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  1. Bitte mal ein LFG Fenster einbauen so wie in TERA:

    @CM_Praballo @CM_Aethon @CM_Kabz @CM_Oli @CM_Serenity @CM_Tytyes @CM_Yukimura
  2. Well shit at least I was honest in the title.
    Age 27 (mature guild please)
    Also, your guild name can't be stupid.
    The wife is a tiny, spicy Jew with a mouth like a sailor and she will hate each and every single one of you with an irrational passion because she wants all my attention and is unwilling to compromise. Good thing she works 60+hrs per week and is god damned adorable when she's angry.
    My play window is mostly late afternoon to late evening CST. Sleep is for the weak.
    Interested in getting better geared (always), responding to guildmate ganks with force, farming areas as a guild by forcing others to leave (since mofos keep doing this bull to me when I try to be accomodating and not steal others pulls), and repressing my antisocial tendancies to chill in voice comms with other adults because my therapist said to. 
    That was a joke, I murdered my therapist.
    Let's get this affair rolling, Monica!
    With love,
    The Vargurmaaw Family
  3. Came back from a 2-month break for DK, only to be sorta disappointed. I'm looking for a guild that realizes that this is still a game and not a second job.I think being able to play with a group of people in a low-pressure environment would be pretty fun. I'm interested in making progress on my gear and also eventually doing some arena PVP on the side.
    My main is a 56 sorc at 149/210, and I'm working on a warrior at the moment (55). I also have a bunch of random level 50s lying around as I wanted to try a lot of classes.
    Well, hopefully someone will reach out!
  4. Post on [NA] Orwen GF and I lfg in US Guild

    By kolock, posted
    GF and I are looking for a laid back mature guild . New to BDO but quick learners , Also if possible the guild have other females so my gf not the only girl.
  5. Hello, I am a new player looking for a guild in BDO. My highest level class is currently a level 50 Dark Knight, but I am working on a Wizard (lvl 41 atm.) I'll put the rest of preferences and info in a list so its easier to read
    I don't know that much about the game yet so I would need a guild patient enough to answer my questions.\I like the idea of a pvp guild a bit better than pve but either is fine. If the guild is pvp it will take a while for me to get the gear and experience to participate in events so that i'm not completely useless. I mainly use curse voice for comms but I also have discord, and have a headset.I am active a lot. Mostly on the weekends but still active around 3pm-10pm PST on most weekdays
    That is most of the information and requests I have hopefully it is enough. :3
  6. DesertRats, a friendly and active guild is reqruiting memebers!
    We are a not too long ago formed guild with 8 members in as write this post.
    We want to do the following stuff with our members!
    - Grinding: (Pirates mostly, sometimes some go Sausan and valencia when more people want to)
    - Guild quests: In order to pay our members and afford stuff for our guild we need funds! 
    - PvP/Node wars: We would like to get into this as soon as we have enough good people so we make a good chance at winning!
    As Long as you are progressing and willing to gear up/grind. You are welcome to join regardless of your current gear/level. You will get there eventually (which can be really soon).
    We would really like you to join our guild and hope you'll choose us to be your companions. Please leave a reply if you want to join us or whisper Ichiiko or TheBeardedGuy.
  7. My friend and I have recently started playing BDO and we are looking for a PVE guild who will take us both.
    we have had fun with BDO but are looking for others to play with.
    I am a  Witch and he is a Dark knight
    my name in game is Adagrace Family name: LazyMantis
    their name in game is EDK Family name: MiloJ97
  8. I am a 59 musa, and looking for a life skill guild.
  9. About Me
    Gaming: First MMO was Guild Wars 2 (and continue to play it as filler). A few months with WildStar, didn’t like Tera or Skyforge, had a great time in ESO (made some good friends), and now BDO on a whim.
    The Person: 30 year-old, single, working professional in the web design/development industry. Quite, but sociable (I silently wait to deliver one-lined zingers or appropriate quotes).
    Interests: I've taken an interest in just about everything the game has to offer outside of all forms of PvP (first time experiencing Player Killers). I'm an alt-aholic and would like to get not only my main, but the others to a point where they have their awakening weapons and can enjoy all of the available content.
    Guild Wish List
    • North American, servicing the Mountain Time zone
    • Ages 25+, with the understanding that real life comes first
    • Primary focus is PvE
    • Play times for most members between 4:00pm and 10:30pm MDST
    • New player friendly (no level or AP requirement)
    • Buffs catering to Life Skills and experience gains
    • Discord
    • Minimal swearing, no crude humor, family friendly
    • Medium sized guild with about 20+ people on at a time.
    Family Name: Havenfjord
    Primary Character: Dalan_Solidor
    Please let me know if I'd be a good fit for your guild
  10. i am a level 56 musa recently started playing again i have 340 gear score looking to join a guild that can hold there own in pvp and node wars 
  11. hi im tennon mateer on black desert online and im getting bored of not knowing what to do i certain thing im a wizard lvl 17 ,  looking for a casual laid-back guild  not a giant guild but a decent size that can teach me the game and what not. also have fun with others i currently use discord voip and i can get mumble or ts3 if its required
  12. Why hello there, thank you for taking the time to view our guild! <Dread_Paladins> is now open and ready for recruiting! We are a new guild looking for people to form a strong community with. We plan to do daily guild missions, pvp, and loads of other spicy activities. We have a ts and discord for events/hanging out. We are accepting new and old players alike, and are more than happy to help those who are newer to the world of BDO! 
    If you would like to join, just let us know either here or ingame (ign:MrsWreckHD 51 Sorceress) 
  13. Hello to everyone on the BDO forums! 
    My name is Kyler. Im installing Black Desert Online as we speak and am 100% new to the game. I was aboard the hype train for this game leading up to launch, but took others negative feedback to heart and never even gave it a chance. Luckily, I watched a video on the game yesterday and the person speaking about the game made some really good points ( such as how BDO is its OWN experience and shouldnt be treated like other MMOS ) that really resonated with me. After all, some of my favorite MMOS were the older ones that required you to truly grind the game and put almost all your free time into it. 
    Here is some info on me and what im looking for in a guild
    Im 22 years old ( for any age restricted guilds ) and currently living in Texas ( CST time zone ). Im fortunate enough to almost completely work from home and therefore am almost always online. I have been playing MMOs for about 12 years now. I have been going from game to game since WoW changed completely, only playing some for a few months at a time. I hope to find a long term home here in BDO. 
    I would really like to be apart of a pretty active guild that has members who are on daily. Im a pretty social person so a guild with a Discord/TS server is a must for me. I have been in both very serious PvP & PvE guilds and plan on getting into the end game PvP. I respect role players so it is not an issue if people in the guild RP
    I hope to hear from some of you very soon! Thanks everyone. 
  14. Post on Looking for guild in US Guild

    By Cr0ss, posted
    returning player who played beta and like 2 days of release. after that had irl things that caught up but i would like to come back i just feel like im crazy out leveled and dont know anything but im willing to learn and im devoted. if your a guild that has a voice chat like discord or teamspeak and willing to help out returning players i would be more then happy to join. i also would eventually want to get big in this game just got to get up there first
  15. hey Leute,
    ich würde mich gern als Einsteiger einer Gilde anschließen, da ich keinen meiner Freunde dazu bewegen kann mit mir BDO zu spielen und es allein ziemlich langweilig ist.
    Ich selbst bin 20 Jahre jung, heiße Cederic und wohne bei Köln. Generelle Erfahrung mit MMO's habe ich schon durch Guild Wars 1&2, World of Warcraft und Elder Scrolls Online gesammelt. BDO habe ich in der koreanischen und 1.+2. EU-CBT gespielt aber nach dem Kauf des Spiels aufgrund der Tatsache, dass ich keine Mitspieler gefunden habe ruhen lassen. Kenne mich daher nicht sonderlich gut aus über Level 25
    Der Character, den ich momentan spiele ist eine Kunoichi namens Yjanna auf Jordine. Macht mir soweit auch sehr viel Spaß, also werde ich nicht in 1 Woche wieder einen neuen Charakter erstellen. 
    In der Woche bin ich eher ein Feierabendspieler und bin im Durchschnitt 1-2 Stunden online. Am Wochenende bin ich aber häufiger und länger anwesend.
    ich suche eine lustige und Hilfsbereite Truppe dessen Durchschnittsalter nicht unter 16 sein sollte. Hilfsbereitschaft und Integration in Events sollte selbstverständlich sein. Mehr Ansprüche habe ich sonst nicht wirklich.
    Ich würde mich freuen, wenn ihr mich mal zu euch auf den TeamSpeak oder Discord (wenn vorhanden) einladet, damit man sich mal ein bisschen kennen lernt und miteinander quatschen kann.
    Gruß Cedd_
  16. As the title suggests, I'm interested in finding a casual guild (on Uno) that primarily focuses on trading/crafting. I'm interested in a light amount of pvp, but I'm only level 40 and my playtime is sporadic, so I can't reliably commit to a node war every week. While only level 40, my trade skill is Skilled 10 and my cooking is Skilled 5. I like to run trade routes while writing/watching shows. If I'm doing it anyway, I feel like it would be beneficial to do it for a guild. I've looked around the forums to find a guild myself, but it's hard to tell which guild's are active/still recruiting. I thought I would throw this up first and see what happens.
    Character Name: Arilian
    Family Name: Griffensbane
  17. Two peeps looking for a medium to large size guild that participates in Node Wars and preferably uses Discord. Weekly boss scrolls would be nice, but not required. 
    Lvl 55 Sorc - 325 Total GS
    Lvl 53 Musa - 251 Total GS
    We come as a package deal. Feel free to reply here, whisper me in game (Aesthetica), or we can message on Discord.
  18. Post on [EDAN] Lvl 54 Witch LFG in US Guild

    By Ashuri, posted
    Joined a guild, thanks all! 
    -Sorry for anyone I didn't get to speak with directly. I promised I read w/e I could regarding your guilds. All the best to you all, thanks again.
  19. I was quit PvP Guild then I wanna join Laidback Guild for starting a gather/fishing/processing/Alchemying.
    Played from CBT1, 1year JP Server experienced.

    Reason to quit: I fed up about -----ing no AP/DP Scaling, then I decided to back to JP Server for PvP
    Ping:about 110ms

    Require to Invite
    ・Learned gather guild skill as high as possible (+3 is better and high priority.)
    ・Allowed some PK
    ・I'm a Oceanic Time zone player. so almost I can't play at NA night time.
    ・not against to large guild (for smooth join to world boss)
    ・Allowed to upload the video.
    That's all.
    so if your guild has a following elements, I'm so happy.
    ・Fishing Guild Skill
    ・Guild Boss
    ・Node war and join at friday in NA.
    ・Siege war
    ・World boss notice
    ・Relic/Daily/Weekly boss Scroll party
    sometimes I'll upload the videos, this is my Youtube Channels.
    uploading Node war on JP Server/NA Server.
    thank you.
  20. Hey iam looking for any dutch guild, anybody has some suggestions ? iam on croxus.
  21. Post on LFG UNO lvl 34 Tamer in US Guild

    By Kalour, posted
    New to BDO, played RO, Tera, Rift in the past.
    Looking for a social guild to learn about the game, not too interested in pvp atm.
    Whisper Delphini
  22. I have 15 years experience playing MMO's and have recently picked up this one. I'm looking for a guild that is willing to teach as there seems to be a lot of neat things going on in this one. If your looking for a player who pays attention to lore and who's happy to help other players with what he's learned toss me a message.

    Hope to hear from you soon
  23. I'm a brand new player sitting in the first city completely lost. Looking for guidance and a guild with active TS. Any help would be appreciated. My hours of play are fairly wide open I play all the time.
  24. Wer sind "Wir"?
    Wir sind eine Gruppe von 12 aktiven und PvP orientierten Spielern.
    Unsere Gruppe hat sich in den letzten Wochen als eingespieltes Team herauskristallisiert und
    will zusammen mit gleichgesinnten Freunden unter neuer Flagge die aktuellen und kommenden PvP
    Herausforderungen in Black Desert meistern.

    Was wir von "Euch" erwarten?
    - Hauptfokus auf dem PvP Content (Openworld, Gildenkriege, Arena, Node-/Castlewars, etc.)
    - Einer bestehenden, aktiven Gilde mit entsprechendem Gildenlevel/Skills/Ressourcen (Kein Neuaufbau/Umbau)
    - Feste Gildenstrukturen sollten vorhanden sein!
    - Eine adaptive Meinung ggü. Aktivität (Hohe Aktivität vorhanden, RL vorrangig)

    Im Detail besteht "Unsere Gruppe" aus:
    Familienname - Charactername (Level - Klasse)
    Epizentrum - Epikrieger (Lvl. 56 - Krieger)NickDigger - SneakyDinkels (Lvl. 56 - Tamer)Anoob - Anoob (Lvl. 56 - Sorcerer)Lamare - Shandy (Lvl. 55 - Valküre)Kaeseknifte - Flexer (Lvl. 55 - Musa)Butterteig - Eena (Lvl. 55 Witch)Downguard - Miku_Chan  (Lvl. 56  - Witch)Drollkin - Asleradin (Lvl. 56 Wizard)WUUUSAAH - PanicMode (Lvl. 56 - Berseker)Crowstorm - Sylvanah (Lvl. 56 - Ranger)Tomnar - Tomnar (Lvl. 55 - Wizard)Zhanlong - Caitness (Lvl. 56 - Valküre)Auskunft bzgl. genauem Gearstand auf Nachfrage. (Hoher Gearstand vorhanden)

    Bei zusätzlichen Fragen und Absprachen für weitere Gespräche stehen euch ingame Anoob, Epikrieger (Auch per Forums Nachricht)
    und Sylvanah zur Verfügung.
    Wir freuen uns über Euer Interesse!
  25. Hello fellow explorers,
    I am currently working on a LFG web site/app. Great to know your feedback on an app serves as LFG site/app.
    Players can select <server><boss>or<event> then add LFG message.
    Your feedback on the matter is highly appreciated.
    Also would like to know from game publisher's staff if this sort of website would break any in-game communication gnomes. 
    - Vasco