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  1. DIe 7th Legion (SiebteLegion) ist eine alte Gilde. Gegründet wurde sie erstmals 1987 für das Tabletop "Battletech" in der Mechforce Switzerland. 1997 wurde sie erstmals gegründet in einem Online Spiel, in Ultima Online, auf dem Server Catskill und später dann auf Drachenfels in der RPG Gemeinschaft "Götterdämmerung". Die 7th Legion war die Leibgarde innerhalb der [LvE] Loge von Eisenberg. Es gibt vielleicht noch Leute die sich daran erinnern. Die 7th gehört demnach zu den weltältesten deutschsprachigen Gilden, die immer wieder in diversen Online Spiele auftauchte, so wie Earth & Beyond, Commanders, OGame, Rappelz, Lineage 1 und 2, Tribal Wars, EvE Online (dort heute noch aktive), AION, RIFT, TERA, FF XIV, ArchLord 1 und 2, Blade & Soul und jetzt hier in Black Desert.
    Gegründet wurde die 7th Legion, hier in Black Desert SiebteLegion (Leider kann man keine Zahlen eintragen), vor ein paar Tagen. Inzwischen haben wir auch unsere Seite auf http://www.7th-legion.ch umgebaut und unser TS steht auch bereit.
    Wir suchen Leute, die gewillt sind etwas Neues aufzubauen. Viele unserer alten 7th Members sind verstreut in anderen Spielen und kommen nicht hierher. Vielleicht ein oder zwei, aber das sind natürlich viel zuwenige. Wir starten hier einen Neuanfang. Im Moment sind wir zwei Leute, wollen aber mehr werden.
    Als Erstes müssen wir ausbauen. Gildenvermögen erwirtschaften mit Quests usw. Das heisst am Anfang sind wir eher darauf bedacht, dass wir grösser und stärker werden. Also vorerst nur eher PVE. Später dann wollen wir ins PVP einsteigen wenn wir eine bestimmte Grösse haben, und unsere Leute auch die Stärke und Grösse haben, sich im PVP behaupten zu können.
    Unsere Struktur wird sehr hirarchisch sein, es wird den Gildenmeister und eine rechte Hand geben. Danach gibt es für die verschiedenen Teilgebiete die Offiziere, siehe Bild:

    Gildenmeister/in ist wohl klar.
    Hüter der Gilde ist die Rechte Hand vom Gildenmeister/in.
    Crafting Meister hat alles unter sich was mit Crafting zu tun hat, sprich Holzbeschaffung, Erzbeschaffung, Alchemie und Sonstiges.
    Handels Meister hat alles unter sich was mit Handel zu tun hat, sprich Farming, Sammeln, Handeln usw.
    PVP Meister ist der Kriegsherr, er trainiert unsere Tuppen, koordiniert den Kampf, Festungsbauten, und vieles mehr.
    Diplomatic Corps. sind unsere Diplomaten, Kriegsberichterstatter, Spione (Geheimdienst) und Vermittler.
    Veteran Member wird man wenn man einige Zeit in der Legion verbracht hat und Mitspieler die von schon länger in der Legion waren/sind und von anderen Spielen retour kommen.
    Member wird jeder der mindestens 2 - 4 Wochen den Aspiranten Status hintersich gelassen hat seit der Bewerbung bei der Loge.
    Jeder Member der 7th Legion ist die Visitenkarte der Legion. Das heisst wir werden uns vorbehalten bei unflätigen Benehmens, Beleidigen, rassistischen Äusserungen und anderen den Member zu bestrafen und sogar aus der Legion zu entlassen.
    Jeder Member hat eine Stimme und kann die auch einsetzen innerhalb der Legion. Dafür haben wir ein eigenes Forum und auch einen eigenen TS Server.
    Am Anfang werden wir mehr darauf schauen, dass wir gute, loyale Members bekommen, die zu uns passen und die Freude am Spiel haben. Dessweiteren werden Members die sich besonders einsetzen auf die offenen Posten verteilt. Wir suchen also auch Leute die mit uns eine Gilde aufbauen wollen, und mit uns durch ----- und dünn gehen wollen.
    Wenn Ihr Euch vorstellen könnt am Anfang eher etwas verhalten voran zu gehen, später wenn wir festen Fuss haben, etwas mehr am Geschehen teilhaben wollen, mindestens 20 Jahre alt ist, ältere werden gerne gesehen, ich selber bin 50+, loyal ist, etwas erreichen will mit einer Gemeinschaft, teamfähig ist, dennoch aber auch selbständig etwas unternehmen kann, sollte sich auf http://www.7th-legion.ch registrieren mit InGame Namen. Sobald er freigeschaltet wurde, kriegt man GAST Status und kann sich im Offenen Forum unter "Bewerbungen" für die Gilde bewerben.
    Warum als Gast registrieren? Ganz einfach, so halten wir die BOTs und SPAM-Bots draussen und kriegen keine Werbung für irgendwas in unser Offenes Forum.
    Besten Dank für Eure Aufmerksamkeit und das Lesen unserer Vorstellung.
    Gildenmeisterin Tairyoku Bijn
    (In Real bin ich ein Mann, aber wer will schon als Mann 5 Std pro Tag auf den Popo eines männlichen Char schauen, da ist ein weibliches Wesen viel hüpscher, zudem hat Bijn Tairyoku eine Lange Online Geschichte seit Ultima Online im RPG.)

    Now recruiting Champions, level 45+ for upcoming Node Wars!
    Are you looking for exciting PvP Action without all the Big Guild Drama? Looking for an exciting, helpful guild with events, combat, and fun? Look no further!
    Apply Today

    Dragonaires is a perfect mix of Hardcore Combat and Relaxing Fun striving to be a Balanced PvX Guild with a Heavy Focus on Node Wars. We host many different Events during the Week, and multiple Daily Guild Missions, as well as many Impromptu Parties to accommodate different schedules.
    Friday Night FightsPvP TrainingSaturday Scroll SoireesBoss ScrollsGuild MissionsGathering & Combat, including the Guild BossGuild Grind GroupsParties for Leveling & QuestsOur events are never mandatory, forcing people into a "second-job", but we are looking for able bodied people at the ready for any challenge we put together.
    Quality, Not Quantity.
    We host people from all around the world and all different walks of life; due to this we have a Zero Tolerance policy for Discrimination and Bigoted Behavior.
    RespectThe Golden Rule: Treat others how you wish to be treatedIf you get pleasure out of causing other people pain, thank you for your time, please move along.
    Our members are friendly, knowledgeable, open-minded, and comical. This keeps our halls drama free and full of laughter.
    If this sounds like the Guild for you, please do not hesitate to contact us!
  3.  Server : UNO 
    Channel : Balenos U2

    La Scouting Legion est principalement une guilde francophone composée de joueurs Québecois et certains européens qui souhaitent s'investir.
    Nous regroupons plusieurs styles de players, allant du simple joueur qui ''leveling'' en découvrant le jeux jusqu'aux joueurs plus hardcore qui peaufinent leurs professions et améliorent leurs équipements aux meilleurs possible.
    Nous sommes très actifs et l’entre-aide est un point fort . Le jeux reste immense et chaque membre peux apporter un plus à la guilde :).
    Nous avons un site et un forum sur lequel nous partageons nos liens utiles et découvertes.
    Event :
    - Possibilité à tous les membres de participer au ''Guild Quest'' chaque jour.
    - Les ''Scroll boss'' sont fait chaque semaine en équipe. 
    - Dans un futur proche, nous souhaitons ajouté des ''Guild boss'' à chaque semaine.
    - [Edit] Les ''Guild Boss'' sont commencé ! 
    Critère de recrutement :
    - Actif (Participation, Guild Quest, Guild boss, future activité... )
    Politique d'activité :
    Si nous voyons que vous n'êtes pas connecté depuis plus de 14 jours sans avoir prévenu un officier ou le Guild master, vous serez alors expulsé pour laissé la place à un nouveau membre.
    - Respectueux (Nous souhaitons garder une bonne harmonie l'humour est la bienvenue ! )
    Pour nous joindre :
    Directement in-game :
    - Tom_jedusor
    - Rahal
    Possibilité de m'envoyer un message directement en privé ^^ !
    Nous avons ...
    - Site internet avec forum.  http://scoutinglegion.shivtr.com/
    - Discord
    À la prochaine .. !  

    Founded in 2015 – The Phoenix Legion Gaming Community is a group of gamers who enjoy playing cooperatively in a variety of games, with a primary focus on the MMORPG market.
    The Problem :
    We recognized that the life cycle of gaming goes something like this: You find a new game that you want to play, you see if any of your friends want to play, you start playing and make new friends in this new game and form a new guild. You play together as a guild until it stops being fun and another new game comes out, you leave the majority of your old guild behind … rinse and repeat
    Our Solution:
    Phoenix Legion Gaming Community believes that a community that strengthens it’s core membership and plays together for years yields far better results than starting over in each new game. Instead, our community will enter a new game with dozens of people who already play well together, have a pre-planned set of objectives in place, and are ready to recruit new players with similar goals and playstyles to strengthen the guild as well as the gaming community itself.
    <Blackrose> in BDO
    In BDO on the Uno server we are under the tag <Blackrose> and are a hardcore PvX guild that focuses on PvP/End game content. We are a tight knit group of players who not only enjoy all that this wonderful game has to offer but enjoy making our own content too such as in game races, pvp tournaments, drunken fishing nights, and karaoke. TS3 is used for our voice communication and our very international guild members covers all timezones.
    Expectations for <Blackrose> members:
    Meet weekly guild requirments such as AP/DP and character level
    Always be accessible in TS3
    PvP response time. If a fight breaks out you are expected to show up within a reasonable* time to help fight.
    Members are expected to show up to ALL pvp events/scheduled and nonscheduled if you are online at the time
    Members are expected to progress at a steady rate (leveling/learning their class/getting geared) progress will be monitored by leadership.
    Proper behavior is expected of PvP members. This means no shit talking other guilds, win or lose.
    Follow guild etiquette when it comes to farm locations.
    Be willing to defend members of <Legion> if requested.If you can fulfill these expectations and are looking for a fun group of people to PvP with we encourage you to apply.

    <Legion> in BDO
    Due to the need of original <Legion> players, we've decided to merge with <Blackrose>. Both guilds had aspects that the other one needed so to balance out and provide an active community for both playstyles we shared our members and united under one gaming community.  <Legion> is now for those with a more casual schedule. If you aren't rushing to the soft cap for levels or focused on gearing yourself out this is the place for you. If you would like to focus on horse breeding, fishing, farming, grinding or leveling with out the interruption of being called to PvP, this is the place for you.
    Expectations for <Legion> members:
    Help with guild quests
    Participate in guild events (scheduled) : Drunken karaoke/fishing night/PvP practice
    Crafting siege equipment : cannons, etc
    Being patient with newer members and willing to teach people the basics
    Foster growth and help prep people to transfer into <Blackrose> when they are ready.

    How to Apply:
    Step 1: Register on our website -> http://phoenixlegiongaming.com/
    Step 2: Join our Ts3 channel for an interview from an officer -> phoenixlegion.typefrag.com:4365
    Step 3: Schedule time for PvP Trial ****Only applies to <Legion> applicants
    Want to contact someone in game?
    GM:  Murasakii and Nivhawk
    <Blackrose> Officer: Abused_Animal, Skadi, OnO
    <Legion> Officer: Gabreyella, Crono, Suisin
  5.     That sound that only warriors can produce, the absolute terror in the eyes of the enemy who is now unexplainably wet. There has never been a battle a group of Spartans could not change its direction or end it all together by simply appearing in our gaming history, come strike fear in those ZERG TYRANTS!
    Veteran guild for 15+ Years since Ultima Online, DAOCS, Shadowbane, Darkfall, Mortal, Darkfall Unholy Wars, World First Archeage and Tera competitors and many more. 250 member + Guild, succeeded in Alpha and Beta, TeamSpeak is REQUIRED! Leader Unbeaten Spartan and his family of officers returns since Tera and Archage to lead another chapter in Spartan history.

    Who are we?

    Our guild has and always will be driven by Pride of Family. What does Pride of Family mean? In many guilds before this one we had never felt the name or emblem above our heads meant anything. Some guilds even set out to make a mockery of it, with stupid silly names like pink fluffy tails. We set out to change that, and over the years we have built a community that would not have it any other way. They take pride in their name, their guild but most of all their family. We treat each member in our guild as a brother in arms, meaning you will not PvP alone or find yourself stuck on a quest within the world. We quite simply never leave a guild mate behind…. However, here’s the catch written in black in white, we will also not baby you or hold your hand, if you are simply inept to wear our tags then it’s simply that. But we will put hours and days into training anyone with the heart for it.

    Our Purpose?

    Spartan Legion is recruiting serious players who wish to experience the best of end game in Black Desert. We are PvP and group oriented; however, we still have plenty of players interested in clearing PvE instances and gearing up for PvP. To put our guild in a nutshell we will PvE to PvP, so yes we will clear PvE content on occasion, but our weekends and the majority of our playtime will be soaked in the blood of enemies.

    Here is a basic breakdown of our ranks.

    Spartan Hoplite- Trial member will receive basic access to chats and guild functions.

    Spartan Spartiate - Will get invite privileges and more depending on the updates to guild management. The game only allows three ranks to include the Leader. So the next rank Hand of the King our PvP rank will be added if it gets updated, these are usually our PvP Commanders if guild ranking is not expanded we will find a way to work with the ranking system in game, but on guild forums and websites your expanded ranks will apply.

    Hand of the King – (TO BE ADDED) if and when guild ranking is expanded, usually a very respected rank with only a few slows offered for our PvP Commanders, as additional Spartan Kings.

    Leader - Does it all.

    I could not find a way to add additional ranks so as of now we only have three to work with.

    How do you obtain these ranks?

    Spartan Hoplite - is a new member looking to earn full membership.

    Spartan Spartiate - you have played with the guild and have had an elder vouch for your play-ability. You have showed interest in running events, PvP, or Recruiting. This is what it means to be a full member if you are not interested in the wellbeing of your family you cannot deserve the honor of this rank.  

    Hand of the King – (When Added) You have recruited a team to become a PvP Commander and are a steady target caller and Ventrilo users OR You have an appreciation for recruitment and politics and have recruited a series of member and alliances into our ranks.

    (When our PvP Commander rank or workaround is found). Our PvP Commanders will only be five people. You will have all week to challenge these 5 people for their position once you have reached Spartiate rank. This will take place at the weekly PvP events. You will wear a specific guild emblem or color to show this hard earned rank on the field of battle and your dedication to the guild at all times. If you are challenged and you lose, you lose your rank and your right to lead until you earn it back. You can only be challenged by one person via the forums challenge a Spartan section per week.

    How do I join?

    Simply apply on website or post on this forum, and use TeamSpeak when you play.

    Website: www.thespartanlegion.net
    or due to new domain change http://spartan-legion.guildlaunch.com/index.php?gid=151064
    TeamSpeak Required, send PM for TS information and easy access to join.

    Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Spart...93174154078543 received updates daily, Meetings and Events!
  6. Greetings,
    <Legion> will be recruiting day one of CBT1 to hit the ground running in prep for this amazing looking game.
    We are a preexisting international (Australia, Euro, North America) gaming community who play all sorts of mmos and co-op games together and we are currently looking to spread our reach
    to Black Desert. Our guild intends to explore every aspect of content that Black Desert has to offer (PVE,PVP, Contesting areas) and request that our members use TS3.
    We are after all, a gaming community, socially active members are important to us!
    If you are interested in learning a bit more about us our website can be found here: http://phoenixlegiongaming.com
    If you want apply or are interested in joining please contact me via this forum thread, send a PM, or feel free to message me on our website.
    Thanks for your time and see you on the field,