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  1. “The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him.”
    - G. K. Chesterton

    Lionsgate is a PVP guild based in North America, interested in all aspects of the game with a high emphasis on node wars, our progression as a guild, and just generally having fun together. We are looking for competitive players who want to become a part of a positive, dedicated, yet easy-going community. Applicants must be willing to come to wars and participate in other guild activities.
    Lionsgate formed in May 2016 as a 20-member group who wanted to create a guild of mature, like-minded individuals who not only knew how to set goals and accomplish them, but also how to have fun together. We learned how to fight alongside each other, establishing clear communications in war and fostering our synergy and organization. We have formed a cohesive group of loyal members who are here because they believe in the guild, its mission, and genuinely enjoy the company of the guild. We slowly and carefully built our guild with members who share our same attitude and values and are motivated to push the guild forward.

    From the start, we knew that we were taking a very long road by choosing to build the guild this way. We were starting from scratch to be a strong, positive, independent guild free of politics in a game full of drama and negativity . We have created a close-knit group that promotes positivity and open-mindedness. No drama. No power hungry staff members. No toxicity. Just hard work, fun, and lasting friendships.  We have created a strong network of players that also recognizes the importance of having good interactions with the rest of the BDO community. With that said, we have a high standard of behavior. We aim to be competitive while displaying respect, courtesy, and sportsmanship.
    Currently, we are mainly focused on building a strong team for T2/T3 Node Wars. We have no interest in joining the politics of alliances, nor do we have any interest in being "fed" nodes for the sake of money. We aim to challenge ourselves each and every step of the way and believe that we can only improve by fighting tougher battles. We aim to be an independent entity that builds its guild beyond numbers on a spreadsheet. We build our guild for the primary purpose that any guild should - to have fun.
    We believe in a community where all members are equal regardless of rank or status. As staff members, we view ourselves merely as members who have additional responsibility to keep the guild going. Members are to be judged fairly by their character and decisions are to be made in the best interests of the guild. We know who we are and we're here to stay. We aim to go as far as our dedication will take us. We're a group of positive, hardworking individuals who never forget to laugh and have fun along our journey.
    Fair and attentive leadership team460+ GS PVP Core2-3 Node Wars per week / Occasional Siege 5 AP / 5 ACCURACY / 100 HP / 5 Damage Reduction Command to Gather / Weekly Crate Valencia SummonsElephants / Guild GalleyNode War Participation based payout systemUp to 1 million silver contract dailyActive DiscordMember organized grind groups,boss scroll groups, etc.RBF / Movie NightsA solid group with a cheeky sense of humor. REQUIREMENTS
    Level 58+, 400+ Gearscore: We are looking for decently geared players who will strive to reach that sweet 460+ GS alongside our core.
    Level 58+, 420+ Gearscore: Due to very limited guild spots, we are strictly looking for players with 420+ GS who are AIMING to go for 59-60+. If interested, please send in your application after meeting these requirements. 
    Experienced, Active, and Motivated: We are looking for players who are ready for battle and are motivated to keep improving.
    Positive & Respectful: The guild is something that requires teamwork so we are looking for players with a positive mindset who are able to work well in a team. Also, members are expected to be mature and respectful in the open-world.
    Join Discord & Mic Up: Discord is our prime communication channel for announcements, war notifications, and everyday coordination. Applicants must be willing to participate in the community. We are looking for motivated players who FIT IN and share our mindset.
    Interest in contributing to the guild: We are HEAVILY node war focused and are looking for people who can participate in those alongside the occasional mission/guild events.
    We have very simple rules in the guild. Play honestly and treat others the way you want to be treated. Don't cause drama and don't troll or bully others. If you like to cause trouble, this is probably not the right guild for you. Everyone in the guild gets along and are very chill / easygoing. If you feel that you might not be able to uphold all of our policies, then no hard feelings. We do not want to keep others from playing the way they want to just because we choose to play a certain way. 
    No hacking or partying with a hacker
    No exploiting
    No scamming / lying
    No random, unjustified PK-ing
    No harassment/discrimination of other players
    No trash talking
    No karma bombing
    **More information on our policies will be found on our Google Doc upon joining in #guild-info. These are rules that our leadership expects and that the BDO community should expect our members to follow. If there is any problem with a member, our leadership invites you to speak to us about it to resolve any issues.**
    Apply Here and tell us about yourself
    Join Discord for the interview
    Interact with our community to see if it will be a good fit. Chat/Join Grind Groups/Scroll Groups etc (Applicant Permissions Required)
    If Staff sees that you are fitting in and participating in the community, your application will be approved and you will be sent an invitation.
    DISCLAIMER: This guild has a lot of shenanigans. Members may develop abs.

    Many thanks to the following Lionsgate staff members for all their hard work!
    Jason, Ostrich, DJ, Ronin, Dae, Bleu, Blac, Vorf, Weplo
    Also credits to Fiare for making us our awesome banner!