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  1. I already opened a ticket, but wanted to see if more people have experienced this issue.  Keep in mind 2 things, 1: pets are well fed 2. I have enough inventory space available.

    Problem is that at 2 groups of pirates, not always but often enough, my pets will pick up silver from the dead pirates but not the bandanas or coins or any other loot that may lay in their bodies.  This only happens in the very first group you encounter, next to the safe zone, to the right. And the one on the very top of the safe zone.  They will begin looting and then give the error message for when there is no loot on the body.  This happens often enough, and usually returning pets and resummoning them may fix the issue, also restarting the game or the channel change option.  It doesn't happen always, and for that reason its one of this bugs that is really hard to know what the problem is.

    Please if you have encountered this bug post below and if you have specific data or a different group of mobs this happens let us know.
  2. I would like Kakao to consider the following changes to world and field bosses:
    Remove the cap of players that receive loot or significantly boost it. - Players who participate from the beginning can receive nothing due to other players flooding in as the other channel's bosses die or due to playing on overly populated servers. A number of players playing BDO has changed mechanics need to adjust due to it.
    Boost the spawn frequency of bosses to every 2-3 hours but limit the number of times a player's family can receive loot from a boss daily to 1-2 times. - This will lower a number of players participating per boss while also giving more players the opportunity to participate.
    Poll for approval
    Edit: Oops had suggestions and general forums tabs opened - I messed up.
    For those who disagree that these changes would be beneficial I'm curious to hear your reasoning and what you would suggest.
  3. Hello,
    Every time I party up with my brother we never see loot. When we kill enemies no loot is dropped at all and we are trying to figure out why. As soon as we disband the party loot starts showing up again. We have tried to research ourselves, but we cannot come up with an answer so there is no better option than to turn to the BDO community. Why is there no loot when we party up and what can we do to fix this issue? Thanks in advance for your time and help.
  4. I thought I'd start the inevitable thread about the anniversary event with my experience.
    I saw the announcement, rushed over and queued to change channel for ages, going over the time. Luckily the spawn was roughly an hour later than initially advertised so I had plenty of time to stand around mashing potatoes.
    There were so many people that my FPS was low but adequate.
    After the final 5 (15) minute count down and RedNose spawned on EU_Balenos6 near me, I dived right in and got my prescribed hit, woo. I then did as much damage as I could.
    Then a second RedNose spawned and I started having FPS troubles.
    Then finally I died, the lag severely impeded respawning and many people were unable to respawn at all. Finally after button-mashing I got it only to be instantly disconnected from the server.
    After 3 attempts at loading back in to a dead character and then resurrecting, I finally was resurrected instead of booted from server. Woo, I run over to find the boss dead and no loot.
    I'm an hour and a half into my anniversary event experience at this stage. I run around a bit hoping my pets will be able to find something, no joy.
    Then An announcement is made that another boss will spawn in 30 minutes.
    Is there even a point me sticking around?
    Do I ever get loot for coming along to this event as promised or have I just wasted 2 hours of my life?
  5. Post on Dungeon questions in PVE

    By Xamda, posted
    Hello, I'm pretty new on the game and I noticed that the game doesn't have an instance system for the dungeons, it will be added? I noticed also that the dungeons are simply "caves" with thougher mobs and no special loot or bosses at all, am I wrong?
    I can see also that the final sets are totally buyable on the auction house (and are few/not very nice to see) and no special sets killings some bosses or mobs, am I wrong again? I love the game as it is but I think that these elementes could improve the rpg/party experience and could reach more players also from more classic mmorpgs games!
    Thank you for the attention and have a goodday
  6. Hallo zusammen,
    ich habe leider nach längerem Googeln keinen "zufriedenstellenden" Thread gefunden zu dem Thema Gruppen-loot (will ja niemanden grundlos beschäftigen).
    Wenn ich mit meiner Freundin zusammen spiele, dann möchten wir um die Beute die wir beide benötigen (z. B. Blackstones) würfeln.
    Aktuelle Problematik: Schwarzstein kommt in die Lootbox, allerdings bemerkt man das nicht immer bzw. es steht auch nirgends ein "deutliches" Fenster, dass etwas in die Lootbox gekommen ist. Zu gut deutsch: Im Eifer des Gefechts nimmt man einfach nicht immer wahr, dass etwas in die Lootbox gekommen ist und schwup ist der Schwarzstein schon verkauft. Und die Lootbox immer offen zulassen nervt auch auf die Dauer, da die Lootbox auf dem Bildschirm recht groß ist und 2. sich immer schließt, wenn man z. B. sein Inventar öffnet...dadurch muss man sie immer wieder aufs neue an den Bildschirmrand verschieben, sodass sie nicht mitten im Bild hängt.
    Vielleicht übersehe ich etwas, aber falls das wirklich so sein sollte, fände ich die Umsetzung mehr als fraglich. Wieso kommt kein Fenster mit 1. Würfeln und 2. Passen. Würfelt einer oder mehrere, dann bekommt es einer, passen alle, so kommt es in die Lootbox und es wird im "Special Prices Market" verkauft.
    Unserer Meinung nach wäre es nicht zielführend, dass man immer abwechselnd ein Monster looten darf (also ohne Lootbox!), das nervt, vor allem wenn wir beide nebeneinander eine Monstergruppe besiegen, dann muss immer im Anschluss jeder nochmal zu der Monstergruppe des anderen. Und free for all loot....ich mein wieso dann zusammen spielen. Vielleicht bekommt der eine dann einen Gegenstand, den der andere braucht und man hat somit die Chance verwehrt bekommen darum zu würfeln. 
    Ich hoffe ihr versteht mein Problem...geht es euch genau so? Über jeden Rat wäre ich sehr dankbar, denn mir kommt das System unnötig kompliziert vor.
    Beste Grüße
  7. Everyone knows a big part of this game is grinding mobs, whether you are leveling, grinding for gear or loot, killing the same type of mob in an area is a huge part of playtime. A while ago I had an idea that could potentially make grinding mobs less mindless, and add an additional goal to mix things up.
    So here is my proposal, it might be a bit too ambitious, and Im not even sure if its able to be implemented, but I would still like to put it out there and get other players thoughts.
    On most high level mob areas like Pirates, Sausans, and Skeleton Graveyard add a "Infamy" bar that is shared with the party. The more creatures you kill of that type the more the bar fills up. Once the bar gets full a rare enemy spawns for the party to track down, kill, and gain extra exp/loot/silver. The idea here is to give parties that will be farming the same place for hours and hours something to work towards. Depending on the area it could be anywhere from 500-1000 enemies killed to fill the bar. After the bar is filled and the rare enemy is killed then the bar would reset. The rare enemy spawn could be similar to how summon scrolls work, where only the party can see/attack it, and there would be multiple spots for the rare enemy to spawn to keep parties spread out and add a hunting aspect to it.
    I know there arnt too many details to this, and there are holes, but my main premise is to have a target number of enemies to kill during grinding that would reward the party with a rare, very powerful enemy unique to that area to kill. I feel like this would make grinding so much more fun, promote working together in parties, and it could even incentivize grinding in areas that have largely been abandoned because of poor loot/exp.

  8. Talking about this, I'm pretty sure the following option is supposed to disable this, but it has been broken since launch and despite multiple threads addressing this issue it's still not fixed. 

    Can we get a working option to disable this spam, please? It makes grouping really annoying, and it's quite absurd this has been a bug for over a year, should be a simple fix. 
  9. Post on RNG Reduction in Suggestions

    By AGx, posted
    I understand the logic behind all the RNG; if everything is a little harder to obtain (loot, upgrades, etc) you're forced to spend more time trying to obtain it which equates to more play time. The longer we have to hang ground trying to obtain these things, the longer your game lasts. I get it and I'm not entirely opposed to it but for the love of all that is (and is not) holy can we please tone it down a little. The RNG in this game, as it is, is so severe that it's actually turning people away. The upgrade system alone requires so much luck it's insane and it's the worst for weapons. You have to be lucky to get the boss to drop the weapon, lucky to get the item that you need to upgrade it, lucky if the upgrade is successful and if it's not, lucky if your item doesn't DOWNGRADE! Fail-stacks exist but this is a terrible mechanic based on luck too since in this case, you're lucky if whatever your stacking with doesn't successfully upgrade and reset your count. It's ridiculous and I cannot fathom why anyone thought this was a good idea. It's created a "have's and have not's" system where the best geared players simply cannot be touched and those who only have so much time to play simply shouldn't be bothered. I'm not saying cater to the casuals but the longevity of the game will depend on the player-base and I"m afraid this will scare people away over time. There's very little in this game to work towards, just a lot to hope for.
  10. I have a few questions about grouping in this game. I was at Sausans and a few people invited me. Now the thing is my weight limit sucks so I have to go back to Tariff a lot. What's the polite way to go about this? Leave group or stay?
    More specifically, will it reduce people's XP if I stay in the group? Will I look like a freeloader? I just literally don't know nothing about how groups work in this game.
  11. I can't seem to find a topic about this so i'll go ahead with it!

    Hey, my general concern is, i've been at Nouver from his 100% to 0%(death) with 176/170/207, been kicking and screaming like anyone else but can't even loot the dragon. As if i just stood by watch everyone kill i and then expect a treasure.
    i mean, am i the only one? how does this work? is there a deeps limit? how does this work? i'm there beating the crap out of it from 100%-0% and i don't get a reward.....?
    please someone explain it to me!
  12. in the game still exist the loot on pvp or only loses karma?
    can someone steal items, money, trade items or something to other players by killing them? like kill players that are trying to trade items or something and steal it?
    if not, whats the point on pk if ur reward is losing karma ?
    theres any risk trading items with the npc if the pk is useless?
  13. As the title says, i just wanted to know, what people have gotten from the boxes? if you've opened them, that is.
    Is it worth it? or is it just rigged as always?
    or are you saving up for the big one?
  14. Post on New Rednose location in PVE

    By Meteorlogikus, posted
    Hey guys Meteorlogikus here
    The location of rednose changed. Now he is north of "Western Guard Camp" (:

  15. We all know how cool it is wandering BDO from lv0 ~ lv50, it's so diverse and the class awakenings are so cool! Funfact: it's nearly impossible too get them without grinding to death jus to level up and get them. BDO devs will bring new area's, no doubt. But instead of making them between lv0 - 50 they should aim for +50, +70 or even +100 area's and make it easier to reach higher levels. The player base doesn't need more noob area's, we need more challenging area's, maybe nearly impossible to solo. There is a lot to do before level 50 but after it, leveling is so slow and boring that getting an awakening is such a long comitment and not much players have the time or patience to get them. And yes there are things like world bosses and large scale battles and that's cool but some players want more PvE, lore, different questlines, raids,... IN SHORT: NEW AREA'S FOR HIGHER LEVELPLAYERS, MAKE IT EASIER TO GET HIGHER THAN LV 60, LOWER LEVEL REQUIREMENT FOR AWAKENINGS.  Give it a thougt and feel free to comment ~ Peace 
  16. Current implementation of world / field boss loot feels lacking. Not only it's massive RNG system and some people might see multiply loots while other's non, but also the system is locked behind a solid number of loot piles (If I remember correctly 40 per field boss, 100 per world boss). That means that a less populated servers or outside of normal hours for most people (i.e at work time of most of the people) it's higher chance to get loot, as less people will attend. Even Aura's from bosses are behind the RNG wall and there's a chance you won't get your item before new items are introduced (considering the loot drop chance and the fact it doesn't even have to drop it, not to mention you need 100 of them and you might not be even able to attend said boss once a day if the spawn times are wicked that day).
    In my opinion this system is completely flawed and injustice and hereby I'd like to suggest a change to the loot system for Field / World bosses.
    I think, that there should be a daily quest added for every Field / World boss (1 quest per boss everyday, not a "choose one"), that would tell you to kill said boss once a day. As a reward for finishing the quest you would receive an RNG box that would do 4 rolls in different loot tables (i.e 1) hunter marks 2) actual rare item 3) auras 4) silver).
    This would not only improve the experience of players in terms of bosses (trust me, it's not fun fighting a boss, having his aggro because of high dps and then not getting anything while someone who just swapped channels and hit him once got a world boss item), but it also would make it slightly more fair regardless of hour in the day or server population. It would also prevent all the stuff with channel swapping to increase your chance on profit and resulting in like 700 people on one channel trying to try their luck for 2nd time (Hello 0,1 FPS!).
    Said quests could be put into separate Black Spirit category, same as Enchanting / Reforming or Guidance is to make it easier to distinguish those quests from others (as there's planty of world / field bosses in the game)
    To motivate players to help killing the remaining bosses, if you've already done your quest, you could reduce the random drops to like 3 for Field Bosses or 10 for World Bosses for people to have slight chance for additional RNG loot also.
    Also when using this system it would be suggested to lower the boss spawn times to make them more accesible for people, but spawn them only on 2nd channels (i.e Valencia 2), as when the Conquest / Node wars are there, the boss won't spawn on 1's anyway cutting the loot even further.
    TL;DR - Add daily quest under separate Black Spirit tab, that will tell you to kill a field / world boss for an RNG box. This way everyone participating has their RNG roll instead of strict number of loot piles.
  17. Post on Loot Testing in General

    By GreenBeanDemon, posted
    I want to get into some loot testing and documenting. Was there a thread I might have missed that we already had a discussion of looting documentation etc? The link is a sheet where I did some looting documentation. I was looking to a lot more of this sort of thing. 
    How do we like this format and Structure? I wanted something easy to follow once you understood the subject and methods. Or better yet is there some mega sheet I need to plug this data into that works better out there? 
  18. As the title suggests, don't release a giant area with no incentive to go there. Why would anyone wanna spend time in valencia when mobs have garbage exp and loot. The city is dead and really only geared people farm the accessories there. Meanwhile sausans is a cluster f**** taken over mostly by higher level geared people or griefers ( some who can't be wardec'ed bc carebear game) pushing the little ones out because its still decent exp and better money than valencia. 
  19. Does ANYONE know which valencia mob drops these? I know every other one, exept for this one...
  20. Post on Titium Valley issues in PVE

    By TotallyRad, posted
    I have a level 9 node with S knowledge on all the mortars and kamasilve active for almost twenty hours of farming. I'm lucky to get two gear pieces to drop during a session. Haven't seen a scroll in days. I get maybe 3 black stones an hour. 3 helmets per mob kill if I'm lucky. 
    I had a 5 or 6 rank before Blackstone event and only one monster with S. I would walk out with several scrolls and many pairs of Rocaba Shoes and more helmets to vendor than you can shake a stick at. 
    Anyone else having issues? Like... where the hell  is my loot?
  21. Since we are asking for all these awesome changes to the game, we should rly hear aswell what the mobs have to say!

    Cause srsly! They have feelings too !!
  22. When I started I read up on game and seen both KR and JP had no buy in and had cash shop items avail for marketplace
    Now when a game wants to step up shop here in North America, what they do not tell you is this, international tax and fees. 
    In a sort they are setting up shop to take virtual jobs, and are charged through the nose.
    Servers are not cheap for this type of usage 100.000 + users using data to run this game lol
    Also Currency from Yen to USD is a joke see image
    Edited to show both in case of either
    Now keep in mind I am going by my opinion of starting in March.
    At that time they said Not at launch, so I knew it was coming, and seeing the fact as kr gets updates we do later on so you have to be a fool not to think oh they get mediah we get mediah they have valencia we get valencia ..... Oh wait they have cash shop items in market........ 
    anyhow it takes alot to do this and well I respect it. 
    Please remain calm and stop acting like no one knew this....
    and in a couple days we shall see what happens,  

    I think the items in cash shop will be limited, like to have 25% avail to resell only to encourage more to spend, Like at costco where they offer a sample of tasty crack to get you in the door 

    IN online gaming you see cash shops. they help with paying the staff, now if you are unemployed or living at home think of this, "whoever" feeds you be it Mom, Dad, Gramma, Grampa, the state or lotto. if they had been told today that they were no longer going to be paid that they were hoping to work for free. 
    you would not have anymore internet, food, or cheetos

    For me the Pearl shop is a form of tipping the server waitress etc "Jouska" 

    but if we paid to get in, and that income is going down, the fate of the server could close.
    if the game did go free to play you think it is bad now?
    we pay to get in and could pay, think of the leechers 

    Yes Black Friday, game goes free to play hordes of people rush in, card warriors and bots and rotten people
    You think it is bad, lol I played Lineage 2 when it started 20$ a month, it had bots and gold sellers but when it went free to play servers we're packed
    I think we all need to see how this plays out, and see if it can be made to work for us, as well we all love the game or you would not be here trolling 

    In life you will learn you can chose the devil you know vers the devil you don't

    IN any case this has been my time and thoughts.
    If you need an 

    Just leave, save some dignity and move on. 
    Stress will kill you
    Have a great day, if you agree may the RNG be with you so you find the booty

    and if you are that troll, may you find all the Bares crap and empty chests
  23. Hi guys,
    Before the game came out and I was reading about how party loot works in the game.  I was really against it.  I was fine with the standard round robin, loot rolls, etc.  It sounded too much like Blade and Soul's loot system, where you bid money to roll for an item.  After playing since launch and from how this game plays,  I was thankful that this was not the case.  The options are there to "purchase" the item, but the dice rolls are available as well so people can pass.  I also actually like having the special deals options.  Free's up your inventory,  money gets mailed to you, pick it up at your leisure.
    What I dislike is that it posts items so quickly onto the marketplace.  We need more filters/options for party looting.  It needs more options such as prompting when blue or higher items drop.  Because you are literally grinding and killing tons of mobs that drop stuff...  Far too often you forget that the bag is there and stuff you would like to dice on (Books/crystal shards/specific gear/Stones) are already sold.  With all the item notification spam from world marketplace, you don't even notice what just went up for market in your own party loot bag.
    Some examples of some functions that would help:
    Set green loot for special deals, pop up prompt options for blue or higher itemsTag items to be exempt from special deals, so when they do drop, it either prompts to dice/sell/purchase from group or round robins the lootYou can set your party leader to be the deciding vote on if the item goes to marketplace/purchase or allows for dice rolls.  I would also like the idea of being able to use the special deals options when soloing.  If you think this would be unfair for PUGS (pick up groups).  Think of at least setting a guild party system... because one would hope your guild mates are not jerks who will screw you out of loot.  
  24. Can we implement the loot system we see on bosses on all mobs?
    When you kill a boss (scroll or otherwise) everyone who participated gets a loot drop. Everyone can loot that boss once (if you are grouped for scroll bosses). Can we please get this on regular mobs in the world? This will encourage group play in many more aspects of the game. For instance, instead of people fighting over a farming spot, they could just group. Everyone would get loot equally just like with bosses. This will honestly make a HUGE difference in gameplay, one that I feel will be for the better. Imagine being able to party for ogres or anything and not be fighting over who gets what! Please consider this change.
  25. Post on Zarka no loot ? in PVE

    By Number_0829, posted
    Please explain me why , its the second time it happen now.