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  1. Post on Market Mishap in In-Game Bugs

    By Vallis, posted
    Since the patch on 4/26/2017 the Liverto Tri Blade has not been registering properly in the market,
  2. Hi Com,
    ich weiß so nicht ganz ob die Frage, wirklich Sinn macht oder doch? Es geht um die Liverto-Waffen. Die Frage brennt mir schon seit Stunden auf der Zunge. Angenommen man hat seine Liverto-Waffe auf +15 gezogen, alles schön und gut. Da die Liverto-Waffe den RareTyp "blau" hat, wollte ich fragen ob man die Upgraden könnte? Spricht von RareTyp "blau" auf "gelb". Geht das überhaupt oder bleibt die Waffe einfach nur auf +15 und das war's dann? Wenn die Waffe auf +15 bleiben sollte, ist sie dann doch gar nicht so besonders, oder doch? Ansonsten könnte man ja einfach eine "X" beliebige Waffe nehmen die auf +15 hochziehen und dann weiter Upgraden und dann bis MON, DI, TRI, PEN etc. weiter machen.
  3. So I decided to come back to Black Desert Online, and in the span of time I started upgrading my Liverto Staff and finally got it to +15 then to PRI! "Wait, Did I say PRI." *RIP* In hopes that I could just use the Ultimate Grade Reform Stone On my PRI: Liverto and Ultimate it and make it GOLDEN BABY! I was stuck with just BABY. Well not even a OH BABY! UGH, OKay Well, enlight of so many people actually forgetting to upgrade to ultimate before heading over the the PRI donut section. CAN YOU PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE! ~Adriendes  ~Sadface~ ~The frustration is real~

  4. Good afternoon, I've been trying to buy liverto for pre-buy and there's no way I've even tried to put a different amount to see what it puts me and says I do not get the money (logico when you put 11 liverdos xD) so I put it back One single and that message that you can see in the image I closed the game and try again and there is no way, I sold my liverto the sorcerer to buy the dark knight class, can help me or if they know if it is something of The options (I have not touched anything but if there is something I should tell me please) came very excited to try the class after being without internet 1 week (worse than the dependence of smoking D;) and it seems that I have bad luck now with the Marketplace TT
    thanks in advance, sorry my English'm still learning and I need a translator for some phrases  ^_^u
    PD: The marketplacer npc stayed the same as me with the message xDDD
    Close the post already solved sorry for the inconvenience and thanks alike cya! ^^
  5. Post on Waffen verstärken in Anleitungen

    By Axwell, posted
    Moin moin,
    ich weiß nicht ob ich jetzt blöd bin, aber verstärke ich meine Waffen falsch bzw. über falschem Wege?
    Ich habe mir eine Liverto auf Stufe 0 gekauft für schlappe 9 Mio. silber. Nun hatte ich ca. 40 Schwarzsteine (Waffe) auf Lager und fing an fleißig damit zu verstärken (nicht forcieren). Die Liverto ist bis Stufe 11 gekommen, bis die Haltbarkeit der Waffe aufs Minimum reduziert war. Ich habe mir deshalb für ca. 4 Mio. 5 Erinnerungsfragmente am Marktplatz gekauft und zusätzlich ausm Perlenshop diese Erinnerungsträne, damit die Haltbarkeit mit höherer Rate wieder hergestellt werden kann. Hab nun beides in die Haltbarkeit gesteckt und konnte dann weitere 6 x versuchen zu verstärken. Alle 6 Versuche sind fehlgeschlagen, sodass meine Waffe noch immer bei Stufe 11 ist.
    Mache ich hier etwas falsch oder brauche ich einfach nur viel mehr Geduld und Silber?!?
    Vielen Dank für eure Antworten :-)
  6. Hello, My friend is not able to force his staff to pri. He can force is dagger. Can someone help please.
    EDIT: We can't force it. You have to failstack it.

  7. My problem is like this there are certain items that you want to sell on the market place and it's impossible to sell because the minimum price that you want to sell that item for is allot higher than the lowest price the same item has curently on the market , curios enough the minimum price you can sell that product is actually even higher than the maximum that you can see on the market. Minimum price you are able to sell and item should be equal with the lowest price that product has on the market. This is ridiculous , how are we supposed to sell our stuff.
  8. Post on Gear Assistance in Ninja

    By osu13, posted
    I'm a 57 Ninja with all pri grunil and duo chest (ultimate). I'm also currently using pri yuria ultimate, and +15 estique offhand, and +15 green awakening. My gear score is somewhere around 135, 120, 197.
    I've been saving up my gold and really despise self enchanting (I understand the benefits and failstacking...did it for most of my gear) I'll be close to 1/2 a bill soon.
    Now for my Question
    Should I snipe a tri Kzarkaor buy a tri liverto and tri offhand (or try and make myself)or should I get Bhegs gloves first before upgrading weapon to increase my AP gear score.Im just trying to figure out what would be the best first move in gear advancements.
    I usually grind at sausan for money but have an interest in Pirates grinding and potentially Bandits or crescent (not sure yet).
  9. So, i havent been playing bdo for long and now have come to an dillema, i have 120kk in my warehouse and use an ultimate yuria duo, but was thiniking of upgrading my gear.
    It all led me to check the forums for guides, since i wanna be as good as i can while playing plum/maehwa i tried reading even some of the korean ones, and all i was able to find out that there are too many retards.
    By checking the forums i tried to find as much as i could about how they tested it and how many times, and after reading them all, no answer was found.
    70% of tests say that yuria<<<liverto, but they usually use green yuria, so that got me curious as to is there any difference between green and ultimate, whhich led me to find out that those who used ult yuria got random results, and by that i mean that the results were never solid between multiple people who have done those tests, and the tests werent indepth enough so i went to see more and found people saying that koreans have already tested/proved which one is better.
    So i did what any insane man would do and using multiple translators and a dictionary read their files, which led me to a horrifying answer of them being 50% liverto 50% Ulti Yulia.
    Can someone who has done any tests in the most recent version  give an honest answer?
  10. So, i havent been playing bdo for long and now have come to an dillema, i have 120kk in my warehouse and use an ultimate yuria duo, but was thiniking of upgrading my gear.
    It all led me to check the forums for guides, since i wanna be as good as i can while playing plum/maehwa i tried reading even some of the korean ones, and all i was able to find out that there are too many retards.
    By checking the forums i tried to find as much as i could about how they tested it and how many times, and after reading them all, no answer was found.
    70% of tests say that yuria<<<liverto, but they usually use green yuria, so that got me curious as to is there any difference between green and ultimate, whhich led me to find out that those who used ult yuria got random results, and by that i mean that the results were never solid between multiple people who have done those tests, and the tests werent indepth enough so i went to see more and found people saying that koreans have already tested/proved which one is better.
    So i did what any insane man would do and using multiple translators and a dictionary read their files, which led me to a horrifying answer of them being 50% liverto 50% Ulti Yulia.
    Can someone who has done any tests any the most recent versio  give an honest answer?
  11. Hi guys, I,ve returned to BDO after a 6 month break.
    My main is a Warrior and I left it with decent gear and quite some money on him.
    But much has changed since I left so I need some advice.
    This is my current set-up:

    - Full Grunil Set +15
    - Yuria Longsword of Destruction +15 (Which I just sold, that's my problem)
    - Vangertz Shield +15
    - 2x Mark PRI
    - 2x Witch PRI
    - Ruthum Elite Belt PRI and Ancient Guardian Seal PRI

    I've been reading around and I have an idea in which order I should upgrade my gear: Bheg > Dandy > Kzarka > Muskan
    I have around 400 Millions to burn and already decided to buy Bheg Gloves as they are now always available on the market.
    I am 53 at the moment so I would skip Dandy for now, so the next in line should be Kzarka.
    I have more than enough to buy a Kzarka Duo but there are still too rare (even the basic one) and frankly I cannot be arsed to stalk the AH, that's one of the reasons I left the game.

    Now, my main problem is that I already sold my Yuria because I was going to buy a Liverto DUO, but then I remembered that now we have the Awakening weapon and I'd rather save the money for a Dandy.
    So at the moment I don't have any Sword and I really need to buy one ASAP, so my questions are:

    Shall I buy a Rosar +15 (or maybe a DUO) which will bring me to lvl 56 and then buy both Dandy and Kzarka?
    Shall I buy the Liverto DUO but  then I'll have to choose between  Dandy and Kzarka?

    I am asking because I've never been convinced that the Liverto was worth that kind of money for a Warrior, that +3 Crits Bonus is useless and though the Accuracy is great I wonder if it is worth all that extra money, particularly because now the Greatsword is the main Weapon (and I know that AP gets transferred from the Sword to the Greatsword, but what about the Accuracy?
    Would a Rosar +15/PRI/DUO work until I get Kzarka (assuming I buy Dandy first)?
    Sorry for the long post I hope you didn't fell asleep.
  12. Post on zaka v liv testing in Guides

    By PyroAmos, posted
    I posted this in zerker forums, but figured i'd throw a link to it here to, since other classes I guess could get some use out of it.
  13. Bonjour à tous, je me pose la question suivante :
    Entre arc liverto et arc kzarka qui ont tout deux la même valeur d'attaque et dont seul les bonus change ( +3 critiques vs +3 vitesse d'attaque) qu'est ce qui vous fait choisir plutôt l'un que l'autre ?
    A savoir que via les cristaux on peux pour chacun des deux armes ce rapprocher du bonus global de l'autre.
    Enfin vous voyez l'idée.
  14. Da ich nicht wirklich an PvP interessiert bin werde ich hauptsächlich meine Awakening Waffe zum Farmen benutzen, werde also nur sehr selten bis gar nicht meine Waffe im Kampf wechseln..
    Im moment hab ich eine Duo Yuria, und ein Duo Vangertz Shield in meinem normalen Waffen Slot, angenommen ich besorg mir nun ein Liverto Langschwert dann müsste ich doch von den Beiden Gem Slots und den Stats profitieren selbst wenn ich sie auf +0 lasse, weil meine Awakening Waffe eigene Stats hat, sehe ich das richtig?
    Danke Im Voraus!
  15. Post on Kzarka VS Liverto TEST in General

    By RW3XL, posted
    did a dmg comparison test with tri liverto vs tri kzarka 

  16. Hello folks,
    because of the foreced low prices nobody puts in a liverto 15 in ah I decided to make my own.
    So I bought a liverto short sword and put it fast to +12. 
    From now on I build 20 stacks, which should be a fair amount to get to 13.
    But I have now on one char 37 failstacks, so I switched to another char because the 37 should be saved for later i think and on that other char I have not 27 failstacks.
    And still my liverto is at 12 :-(
    So my question:
    Do you force from 13 to 15 or is there a change getting this done with RNG?
    I hope that game designers have bad dreams of a big amount of failstacks hunting them :-)
    Thanx a lot for all your help.
  17. Hello all,
    I am on doing my first liverto to 15. Normally I would upgrade now to ultimate (golden).
    But I read that the chance of getting a golden weapon to a higher level, for example 20 is less than doing it with a green or blue weapon.
    So it would be stupid to grade it up before 20 - if that will ever happen before i die .....
    So is that true?
    Many thanx for all your help.
  18. I'm just wondering if it's still worth it to get a liverto weapon over an Ultimate Yuria when they release the weapon awakenings. And how does your 'Pre-awakening weapon (ex. Blade, Shortsword, etc.) affect your awakening weapon? Thanks in advance. Cheers!
  19. I'm currently using PRI Yuria longsword and am aiming for a Kzarka. I've been doing Kzarka since a long time now and I think it might never drop so I wanted to ask to you; other warriors; is it worth it to just go for Liverto and dump Yuria? Or should I just save my money and hope for a Kzarka drop, and use the money on Awakening when it comes out?

  20. Hello everyone, 
    I'm at a crossroad of sorts in my game, currently have a +9 yuria but enough funds to kind of start a liverto (13m-ish). My question is (obviously) which one is better? Not just in terms of pure ap difference, but also which is more efficient in the long run to get to the end goal of Kzarka. Here are some points to consider:
    - +15 Yuria 68~73AP, +15 Liverto 78~82AP (is this AP difference significant in the long run?)
    - Yuria: 9k per 1 max dura repair
    -Liverto: 650k per 1 max dura repair (does current cost of memory fragments outweigh ap difference?)
    -possibility to get Liverto from guild boss (cutting out initial 9m investment of simply buying it, anyone have % of guild boss dropping it?)
  21. Last night I got a liverto off the market for my witch, got it to 15 so the max durability was quite low (33) but still useable. 
    My guild did a large mudster scroll boss and only a short time into the fight I noticed my durability on my staff was near 0. I had to run to glish to repair, and continue on, at about 25% I noticed my weapon again was near 0, and was forced to repair again. 
    Once the bosses was dead I was really confused as to why my weapon was going broke So quickly. I saw a thread on the wizard forums where mma seems to drain durability exponentially faster than other skills. 
    So I did a few quick tests on the heidel dummies to see if I noticed anything, around 1casts of mma takes around 1 durability iff. Ultimate blizzard on the group of dummies took on average of 2 off for one cast.
    I understand that high damage skills generally require more durability, but this seems a bit overkill (and I've only just noticed this on the liverto, not my old 15 yuria, though to be honest I never really checked.)
    Is this much higher dura cost intentional or a bug? Not even rangers had this high of a cost before they fixed it in a patch.
    Tl;dr: some skills seems to take far more durability hit on than others ahs it could be just on a liverto. Intentional or bug?
  22. Hallo, 
    ich seh im chat immer nur der hat die liverto bekommen un der hat das liverto von dem bekommen.
    nun frage ich mich wann wissen die leute dass der boss denn da ist. im chat wird des ja nicht mehr geschrieben. gibts es ne feste zeit oder wie machen die das das die leute genau am dem zeitpunkt da sind ?
  23. Hello,
    Which is the best territory to pre order a liverto? Mediah? Calpheon? is any way to know how much are being sold through pre order in the different territories?

    Also with the awakening spells. When the awaken spell gives you AP bonus, does it stack? For example a Wizard with lighting and residual light both with +5 AP would stack to +10 AP? or is pointless to have all of them with + AP awakening skill?

  24. Post on Liverto or not? in Berserker

    By alexgui2001, posted
    Tout est dans la question amis Berzerker,
    Je me pose la question de la réel utilité de la Liverto.
    En effet au début certains disaient la Liverto est inutile pour le Zerk mieux vaut la Kzarka.
    Oui mais la Kzarka, elle tombe pas si facilement...
    Du coup on voit pas mal de Zerk HL avec de la Liverto...
    Alors pour vous Liverto mieux que la Yuria? Mieux que la Yuria Ultime?
    Vaut elle réellement l'investissement.
    Quitte à bientôt passer +18...
    Le débat est lancé  
  25. Hello peeps! What is your failstack record? I am enchanting liverto +14 atm.
    Dont forgot upload screenshot for fun