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  1. Post on Lifeskills in Vorschläge

    By Dan Hot, posted
    Lifeskills mit Pearlshop Familien gebunden.
    Einfach ein Pearlengegenstand den man sich ins Haus stellt und damit alle Charakter die gleichen Lifeskills haben.
  2. Hi guys, just want to know If you are investing your valuable energy into a node, will it help increasing non-mob killing drop rates / gathering gains? Because right now I have a level 5 node for my gathering spot and small farm, and I haven't noticed anything, in fact I think since I leveled up the node, the overall gains are lesser...
    Right now I'm planning to spend some more to level it to 6 but I'm not sure is it worth?
  3. Post on How To Make Silver in Guides

    By Plunge, posted
    Disclaimer: Whilst the guide is my own work, I have linked videos and other guides that go more in-depth for specific tasks as well as tasks that I'm not proficient in such as Alchemy. If you'd like your guide or video removed then just drop me a PM or reply here. I've striven to include the correct information but if you see any mistakes or would like to offer better suggestions just drop me a Pm or reply here. This isn't an in-depth guide for every money maker in the game as I've left some tasks out, but it will give you a base to build your empire on. This guide is still a WIP and will be updated as time goes by. 
    Useful websites: 
    Somethinglovely is a great site for life-skiller users, it provides a detailed map that will show you the location of nodes, the CP needed for them, where to gather specific items as well as extra information such as villas. 
    Black Desert Foundry offers a great list of recipes for alchemy and cooking as well as all the ingredients needed to make imperial boxes. 
    Somethinglovely also offers a crate calculator for working out how much silver you will make at each trade level which will let you plan out your crate runs. 
    Waliori has created a great site for cooking which will show you the EXP you gain for cooking which can useful when you try to power-level.
    BDO Database has all the knowledge you need, but is especially useful for finding knowledge as well as guides for the amity game. 
    This guide isn't meant to show you how to make silver instantly, but rather over time with a worker empire to support yourself. This guide will also focus on making silver through life-skills rather than through grinding. If you're still low levelled or don't have a lot of CP it's best to build these up before following this guide. If you're a new player it's best to level up to level 55 with whichever character you want so that you can have your base silver and CP to begin with. Try to focus on completing as many quests as possible for the CP EXP rather than focusing on pure grinding. Try to complete as many Black Spirit quests as you can as well as picking up every quest in whichever area you enter, you may also want to pick up these inventory quests. If you get burnt out on quests you can also try to cook your way to a higher CP. One of the byproducts from cooking is a 'Dish With Poorly Prepared Ingredients' which will reward you with CP EXP when you turn 5 in, Incendar's Guide is in depth on how you can get a 1 second cooking time but if you're still low level you can use a 'Calpheon Traditional Cooking Utensil' to AFK cook. It will take 17 seconds per cook (if you have no added buffs) with this item meaning you can AFK cook for a minimum of 9 hours and 25 minutes.
    Whilst you quest around the world of BDO try to pick up as much knowledge as you can to increase your energy, you can press 'H' in game to show the knowledge you need as well as how much energy it will reward you with. The removal of energy needs for cooking, processing and alchemy had made life easier in BDO but having a large energy pool does mean that you can gather for longer which is extremely important when trying to build a large empire. If you are ever stuck on knowledge or aren't sure who to speak with to acquire knowledge use BDO Database. 
    This guide won't tell you how much silver you can make exactly, but will rather show you how to make it easily with the daily amount being based on how much effort you put in as well as how much manual gathering you perform. Just by estimation I would put the average amount at 50 million a day if you follow all the steps below, this can be a lot more of course depending on how much you play. Another key factor is how long you have BDO online for, workers only repeat tasks if you are logged into the game so if you turn your PC off or logout of the game they will merely finish the task they were on and not repeat. 
    Setting up:
    The first thing you'll want to set-up once you have sufficient CP is set up your node network. It's up to you what additional gathering nodes you sue, but for the purpose of this guide you'll want the following node. Please note that in some cases your workers may not bring in enough material and you may need to manually gather as well this is all based on how much silver you wish to make per day; the more silver the more manual gathering. You'll also want to set up some of these nodes as soon as possible so that your workers can gather whilst you increase your level, CP or other skill. 
    Your workers can only gather from a node if it is connected to your network. A worker from Calpheon cannot gather from a node if it's not connected to Calpheon for instance. Some of the below nodes also exist on the same node connection line, so the CP needed may be less as you'll find you're already invested in the node. How many of these nodes you invest in is up to you, you'll find that some nodes aren't worth investing in due to the CP cost and some nodes you can't afford yet due to CP limitations. At the time of writing this guide this is how my node map stands, the next expansion with my CP will be into Valencia for some of the metal nodes. 
    For the timber nodes it is a good idea to grab them all.
    For the ore nodes your main limiting factor will be the coal when it comes to iron ore, so unless you want to sell the ore/shard/ingot you don't need to invest in that many iron ore nodes. For the copper it's not worth investing in the Mediah/Valencia nodes until you've invested in the rest and even then it's best not to invest in these until you have spare CP. 
    For the cooking nodes it all depends on how you use cooking, whilst it's useful to have a large stock-pile of starch and vegetables if you don't have a large amount of CP or only cook for Imperial then it's best not to get them all. There's no point investing in multiple starch nodes if you're not cooking up a lot of beer and even then it's not worth investing in them all unless you're going through thousands of beers in a 24 hour period. For starch products it's useful to dedicate each product to one task for instance; potato for cooking normal items, corn for grinding into flour and wheat/barley for cooking. 
    Chicken meat nodes aren't really for the chicken but rather for the egg byproducts, you'll find after a few weeks you'll have thousands of chicken which you can either cook to sell or just vendor. You can manually fish and then dry/cook them, however to save time it is best to invest in any fishing node and having a worker gather the dried fish over time. 
    - Timber Nodes
    - Metal Nodes
    - Cooking Nodes
    Whilst you can manually gather ore and timber, you'll want to hire workers to gather items from your invested nodes. There are three types of workers in the game (if you see naive don't bother hiring) Goblins, Humans and Giants. Dulfy's Guide goes more in depth into worker hiring but to keep it brief you'll want to hire them as soon as possible and get them working to level them up whilst you play. In order to gather from your nodes you'll need 2 things, lodging and a way to recover stamina. Lodging spaces can be bought via the cash shop however there is a limit so you'll want to purchase lodging in the city/town where you want to hire the worker. It's always best to hire a worker as close to the node as possible to make the task time shorter. For instance with the timber nodes you'll want to hire workers and have them stationed in Trent, Behr and Calpheon. 
    Goblins are on average the faster workers, but have lower stamina so will need you to manually recover their stamina more often. Giants have the highest stamina but are slower whereas Humans lie in between. It's up to you to look at their individual stats and work out which worker is better suited for each task. You can purchase workers from the exchange, but good workers tend to be very rare and the exchange is usually sold out. Workers have different tiers which improve their stats as well as chances to get better skills, these are General, Skilled, Professional and Artisan. You can spend energy to keep rolling for better workers but in the mean time it's better to start off with General/Skilled workers to gather whilst you search or level up workers. .
    The longer workers are gathering the more levels they'll gain to a maximum of level 30. Every 10 levels they will gain a promotion chance that allows them to level to the next tier, each promotion test takes 24 hours and you can only promote one worker at a time. Your workers also have a better chance of levelling a tier up the higher a level they are. You'll also notice that as workers gain levels they will learn skills, a full list of skills can be found here but we'll go into detail later on in the guide. 
    Levelling life-skills and other requirements:
    In order to fully benefit from this guide you'll need to level your life-skills to specific levels which are as follows. You can still have your workers gather and craft items, however it is best to not sell some items until you've reached a specific level.
    Trading is the practice of buying goods from trade managers at one node and then selling for profit to another manager. Famme's site, somethinglovely, offers a very nice list of every trade pack in the game with the price as well as level needed to purchase it. In order to benefit from selling worker crafted crates you'll want to have the trading buff from the node manager at Sharing Node, which adds 50% to the total selling price of your crates. In order to activate this buff you'll need to complete two activities, complete the 'To The Wild Desert' Quest and achieve Master 2 in Trade. (* Master 1 ranking needed in Trade)
    In order to maximise the number of products you get when processing your timbers and ore you'll want to reach Artisan 1 on whichever character you are processing on.
    Whilst base products can be made at any level in cooking, you'll find some dishes can only be cooked at certain lifeskill levels. If you scroll to the bottom of this page and open up Imperial Cooking Packages, you'll find a list of which packages can be created at each cooking level. 
    In order to sell your crates for maximum profit you'll want to connected the cities and the nodes between, for EXP you don't need to have the nodes connected but for silver you do. Famme's map comes in use again to show you the cheapest route CP-wise to connect the different nodes and cities. For instance connecting Valencia to Calpheon will cost you a minimum of 34 CP points. 
    Crates: Below are all the different types of crates you'll want to craft for making silver in BDO, as a note DO NOT SELL ANY OF THESE CRATES UNTIL YOU HAVE ACCESS TO THE DESERT BUFF. What crates you want to make is up to you as you'll need to transport them all to sell individually. Where you craft these crates is also down to you, Port Epheria and Trent offer a better distance bonus and will add to the price of your crates, however Calpheon offers more workshops and will allow you to pump out more crates depending on your resources. In order to sell these crates just speak to any trade manager, bargain with them for more silver and then sell the stack. You'll want to ensure that you have the buff from Sharing Node activated before selling.  For simplicity the numbers below are for crates crafted in Calpheon and sold in Valencia. Calpheon Crates - Base Price = 50,790 - M2 Price = 187,628: These crates are made in any wood workshops and require 5 Birch Plywood, 5 Cedar Plywood, 5 Fir Plywood and 1 Blackstone Powder. The time taken for a worker to make one crate can be anywhere between 30 minutes to 10 minutes, depending on the tier and type of worker. Incendar goes into depth in this video on worker skills for crafting crates, but you'll want to pump out as many of these crates as possible to sell in Valencia.  Steel Crates - Base Price = 21,030 - M2 Price = 77,689: These crates are made in any mineral workbench and require 10 Steel ingots and 1 Blackstone Powder.  Bronze Crates - Base Price = 29,670 - M2 Price = 109,607: These crates are made in any mineral workbench and require 10 Bronze ingots and 1 Blackstone Powder. Brass Crates - Base Price = 31,590 - M2 Price = 116,700: These crates are made in any mineral workbench and require 10 Brass ingots and 1 Blackstone Powder. Steel Crates - Base Price = 21,030 - M2 Price = 77,689: These crates are made in any mineral workbench and require 10 Steel ingots and 1 Blackstone Powder. Jewelry Crates - Base Price = 189,030 - M2 Price = 739,173: These crates are made in any mineral workbench and require 5 Gold ingots, 5 Silver ingots, 5 Platinum ingots and 1 Blackstone Powder. These crates can be more difficult to craft as there's no node for gold or silver however these can be rare drops when mining. You can also do some maths yourself and see whether it is worthwhile buying some of the ingredients off the marketplace and whether you'd make a profit.   Imperial Cooking and Alchemy:  This website is great for showing you the different recipes you'll need for cooking and recipes as well as the different boxes you can craft for Imperial Turn-ins. The number of dishes you can turn in is currently set as half of your total CP and resets every 24 hours. The number of each crate that can be turned in has a chance to reset every 3 hours and is unique per channel, however there is a 15 minute waiting time to access the NPC every item you change channels. Dulfy's guide goes into more depth as well as showing you the location of each NPC for your turn-ins. Be mindful that you are competing with other players, so when an item shows the limit as 32 for instance that is a limit of 32 for ALL the players in that specific channel.This image will also show you what boxes are best to make for cooking, the marketplace value shows you how much silver you would earn by selling the specific number of items on the marketplace with and without the valuepack. The buying price shows you the total amount of silver you'd spend to buy enough items for 1 box. The Imperial price shows you how much silver you'll receive for turning in one box. The profit shows you how much silver you'd make by selling to Imperial rather than the marketplace. The marketplace difference shows you how much silver you'd lose by buying the items from the marketplace and then selling to the Imperial NPC.For cooking you may find it useful to craft Advanced Cooking Utensil for which, amongst other things, you'll need logs and rough stone. Logs can be gathered from chopping and tree which you can then chop into usable scantling. Rough stones can be mined from any mineable rock/stone with Incedar's video showing you a great location to mine large amounts of rough stone.  Questions?If you have any questions do let me know in this thread or PM me, I'm not going to answering anyone who just asks "How do I do everything", but I'm more than happy those who have specific question or who have shown some initiative and started off the process of building their empire.  
  4. Hello everyone
    My suggestion is to make all lifeskills account-wide, like contribution points and knowledge.
    It would make choosing another character as a main more viable. Knowing that I would have to level those up again is putting me off.
  5. At the moment there is a limit of about 30 available turn in's for Imperial Alchemy and Cooking that is NOT shared by server but IS shared by players. This does reset every 3-4 hours but it takes some serious camping or luck to get to be able to turn in close to the max amount, or even turn any in at all.This strikes me as an interesting mechanic choice because I cannot see the advantage to this.
    What if the limit was no longer shared by players but was individual to each account? Also to removal potential channel swapping exploits it could be changed to be shared across servers. So each player account could turn in about 30 items every 3-4 hours regardless of channel and regardless of other players.
    What do you guys think? Would this make more sense to you? Would you prefer this? And does anyone see a disadvantage to this change? 
  6. <Morphine> is a newish small NA Guild looking for a few more active players of any class and level to fill it's ranks. We are a small casual, play your way Guild with no dumb Guild requirements like gear score, level etc. etc. that most other Guilds require, all that we ask is that you are active, respectful, help out other Guildies and have Discord (mic not required). We do Guild Missions, boss scrolls and grind parties. Play the game your way, not how others expect you to just in order to be in there Guild. If you just want to life skill, that's fine. Into just grinding mobs, that's fine to. We do not do anything PVP, we have not nor will not declare war on other Guilds and because of that we can not be declared on (Guild vs.Guild off).
    We at Morphine got tired of having to play BDO on others terms and restrictions, we just wanted a Guild to call home, build up and get Guild perks and play BDO the way we want to, not be told how to play or when to play certain aspects of the game by other ppl. Have fun with BDO, play how you want to play, we don't make it a competition like most Guilds. 
    If Morphine sounds like the type of laid back, play your way type Guild you're looking for than don't hesitate to PM me here or in game. Family name= Stryker_Corps.
    Discord is a must, no mic is okay.
    Guild Perks so far:
    Level 3 Accuracy
    Level 3 All AP
    Level 1 Gathering
    Level 2 Fishing

  7. Post on Trocknen in Vorschläge

    By Winterklinge, posted
    Ihr kennt sicher alle das Problem, dass ihr gerade nach einer langen Sammel/Angeltour nach Hause kommt und erstmal eure Errungenschaften (Fleisch, Leder, Fisch) trocknen wollt. Aber ach so plötzlich fängt es natürlich spontan an zu regnen/schneien. Da ist trocknen natürlich unmöglich. Das ist von der Spielelogik her auch super realistisch und auch gut und daran will ich gar nicht herummeckern.
    Aber ich hätte folgenden Vorschlag zu machen:
    Lasst uns bei jedem Wetter trocknen, solange wir in unseren Wohnsitzen sind! Ich meine...hey, da ist es schließlich trocknen und war. Zudem würde dadurch ein Haus auch dadurch mehr Nutzen bekommen.
    Wenn man durch die spontanen Wetterumschwünge das afk Trocknen verhindern möchte, ist das ja ok. Aber dann lasst uns z.B. einen Kamin/Ofen craften, den man in sein Haus stellt. Dort muss man dann ca. alle 30 Minuten z.B. Brennholz, oder Öl einfüllen. Solange besagtes Item im Einsatz ist, wird dadurch der Wettereffekt ausgehebelt.
    Dann müsste man nicht mehr Channel wechseln und davor im chat eine Wetterabfrage starten, auf welchem Channel es denn gerade nicht in Heidel schneit/regnet. Außerdem wäre so ein schöner, warmer Ofen ein nettes Highlight in jedem Zuhause.
    hier ein Bsp. wie ein solcher Ofen aussehen könnte. Natürlich könnte man dann je nach Herstellungsorte noch verschiedene Design wählen.
  8. Hey,
    Ich bin spiele schon lange in BDO, nur habe ich mich bisher noch nie richtig mit den Lifeskills beschäftig, weil das manchmal wirklich komplex sein kann.
    Wenn ich hier und da lese, wie manche einfach nur mit den Arbeitern 30~ Mio am Tag machen, motiviert mich das auch mal anzufangen. So unerfahren bin ich dabei eigentlich nicht. Ich hatte mal zum Beispiel eine zeitlang bei Calpheon Holz, mit den Arbeitern gesammelt. Mehr auch nicht. Ich weiß nicht, welche Arbeiter ich wo einstellen soll, um auf das beste ergebnis zu kommen. Was ich mit dem erarbeiteten stuff anstellen soll, und, ob ich jeden Arbeiter "garantiert" auf Orange bzw Lila(?) bekomme?
    Mit welchen von diesen Sachen :
    kann ich am meisten Geld machen? Eventuell alles zsm?
    Worker habe ich leider nicht mehr und zu meinem pech, findet man gute Worker nur noch selten im Arbeitermarkt. Meine Lifeskills sind dazu alle, bis auf Angeln, auf Anfänger. Beitragspunkte habe ich nur 115, Energy 180+.
  9. Last month i published this hunting guide for BDO , feel free to take a look on it
    StrawHatDangers !!!

    About SHD
    We are the guild SHD and our guildmotto is "we dont care"
    This is a trading,lifeskill and fun guild.
    If you want to do anything else we dont care!
    Our actuall guild

    Both of us me and Feyd -----ING LOVE animes.
     so you better also do!!!
    If not "we dont care"
    We have a Teamspeak and a Homepage but dont think we care about you.
    That means, no support, no questions, no community.
    Just stay and play

    What we are looking for
    Active players who dont care about anything and just doing their own stuff
    Server Info
    EU Val 6
    PM ingame : BlacxkY or Feyd
    for any other questions use this homepage
  11. Server: Uno/Veila 1
    Focus: PvE/PvP/Life Skills/Guild Progression (Guild Quests, Bosses, Scroll Nights etc.)
    Time Zone: Currently mostly US/Canada, however we do have international members, and are happy to welcome more :).
    Who we are:
    A lot of guilds like to claim they are Legendz. A lot of guilds hold on to previous server wins like it's a badge of honor and brag about it whenever they get the opportunity. IProLegendz is a guild that you can show what  true LEGENDZ look like
    - Awesome? Yeah, we've been around for a long time...
    - Experienced gamers? Most of us have been gaming for 15+ years.
    - Big guild? We're more of a community than a guild.
    Goals: To progress the guild and have fun while doing it.
    Current Skills: (we are working on increasing these now)
    We are PvE/Life Skills based, if you want to PvP that is fine, as long as you aren't giving the guild a bad name.
    We will be doing regular guild quests, and are working on a schedule for weekly or bi-weekly guild bosses.
    If you plan to be away from the game for more than 4 days, just let an officer know beforehand
    If you think this is your kind of place, contact in game <Suiemoto> <Misa_Torie> , or contact here
    **Since I have been asked - we will also absorb groups/small guilds, we want everyone to find good homes!
  12. There is no debate, grinding gives the best silver per hour.
    I'm just asking about somewhat or fairly profitable ways for silver aside grinding - lifeskills/crafting/workers etc.
    share what is the most profitable for you and how hard was to reach the necessary level to get a good income.
    Thanks a lot!
  13. Hello everyone, <Amity> Is currently looking for active new/veteran players of all aspects of the game. We're slowly building up our numbers and ranks to have a very fun and helpful community for all players. For other small guilds that are interested we are available for merges and open up for discussion. There is no level requirement nor gear score, due to the fact that the majority of us are PvE and Lifeskills, but also to help new players to have a good experience with the game. When it comes to PvP related activities we are also growing into joining node wars for those who are PvX players that are interested, may join also. For more information and updates please PM Asolka Thank you!
  14. It would be very nice to have a life skill transfer item (could be cash shop item) that allows you to transfer a single life skill from one character on your account and server, to another. This would allow us to move life skills to alts or new mains, and make you money...
  15. Ok now, serious talk.
    With Daum reverting the turn-in tokens value back to their KR value, every second spent doing something else than grinding is, essentially, wasted time in terms of silver/hour. If they really want to make it like the KR version, then KR has no energy cost on processing.
    I know what you guys are gonna tell me, and I'll try to debunk some misconceptions. If that is ever implemented, I think the XP/gather or XP/craft should be lowered in order to balance things out.
    1) This will encourage botting
    Botting is already ingame, and happens in every game, even if you try to remove the P2P trading system. Gathering bots are easy to detect, and it's not the players' responsibility to do something about it anyway (but that's another topic).
    2) AFK macro'ing / water-gathering will be OP
    You can already generate income at no energy cost while AFK and still level your lifeskills. Why should gathering be harder to level than fishing with 16+ coming ? It's not as if you were going to find 10 shards per night, just as you don't find 100 ARCS per night while fishing.
    3) There will be too many resources on the AH.
    With higher base min prices, this would not be an issue. It would even help the economy to have more basic items ingame, because more basic resources means more refined/crafted goods.
    4) If there are more basic resources on the AH, the prices will be lower since there will be no demand.
    Minimum prices should follow the inflation, it's up to Daum to set the rules.
    5) The guys that have Master/Guru ranks will make a lot of money.
    So be it. If everyone wants to reach master/guru, I think the reward should be worth it. A Guru processor will yield a ton of black stone powder per grinded crystal, yes, but there will be no point in grinding for it since the demande will be too low in order to make any decent silver/hour profit. It will force people to look for opportunities, bringing back "skill/knowledge" in a bot-dominated marketplace. What would be the point in sniping Platinum if you knew it would be available 24/7 ?
    6) Why should you earn as much silver without taking the same risks ?
    Grinding is low-risk / high-reward if you only think about the silver aspect of things. If you do not care about XP at all, there's no challenge in grinding sausans 24/7. On top of that, lifeskills don't reward SP, and that's already a huge negative side of lifeskills that is perfectly fine. A player with +15 bossgear acquired via grinding will always smash the player that acquired his +15 bossgear via lifeskills because he has more knowledge/SP. Allowing lifeskills players to earn as much money will only make them access the newer PvE content more easily, without making them feel burnt out on grinding and RNG.
    These are just my thoughts, but to be honest, the current state of the game really does not feel fun at all. Releasing content patches after content patches without addressing core issues related to these updates are not the way to go. The playerbase is leaving, because people are slowly understanding that the way the game is managed is really bad (please, don't even try to argue, it's a fact). And don't tell me I'm a PvE carebear, I just find myself enjoying lifeskills from time to time in between sausan parties and GvG (55.40, 300+ AP/DP). I just can not understand why the game forces me to think that I'm wasting my time working on them, because in the end, more silver = more power. Higher lifeskills can currently not compete with grinding due to energy costs.
  16. Post on Black Rat League. in General

    By A.Raj, posted
    So, I finally reached "Professional 2" in trading, and decided to check out the black rat traders hoping to get some goodies! Alas, they won't interact with me, or allow me to get those Shady items. Is this because they aren't technically in the game yet, or is it something else like  " Lack of investment", in an individual node  ( i.e Velia )??  

    -- If anyone has some advice on this, I'd appreciate the insight.

    Thanks in advance.  
    ^(that took alot of work)^
    Welcome! We are Webshrouds! Funny name isn't it? What does it mean? Hell i don't know, it's from an old D&D group
    (cause we roll that way)...(get it?)
    Anywho we're a guild that is devoted to helping the lower levels, higher levels, and pure PVE/PVP oriented people stronger. When we say strong we mean, tired of getting pushed out of farming spots? Tired of grinding solo or not having the proper gear because you don't have others to run scrolls with, or practice in the arena with? That's what we are here for!
    We offer support on both fronts of BDO, gear and skill.
    Aiming to grow our numbers with members who want to make a difference on the server, and have a family or place you can call home. Why not with us? 
    If it sounds interesting, or you're still not convinced check out our website at 
    (still under works visually)
    We do it all when we say PVX. 
    Grinding, Scrolls, PVP, Practice, Fishing, Group photos, Guild Quests and more!
    Email us at Webshrouds@gmail.com if it sounds something you want to be apart of.
    Thank you

  18. This guild is looking to focus on all major aspects of the game, our guildies range from Hardcore PVPer's, Lifeskill/ crafting focused, horse tamers, Fishers, and more! We use discord, and we honestly are looking to grow, and with you that can happen today.
    Check out our guild website! www.webshrouds.com '
    Email at Webshrouds.com if you're wanting further details
    Thanks! -Nao

  19. This guild is looking to focus on all major aspects of the game, our guildies range from Hardcore PVPer's, Lifeskill/ crafting focused, horse tamers, Fishers, and more! We use discord, and we honestly are looking to grow, and with you that can happen today.
    Check out our guild website! www.webshrouds.com '
    Email at Webshrouds.com if you're wanting further details
    Thanks! -Nao

  20. BDO looks fantastic but I was a bit dissapointed that there is no crafting proffessions like tailor, blacksmith etc. they seem really needed in open world game like this I mean really I can build a boat but cant use a hammer and some metals to make armors. I find it a bit lacking in this department. I am sure you as a gamers would want systems like that too.
    I have heard that you can become some sort of Grandmaster alchemist or something like that so crafting professions like backsmithing etc. would be great with this systems in game. What is more there could be orders from the blacksmiths in town to help them with orders for which you get special rewards depending on how big is the order, like a special blacksmith hammer which has limited uses . And you can use it to craft epic armors. For the tailors the rewards might be house decorations or special sewing kits as rewards with the same effect as the hammers.