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  1. Hi people, 
    Never had this problem before but I have recently created a new berseker and once getting into level 49.999%
    The quest to level up to 50 (To kill the big catfish) does not appear and I cannot take it as I can't see it when I summon the black spirit.
    Any suggestions?
    Did the quest on Another character and all seemed OK.
  2. Right so, i stopped playing a few months after launch. Now i resubbed and wanted to get my Level 57 Wizard back on track - for some solo PvE grinding etc.
    I want to ask for some help concerning my items, if i should change it for someting better, another set or other weapon/accessories. Because i dont know. Right now i got 178ap - 165awakening ap - 220dp
    My items atm :
    Duo : Ultimate Agerian set - 4 items.
    Weapons = TRI Liverto Staff and Tri awakening weapon (green quality) and a TRI Ultimate Steel Dagger.
    Accessories = 2x PRI Witch earrings. 1x PRI Mark of Shadow. 1x PRI Blue Coral ring. 1x PRI Shultz Belt.
    I have around 5-600 million silver to spend, even more if i sell my equipment.

    If anyone has any suggestions on how i get back on track, would really appreciate it.
  3. Hi all!
    Today I released an update for my online BDO map somethinglovely.net

    The map is an interactive map for BDO, that includes:
    Nodes (including resource nodes and search)Wild Horse and Elephant locationsTreasure Chest locationsSea Regions with fish informationWhale spawn locationsBoss locations (world bosses and scroll summonned bosses)Resource locations (for when you're trying to figure out the best place for Fir Trees for example)Fully-researched information on Trade Packs and TradersThe new version also adds:
    Levelling/Grind Areas overlay - You can now toggle on an overlay that shows the different levelling/grind areas along with a suggested level or AP/DP rquirement and a rating system to suggest relative popularity of the nodes. These are all initial, so I'm sure there will be corrections required here but its easy to update. We'll also be adding drops to the nodes soon (e.g. Crescent Ring to crescents).Better layout - The old layout wasn't great for the amount of information the map was trying to show, so theres a new sidebar and new detail panels for nodes, levelling areas, bosses & villasDungeons - I've added the Hystria, Aakman and Pila Ku dungeons along with their respective node manager locations.Shortest-Path calculator for node connections - When you click on a node, there is now a dropdown where you can select another node and it will show you the path that would connect those two nodes using the least CP possible.Zoom to Node Manager - The old version of the map had all the node manager locations marked on it when you zoomed it, but now when you click on a node there is a button you can click to zoom directly to the node manager's location.Improved searchThe ability to link directly to the map - You can link to nodes world bosses, grinding areas along with pretty much every other feature on the map. There are also links to specific layers, so you can link to the map with only Levelling areas or to a map of all of the Fir Trees.Better support for adding attribution to people helping with data!The site also hosts the up-to-date horse calculator for BDO horse breeding. 
    A lot of work goes into fixing and correcting data to make sure we have the most accurate map for Black Desert Online. Hopefully people find it useful!
  4. Hello i'm level 57 (160/241), i'm in Kuit Island right now.. I gain like 7-8 mil per hour here, the exp is pretty good.. i wonder if there is a better place for exp AND money
    wtf double post, delete it please
    forum bug, perhaps?
  5. I am a breeding horses, but definately not in it for the money but to get a good horse. All though i am only prof 2, it is really so time consuming to do, if you wanna try and get max tier horses.
    But the current prices is ridicously low, when looking at time invested and the slow levelling system....not to mention the whole RNG in it also.
    And i dont find it to be a fair trade off as to afk fishing or doing other life skills, there should be something more beneficial for horse breeders.
    So please could you do something to adjust this, and give a little favor towards us who like to breed horses in this game ?
    @CM_Jouska @CM_Tytyes @CM_Praballo
  6. Post on Pre 30 Levelling in Ranger

    By Cyndre, posted
    So I've been very successful in levelling using ES on horseback and last night spent almost 2 hours (touch boring I will admit) just grinding out the Blood Monastery. It was tiresome but easy just sitting stationary near the inner monastery and killing mobs 4 -5 at a time with barely any damage.
    Suddenly today I last about 30 seconds before dying. And went to test this in the area of the Naga's which again yesterday I could sit at stationary and just mow down mobs on mass even at point blank. Yet again I got wiped within seconds.
    I haven't changed any gear or tactic but the difference between last night and tonight is night and day. Anyone else noticed this?
    On that night I've read a stack of forum posts on levelling combo's and the only real upto date one suggests EES spam with bow mastery circa 29. I've found this doesn't seem to do as much as I was doing last night with ES on horseback. Anyone have any good suggestions on a good levelling combo pre 30?
    I'm currently using Full Agerian with +3 armour, Ultimate Styd bow and bronze dagger for the acc.  
    Would very much appreciate any advice as I seem to have exhausted looking through the forum and nothing seems to be working for me today suddenly.
  7. Recently hit 45 on one of my chars...and had absolutely nothing useful about PvP...if it was a blue mid screen message then it was lost in all the loots and other messages.
    I'd expect at minimum to be told why my name is a different colour, tagging and what that looks like, safe zones, and karma.
    Maybe a Black Spirit quest taking you to an arena, could serve as a nice introduction.
  8. Ask the title asks. I don't understand the use of levelling the gathering skill, other than you can unlock quests. Is there anythign else you gain from levelling Gathering?
  9. Post on Grouping for Newbies in Guides

    By Halbard, posted
    Geetings fellow BDO players!
    Not sure if guide exactly but useful info...
    An important thing that I'm noticing a lot of players not doing is grouping in areas. This is a fairly obvious game mechanic most of you will know and do however I've noticed a tonne of people declining groups and not getting anywhere (Also getting edgy and harassing others for accidently taking kills and the like due to the fast paced natures of group play!) 
    Grouping will allow:
    - Much much faster exp 
    - Faster and sometimes better loot £££
    - Faster questing which in turn allows a lot of benefits from the rewards, invent space and more.
    - Lets not forget social player and making friends 
    Below is a link to a great guide site with how to party and the loot options
    I'm usually a very solo player but I have grouped often in this game and it really does matter especially when levelling! I make groups wherever I go if there are players around! Make sure you just group the local players if you are doing same quests and such!
  10. Post on Rushing to 50? in General

    By Saguzi, posted
    Everyone seems to be rushing to 50. Most conqueror (headstart) peeps are there already, Explorers (headstart) are unhappy that they didn't start on time and already feel left behind by 2 days while the cheapo travellers are frantically rushing around getting everything together before tomorrows flood-gates open.
    My question is why? Why are people rushing? Does it give you such a great advantage to be level 50 before everyone else? 
    Or will those rushing be the first to lose their stamina and quit the game?
  11. Hello there,
    Just want to share my opinion about the game here. I am most definitely hyped for Sunday to experience and explore, but I have something to get off my chest..
    Lets start with the, sort of, negative feedback. So, I've been comparing this game to other I have played in the past, which i shouldn't, but whatever. So lets start at the most basic thing: questing and leveling. The bad part about questing and leveling is that they don't go hand in hand together. They aren't used to each other I guess. The quests mark a very small portion of a zone where you can complete it by killing mobs, gathering etc. Because of that people tend to camp in that tiny circle and people will bunch up. I don't blame the players, they're just following the quest. So please that circle size where you kill mobs bigger, so people are scattered around and won't be camping mobspawns. I would like to thank the game, on the other hand, for having multiple rewards upon completion of a quest. Skill Exp and Contribution Exp are good examples. They are scattered around the towns and npcs can't wait for you to accept their quests. The black monster quests are for Level Exp and I like that. There is a division between Levelling quests and the quests where you'll be given Skill Exp etc. I also had the difficulty of finding a mob to kill. I really can't diminish a bush and a plant mob. That's why I would like to have a name hovering above it.
    Now there is a lot of controversy about the Cash Shop and I think that you guys will change the prices to something more viable. I won't be talking about this issue since this has been discussed alot on the forums. My opinion about it is that you guys lied about the shop having cosmetics only. You guys added buffs to the shop which is just sad to see...
    You guys at Daum Games have done a good job porting the Korean version (excluding classes etc.) to the western version, so props to that. I would like to thank you guys for giving me a stable and enjoyable experience this past beta test. The stresstest was a success on my perspective. It was a bit crowded at Level 1 - 15 and I spend most of my time going to Level 15, but I didn't mind this beta. 
  12. Sooooooo,
    I am both extremely excited and filled with dread for day one (D -2 for me with the Explorer Pack) and was wondering this:

    If I wanted to escape the starting zone madness, that is likely to be on par with a zombie apocalypse, which way do I run? What is the best direction to strike out on to enjoy the game without a horde of players jumping all around you?

    Could players who have knowledge and experience in this give us their thoughts, please?

  13. Forsaken is a new guild currently made up of a close knit group of friends playing on Channel: Valencia-4/[Валенсия-4] . Who are now looking to expand the guild in preparation of the western release.
    We have experienced players who are willing to help new players settle into the game.
    We are currently focusing mainly on expanding and helping new players level at the moment. With heavy interest in owning a castle in the future and being a dominate guild on our channel for western version (and possibly RU while we are waiting).
    Accepting all regularly playing English speaking members from all time zones at this time (most of us gamers have bad sleep patterns so why discriminate against diff time zones? haha). Feel free to drop into our TS and have a chat with us to see if we are right for you
    Add Althorr to friends in RU to message me ingame Or join us on forsaken.guildts.com