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  1. Hello!
    My name is Elryg,
    I am looking for friendly mature english guild for me and few of my friends (circa 4 people).
    We all are over 20 years old (students/working ppl) and we have years of experience with multiple mmos and other games.
    We are not focused on certain part of the game, we do everything, PVE, PVP, Exploration, Grinding. 
    We would like to find nice semi casual guild with friendly and fun people. 
    Please contact me here via pm or reply to this post! 
  2. Post on LFG Edan in US Guild

    By Tensai, posted
    Hey there everyone~
    I am looking for a mature (sic) guild that I can call home.  I am a causal gamer that is out to play the game and have fun.  Don't need the drama in game or on the VoIP programs as I get enough of that IRL.
    I have played a few MMO's that are out there.  Been there and done that and gotten the T-Shirt for my troubles.  I have TS3 loaded as well as the other VoIP programs that are out there.
    I am on the Edan server and I bounce around from channel to channel, so if anything drop me a message here or in game and I will get in touch with ya!
  3. I'm looking for guild that's Fun.Funny and Competitive that wants to enjoy the game but at the same time wants to conquer it. I am very competitive player when it comes to PvP so I am obviously looking for a guild that is the same way. I prefer small guilds because you can get to know everybody easier but not apposed to big guilds I am down for whatever. What I can offer to your guild is jokes,teamwork and hard work (if everyone does the same). I wont waste your time if you don't waste mine I am very fair so lets just have fun. Oh also I'm Black so can add a little darkness to the family. 
  4. How's it going everyone. I made a thread asking about existing community chat servers a while back. Most were in pre-established communities within reddit for other regions or something. I think our version deserves it's own community chat; so I went ahead and made a discord server in hopes of just freely chatting with people in the community without having to make a thread every time you want to say something. I'd be infinitely grateful if ya joined and helped it grow. I also threw in some LFG categories since people like to group it up every now and then. I figure wasting energy in the channel chat isn't very beneficial when people just use it to jabber on anyway. It'd be nice if the sever had an open shout box thingy where people could just message in the general public willy nilly but oh well. I think this is a nice alternative.

    I'm not trying to take anyone from their preferred chatting app so feel free to do whatever you want. I picked discord because it's pretty and it simply appeals to me lol. If there's any other players out there like me who doesn't really have a group to role with, I figure this may prove useful when just looking for a party, general conversation, tips, etc. If you do decide to join it and you see something missing that should be added, feel free to shoot me a message about it. Please join up! Or not... idc really. Just trying to help the community. Thanks guys! 
    ... badump
  5. If your guild uses Discord to communicate, post it here! I wanna check 'em out.
  6. Post on 4 ppl LFG NA in US Guild

    By Yuan-ti_Emperor, posted
    My friends and I are looking for a guild to join, we have no problem with voice chat. We have experience in mmos, we are all over 20yo.
    2 of us can start on the soft launch for Conqueror’s Package, the other 2 will join, most likely, the first week of launch.
    Only 3 of us have decided our main classes: Tamer(Me but changing to ninja main once it comes to the server), Warrior and Wizard.
    The reason for this post is because i've been tasked to look for a guild for us to join, but with most of the interesting guilds having the need to register to a forum and waiting to be picked, we want to join a community, not getting divided by it and it would be not very polite to leave a guild after X days because 1 of us wasnt picked.
    I will contact the guild we choose to join with our in-game names, at least the 2 of us that already reserved names, the others will be given once they make their characters.
  7. #closed #closed #closed #closed
  8. Older mmo/fps/rpg vet here. Played various games throughout my life, use to be more so hardcore than I currently am. Looking for a close knit community of mature players who like to have fun and enjoy their games together with other like-minded people. My unfortunate case is that I'm a EST US player who works mon-fri overnights now: (Anywhere between 11pm-11am) - So my time to play is limited to mornings to early evenings until weekends (Free time!). I'm always willing to help people out within games when I'm on and if I have the knowledge or power to do so. Guild events are fine, but will revert back to my current schedule in which case makes it hard for me to say that I can participate in most.  
    I am mature and pretty simple/open minded on most subjects. I'm a big kid at heart who still enjoys his anime/cartoons. (Who doesn't?)
    I'll re-instate I'm a loyal player who enjoys mostly PVE to relieve stress from daily life, however, I'm not against PVP either. I prefer group and organized setting PVP or 1v1 arena PVP on certain occasions.
    I like to group with others who have the same interest in content and are willing to help back in return being helped when needed. I don't usually ask for anything, I just ask silly questions. If I ever needed anything, I never request it for free. I always pay my debts immediately. I prefer to give than to receive in most cases if it's in my power to do so.
    Currently looking for a community who is not only getting into BDO, but also possibly The Division for pc.
    Once again: Time-zone (EST):    I work Mon-Fri overnights.  Time avaible to play 10/11am-5/6pm Weekdays /(Friday-Sun) Available at almost any time.
    Games Played Online:
     Lineage 2Final Fantasy 11Final Fantasy XIVFinal Fantasy XIV: ARRWorld of WarcraftAionBlade & SoulBlack Desert Online (Korean Servers)Guild WarsGuild Wars 2DefianceThe Secret WorldRiftTeraPhantasy Star: UniverseFPS:
    Counter StrikeCounter Strike: GOCounter Strike: SourceMedal of Honor: Allied AssaultUnreal TournamentQuake ArenaBattlefield 1942Battlefield 2Battlefield Bad Company 2Battlefield 3Battlefield 4Day of DefeatDestinyRPG:
    DiabloDiablo 2Diablo 3Path of ExileNeverwinter NightsNeverwinter Nights 2Dungeon SiegeDungeon Siege 2 
    etc etc.
  9. My Background:
     Experienced MMO player who has been playing in the genre since Ultima/Everquest. Majority of my time in MMO's has been PvE Raiding (WoW, Rift, etc) but some of my fondest memories was bounty hunting/pvp in SWG. Previous raid/guild leader in multiple games,though not an exclusive/required role. Wanted deeply to get into Archeage but the way Trion handled the game turned me away. Spent a lot of time in GW2, hundreds of hours in the mists and RvR but wasn't really a fan of it in the end. I am a 33 year old male who will be playing a Witch with a Berserker as an alt. Grinding doesn't bother me; as a vanilla Everquest player, some of my best experiences were from the grind.  No better way to get to know new people than to shoot the shit while grinding for 12 hours straight. While I have played most classes to around 20~ in the Russian version (prepping for NA release) I do not yet have any PvP experience first hand in BDO, but I've been watching streams, videos and reading guides for the past couple of months prepping for BDO.
    What I'm looking for/my goals:
     Hard-Core Guild with mature environment. Seeking either PvP or PvX guild; while I've done PvE in the past I'm not looking for care bears here.  I'm not blind as to what this game is all about.  Not a fan of "bros" or condescending immaturity.  Talking shit to enemies and having rivalries/sworn enemies is one thing, (which I enjoy) but in guild drama sponges or constantly hearing trolls talk down or abuse another person that doesn't relate to gameplay is a an immediate pass for me. Elitist players are a fine as long as they are somewhat humble and mature.  I enjoy theory crafting and people that put a lot of time into the game, listening/learning from them. I'm just not here to watch someone constantly stroke their own ego whilst being an asshat to other members.   Prefer an established, larger guild.  Not looking for a mega zerg mass invite mess, but I also don't want to join a fresh startup guild with 15 people that turns into a ghost town in 2 weeks or only has players on for a couple hours in the evening. In the end my goals are to put a lot of time into the game while min maxing my character and putting a lot of effort into whatever I find myself a part of.  Node/GvG/Bounty Hunting sounds like it's going to be an amazing time, and I'm looking forward to finding a fit for myself.. just hope I don't sound too picky    
     Thanks in advance for all that respond!
          - Setori Haze
  10. And I'm afraid the hardcore guilds might not have much use for me.  I can only afford to place 2 hours a weekday (Although more than 9 some tuesdays and wednesdays) and 5 for weekends.  But that's fine.  Some people have more time to put toward it and I respect it. (oh boy, he respects people?  He might be a huge wuss.  Let's kill him like the filthy mature person he is.)
    Anyway, let's look at the other aspects:
    I am looking forward to teamspeak of some variety. (I consider it good practice for my voice acting.) (watch out he thinks he's talented.)
    I am down for RPing to an extent.
    PVP GVG and PVE are a-okay with me.  This'll be a first for me thinking somewhat seriously about PVP and GVG, but I'm sure if I get a good first impression of it all, I'll learn to love it.
    I would much rather prefer 18+ guilds, but if the rest make up for it, then I can make some kind of compromise.
    Castle Sieges?  I want it.
    Node Wars, I want to try it.
    And I'm generally a nice and honest chap.  I've played many MMOS before this and I've seen many examples of unsavory and unpleasant people.  With that said, you might not want me in your Troll or Grief guild.  I'll be a total buzzkill. (these little messages are stupid but fun to type.)
    If you don't want to recommend me to your guild and instead urge me to stop being an indecisive gimboid, and that's cool too.  I'm actually wondering if this is even a decent method of guild searching, but I'm going for it anyway.  Life is all about taking chances. (And making mistakes and getting messy.)
    Alright.  I'm off to work.  Have a good *insert appropriate time of day here*.
  11. Guten Tag, ich suche hier eine Gilde, die zu mir passt.
    Hier erstmal etwas zu meiner Person:

    Name: Tim
    Alter: 20
    Beruf: Schüler, Stufe 13/2
    - Diablo 2 lod (Leitung/Mitglied eines Clans, fokussiert auf UT speedruns, UT leveling und Duels (PvP)) - 5 jahre
    - GW2 (Leitung einer Gilde zu Release, nach dem Zerfallen dieser, einer anderen (speedrun) Gilde angeschlossen) - ca 2,5 Jahre
    - WoW (Leitung einer Massengilde, wenige raids (auf normal), viel 3v3) - WotLk - MoP
    - Alles was man mal so nebenbei daddelt aber nicht wirklich irgendwas reißt (CS, LoL, HotS, Hearthstone, SC2, Diablo 3, ELoA, Singleplayer & Indiegames etc)

    Was ich suche:
    - semiprogress Gilde
    - anstreben des Membercaps, falls das cap von 100 erhöht wird, gerne auch mehr als 100
    - das "semi" nicht vergessen, also Verständnis für ein RL
    - streben nach Effizienz
    - respektvollen Umgang mit Membern aber auch außenstehenden (respektvoll bedeutet nicht, dass PK verboten sein soll)
    - Direkheit und Ehrlichkeit - Es stört jemanden etwas? Respektvolle Kritik ist immer gut, zudem verhindert sie, dass in der Gilde hinter dem Rücken anderer gelästert oder gemeckert wird.
    - Voicechat (mit verpflichtender Aktivität aber am besten nur während Gilden"raids"/GildenPvPs etc)

    Deswegen sollte man mich aufnehmen:
    - MMO-Erfahrung
    - Leitungserfahrung (d.h. ich verstehe die meisten Sorgen eines Gildenleiters/Offis und habe eine gewisse geistige Reife)
    - Teamfähigkeit & Hilfsbereitschaft
    - Effiziensstreben
    - Direktheit & Ehrlichkeit
    - Aktivität (wenn ich nicht für Klausuren/Abi lernen muss, ca 4-6h/Wochentag online, am Wochenende, wenn nix privates ansteht, länger)
    - Lernbereitschaft & Lernfähigkeit
    - ruhige Art (ich werde kaum sauer oder rege mich auf)

    Deswegen sollte man mich nicht aufnehmen:
    - wenig BD:O Erfahrung (alle Klassen auf KR angetestet, CBT1 gespielt & Guides geschaut/gelesen)
    - (zu) ruhige Art (sprechen, nur des Sprechens wegen, beherrsche ich nicht. D.h. ich bin beim Smalltalk eher der "passive Partner" (macht mir nichts aus, kommt aber öfter mal abgelenkt oder schüchtern rüber), was natürlich bei Themenbezogenen Diskussionen/Gesprächen mit Tiefe oder Gildenbesprechungen nicht zutrifft, da es hier ja um Informationsaustausch geht
    - Inaktivität vor Klausuren (normalerweise lerne ich 1Tag vor der Klausur, weshalb ich an manchen Tagen kaum on sein kann)

    Ich würde mich über Antworten/Vorschläge freuen.
    Einen schönen Tag wünsche ich noch und bedanke mich fürs Lesen.
  12. Main trait, lazy.  Ok, ish, I read through three pages of guilds and nothing jumped so figured I'd throw myself out there and see what comes in.  Tags are real handy by the way, kudos to those trying to use them.
    I'll try and keep this to the point:
    About me
    Male, 43, work, family, kids that wake me too early and habits that have me game too late.  WTB SleepI game for escapism and so like to be IC, but Im laid back and dont mind OOC either.  Not really in to heavy RP but needless text speak and such is like nails down a wall to me First MMORPG was SWGBeen in so so many since, DDO, NW, WoW, WAR, LOTRO, GW, GW2, VG, Rift, and so on.Guild Officer in DDO and WoWRaided back in Vanilla WoW heavily but these days I raid once per week (sunday night)Im an altaholicHave a habit of playing Dwarfs, hobbits, gnomes, or other oddly small things.Im 6ft IRL so no idea why Will be in CBT2What I'm looking for (ideally)
    Medium size guild so you dont get lost and build no relationship with guildiesGuild focused on enjoying the game, but not Elitist (nothing wrong with wanting to be the best, but not keen on "you must play this way")English speaking (heh)RP preferred but not heavy I'm a PvE player but keen to try PvP (which I enjoyed in WAR for example)No drama! God no.  Been an officer in guilds and handled then.  These days I'm in for the fun I enjoy crafting and working for the benefit of the guildEnjoy guild events but I cant commit to set times for anything (I game when the house falls silent and even the dog is asleep) 
    Should be enough for now I think! 
  13. Hello im Omni.
    i've recently found out that i need a girlfriend and that my life is extremely sad.
    While experiencing Rachel's stupid beard, I have had an epiphany and am now dreaming of becoming a pokemon master xoxo (will you be my Pikachu)!
    After going through many trials and tribulations and having my tail getting cut off when i was a little kid, I lost most of my powers and couldnt transform into my hairy form.
    I've requested the help of the odd jobs crew to help me get a girlfriend, but they ended failing, now i owe them a huge sum of money. Unable to pay them i had to become an escort, My first customer being Johnny Bravo. After that it all went down hill... On my way to my second customer,Tweety I was sold into slavery...
    To be Continued....
    all jokes aside im looking for an active,fun,mature guild who uses voice chat like mumble,teamspeak,ventrillo,cursed voice or raidcall.
    Age: 26 i think..
    Gaming Experience: moderate
    Country: The Netherlands
    Friends: None, just kidding I have lots of friends because I'm very likeable.
    Girlfriend: Yet to be found
    Curse voice ID: ScrubLife4Life
    Feel free to contact me if you're intrested in a fun, active, dedicated guild member.

  14. Greetings fellow desert dwellers!
    I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I am looking for a West Coast guild or at least one that has good activity between 6 and 10 pm PST Weekdays and most of the weekend. I am not really interested in a gaming community whose members are spread thin playing other games or is too casual to do anything meaningful in Black Desert, but am open to the idea if the BDO division is very strong and focused.
    I am looking for a fun group of skilled yet non-elitist players who are organized and active with a well laid out game plan for sieges, crafting and other aspects of the game. I devote many hours into planning outside of the game and would love to have meaningful discussions and debates with other hardcore strategists / planners.
    I have been a hardcore raider in the past and enjoy group PVP as long as it is not gankfest or dirty pool. I love organized PVP tactics where a disciplined few can out maneuver a larger group which obviously requires skill and coordination. I am hoping to find a group that can achieve that rather than join a giant zerg who win by numbers rather than ingenuity and prowess.
    I am also interested in a group that will focus on the non-combat aspects of the game which I feel are some of the best parts of BDO. I am not interested in a group that plans to grind and bum rush to 50 then burn out and jump to the next flavor of the month mmo on the market. I am interested in running the marathon and enjoying the scenery as we work together to build a lasting empire of engaged passionate and responsible players.
    I like to hop in coms and find a fun active community whose discussions are varied and lively. I am a mature gamer but that doesn’t mean I can’t get silly or off topic in chat. I also don’t mind unfiltered chat and off color humor for that matter. What I am hoping to avoid is the insatiable bore who wants to discuss the size of his epeen or the obnoxious (often fake) drunk chick trying to get noticed. You know the types.
    Any way I would love to see some suggestions from the community. I know I am being somewhat lazy by posting this but I have looked in the forums and most recruitment threads fail to mention key details that I am searching for. (I am an NA only player with a founder’s pack planning to play a Witch).
  15. Pleasure to have you looking into our guild recruitment topic. Start off with saying a few things about us and if you have any questions feel free to ask us below. HONOR is a the name we will be using, many of us are new to the game aside from CBT1. We are a group of friends that have met on other mmo's. During CBT1, we found many wonderful players, some with a lot of Black Desert experience from the Korean server, and others like us who started the wonderful game on CBT1. Our goal is to become a top tier guild. What this implies to us is that we will be known, strong, diplomatic, and not afraid to pursue all aspects of the game that perhaps other guilds might want to prevent. We welcome newer players with dedication to learning and becoming independently strong either pvp wise or in a selected craft/trade. We use Teamspeak3 for voice communication and will be required during sieges. We are not going to be a kill on sight guild, but one with Honor. There will still be plenty of PvP to be had without having to murder random innocents. Reply here to get teamspeak and related guild info. 
    Random bits of information about Honor: CBT1 member count was      34
    During CBT1                                                : CBT1 Guild standing was      7th
                                                                          : CBT1 members lv 50+  was  2
    Thank you for your interest and time