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    just take a look on the new forums, its readable there -> https://beta-forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?threads/fanatics-a-guild-for-beginners.141/
  2. HEY, I have been super hype for BDO release but I was slow to get playing. I a really liking everything so far but this is like one of my first MMO's since like RO 2D and I need some help getting into the community. So if you have room for a nerd like me looking for some gaming partners and hopeful to make some online friends PM and we can Party UP!! #squadgoals
  3. hey guys,
    let me know your thoughts on this video of mine:
  4. Post on how fast can leveling in General

    By nosugar, posted
    lets talk about how fast we can get Full level ,and how is the fast way ,i m new for this game.
  5. So after playing a few classes and even getting 2 alt's up to 50-51, I have decided to play the Sorc. Today I am looking to make a plan in regards to gearing, skill distribution, and even character growth. However given the differences and sheer amount of things you can do in this game, I am getting slightly overwhelmed. I have a good grasp of the basics of what to do, but I was hoping to maybe get some tips and suggestions on where to go from here. I will be posting my gear and such, currently I make most of my money (about 5-12 mil a day) from mob drops and cook/alch crafts I make. I know this is pretty low compared to popular set ups, but im just starting to level my CP, and life skills. 

  6. Hey people. Im new to Black desert online and im really enjoying the combat system so far..
    Im level 54 ranger at the momment. and i usualy level with friends. whenever i try to farm alone, i seem to struggle alot..
    Its not unusual for me to fight 1 "big" monster for 1 min.? it leaves me out of "mana?" and i feel like i cant do a whole lot. i spend my health pots faster than i can buy them >.<
    Im level 54. 104/72 AP/DP 
    i have zereth Gloves/shoes/helmet and a heve chest armor.
    I use a +15 Yuria with +9 steel dagger. 
    i have 366 skill points to spend. and this is where im confused. Im not sure i spend them right.
    I find it hard to find the right skill point tree for farming.. All guides out there is for pvp.
    Is there any abilities that is a MUST HAVE to farm with? 
    Thanks in advance.
    EDIT: My armor items is +5 atm. need more stones to upgrade them further.
  7. Well I did my guide for Valencia (http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/112635-updated1609-valencia-spots-guide/) Now I'm doing the guide for Mediah. 

    Just like the Valencia one, I'm counting with you! To help to improve with more and more information to make this guide perfect. =D So please, share your feedback on the comments.


    *Updated 23/09
    Map remade. (Ty for all feddback, keep going pls)

    Pls still with your feedback, and if possible, give me the info of the missing spots just like i did with the Saunil model.

    Money Rate
    (1hr Grind: Fast Clear / Node 0 / Luck+5)
    Trade/Sell Itens: 2M600k + 50k Silver
    DropRandom Drops: 2 Relic Shards / 8 Talis Gear / 10 BlackStones
  8. Hi! I recent made a very interesting research about Valencia and made a guide for Valencia (http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/112635-updated1609-valencia-spots-guide/).

    I'm a MMO Player for almost 10 years and played a lot of grind and RnG based Korean MMOs, like MU, ragnarok Cabal, Lineage, etc and I'm sharing my thoughts and suggestions about valencia to encourage players to be free of the two main grind spots: Sausans and Pirates. 

    I'll try to be technical here, diving the improvements in "types" as such: Monster AP/DP, Monster junk price, Monsters rare drops and Monsters density.

    First of all... Valencia vs Pirates vs Sausans. Because this bad planning made by the PearlAbyss, Mediah monsters are still better than valencia monsters for almost 85% of the players, making only the players with level 58+ with at least 200 AP and 250 DP able to grind on the actual best spots in Valencia Part 1 and only 5% of the players can even try the luck inside the valencia part 2 (dungeons = level 60).

    So.. come on to improve valencia part 1 and make some players migrate from pirates and sausans? 

    First of all. Some of this suggestions can be redundant, because the game is already in this way. 

    This itens need to be a rare drop inside all valencia monsters:
    Explorer compass Part
    Scroll Written in Ancient Language

    Let's go to the spots. We'll divide these spots between grind exp, lottery itens (rare chance to get high value itens) and debuff areas

    Basilisks as a lottery spot :
    Increase monsters density.

    Increase the junk price since this spot has no rare drop.

    Gahaz Bandits:
    Increase the Junk Price and Monsters density, there's no rare drop here.

    Nagas Spot:
    Increase EXP by 20% and Junk Price to 1,500.
    Reasons: Debuff. Close to the city.

    Increase the EXP by 20% and Junk Price to 1,500.
    Reasons: Debuff, far from the city (need to pay for a Villa to get somewhere closer to unload) has a rare Drop.

    Increase the EXP by 50% and Junk Price to 2,000 and AP/DP+20%
    Reasons: Debuff,  even far from the city (need to pay for a Villa to get somewhere closer to unload), No rare Drop.

    Well.. The ideia is too simply. 

    is to migrate the level 57+ Players to Valencia!

    Creating spots for leveling and gold grind based if the spot is near of a city and if is inside the desert or not. 

    Fogans for example, need to be better! The are FAR from the closest city, u need to pay for a villa to get somewhere to currency exange, so they need to be better...

    Remove this monopoly of the Pirates and Sausans from this game.. this is ridiculous a beautiful game like this and the majority of the players only grind in 2 spots. We're already in valencia part 2 and the most players are 2 patches behind. 

    Also, if you don't like my suggestions because this will make the game "easier" to leveling up and you think this is unfair to you.. To prove that my intention is spread the players between valencia and mediah, the pearlAbyss can just reverse my idea. and nerf Mediah patches to make valencia worth. 

    so.. ok.. Anything to say? Any criticism or suggestions? I'm open to discuss and improve my suggestions. =3
  9. Any recommendations on the best place(s) to level 54-56 solo? Manes are draining my brain. Any other places that are better exp (not Sausan's -- too hard to solo with the groups and PKers) and $? Thanks!
  10. hello everyone,
    i have been looking for an guild for some time
    i play bdo an half year and i do like it i mis only an eu guild
    i play normaly on the orwen server na but if there is noone online
    then i play on the eu server i do play normaly 8 hours and the weekends 15 hours
    i just begun on the eu server this will be my first day anyway p.m me on the forums or msg me in-game to /w drelexius
    gr Kurumi

  11. Hi There Exia7Swords (Faimily name Saigo) here,
    I have been soloing this game for a while  since pretty much release and Ive come to the decision Id like to get closer to the community. My Girlfriend and I play but we always like meeting new people and making bonds. I dont have a flashy website and our clan thus far is just mainly us two but Im looking for people to join us. Tired of being by yourself in the game(like I was)? Want to engage with more people but honestly dont know where to start? Just starting the game  and wanna start hanging with a  group that has consistency? We would love to have you . If your looking for a guild to call home , it may be small but we welcome you with open arms. You dont have to know all the  terms and tricks to the game or be good or whatever. We will learn the game together and hopefully the clan will grow. As far as role playing goes Ive always been interested in it but the people I come in contact with  dare already part of guilds or just partying for the time being lol. Discord will be made once we have multiple replies on this forum. Our goal is to build a clan/guild together with pve ,bonding with good people out there who just want to enjoy the world that BDO has to offer. Yes we do plan on doing pvp but once we all build together as a team and everyone feels comfortable with either their stats or the people around them. Plz either reply here or add me in game. The end is what you make it, so give us the honor of creating it with you.
    Looking forward to hearing from you all soon,
    Exia7Swords(in game name and main character :Saigo Mutsue)
  12. I've not long had the game, and I am currently leveling my sorceress (currently at 44). I'm curious, do I need to do all the co-op quests? I've done pretty much none of them bar the first boss before entering Velia. I've heard that i may not be able to actually hit level 50 without completing them, and I've also heard that I wont get the scroll dailies without completing them. Is this true?
  13. Post on Warning on pets in General

    By Grizabella, posted
    I am sure that this information is in these forums somewhere, but I had never seen it and I have a useless dog now as a result. I bought my dogs for their ability to warn of flagged enemies nearby. I leveled 2 of them to level 10. I exchanged them for a T2 Dog. That Dog DOES NOT warn of flagged enemies. Instead, it finds resources. I had no idea that the core skill of a pet could be RNG'd out of existence, but it can. Also, my T2 dog loots at the same speed as my new T1 Dog (that I had to buy to still get warnings of flagged enemies). So I guess the lesson is don't level exchange your pets.
  14. Post on leveling from 55 to 56? in General

    By odar, posted
    Guys, its really truth make 1% in 1.3 hours with exp event and + milk tea scroll from lvl 55 to lvl 51?! OMG, ITS FKN Hardcore for me
  15. hey all,
    I got into the breeding business and trying to figure out which option is the best for faster horse leveling?
    - If I wanna level 2 horses - One by One or Wagon?
    - If I wanna level 3 horses - One by One or Wagon?
    I won't ask about 4 horses since I do believe the wagon is surely a better choise.
    One thing to take into consideration though:
    does leveling your "Training" boosts your horses leveling speed while riding?
    because if that's true, while we know wagon doesn't level Training at all - maybe its almost always worth leveling one by one because once very skilled your horse level faster?
    also, if wagon is better in some cases - which wagon is the best?
    any recommended upgrades that are not hard to get? (can be purchased on the market)?
    hope someone already calculated something like this.
    Thanks in advance!
  16. Okay here is my suggestion.
    Training horses in game is fine, except for the fact that you cannot do anything else meanwhile, and horse leveling takes hundreds and hundreds of hours. 
    So the idea is, let workers be able to ride the horses for leveling purpose. Still have to use carrots and beers for the workers as payment. 
    And there could be a system so you need a higher level worker to train a higher tier level horse, so there would be a rationale in the grind.
    I mean if you compare to the other grinding or training mini games in the game, fishing, amity gain or trading, you have to actually do something meanwhile.
    Suggestion was discussed in the guild.
    Have a nice day,
  17. Hey everyone, I have wrote up a what I think is a comprehensive guide to the Alchemy life skill with everything from getting the alchemy materials, to leveling and making the various recipes. The only part I skipped out are the alchemy stones which I am planning to do a more detailed guide later on. Let me know if you see anything amiss or wrong.
    1 Getting Started1.1 Why Alchemy?1.2 How do I Start?1.3 Glish Introductory Alchemy Quest1.4 Pure Powder Reagent1.5 Clear Liquid Reagent2 Leveling Alchemy2.1 Beginner 2.2 Apprentice 2.3 Skilled3 Alchemy Materials3.1 Bloods3.2 Crystals3.3 Fruits3.4 Gemstones3.5 Herbs3.6 Magic Crystal3.7 Mushrooms3.8 Ores3.9 Powders3.10 Traces3.11 Tree Byproducts3.12 Tree Saps4 Simple Alchemy5 Alchemy Subcomponents5.1 Bloods5.2 Oils5.3 Other Subcomponents6 Alchemy Elixirs6.1 Combat Elixirs6.2 Non-Combat Elixirs7 Essences and Magic Crystals7.1 Essences7.2 Magic Crystal – Weapon7.3 Magic Crystal – Secondary Weapon7.4 Magic Crystal – All Armor7.5 Magic Crystal – Helmet7.6 Magic Crystal – Gloves7.7 Magic Crystal – Shoes8 Alchemy Uses In Crafting
  18. If we're going to spend countless hours, days, and even months grinding to level up our horse (not training horse, leveling them), at least give us a leaderboard of how much EXP we earned over our lifetime for leveling up our horse. I'm interested on how I compare to other breeders in the game. 
  19. Ok so I just started making a warrior and so far I have gotten him up to lvl 31. I have looked over a ton of guides all seemingly different in some way so this brings me to my question. The main thing I want to have with warrior is his ability to be fast, which I'm certain I wont really have any speed until lvl 40, but.. I still don't know what are the "must have" skills for a warrior to be successful. Really all I have learned so far seems to be that spinning slash needs to be max and max ground slash for leveling. I know I also need forward slash maxed for the speed as well as shield charge and charging thrust. Out side of that I don't understand why we need the kick or if any of the counters can be viable as well as what the use of deep thrust really is. I also know I plan on getting scars of dusk and piercing spear.
    Thank you for any assistance for helping me out I do have a skill reset I will eventually use but any assistance on the musts of the warrior are greatly appreciated.
    p.s. I am also curious on how we go about gearing. I know spinning slash gains some damage with more hp so should I do a full hp set? Currently I have 3 piece agerian 1 piece zereth yuria weapon and vangertz shield. I want to be more damage on this character than I was with my valkyrie, but also need to know what stat is our must max? I know crit isn't an issue so should we max out atk speed or cast speed? Which is more beneficial for us? Or is it both that we need? Been just saving up my armor stones for what ever gear is eventually needed.
    Thanks again!
  20. Post on Low damage? Just me? in Ranger

    By senstara, posted
    Hello Rangers,
    I have a question in regards to my Ranger, I've been trying out the various classes in the game and have now done pretty much everything over the past week. I've enjoyed both Ranger and Witch the most. But I have had major issues in regards to the Ranger's damage. Over all other classes I generally 1-2 hit a mob and it's down within a few seconds, but my Ranger unfortunately has generally bad AoE and Awful single target making it take about 10+ shots to kill anything. And its AoE feels generally fussy, not always hitting or only hitting one out of a group. 
    As a result it feels painfully slow and is leaning me more towards the Witch, but having enjoyed the class I assume I must be doing something wrong. Considering one class can not be so bad in comparison to all the others as far as damage goes, especially as that appears to be all Ranger has going for it besides dodging. 
    Anyone able to provide some tips? I don't exactly understand abilities yet, mainly been using Charging Wind, Razorwind and Evasive Explosive Shot and the standard shot. Can't really find a reason for me to be just taking tiny chunks of an NPC around Valia in comparison to the one shots of my other classes. Maybe there is a secret rotation thing I've not figured out yet or something?
    Any help would be appreciated.
  21. It seems like I'm doing something wrong. I keep hearing that Gale, Cyclone, and Rising Storm are the win buttons in PvE, but when I use them on a pack of mobs, I get tore up because I'm stuck standing frozen in place while the spell finishes casting.
    Could someone explain some detailed options on how/when to use these skills? 
    Also, the guides I've read seem to disregard Carver and Whirlwind cut in terms of priority, but I find myself using both a lot for some reason. Should I put points in these while leveling?
    How about Blind Thrust and Blind Slash? These too I've somehow developed a habit of using a lot (probably because they're part of the in-game combo videos). Should I put points in these while leveling?
    Note: I'm not trying to make my end-game build. I can respec later. I'm focussed on what's best for leveling right now, so I'm not looking for end-game wisdom where it doesn't apply well to PvE. On the other hand, I should probably be practicing/getting in the habit of using the skills I'll need later. 
    I'm just passing character level 30.
  22. So I am currently lvl 36 and lvling. Should I enhance my gear as high as possible? Like to the safe enhancement range? Cause I can always extract the stones right?
  23. Which skills should I focus on while leveling a Musa? I've seen several endgame guides, but I don't know how relevant they are to PvE and leveling. I'm trying to establish which are the "bread and butter" skills and combos.
  24. Hey everyone this is my first guide! From what I've gathered online I can't find an indepth guide on Trading. Every guide I've found just covers the basics that are incredibly obvious, so I've decided to make a guide that covers:
    World Exploration and Contribution Points
    Arch Trade Routes and Trade Routes
    Trade Table: What items can you buy, their location, and trade skill availability
    Remember: Trading is a long process of making small/large investments to gain profits down the road in the millions. It's not the most efficient way of making money, there are guides out there for that, but it's fun and takes time until you start seeing the big dollar signs. That being said it's on to the guide!
    World Exploration and Contribution points:
    So you want to be a trader? Well then hop on your donkey-horse-wagon thing and get to node investing / world exploring. I spent a good 4 hours getting the map cleared up to see what nodes connect to each other and form a plan. From my experience 55-60 contribution points are enough to get started.
    Tip: While doing this you can trade low profit items (travel filler).  Keep in mind the goal here is to open up the map so earning insane profits isn’t a priority here. However a good habit to practice is always travel with a full cart, even if the profit is only 1% on each item. An empty cart on the move is a loss all around. The Trade skill exp earned by doing this is also adds up so getting to Artisan level isn’t is far out of reach as it seems.
    The map should look somewhat like this:
    Not impressive by explorer standards I know, but this much will get the ball rolling.
    This guide will focus on the highlighted area (Area 1) for the time being. In the future I’ll update and have Area 2 Defined and documented accordingly.
    Connect the city nodes Velia, Heidel, and Glish (Calpheon is optional). The connections should look a little like this (feel free to edit this as you see fit!):
    Arch Trade Routes and Trade Routes:
    So then if at this point you have contribution points let’s set up an ‘Arch Trade Route’. What is it? It’s a term I use to describe the body of nodes connected by the bare minimum amount of contribution points to form a failsafe network. The ‘failsafe’ here is ensuring you don't run into the 70% loss of profit if the nodes aren't connected AND gaining you the distance traveled bonus. Mind you some nodes are going to be left unconnected until needed. The paths you take between the invested and the un-invested nodes are the ‘Trade Routes’.
     NOTE: A trade route is NOT a one size fits all solution. It doesn't mean "go to these nodes in this particular order for the best time spent and money earned"; it’s a flexible path you take within the Arch Trade Route that changes from day to day. In this game RNG is a factor for pricing and travel. For example, you may find yourself spending an entire day traveling between 2 locations because the items bought from one sell for 200% at the other and the distance bonus earns you an extra 30% silver! Flexibility people, that's what you aim for as a Tradesman, not a cookie cutter routine that everyone can replicate 100% of the time.
    Here’s a good example of what I’m talking about:

    Normally that item i'm checking sells for like 99-112% at the Bartali Farm but one day it decided to sell for 188% and have a handsome distance bonus of 30%!
    Right then on to Trade Routes. I’ll try and keep this short.
    I can’t really tell you the best ones because forming one is a reactive process. You’ll be basing your decisions on a number of factors like items you wish to trade, distance traveled bonus, node availability, and items available at the destination to keep the trades going.
     Example: You might consider selling the wood planks from Calpheon at Olvia for a 120% sale and a 30% distance bonus but you might reconsider based on the fact that at beginner level the only trade items you can buy at Olvia sell poorly (105% pretty much everywhere). Instead you decide to sell the planks at the Central Guard camp knowing that you’ll only sell them for 115% with a 15% distance bonus BUT you know the spider silk they sell can be sold for 150% at the Alejandro farm.
     The key here is to decide which sales are best for profit while balancing that with which nodes have good items available at your level to keep the trade route continuous.
     “Well couldn’t you just make a table that shows which items sell for the highest prices compared to each other and then, based on availability determined by your Trade skill, create a route to travel?”
     Absolutely! However, as I mentioned Trading as a whole is a reactive process and as such prices can change for these items going from day to day. I made a table that will cover item location, availability based on skill level, and average price to purchase. This isn’t an exact science because if you were to travel a trade route based linear logic alone the route would be clunky and inefficient with all the back travel and potential for empty carts because of skill restricted item availability.
    Let’s talk Wagons. You’ll start with a donkey, like everyone does, and eventually work your way up to acquiring a wagon. How you get a wagon is your call. You can either craft it, which I’m sure you’ll find a guide out there in seconds, or you can buy it.
     Pro’s to crafting:
    Well the entire crafting process is a pro. You get nice materials, lvl up workers, invest into nodes and get better returns on your investments, and it’s cheap (most of the time).
    Cons to crafting:
    It’s time consuming and requires a lot of effort. The worst thing I can think of is the time lost (money lost as well) by limiting yourself to smaller wagons or just using your donkey/ horse until the wagon has been crafted.
     Pro’s to buying:
    It’s faster. Start trading with better weight cap/ space immediately.
    Cons to buying:
    It’s costly. You’ll likely spend your first 300-600k on a wagon. Honestly if you’re looking at this from a business perspective you should consider that in 2 days you can make back that initial investment and continue to profit.

    Note: If you’re short on cash you can sell a blackstone on the market and earn like 2-400k for 1. You’ll be getting more of these later in the game through grinding, or hey maybe after you become a trading master you can just buy them, or even a fully upgraded weapon!
    Trade Table:
    This table covers every item available at every stage of the Trade skill. Use this table as a reference list of items to keep an eye out for on your daily trade routes. Some of these items are limited in quantity and sometimes items aren’t available on that particular day. Feel free to comment about items you believe are missing and I’ll update the table accordingly, listing the location, npc name, item name, quantity, average price, and trade skill level would be appreciated.
    Here’s a link to the spreadsheet I developed while gathering this information:
    The items listed are in the following format: <Item Name>(Item Quantity Available), <Price to Purchase this is a rough estimate and can be found for more> <Trade skill level>.
    Ex: Frogan Crescent Spear (6), 1700+ Lvl 7 Note that this item is placed under the “Apprentice” column so the Lvl refers to having Apprentice Level 7.

    Some things to take away from this information is the way these items and corresponding restrictions are designed. As you level Trading it’s likely that you’ll pick up and move onto better things in another area of the map. One such indication is that the number of items available for sale at higher tiers of Trade skill drastically fall off, for example there’s 30 Beginner items, then 19 Apprentice items, then a huge drop to only 6 Skilled, 4 Professional, and 3 Artisan. By the time you become a skilled trader It’ll be likely that you’ve gotten a hang of things and can find your own way to Professional and Artisan trading. I will be adding to this guide in the future as I start exploring different areas, collecting NPC information, and putting it all together.
    What now? Explore, Trade, who knows! Perhaps you’ll find more prosperity out west or even in Mediah! Maybe you’ll become an illegal tradesman (love that that’s an option).
    Until next time, thanks for reading!
  25. Post on 5 Tips for easier leveling in Guides

    By Donee, posted
    Hey, guys, since i've hit level 50 a couple friends of mine were still struggling to get this done, so i decided to share some of my personal tips on how to get it a little bit easier and maybe faster. Hope it can be helpful and thanks for your time.