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    I really hope this isn't another one of those game companies that go "Yay for the ones that work, and f.uck the ones that don't."
  2. So the launcher is starting up and everything, but as soon as I click play and the game loads, the game pops up for a millisecond and then closes. Currently running windows 8, have tried turning off LAN settings and proxy settings as well... Don't know what to do but this is the most frustrating thing ever. Is there really no solution?
  3. Hi
    I keep trying to log on the game but its impossible. I just downloaded the launcher 2 times and i still get this empty launcher so i cant sign in.
    How can i fix this bug?.

  4. The launcher crashes when I open it. This even happened with e character creator, so was never able to use that either. I saw that the known issues show this problem for Windows 7 & 10, but not WIndows 8. So I was wondering if anyone else had this issue and how they fixed it.
    Solved it by turning off auto detect under LAN settings.
  5. Hi after the most recent maintenance i tried to log in and my launcher says 100% the play button is grey and where the log in button should be is a blank white area , if i hover that area it has the swirly icon as if something is trying to load. But it never loads. can anyone help? If i close the launcher then it wont work and windows says i cant open this app. If i delete launcher and copy it back into the folder it works again to the point i described before getting stuck white screen etc.
  6. So i used the alternate download method and was able to play for a few days before the recent maintenance but now my launcher is stuck at 100% but there is no log in button. i have not seen anyone else in my search for answers who has this exact issue. Does anyone else have this issue or know what is the problem?
    I put in tickets but no reply as yet below is a pic of my launcher in its current stare, also should be noted if i close the launcher the Black desert online launcher file quits working i have to delete it 1kb and rename the black desert online  launcher.e__ as Black Desert Online Launcher.exe then it will pull up the launcher and reach the 100% state i referred to. When this happens the useless Black Desert Online Launcher file 1kb returns and the Black Desert Online  launcher.e__ returns to its original name as well. I talked to my internet provider and they say everything is working correctly no ports blocked etc etc i have tried the paz thing and everything listed  on the page where you get the alternate download method.
    If anyone has any idea or maybe a GM might reply i'm sure i would be extremely grateful .

  7. I am getting the "Corrupted file" error once again. It happens right after the launcher finish with the patch... Is this going to happen every TIME a "major" patch comes out?
  8. So, I've seen a handful of similar topics on here, regarding being unable to play the game because clicking the icon will not bring up the Launcher.  The most common answer is essentially to disable ALL LAN setting on your PC.
    The problem is, mine were ALL already off.  Furthermore, this happened IMMEDIATELY after I logged out of the game, meaning without changing any settings, files or anything of the sort; the launcher had stopped working.  Today I ran the launcher, updated the new patch with no trouble, played the game for a bit, logged out, and now the launcher won't even run whenever I click the icon (as Administrator, BTW)
    Not to complain, but this DID happen because my friend trial period was ending and I had exited to buy the game....  OH SWEET IRONY!
  9. My launcher is black, can't see anything.

  10. Dear Daum Games Team,
    every simple downloader has a Setting for bandwidth / data transfer rate limitation nowadays. Except of the Black Desert Online Launcher.
    It would be great if you could implement such a setting for download bandwidth limitation.

    It is very annoying, if the Internet connection while downloading is at full capacity and you can hardly do anything on the Internet for the duration of patches, or game download.

    Thank you.
  11. I have just bought the game and am trying to download. I am currently downloading at 0.03 Mb/s when my usual on Steam is 7 mb/s. Is this a known issue and are there any fixes?
    Thanks in advance for any help.
  12. Hallo Community!
    Ich bin grade echt etwas am Verzweifeln. Ich habe mir gestern den Client runtergeladen und installiert. Das hat mich beinahe 9 Stunden gekostet. Ich habe einen Lenovo mit Windows 10, 8GB Arbeitsspeicher, ne AMD FX-8800P Radeon (für GTX hats Budget nicht gereicht) mit 2 GB und eine hervorragende Internetverbindung. Im Grunde genommen dürfte nichts schief laufen, alle anderen Spiele liefen problemlos und ruckelfrei. Bei BDO fängt es allerdings schon beim Launcher an. Dieser bleibt komplett schwarz, sowohl währen des Downloads, als auch später, wenn ich das Spiel starten will (angehängte Datei). Mit etwas Fingerspitzengefühl kann man sich trotzdem einloggen. Allerdings startet das Spiel dann nicht. Der Button lässt sich klicken, aber nichts passiert.
    Ich habe bereits versucht das Spiel neu zu installieren und dabei den PAZ Ordner raus zu nehmen. Das hat nicht funktioniert. Die neue Version die ich mir runterlade, öffnet den Launcher auch mit einem schwarzen Bildschirm. Ich habe auch den Proxy Server ausgeschaltet, in der Hoffnung, es würde irgendwas ändern. Bisher konnte ich technische Probleme immer selbst lösen, allerdings ist mir dieser Bug ein absolutes Rätsel.
    Ich würde mich echt wahnsinnig freuen, wenn mir jemand helfen könnte
    LG Marie
    PS: Ich hätte auch als Belohnung meinen Gäste-Pass zu verschenken, falls Jemand Interesse hat

    PS: Um ganz sicher zu gehen, dass es keine fehlerhafte PAZ Datei ist, habe ich den Ordner extern gespeichert und versucht das Spiel komplett neu zu installieren. Doch jedes Mal wenn ich den Launcher neu runterlade und öffne, sieht er so aus. Kann es sein, dass einfach der Launcher fehlerhaft ist und es nicht mit meinem Computer zu tun hat?
  13. Hi,
    So the Problem is quite simple. After launching BDO once I can't launch it again until Relogging in Windows. The Process simply won't start again. My guess is that it checks for an existend Process (DGCefBrowser.exe) and and then terminates since there is a Process hanging after ending BDO (regardless of crash or normal exit).
    I'm using WIndows 7 Professional 64bit, didn't see any other Process that is as persistent. Tried to kill it explicitly but it won't terminate correctly until I'm logged off. From what I read that may be due to a buggy driver / some kind of resource lock or child process hanging (i doubt its the child process stuff since process structure termination doesn't work either). It seems to be in zombie state (or the nearest that Windows knows). Maybe it the anti-cheat engine..
    See attachment (in German but it should be understandable).

  14. For those of you whose launcher opens and has a black screen making you unable to log in, I had the same issue.

    i fixed it by clicking the little black gear (the settings button next to the minimize and close button on the launcher) in the top right hand corner of the screen. Changed the resolution to the smallest setting (1280x720) then back to my normal res(1920x1080) hope this helps love
    (i have windows 8.1)
    i thought id put this out here because when i had this problem i couldn't find the answer to help me on the web, and putting in a ticket takes days and luck to receive a reply >.>
  15. As title said, you could make some use of the launcher, putting the scheduled maintenance times in the launcher, maybe in succession to other game related messages (like that information about the server's order that was changed), like in other mmos.
    It would save some frustration to players that open the game and after 5 minutes appears maintenance outta nowhere.
  16. Launcher is patching at a frustrating download speed. I usually download between 5-15 MB/s on Steam and GOG Galaxy, but BDO is downloading at 0.4 MB/s. The curious thing is that my wife can download at 1-5 MB/s and both computers are connected to the same net. I have searched in forums, reddit, etc and I have found only people with the same problem but no solution.
  17. I have completely downloaded the game without a problem however cannot log in as the area where you're supposed to enter your details is black and shows no sign of loading the missing section... Please find attached a screen shot of the launcher...
    this is a stupid inconvenience and would like to find out how i can fix it thank you

    Solved, to fix this, if you have multiple graphics cards like my HP elitbook does, you have to disable one of them....
  18. TICKET 65495 : Failed to load the browser.Please restart the launcher. with error (-7)
    Restarting game or restarting pc doesnt change anything.
    Didnt had an issue when logging out 12 hours ago.
    Suggestion to kill CF browser process in task manager, as read in some post doesnt change a thing for me.
    Anyone know some link with helpf for this issue that im not finding myself?
    UPDATE: When i use my vpn i can acces the website AND i can log in! (im from belgium)
    Im gonna make a ticket now and explain what is going on and hopefully the vpn connection is stable enough to let me play.
    Other Belgium players with similar issues also!!
  19. Post on Launcher bugged in Technical Issues

    By N3LS0n, posted
    Hey my game crashed and when i tried to log back in this appeared.
    I can't click anything , so i cant get into the game..

    After closing and opening launcher 20 times it went away , problem resolved??? i'l keep the post active as this bug needs fixing anyway.
  20. Hello,
    YES i know i know there are a ton of topics with this problem, but like nearly everyone else I coudnt find a topic that exactly fits to my problem so I started a new one.
    Whats the problem?
    When I start the launcher I can Log In, but  after I press "play" the launcher close itself and nothing happens anymore. No Error message or something like that, it just closes itself ( i watched the process in the task manager ).
    What I already tried:
    -LAN and PROXY Settings are all turned off
    -turned off my antivirus and firewall
    -repaired the game files (by renaming the version.dat)
    -I tried to set the grapics to very low and played around the the window mode
    -checked background programms 
    I also attached a log-file of what happens when i try to launch the game.
    My hardware:
    OS: Windows 10
    Intel i7 @3,5Ghz
    8gb RAM
    AMD Radeon HD 7800
    There is only one thing i havent tried and that is reinstalling the game, but since i have a very shitty connection the game takes around 9h to download and I only want to this i nothing else helps.
    Is there something i havent tried? (beside reinstalling the game) 
    Cheers Brot
  21. How to run a repair? I can not find an option in the launcher..
  22. Bonjour/ bonsoir, j'ai un gros problème avec le launcher de BDO, si quelqu'un peut m'aider.
    J'ai reçu un code ami 7jours, je me suis enregistré et j'ai téléchargé le launcher. Je l'ai installé (le launcher) mais une fois que je lance le jeu (par défaut en fin d'installation ou moi même) le launcher affiche l’icône au centre de l'écran avec marqué "Black Desert Online" (pas de screenshot désolé) et plante "... (Ne répond plus)", j'ai beau essayer rien n'y fait il refuse de se lancer et crash systématiquement à ce moment là et je ne peux rien faire, pas même lancer l'installation du jeu. Je suis sous Windows 8 64bits.
    Est ce que quelqu'un aurait une solution à me donner pour corriger ce problème ?
  23. While trying to install the most recent patch, I received an error from the launcher screen saying "An error occurred while downloading file. (errorcode : 2001)." It automatically closes the launcher and I have not been able to patch ever since. I tried running as admin and did basic troubleshooting. 

    Is anyone else getting this error or have a solution to this problem??
  24. ORIGINAL - no critical errors, several minor design failures


    I had some time while waiting the game to download and I happen to be an UI designer among other things so this is what I did 
    WARNING: Following text is for people who happen to be interested about UI design field of study
    Generally the launcher is relatively simple to use, and does not have critical design errors. There are several failures there however.
    1. Visual Representation of Functionality
    Two red elements, <logout> and <downloading>, which look similar but have different functionality. Size, color, font, form are about the same in both elements. <Logout> is a button, <downloading> isn't. Of course the texts on the elements indicate that <logout> is an action and <downloading> is just a status indicator. However there are no other signifiers there to communicate the purpose of the elements to the user. There is no reason whatsoever to make the two elements look so similar, while there is a good reason to add some signifiers and make them look different from each other.
    Add visible signifiers to <logout>, so that its "can be clicked" affordance becomes clearly visible. Make it look like a button by using lighting effects or form effects or whatever. One rule of a thumb in UI design is to use real life analogues, conventions and standards so that user is able to manage by using recognition rather than recall. One of the goals of the UI design is to keep the cognitive load afflicted by the UI minimized so that the user is able to concentrate on the desired essential content. A button should look like a button, so that I know I can click it even before reading the text or moving my mouse pointer on it:
    2. Gestalt Law of Proximity
    Gestalt law of proximity is used here unintentionally apparently. Human brains automatically group elements together by their proximity as well as by many other factors. There is no reason for <logout> and <downloading> to be so close to each other. They should be separated by a wider gap especially if the elements have visual similarities.
    Leave space between elements or prevent the grouping by other means. Use appropriate signifiers to communicate the purpose of the elements. Different functions should have different visual representations.
    3. Consistency and minimalism
    The black title text in the upper left corner, in the launcher title bar is obviously a passive element. Titles conventionally aren't interactive elements and that's the case here as well. The other black elements in the upper right corner of the same title bar are interactive elements. No problem there yet necessarily, because the conventional placement and standard form of the buttons in the upper right corner communicate their meaning. Then there are these red texts in the title bar: <EUROPE> and <ver>. The different color and font makes them stand out as something else than passive elements, even though they are passive. The red color is confusing and there is no reason for using it. Red is a nice, strong color and it can be used quite freely in user interfaces without problems, but on the other hand it's a dangerous color to use because it's a color of warning and error in many cultures. Also mixing red with green elements may cause problems for color blind people. However in this UI the overall amount of fonts, font sizes and colors is just too much. The minimal amount of information on this launcher can be conveyed effortlessly without so much chaos.
    A deliberate design choice is made every time a new font, font size or font color is introduced into the UI. There is a fine line between making the UI richer and making it more chaotic. Text is read, pictures are viewed. Sometimes font / text functions as a picture, like in many logos. Most of the time however text is there to be read, and then the clarity and consistency are the most important factors. Keeping it simple usually works most efficiently from the user experience and usability point of view. Get rid of font, color and size differences whenever it's possible.
    4. Conventions & Standards
    The half circle & arrow icon on the right side of the <home>, <forum> and <support> elements is too small and confusing. In addition the icon is too near the text elements. Use simpler signifiers on the links. In the case of simple UI elements do not deviate from the conventions and standards unless you are 100% sure that by doing something new and different you are making things more fun and usable. In additon, you just can't hide essential functionality signifiers behind mouse hover-over function, like the underlining of a link. The oldest and the most widely used, easiest and the most efficient way to tell the user that a link is a link is to underline it and paint it blue. Blue however is sometimes an unnecessary additional color in the UI so it can be left out often.
    Keep it simple works here as well, so just make the link underlining permanently visible and add some other hover-over, activation, and already visited signifiers
    I will now launch the game. Phew... If I found all these previous problems in the launcher, so what will I find in the game. Maybe I'll post a thing or two about the game UI as well later on
  25. I mean, there's a text field there that states: Latest Events: here 

    and yes, the "here" is a crappy non-obvious website link to the events forum section, but why doesn't it just list the events? there apparently is some big Easter Event happening right now isn't there?  
    I missed out on the just-finished boat whatever event because, once again, there was nothing indicating an event was happening in this section of the Launcher. Daum, can you please... do something about this as having this be our first point of information about something new in the game seems like such an obvious win.
    (some of us actually do have to log out of the game y'know)