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  1. A chaque fois que j'essaye de lancer le jeu il me met "le launcher à cessé de fonctionner windows recherche une solution au problème" Pourrais-je savoir comment régler ce problème ? Je vous en remercie d'avance.
  2. Hi, 
    I've been playing since the Feb 28th with no problems but the latest patch this morning (March 3rd) has resulted in my launcher crashing with "errorcode : 2001". I've looked on the forum and haven't found any solutions. I've already tried running as admin and all the normal troubleshoots. Hoping to resolve without having to re-install. 
    Puddin <3

  3. patch loads then says corrupted file, checks file and rinse and repeat
  4. So I was wondering, i have a GTX750ti installed on my computer, the launcher/game doesn't let me choose it. Is there anyway that i can do that? My System is Intel(R)Core(TM) i5-6400 CPU@2.7GHz 2.71GHz with 12GB RAM and my default graphics card is Intel(R) HD Graphics 530
  5. Hallo liebe Community,
    Ich habe leider das Problem, dass ich mich in das Spiel nicht einloggen kann, obwohl ich bereits alles mit dem Launcher gedownloadet habe. Der Launcher zeigt mir an, dass der Download bei 0% ist, obwohl er alles runtergeladen hat. Anstelle eines "Spiel starten"-Button erscheint bei mir ein "Patcht"-Button, den ich nicht betätigen kann. Desweiteren kann ich das Spiel auch nicht über die blackdesert64.exe startet, da sich das Spiel nach dem Daum Games Icon aufhängt. Für jede Hilfe wäre ich sehr dankbar.  (Windows Vista 64-Bit, Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q9400 @ 2,66 GHz 2,67 GHz, 4GB RAM, ATI Radeon HD 4800 Series)
    Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
  6. this is all i see when i open my launcher plz help fix

  7. Sadly whenever I install the game, the folder where it should be installed into (C:\Program Files (x86)\Black Desert online) does not excist. This already is the case once I download and install the launcher. The weird thing is, after the launcher is installed, I can still run it. When I let it run to 100%, it will even launch the game. Sadly, my game crashed after selecting a family name. I couldn't find the game anywhere, windows couldn't either. The only way for me to start the launcher is by uninstalling the launcher (via the launcher installer) and then restarting it. I can't find ANY black desert file other than the launcher installer on my computer.
    Anyone have a clue? I've looked everywhere but this problem seems to be reported nowhere. My girlfriend did the same thing as me but for her everything excists and appears. I've tried reinstalling, even from a new launcher installer.
    To be more clear: It seems like the files are hidden (yes, I have all "hidden" files visible). Whenever I do get the launcher up (via the launcher installer), windows claims it is in the default directory (C:\Program Files (x86)\Black Desert online). However, this map does not excist, and was empty after I manually created it. 
    Edit: I have submitted a ticket; Request #39922
  8. Hey guys, I have a problem with black desert, after i click play, the launcher does not run the game, what is the probem?
  9. I am on windows 10 and the launcher will instantly goto 4 MB, stop responding, then crash.I have tried reinstalling the files and nothing changed.
  10. Hi,
    I am residing within EU, and my launcher is locked to NA. It will not let me change from NA to EU, and everytime I select EU and save, NA is still the chosen server. I have tried changing after I logged in, before I logged in etc.
    During the installation, I selected EU as my server of choice.
    I can't seem to fix this, nor can I find any answers online after searching for a long time. I am not willing to re-install, since downloading 32 gig takes forever on my crap connection.
    Any help?
  11. After opening the launcher for the first time, it starts to download the game as it should. When it gets to 69.67Mb the download stops for a few seconds and then gives me the error "An error occurred while downloading file. (errorcode : 12006)" After clicking ok, the launcher closed. The second time i tried it, the download was only at 56.40Mb and of course shortly after opening the launcher, i got the same error. So i thought it was a faulty launcher that i installed, that's understandable. I then downloaded a new launcher from the account page, installed the launcher and oh boy i got the same error on the launcher again. So, i tried it again and that failed. Then i uninstalled it and downloaded a new launcher, ran it with admin and got the same error. 
    So far, I've checked a few things to see if it was a network problem. It isn't blocked by my firewall and antivirus, and my router isn't blocking port 8888 and 8889.
    Here's the error : http://i.imgur.com/MHMbLhk.png

    The problem was with the launcher file. I don't know if i couldn't download it correctly or it was bugged. I downloaded the whole game instead of the launcher. 
    Here's the link : https://blackdesert.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/205745342-Downloading-Black-Desert-Online
  12. I got a code from a friend, downloaded the setup, started downloading the game while at school, no problem.
    But when I got home, the launcher crashes when I try to start it. "Black Desert Online Now Loading" and then windows tells me it stopped working.
    I uninstalled the whole thing, reinstalled, still crashes.
    I even re-downloaded the setup file. Launcher still crashes.
    I'm using Windows 8. I found a log file (or several) that says:
    [03/04/2016::13:39:27]    [MSG] DaumGame Global Launcher is started. (9B2E9CB24DEA4A01BC35C4FD3045D14A)
    [03/04/2016::13:39:28]    [MSG] bReturn is 1
    [03/04/2016::13:39:28]    [MSG] s key : 8050
    [03/04/2016::13:39:30]    [MSG] Action manager ACT_WAIT flow start.
    Any help?
    Tried restarting my computer. It started the download... and then crashed. And now it's crashing immediately again.
  13. hi, before I made a post about this issue but cannot find it, I have problems when attempting to enter the game, the launcher runs but nothing happens when I click play, i try to uninstall and install, I disconnect firewall, antivirus. Please help. 
  14. After i have fully installed the game, i press the play button, upon doing this i expect the game should launch automatically, whereas mine does nothing after this. It literally disappears and does nothing. I have tried a full reinstall. not expected when i've just paid for the game to not even get to the main menu..
  15. I've been trying to download this game for 5 hours, I don't have version in my folder. I have it to run as admin. I keep trying to download it and it keeps giving me the same error. Is there any fix to this. All I'm seeing is delete the version folder and run as admin, but both of those don't work for me. Is there another way?
  16. I entered a code I was given, everything was fine. I downloaded the installer, opened the launcher, and downloaded the game. I entered my login information, but when I pressed the play button, the attached error pops up. I took this picture March 5th. Anyone have any idea what the problem would be? Thanks in advance!

  17. So like a few others I am having issues with the launcher, specifically the area where I need to enter my login details is blank. I've tried every fix I could find within the first few pages on this forum and have reinstalled multiple times. I actually managed to log in my consulting a picture of what the launcher should look like but I couldn't accept the terms and condition thanks to being unable to see the check-boxes. At one point I managed to click on the "accept" button but the game crashed due to "unable to init security" which I assume was due to the check boxes not being checked.

    Update: still having the black screen issue but I'm actually in the game now by using the changing cursor image to locate the email and password fields, apparently I was successful in accepting the T&C since they no longer appear.
  18. You have to click on properties of BDO and you execute compatibility with 256 colors, the image will look bad but you can connect your account and accept the terms.
    Once accepted you can start the game, and you can also disable the colors to be perfectly see.
    It has worked for me.
  19. For the last 2 days, everytime I open the launcher, I get an error box with the line "CommnadLineParam" in it. The launcher does not open at all, only the error box. When I reinstall the launcher, it works fine, I open the game, play, etc..and then close the game. When I try to start the launcher again, it gives me the exact same error. I have reinstalled the launcher 4 times now. I have also been experiencing random corrupt file errors during gameplay, prompting me to run file repair and closing out the game. I had no problems during CBT1, CBT2 or the 4 days of the conquerors headstart, but for the past 2 days it's been 1 error after the other. Is there any way to fix my problem with the launcher?? I even made a video of the entire process.
  20. ich installier den launcher und sobald ich ihn starten will kommt launcher funktioniert nicht mehr problem. 
    ich hab alles versucht, rechner neu gestartet kompatiblitäts modus auf windows 7 vista xp und als administrator 
    neu installiert wirklich alles. 
    Meine Daten sind windows 10 64bit version Festplatte Samsung SSD 850Evo 250 gigabyte plus ein paar externe festplatten was nichts zur sache tut 
    AMD A10 7870k 4 mal 4,1 gigaherz AMD Radeon 370 gameredition mit 4 gigabyte grafikspeicher 8 gigabyte DDR3 Arbeitsspeicher. also über mindestanforderung sollte ich mir keine gedanken machen. bis jetzt ist es ehrlich gesagt das erste spiel das nicht auf meinem rechner funktioniert. 

  21. im able to hover blind with the mouse over the email and password field and type in my login but the same black screen appears ingame after the intro.
    i use a notebook with AMD GPU, i7 CPU and Windows 8.1 64bit
    when i start the launcher in any compatibility mode, the black screen is gone but the launcher will crash instantly.
  22. So I just bought the travelers pack, I've been waiting for this game for well over a year now. I've downloaded it, but when it tries to start the launcher it just says "Failed to Read Launcher Version." and I've been looking around everywhere for a solution but I can't seem to really find one that works? I've restarted, redownloaded, and I can't update my windows currently so I'm not quite sure what exactly to do. Any suggestions would help, here's the launcher log:

    [03/06/2016::00:57:11] [MSG] DaumGame Global Launcher is started. (7C800C1E0D4A488E961841A625BE0C48)
    [03/06/2016::00:57:16] [MSG] Launcher config file error.
    [03/06/2016::00:57:16] [MSG] bReturn is 1
    [03/06/2016::00:57:16] [MSG] s key : 15960
    [03/06/2016::00:57:17] [MSG] Action manager ACT_WAIT flow start.
    [03/06/2016::00:57:18] [MSG] Get required data is start.
    [03/06/2016::00:57:22] [MSG] Get required data is failed.
    [03/06/2016::00:57:24] [MSG] DaumGame Global Launcher is ended.

  23. Folgendes Problem:
    Mein System sieht wie folgt aus:
    . Win 10 64 bit
    . i7 6700HQ 4x 2,60 GHz, Turbo bis 3,50 GHz
    .8 GB Ram DDR4
    . Nvidia Geforce GTX960M, 2GB GDDR5 (vergleichbar mit GTX 750 Ti)
    . 256 GB SSD on board
    Erreiche auf den Settings Hoch 1 (Launcher) bzw. Hoch iG in Städten lediglich ca 24FPS.
    Schaue ich nun in den Launcher, steht dort unter Grafikkarte: Intel(R) HD Graphics 530.
    Liegt die mäßige Performance tatsächlich daran, dass BDO auf die Onboard Intel zugreift und wie kann ich das ändern? Das Dropdown-Menü des Launcher listet die Geforce Graka nicht einmal.
    Jmd ne Idee?

  24. Bonjour !
    Voilà, j'ai un énorme bug avec le launcher, que ça soit sur n'importe quelle co ou n'importe quel pc à moi, le launcher est noir. Je peux taper les identifiants à l'aveugle, mais le bouton jouer ne fait rien. Pouvez vous m'aider s'il vous plait o__q ?
    Merci d'avance !
    Problème résolu ! Mais je sais pas comment en fait ._.
  25. When i try launch black desert, my loading bar stop when is on 80% more less and spot up Fail to init security. 
    How could i do?