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  1. Can Field Bosses please not spawn 1 minute before server shutdown and make all damage done go to the wind? Dim Tree Spirit & Kzarka spawned at 3:59 AM est. Server shut down 4:00 am est. Its funny to think about but also frustrating considering, they`ll be dead in 3 hours when many of us are asleep or at work. Sooo. Yeah. Please fix that or a good suggestion going around is to remove field bosses/world bosses but Buff the Daily & Weekly scroll bosses loot tables to reflect on the more generous drop rates Field Bosses have. Same should apply to Daily and Weekly bosses whom did not have a field boss counterpart. Like Giath and Muskan.
  2. In Diablo when in a Party the dropped items, Shared loot has a 120 min share time to be traded only with party. If we could mirror that with a 60 minute here for party members. It could work persay, not able to trade money etc but the dropped item on a 60 min cool down to account bound.
    Diablo did this to offer a medium between the no trade and party share option
    would this be an option within the Dev's access?
    Personally when doing Guild Missions I would love to be able to say oh here this is for your class... when in a party
  3. Bonjour ou Bonsoir, Ma question est toute simple. Cela fait plusieurs jours que je farm (entre 8H à 12H/ jours)  les tréants à deux têtes et les vieux pour espérer avoir leurs connaissances en S. Et ma question est, faut t'il avoir la connaissance en S pour pouvoir drop la ceinture d'esprit des arbres Et si, il faut avoir la connaissance en S, combien de temps faut t'il mettre pour l'avoir ?? 
    Ps: Si vous avez certains conseils je suis preneur.
  4. i've only done a few field/world bosses as of lately so correct me if i'm wrong please.

    why not make all loot from world/field bosses RNG and damage done to factor in what/how much loot we receive.

    i've read that it was originally all damage done, then they changed it to RNG. why not mix the two? an appropriate balance of the two seems the most fair.
  5. I had a mad idea, and i'm posting it here!
    Every weekend friday to sunday, a server for about 250 player with x10 or more/less boost on all (exp/loot/skillpoints) you can sign up to,
    You would be able to collect gear and level up from ex: Friday 17:00 to Sunday 14:00, at sunday 15:00 evry player on that server would be teleported to a pvp area for mortal combat experience
    Catch! If you die you character will wipe and you can not join the server again untill next event start, PVP is on all the time! and can't be turned off,
    At the last day in the pvp arena! 
    The top 10 players that was last alive will get a reward sent to their account with a Box or bundel that containe anything in the game.
    This is not p2w and all players have the chance to win ^^ and the reward is pretty neat for loosing time on your main ^^ and you will have a blast wile playing
  6. Seems this whole thing was a 1 in a milion occurrence with my guildies being very lucky and me, very unlucky.
  7. Hi everyone, me and some friends thinking about the current loot system, maybe should be implemented an AoE looting option on menu game.
    It's very annoying spam the "R" key when the ground is full of bodies and disappear while still fighting with a horde of mobs, detracts from combat experience.
    The idea it's press "R" key and loot everything in a radio of X meters without checking the loot, that's would be more easy to implement.
    Await for comments...
  8. Salut,
    Je me demandais si il existait une database ou des infos sûres concernant les niveaux des géopoints.
    Pour les géopoints de grind : A partir de quel niveau c'est rentable ? % de taux de loot en plus ?
    Pour les géopoints ouvrier : Est-ce qu'il y a une augmentation significative du nombre d'items récoltés ? ou on peux s'en passer ? Est ce que pour les mines de fer, cela augmente les chances d'avoir des cristaux noirs bruts ?
    Investir dans des géopoints pour des spots de grind ou pour les ouvriers ? L'un est-il plus significatif que l'autre ?

  9. Hi, guys.
    If you think the post is inappropriate you can lock/delete it, it won't hurt my feeling  No need for trolls also, it's a valid question and observations sharing.
    Why am I writing this? - no idea where/how to ask the CMs personally and I don't really think they would answer such a question in a PM. Also I really want to know
    TL;DR - In my opinion/observation rare items drop rate ( Witches Earrings, Mark of Shadow, even Ogre Ring e.t.c) might not only be RNG but also time based.
    Will use Witches Earring (WE) as an example. Only talking about drops from mobs, NOT from bundles ( it's in the chat).
    So, very, very, even too often I see more than 1 WE drops in a row in the notifications in the middle of the screen. Mostly it's 2 in a row in a matter of 20 seconds to 4-5 minutes. Have also seen 3, but that happened only 2 times in lets say 40 days and it's not worth talking about. After that no drops for a extended period of time - 40 minutes to 2 hours if you like. The first 5-6 times I saw this I didn't really think about it but at some point started watching at the notifications because I got interested and that is when I noticed the pattern.
    To not make a 2000 words post of explaining my logic, I will try to sum my opinion/thoughts up ( keep in mind, I have a RL job and also play the game more than I write down stuff for statistics, so what I am going to say is NOT proven, nor do I have real evidence or the time to only gather evidence for days when I actually want to play  If you noticed something like this or didn't, just watch the notifications next time you play for more than 2 hours):
    1. The rare items in my opinion are not % based ( meaning you do not have 1% chance to get one, no one does ). They drop once every X minutes/hours where X is not always the same - reason for that are people like me, that notice this, and if I notice that WE's drop 1 to 3 times lets say every 45 minutes I would be able to time this and go there every 45 minutes.... What I have noticed is that the time is RNG but also hard coded ( once it is 45 minutes, then it could be 1 hour, 1:13h, 2 hours and so on ).
    2. How many WEs drop could depend on RNG - first one is 100%, between that drop and a second drop ( mostly 5 min ) the second one has lets say 50% and a 3d one has 10% ( % numbers I am quoting are totally bogus, to serve as an example )
    3. Who gets the drop - that is a bit tricky and I don't want to go that deep and think of example algorithms. Node level, luck level, but there should also be RNG involved because if there wasn't the same person would always get it with 5 luck and node lvl 9+.
    To sum it up - I cannot prove this, only a CM can. This is only an observation, I am not forcing you to believe it or troll.
     You could ask why they would implement such a complex system for rare drops and the answer is simple:
    1. The code is already there, bosses are time based and as you know, Kzarka as an example does not spawn at fixed times but in X hours with a min and max values for X ( so not every 24 hours to the second e.t.c - just like I described the WE drops)
    2. I really think there are constantly at least 100 to 200 people farming the Witches Earrings. Math is simple - even with 100 people on different channels and a total RNG on drops we would see tens of WEs dropping every 2-3 minutes with the amount of mobs people kill per second/minute. There must be another mechanic that limits this and what I have described is the mechanic I think it's used.
    Thank you for reading this, thank you for you shared opinions and observations and thank you for the trolls and giggles I am expecting too  Going to play now, have fun
  10. How to: World & Field Boss in Black Desert Online

    My latest guide is for all those people that have problems getting loot on World & Field Bosses. It contains a lot of general information like a list of the Boss attacks or what to prepare to increase chance on Loot but it also contains a detailed guide on how to build and use a dedicated World Boss Character.
    In addition the people from Alustin can use my Boss Timer to get a few more World Bosses.
    //I know there are some spelling mistakes I am currently working on fixing them  it was very late when I finished the guide.
  11. Post on Loot filtering in Suggestions

    By Jillorval, posted
    It would be nice to have the option (like when afk fishing) not to loot the white objects on mobs.
  12. So, I did some searching around the interwebs and the forum and it may be because I'm not searching for the right thing but, I've been trying to figure the following out:
    After a world boss dies, he leaves a pile of loot that no one can immediately pick up. I'm guessing for players that were there and left? Anyhow, lately I've been simply standing somewhere on the pile with my 3 pets out and not doing anything. And roughly 5 minutes later the loot automatically becomes available and my pets pick it up (80% of the time). I've noticed the 20% of time I don't get it, is when I come late to a fight or do little damage. Is there a correlation between the amount of dps you did on the boss, and your chance of getting leftover loot?
    Anyone got any ideas about this?
  13. So would giving Kzarka loot to everyone who participates really be such a bad thing? The current system of only rewarding those who do the most damage makes it really hard for people with lesser gear to ever catch up so they stay behind while the hardcore players continue to get wealthier and stronger. This obviously also applies to the other world bosses but is more of an issue on kzarka due to the much larger amount of people on him. It also favours certain classes much more than others which is just beyond stupid. Why should sorcs and rangers get more loot than berserkers and warriors? Just giving loot to everyone who participates in killing world bosses, really simple fix and will make the game much more competitive. That one hunter seal consolation prize you just added is complete crap. World bosses are not fun so at least make them rewarding for everyone who does them. 
  14. I've ran into a rather odd bug that I can't seem to figure out how it appeared in the first place. All loot light/notifications on corpses have stopped appearing, along with my mail icon not flashing when new mail is received. Has anyone experienced this issue before? I can't seem to finding an option in the settings that would cause this to occur.
  15. Clarify once and for all whether there are base account differences in some way, for example with loot luck.
    Clarify once and for all whether there are character differences (whether they be entirely RNG or based on starsign or other things), like with loot luck.
    Clarify once and for all which stats are RNG upon level up in addition to mana & hp, and whether there is a differences between chances to get more overall stats between characters.
    Clarify the rumors about whether there is a prevalent exploit problem with these things on RU and that our version is also vulnerable to the same issues.
    There are countless threads are about these issues and people in many guilds are increasingly believing the worst case scenarios are true and are getting very cynical about the whole situation. Tell us the thruth about it, end the speculation and own up to whatever systems are in place and tell us whether you intend to keep things as they are.
    If there is nothing to hide, there is nothing to fear.

    Added a nonsensical poll for effect.
  16. My guild and I had a bit of a hard time finding good information on the special deals party system and other things in BDO so Im going to start making a small series about BDO guides, if you have any suggestions on something else you like us to make a video on let me know here.  Thanks and I hope this helps some of you out there enjoy!
  17. Can anyone confirm the max possible pickup speeds each tier of pet can get at level 10? This is what I've seen people saying:
    T1 = 4sT2 = 4sT3 = 3sT4 = 2.5sI've also seen that pickup speeds are RNG. Is it a .5 or 1-second range?
    Apparently, our version dropped T0 and added T4 so all of the databases I've seen with pet info appear to be incorrect. Unless of course they just renamed the tiers so that T0 = T1, etc., which means the numbers I posted would be correct.
  18. Hello,
    So recently I grinded some chimeras and the loot kept coming. Sometime later all my inventory slots go filled with crystals. Here comes the, if you can call it, problem. Because my inventory slots were filled I couldn't close the loot window with "R" (loot all). Which meant that i had to move my mouse and close it manually. It would be great if you could close the loot window with "ESC", it would make things much smoother. Thank you.
  19. As I'm sure most people are aware of the current loot system as explained by @CM_Jouska , I won't explain it myself. As things are right now this leads to the same people constantly getting the big ticket lottery items on a majority of the bosses. Many feel, including myself, that if this continues into the future when more items (boss gear) and more bosses are released it will severely impact the balance of the game and it's player base.
    My suggestion is that the big ticket lottery items (weapons and armor) be split into its own loot table. Players who reach a certain threshold of contribution (deal xyz damage) to the boss will be equally eligible for this loot. The threshold would need to be reasonable for all classes, assuming equal gear/level, to meet. All other loot should be directly impacted by your total contribution, meaning people who do more damage receive more gold bars, hunters seals, weapon/armor stones, etc.
    I believe the above loot system will give incentive for more people to a) want to actually attend world bosses b) want to perform to the best of their ability c) ensure the balance of the game when future content is released.
  20. Post on Party looting system in General

    By Nicole, posted
    Hi there,
    My boyfriend is lv 52 and still need one Witch's Earring. Since he's farming in monastery territory with 5 luck and lv 6 node and still didn't find it in 2 days, I'm still lv 52 (maybe with some level drop advantage) and I'd like to help him find one.
    I saw on forums that there should be a way to make shared looting named "Temporary Loot Bag" but I cannot find the option in game.
    In that case if I find the earring he could get it instead of me, since atm I don't plan to upgrade them to PRI/DUO etc.
    Is there in EU/NA this same looting system? How to activate it?
  21. Hi all,
    I just read in some topics that there was something like "Party loot bag". (http://black-desert.com/forums/index.php/Thread/8454-Party-Loot-rules/)
    Quote from above link:
    Temporary loot bag - this one works similar to free but when a valuable item drops (sockets, weapons, blackstones etc.) it will go into the temporary bag for you to fight over. Whoever right-clicks the item in the temporary bag will keep the item. Anything that is not claimed will be destroyed when the party is disbanded. This option only really works if you know the person and whether you will both wait to talk about who should get the loot.
    Why I started this topic. Honostely I'm little bit disappointed by loot system in this game, because I'm playing with my friends and there is no possibility to leave drops to another group members items which I don't need and cenversely. If I understood correctly above mentioned link, this method of sharing items was included in the game, but it was removed.
    Do you think that there should be some mechanism for sharing things in a group? Suggest some more, pros, cons and eventually vote.
    Thanks to all :-).
    If there is similar topis I'm really sorry, but I didn't find it. (SEND A LINK). I hope that the developers will hear prayers of community (depends on you what you want ;-) )
  22. I have been really vocal in this forum, as well as reddit, about my utter distain for World/Field Bosses.  While the Field Boss mechanics are bad, they aren't unfun, but Kzarka is just stupid.
    Kzarka does not spawn X hours after he was last killed.  He spawns between X and Y hours after he was killed, this "spawn window" is 6 or 8 hours long (can't remember which).  This spawn mechanic creates multiple problems:
    A long window means that during that time you cannot start anything that cannot be immediately ended, getting dinner or going to the store may mean you miss the 30 minutes a day that he is up.The long window means when he spawns late or early in the window his spawn is further pushed into none peak hours.Spawning at the same time on all the channels mixed with the fact that so many people are waiting for the spawn, means that lag and fps drop make the boss fight super annoying.  Especially melee, who not only have to deal with their game becoming a slideshow, but the annoyance of body blocking.I have two selections to address these issues.  Both are made under the assumption that you can on average get 1.5 Kzarka loots a day.
    Both suggestions have these changes:
    Kzarka spawns on different channels at different time.These spawns are spread out by 2 hours. Meaning every two hours of the day a new Kzarka Spawns.Viela 1: Spawns between 00:00 to 01:00Balenos 1: Spawns between 02:00 to 03:00and so on...So now to prevent someone from getting 12 kills a day...
    Suggestion #1: Loot Debuff
    A debuff that stacks twice, that is gained when you kill Kzarka (or just possibly loot) that lasts for 24 Hours realtime.  When you have two stacks of the debuff you do not gain loot from killing Kzarka.  This means that you can get two kills a day, and that those kills can be on your schedule.
    Suggestion #2: Daily Quest
    Simple, add a daily to kill Kzarka, and Kzarka no longer has loot.  Completing the quest grants one or two bundles that is equivalent to looting Kzarka twice.
  23. Post on Silver keys in Suggestions

    By NanoPoly, posted
    I've got 100 siver keys after playing game for a month. Can't see how I will spend them all.
    So my suggestion is this:
    Have a NPC take 25 (or whatever is fair) silver keys and give you 1 gold key. Gold key needs a loot table and an icon.
    Hope this helps
  24. Hey guys, just a quick question.
    Our guild has only recently moved closer to the guild boss mission, so I checked some guides and videos to learn more about the boss and the loot.
    And that's where I started to scratch my head. Considering the loot I've seen in several videos, I don't see how this is worth the effort and the money in any way.
    Of course the regular member is happy, he gets some cash, stones, maybe grunil piece, maybe even a Liverto.
    But from the guild POV, it just seems like a ton of money flushed while getting back...what exactly? If this was the only guild funds sink, than maybe, but it's not (or at least it's not gonna be) 
    Am I missing something here?
    Thanks in advance, cheers.