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  1. updated today to win 10 updated all drivers after the upgrade
    i have disabled the proxy in settings
    the launcher starts lets me log in and press play Xign starts up and loads fully and nothing happens after that no error or anything

    even had a few restarts in tries to get the game to start
    update: just deleted the game and reinstalled it without any of it helping
    any1 got an idea on how to solve this? i really want to play the game
  2. Hey,
    Yesterday I played without any issues, and now when I try to connect at the launcher there is what I have 

    I can't do anything at all, the buttons not responding
    I tried run as administrator, reboot pc/launcher but nothing.
    I laready did that : click "Start", click "Control Panel", click "Network and Internet", click "Internet Options", click the "Connections" tab, click "LAN Settings", turn off all options.
    I really don't want to download everything again.
  3. Je pense que l'image ci-jointe parlera d'elle-même. Quelqu'un est-il dans le même cas ?
    UP: Repair terminé. Toujours la même.

  4. Whenever i try to Play black desert the launcher returns the message 
    Failed to init security
    Please help me,I have already tried to reinstall which didn't help.

  5. Hello.
    I fully installed the game through the launcher and clicked on "PLAY", the region is set to Europe both in the launcher and config file. 
    Click play and then xigncode3 does it's thing and then the game screen pops up and disappears. No erros, no nothing.
    I have done the following to no avail;
    - Run as administrator + compatibility
    - Turn off LAN settings
    - Minimize specs before launch
    - Turn off firewall and antivirus
    - Installed 2015 C++
    - Updated GPU drivers
    Canyourunit.com says I can run it both in recommended and minimum. 
    Thanks in advance.
  6. My BDO Launcher gets to 33%, and then just stops working and gives me a 12005 Error Code. My internet it fine, firewall is allowing BDO, and the bcab file extractor won't do anything either (this fails too). I need some suggestions on what to do. It's just loading very slowly and has been patching for 4 days now. Kinda tired of it.
  7. Every time I launch the game I get a Launcher debug file, Here is the text from it : [0603/190645:ERROR:gpu_info_collector_win.cc(102)] Can't retrieve a valid WinSAT assessment.
    [0603/195938:ERROR:gpu_info_collector_win.cc(102)] Can't retrieve a valid WinSAT assessment.
    [0603/223913:ERROR:gpu_info_collector_win.cc(102)] Can't retrieve a valid WinSAT assessment.
  8. My launcher is stuck at 50% done with patching, and it will NOT move another byte. Why? It's annoying and I want it fixed. I've rebooted PC, I'm on Windows 10, and my internet is fine. What should I do?
  9. This just started today but when i open the launcher is creates a notepad document on my desktop called "Launcher_Debug" is anyone else getting this? the game seems to start and run fine.
  10. Ever since todays maintenance my launcher looks like this, doesnt load the browser part which is used to log in. What could have caused this? Cant login to the game at all now obviously. 
    First thing i tried is repairing and after that didnt help i went for a complete reinstall and the damn thing still refuses to load. 

  11. Post on Problems after patch in General

    By Basture, posted
    Anyone else have problems with the launcher login beeing just a white page after patch ?
    since noone bothers reading OR replying to support section i might aswell post here.

  12. I've been playing BDO for about 6-7 weeks without any technical issues at all till a few days ago. When I started the game, I receive the error "Failed to load the browser. Please restart the launcher. with error (-336)". I restarted the game like it said, but received the same error. I took the following steps to resolve the issue:
    Restarted the PC.I temporarily removed and anti-virus software and also checked for malware just to be sure.Removed BDO, cleaned the registry for any reference to the game, rebooted, re-installed.When I went to the account page and downloaded the installer, I noticed the error on the launcher again while downloading the game.Checked the Windows (Application, System, and Security) logs and found nothing of concern.Verified that ports 12005-6, 12008, & 12009 were not being blockedI logged into the same successfully on a different PC, so this issue is on this PC and not software related I am guessing.I was glad to see a patch come out today hoping that this might resolve my issue, but it is still happening.Here is a link to a image of the error: BDO Launcher Error 336
    BDO Launcher Error 336.tif
    Seems like I found anew way to break BDO! /sadness
  13. Bonjour à tous!
    J'ai un problème avec le launcher, et je pense que beaucoup d'entre vous l'on aussi.
    Il s'agit du launcher décroissant, je m'explique:
    Tu lance ton launcher pour télécharger un patch ou une maj, au début tout vas bien, ça charge/check les fichiers.
    Puis arrivé un certain moment, la vitesse de chargement va baisser de secondes en secondes, arrivé un moment on atteint le 1mb/s...puis le zéro.
    Enfin un message d’erreur apparait, je ne me souviens plus lequel, mais je ne vais pas tarder à l'avoir à nouveau, j'éditerais à ce moment là
    Si l'un de vous à une solution, je suis preneur!
    Merci d'avoir lu!
  14. Post on Error 12005 in Technical Issues

    By Pshybysz, posted
    i cant patch my game since 17.06.
    At first launcher was trying to download 3.5 of patch, when wild 12005 appeared.
    Now it's stuck on verifying files, after short time 12005 attacks again.
    I've tried disabling antivirus, firewall, have fully update OS but nothing helps
    i need solution please

    @CM_Jouska @CM_Praballo bump
  15. I try to open the game, it appears "failed to read launcher version. if the problem persists contact customer support" 
    I know about the reinitiating. it didn't work.
    I deleted version.dat, didn't work.
    any ideas?
  16. Post on Things BDO Players Hate in General

    By Kokusa, posted
    Gets excited for new BDO Patch that may potentially let me play the game again
    Gets Corrupt File half download...
    Goes back to town to sell fish to Trade Manager
    Game crashes before you ever get to the next town...
    Never lets you load back in to actually sell you're rotting fish...
  17. So I just decided to buy the game but I unfortuntately cannot even dowload it. I was given the setup installer after purchase and had no problems installing the base files as well as the launcher. However, I have not been able to use the launcher without it crashing every time. I recieve the generic window, "Black Desert Online Launcher has stopped working." I've uninstalled and reinstalled many times, tried different drives on my computer, browsed through the forums and google, restarted my computer many times, but I still can't find a solution to the problem I'm encountering. If anyone has had a similar issue, or if there's something I'm not doing correctly, please comment!!
  18. Hi, I logged in this morning everything was fine ive been questing again everthing fine then all of a sudden the game quits for no reason and when i click the launcher again it comes up with
    Like what the hell is that it wont load properly.
    I restarted my pc incase it had a spaz attack but nope its the launcher that had one instead, does anyone know why its went like that and how to fix it?
  19. Okay, so i just bought this game yesterday, and installed it.
    Now i want to launch the game, so i open the BDO launcher, type my login info, and press login.
    Now nothing happens???
    The mouse icon gets the loading icon for a few seconds, and then just nothing..
    no loading screen no errors no nothing. It's just sitting there on the desktop doing nothing.
    anyone have any idea about this? I tried reinstall but that didn't help.
    I tried the proxy fix suggested somewhere, that didn't work.
  20. Post on Launcher crash in Technical Issues

    By Empoty, posted
    As of yesterdays update, I am unable to start the launcher, it crashes before I get to login screen (crash message is attached bellow). I've opened a ticket regarding this, but posting here if anyone is having the same problem, or even better, got his problem solved.
    I dod try these things but they did not work (using Windows 10):
    - renaming/deleting version.dat
    - turned off all proxy toggles in network settings
    - downloaded new launcher (didn't try downloading the whole game yet, and I hope I won't :D)

  21. Post on BDO Launcher in Suggestions

    By AkioKuroki, posted
    I think it would be a pretty cool idea to have the BDO launcher, when exiting the game stay open for easy re-launching of the client. I mean they are plenty of reason why one might log off or exit the game, (crashes etc) and having the launcher stay open, or having the ability to choose whether or not the launcher closes when exiting the game etc. would be a cool feature you can addin. 
  22. Hallo zusammen,
    ich wollte heute mal wieder in BDO einloggen, hab ganz normal den Launcher wie immer geöffnet. Eingeloggt und plötzlich sprang er nach wenigen Sekunden wieder auf mit der Fehlermeldung "Beim Lesen der Patch-Informationsdatei ist ein Fehler aufgetreten. Bitte starte erneut."
    Nun das habe ich gefühlte 100x gemacht, auch das Ausführen des Administrators habe ich ausprobiert. Komme aber nicht vorbei, das einzige was mir angezeigt wird sind die 0% die gepatcht wurden und bei der Zeit bzw auch geschwindigkeit steht auch nur 0. Rechts der Button zeigt an, dass er patcht.
    Kennt jemand das Problem und weiß wie man damit umzugehen hat?
  23. Please tell me what is wrong with BDO launcher ? 
    Each time i try to download the game it's really really low when i compare to Tera it's like chalk and cheese. 
    I dunno what is the issue but it need to be fixed. Wait four days for a 1GB patch is a bit excessive...
    By the way i already contact the support twice  

  24. For 3 days now i can not get my launcher to actually launch since the last maintenance. I've restarted computer several times and still nothing.  One time it started to open & start patch.  But immediately error'd out and closed launcher.  The was probably after the 20th try.  Now I still can't get it to even open.  I did put in a ticket yesterday, but no response as of yet.  Anyone else having this problem or has a solution to it??  Thanks!
  25. Hi,
    I've come back from my holiday to find a new patch has been released. I've opened up the launcher and the patch started downloading, but I've noticed that I couldn't log in as the launcher has a black screen (See screenshot below) Before I went off, I was able to play this game without any issues which leads me to believe that the recent patch has something to do with it.
    Once it finished downloading, it prompted me to click on the play button but it's completely greyed out so I can't click on it. I assume this is because I have not been able to log in. I'd like to add that the launcher doesn't actually crash, as I can close it, changed settings at the top or even change regions etc.
    I've been dealing with a GM for a few hours today and after trying out all of their suggestions they basically gave up and said it was an issue on my end due to high package loss. I got in touch with my ISP and after running multiple tests I can see that my package loss is very low.
    Has anyone ever encountered this issue and knows a possible fix? I'd like to use my last day off to play this game..
    Thanks all,