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  1. I received an e-mail from BDO, that says I can patch CBT2 Client to Launch Client, but CBT2 client shows me this only. I would be really thankful to someone that tells me how to patch the client. (At my connection speed CBT2 was downloading about 40 hrs)
    I don't know if i should post it here, but there's only "CBT2" section so I think this is the most adequate section.

  2. Seriously need help with this. I already pre-order the game and just of now I can download the client through my email. The same problem just like how I can't access the Character creation tool. As soon as I launch the launcher, it instantaneously crashes. What is the solution to this before I will refund this crap.
  3. This has probably been asked a lot of times but I couldn't find the answer I'm looking for
    I'm trying to patch my CBT2 launcher to get ready for tomorrow's Conqueror head start but the launcher is not doing anything at all. Do I have to wait until tomorrow for it to start patching? cheers
  4. The launcher says I have the game 100% downloaded with no remaining time. It also states that to play the game I should click on the "Play" button, but it is grayed out and is unable to be clicked on.  All other buttons work except for the play button.

  5. Just clicked to open the the game and it started patching.Just less that 3 quarters of a gig.
  6. hey guys this is how my BDO launcher looks like, is it temporarily or there is something wrong with my game?

  7. Moin
    Hab da ein kleines Problem mit dem Launcher. Ich sehe nichts.

    Das Problem hatte ich schon in der CBT2. bzw. tauchte es am letzten Tag auf. Dachte es würde vielleicht mit Release verschwinden.
    Wie man sieht, hatte ich falsch gedacht.
    Einloggen kann ich mich. Aber halt blind eingeben.
    Ok, Problem gelöst.
    Betrifft die Leute die mit Laptops spielen und zwei Grafikkarten haben.
    Hab den Launcher wieder auf Globale Einstellung, also auf die Intel HD-Grafik, gesetzt. Jetzt sehe ich wieder alles.
    Die Nvidia Grafikkarte mag er wohl nicht.
  8. Are there others still stuck on this part? Whenever I try to open up Black Desert Online, it stops functioning. Kept doing this for a while, but then the installation download page appeared. But just as it was about to start installation, an error popped up and aborted it. Now, I'm stuck again in the same old launcher start up, with no end in sight and it's already been 2 hours like this. I don't mind waiting, but I wanted a taste of Black Desert Online before I go to bed. It's 2:10 am right now here in British Columbia.
  9. Mahlzeit,

    ich habe das Problem, dass wenn ich BDO öffne immer diese Meldung erscheint. (Siehe Bild) Ich habe das Spiel schon heruntergeladen und wollte es danach neu öffnen.
    Als Administrator habe ich es auch schon versucht allerdings ohne Erfolg. Kann mir jemand weiterhelfen oder hat dasselbe Problem?

    Info: Ich habe das Paket des Entdeckers vorbestellt. Muss ich vielleicht bis zum 01.03. warten um weiter fortzufahren?
    Ich habe aber auch Probleme bei der Serverasuwahl wenn ich meine Vorbestellerboni einlösen will auf der website. Ich kann zwar die Region auswählen aber keinen Server Und es wird gesagt dass ich erst einen Charakter erstellen soll bevor ich fortfahre.

    Im voraus schon mal vielen dank!

  10. Bonjour,
    J'ai télécharger Black Desert - Character Creator sur le site officiel.
    Le téléchargement et l'installation ont bien fonctionné ainsi que la màj dans le launcher.
    Une fois la màj à atteint les 100%, on m'indique << Click "PLAY" button to launch the game. >>, mais rien ne se passe en je ne peux pas appuyer sur PLAY( ce bouton reste gris).
    J'ai déjà réinstallé ceci 1 fois de plus avec toujours le même problème.
    Merci pour votre aide.
  11. Hallo Liebe Community,
    Ich habe folgendes Problem, ich habe mir den Client der in der E-Mail vorhanden war gedownloadet und wollte für die Installation den Launcher starten, der Launcher startete sich nicht es kam nur "Black Desert Online Launcher
    Black Desert Online Launcher funktioniert nicht mehr
    Das Programm wird aufgrund eines Problems nicht richtig ausgeführt. Das Programm wird geschlossen und Sie werden benachrichtigt, wenn eine Lösung verfügbar ist."
    >Ich habe das Programm mit Administrator gestartet, Ich hoffe ihr könnt mir helfen...<
  12. Will the patch have a fix for the launcher getting error code 12006? Can not download the game even after making sure my ports are open, checked firewall and other tricks people have posted.
  13. Post on Corrupted file? in In-Game Bugs

    By Fawks, posted
    why did i get this while playing, i thought this issue was fixed? it won't let me load the game up for some reason, this happened during beta and i'm sure i'm not the only one.

  14. This isn't really much of a problem, so much more as it is a nuisance. Whenever I start up my BDO launcher, I get this black screen instead of the normal login screen. I am still able to input my username and password (as the cursor still changes when I hover over the text box), so I am still able to launch. I was just wondering if there is a quick way to fix this or if I have to reinstall my launcher.

  15. Didn't think I'd have to do this considering all the topics currently open with the same problem(s), but I'm started to get both desperate and utterly frustrated.
    Lo and behold, the result of my latest attempt of uninstalling/reinstalling the game:

    It's been the issue that i've been trying to fix for days now, but no luck thusfar. Despite all good suggestions from people who did manage to get it to work and were so kind as to share, none have been successfull sofar in my case.
    Currently retrying, but first attempt left me hanging at 19.3gig downloaded of the 31.8(downloading through FireFox). Hope it doesn't happen again. 
    Tried it twice now, still a nope. 
    At this point, I'm quite despondent now that the realisation is sinking in that, unless someone from Daum gets back to me on this issue(I've done everything they suggested in support thread to fix it), I might never be able to play it. That, or someone gives me the fix that I need to get past this annoying error that I can't seem to shake. 
    Thanks in advance for your efforts.
    Don't know if it'll help, but adding DxDiag printout aswell. Just to be safe.
  16. My launcher is stuck at "Patching" state...
    The progression bar is full and i have no error
    Any idea?
    (pre order from 23/02)

    Tried different things
    -deleting version.dat
    -reinstall in an other folder while keeping the paz files and running admin launcher
    every time i m stuck at the first picture, in case of a reinstall, i m stuck at this one and if i reboot the launcher, get directly into the patching one...
    dont know what to do

  17. Hallo ich bin neu hier.
    Ich hab mir das Spiel vor ein paar Tagen gekauft und Installiert. Anscheinend geht der Launcher nicht bei mir.
    Mein System:  Win10Pro Nvidia GTX970 8GB Ram und neue Treiber.
    Bei der Neuinstallation startete der Launcher mit einem weißen Bildschirm. (Bei manchen auf Youtube ist die Homepage zu sehn).
    Nach der Installation bleibt der Launcher weiß und der Spiele Button ist grau.
    Oder wird der Launcher erst bei mir ab den 3. März freigeschaltet ?
    Meine Log File sieht so aus
    [03/01/2016::17:13:51]    [MSG] DaumGame Global Launcher is started. (B823C4D6CCE54938AC46042DC5378CB3)

    [03/01/2016::17:13:51]    [MSG] bReturn is 1

    [03/01/2016::17:13:51]    [MSG] s key : 12861

    [03/01/2016::17:13:51]    [MSG] socket recevie errorr : 10060

    [03/01/2016::17:13:52]    [MSG] Action manager ACT_WAIT flow start.

    [03/01/2016::17:13:53]    [MSG] Get required data is start.

    [03/01/2016::17:13:53]    [MSG] Get required data is end.

    [03/01/2016::17:13:53]    [MSG] Check installed.

    [03/01/2016::17:13:53]    [MSG] Required files is not to directory.

    [03/01/2016::17:13:53]    [MSG] Action manager ACT_WAIT flow end.

    [03/01/2016::17:13:54]    [MSG] Action manager ACT_CONFIG flow start.

    [03/01/2016::17:13:55]    [MSG] BCAD action is start.

    [03/01/2016::17:14:12]    [MSG] 02 socket connect errorr : 10060

    [03/01/2016::17:14:36]    [MSG] 02 socket connect errorr : 10060
    Meine Firewall ist aus, die Ports 8888 und 8889 sind duchgeschaltet. Den Installer und alle .exe im Ordner haben meine Admin Rechte.
    Viele Versuche wie auf den englischen Seiten scheiterten. Selbst eine komplete Neuinstallation brachte nichts. Selbst der Router und Providerwechsel
    von T-online auf Kabel Deutschland geht nicht. Proxy ist aus. Installation auf eine ander Festplatte brachte nichts.
    Was mich wundert ist, das der BDOCharacterCreator auch nicht geht obwohl er Offline nutzbar sein soll. ?
    Kann ich das Spiel zurückgeben ?
    Ich hab über Paypal gezahlt aber eine Ware bekommen die nicht geht. Soll ich den Käuferschutz nutzen ?

  18. I got a file corrupted error which prevented me from logging in as it would crash. Here's what I did
    Logged at the logs to see which PAZ file was corrupted, had friend send me his file. Another file corrupted after login. After receiving that file from him as well, game simply failed to launchremoved all PAZ files, uninstalled game, reinstalled game, moved PAZ files back into directory. Game then "patches" and still failed to launch gamereinstalled game completely, deleting all files. game failed to launchreinstalled WINDOWS completely, reinstalled game. Played for 30 minutes and received new file corruption error100 bucks for no preorder items for 48 hours and now this. lmao.
  19. Is anyone playing in game right now? I live in Norway, this afternoon I was still able to log in to game and begin create my character using school computer(I haven't finished created a character yet), but how at 4 o'clock, when I use  my laptop, after i run the launcher the login window that would pop up before doesn't pop up, and I couldn't login, the play botton is gray.
    I tried to click the play botton, and a window pop up says "you have to log in in order to click play button", but how can I log in now? nothing else I can click on the UI!
    And later I tried again, things changed, no mather how I click the play button, no windows shows up anymore, just nothing.
    I bought 50 euro pack on 25th, isn't this strange?
    I checked this thread and figured there a tons of shit happened in the head start, but my issue is not listed in this thread. anyone else have same problem?

    Laptop hardware/internet: no problem I can promise that
    Driver problem: lol srsly? my drivers are absolutely fine...
    I just want to say, it's fine if they get some difficulties at launching, players will be patient to wait, but at least publish the information, acknowledge it and explain it!!
    Work hard at day to now at 4 o'clock, finally got back home, and you are tellin me I have to spend an other 3 hours to re install...  Hell no I think I 'll just go to sleep and wait the 3rd march, or even later who knows....
    The launcher is not saying "deny access" like many else experienced, it's just not responding to me, can't log in
    Update1: tried to delete broweser cookies, and restart pc. not working
    Update2: Today 2.3.2016 afternoon I'll go to use an other PC, and try if things work there.
    on 2.3.2016, I tried to download newist version of Adobe Flash, and tried to allways enable it. didn't work 
    Update5: I found a log file under my game folder, this might indicate an error occured,log file is attached to this thread 

    Update 6: 
    Additionally to the missing log in interface, the launcher also appears to be black screen at all time(the art part is black)
    Now at 3.3.2016, this problem seems to be solved. When i use my laptop at school and play the game, then close the game and go back home, I run the game again at home, the Launcher does not let me log in anymore, it appears to be blackscreen on the launcher. So I found a way to solve this: I have to uninstall the game and launcher, back up the "PAK" folder under my game rood folder, it about 30G, and then install the game agian, after installation, I copy "PAK" folder into my new install location, and then run my launcher. The lacuncher automatically patches, and takes very short time to re construct the game again, During this process I'm able to login, and also able to log in when this process is finished.And the game is playble.
    So do you see them problem here? This problem doesn't seem to occur everytime I run the launcher now, it's just some time, things are getting better:)
    This is defenitely a bug or my internet has some very unclear issue. The error log file is attached (error 10060, I tried to google this but didn't find a way to help)
    Gladly I'm able to solvethis problem by my self, as already waited for 72 hours and still got no reply from any support, I understand they are busy it's fine.
    If any one in BDO support team see this, please give suggesions and solve this issue. Thank you.
  20. Hi,

    So my launcher works in my home connection very well, however now I am on my school's connection and my launcher is completely blank except it says 100% and has the play button ready...

    The issue is I can't input my password to play. Any solving of this issue would be extremely appreciated, and even other ways to login and play the game would be great.

    Thank you guys for your time.
  21. hello everyone!
    when i launch my launcher, crash and a window saying : Black Desert stop working appears, anyone more?, any solution?
    Solved! everyone who wants know the solution, tell me in private
  22. Nach der Char. Auswahl, wenn das spiel lädt bekomme ich immer diese Fehlermeldung: 
    "the file is corrupted.
    If it persists, please run file-recovery from the launcher."
    nachdem man OK drückt, schließt sich das Spiel komplett.

    Kann mir hier wer weiterhelfen? 

  23. Basically, my launcher doesnt allow me to log in. I just have a blackscreen where normally a guy stands and the log in option on the side. Well, i bough the travelers package a month ago now, so i should have access anyway.
    I redownloaded it. Changed Country etc. Tried VPN. no idea how to fix it. Sometimes i can press play, but then it says you have to log in to play. Cant press on any spot on that log in area. Help is needed..
  24. Hi, 
    I was trying to download and install for the head start for a travelers package purchased in October 2015 (also stated in pay info), but I have sadly not been able to and as following states:
    Head start for Traveler’s package holders start the 2nd of March, 08:00 UTC. (as stated from site data)Where currently it is March 3rd, 3am UTC/ March 2nd 7pm PST. 
    The issue being that the launcher is not launching, and not allowing game play.
    So to summarize I would appreciate a response as soon as a staff member is available (due to the amount of support tickets being posted), and I have provided as much information I could get as showing in the following text and images:
    Windows 8.1- 64 bit, graphics and ram etc is more than enough.
    Problem signature:
      Problem Event Name:    APPCRASH
      Application Name:    Black Desert Online Launcher.exe
      Application Version:
      Application Timestamp:    56d1ead1
      Fault Module Name:    libcef.dll
      Fault Module Version:    3.1650.1639.0
      Fault Module Timestamp:    5322ff04
      Exception Code:    c0000005
      Exception Offset:    009cda6d
      OS Version:    6.3.9600.

      Additional Information 1:    5861
      Additional Information 2:    5861822e1919d7c014bbb064c64908b2
      Additional Information 3:    1318
      Additional Information 4:    13181ae637ac2592fac0ca2dd662cdcc

    I can understand that issues will persist as this is game launch, so I would appreciate a reply on forums or guidance via Skype/telephone (provided upon private request).  I have the full day off tomorrow and am willing to work this through with your staff.
    Best of Regards,
  25. Post on Launcher Bug in Technical Issues

    By MishaX, posted
    Hi so i have a bug that is really annoying...
    When i launch the game the first time after my PC has reboot no problem at all. When i quit the game it's impossible for me to launch the game again without restarting the entire computer...
    Found out that i got "DGCefBrowser.exe *32" Process loaded and when i try to stop the process nothing happen at all. Process is still there and it totally -----ed up the launcher. Did i miss something about it and i have to stop an other process to stop this one? Don't understand why i can't stop it and why the game don't launch after i quit it in the "normal" way (not with a crash or anything like that).
    Please help don't understand what i can do to avoid this problem...