance si c'était déjà marqué et que je n'ai rien vu!!
    Bonne journée et merci à vous les gamers! (et gameuse bien sur)
  23. Dunno if this got addressed somewhere in the depths of the forums, but are we keeping the CBT2 Install for the launch of the full game or do we uninstall this to make space for a new launcher again???
  24. While im watching the precious Launcher, i just missed one thing, a Pausebutton would be nice, just for some reasons like, refresh the connection. Also if you need to do something else what needs kinda large resources of your Internet or you need it fast in the moment, pausing the Download could be helpful
    If there already is such a Suggestion, i haven't find it sorry for that.
    In full anticipation Hyponex
  25. Hey all, 
    I received the email inviting me to install the game in anticipation to getting it unlocked next week. However, I can't seem to actually get the launcher to run, it always ends up not responding. 
    This is what the log says:
    [02/26/2016::11:13:52]    [MSG] DaumGame Global Launcher is started. (1ED4E117BDDE4DF488C8AC002521E1FB)
    [02/26/2016::11:13:53]    [MSG] bReturn is 1
    [02/26/2016::11:13:53]    [MSG] s key : 19914
    [02/26/2016::11:13:53]    [MSG] socket recevie errorr : 10060
    [02/26/2016::11:13:55]    [MSG] Action manager ACT_WAIT flow start.
    With the common factor in each log being the " socket recevie errorr : 10060 "
    Any help would be appreciated.